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These are my top 10 favorite products for january 2021, q1. Now some of the products in today’s list were my winners from last january, back in 2020, during valentine’s day and mother’s day. Hey guys! Welcome back to the youtube channel, my name is camille sutter known as the ecom king and in today’s.

Yes, it is because you ‘ Ve got valentine’s day. You’ve got mother’s day and it’s. Also, the new years, which means new year’s. Resolutions are being made, so it’s, one of the best times of styling e-commerce.

Now what i’ve done for you guys i’ve gone to the leading industry websites like peekster and viralvault. I’ve done intensive research on there. Then i’ve, headed over to google trends and then i’ve gone to aliexpress dropshipping center and then i’ve, given you guys this list of winning products now not just that, but i’m.

Also going to give you a list today that has some of my winners and some of my students winners from last year in this list. Now, if you appreciate this content, guys make sure you smash the like button, because it does help with the youtube channel now talking about smashing the like button.

If we hit 3500 likes on this video, then i’ll, give every single one of you guys in the youtube description. A free, google doc sheet obtains all the information for each one of these products. I’m, going to be talking about today, like the ad copy, the thumbnail price and recommendations, absolutely everything, [, Music, ], so the first product on today’s list is going to be the custom picture pillow and if we take a Look at the aliexpress link for this product, as you can see it’s, one of those sequin pillows that where you brush it the sequins move, but as you brush it with this pillow, it actually reveals a picture of you and your loved one.

Now the great thing about this product is is a great product for valentine’s day, which is just around the corner, because you can get this done for you and your partner and stuff like that or it’s. Mother’s day as well around the corner.

This is a great mother’s day product as well, because it could be a picture of you and your mother on there, which is really really cute. Now this is an unsaturated product, as you can see it’s only got 43 orders.

Now this is a product that has been sold for a very very long time, though so do bear that in mind. So this is the product price and recommendation. So i’d, recommend that you sell the product for 24.

99. It’s, going to cost you 4.99, which means you’ll, be left with around about 20 profit margin. Now the product description says always be surrounded by your pets, friends or family. Sometimes life can be lonely, but it doesn’t have to be introducing the custom, comfort custom picture, pillow that you can hug and take around with you wherever you go now that’s, basically saying look, even if you’Re quite lonely: you don’t, live with your mom and dad or you’re, not with your partner.

You can have a sense of them on your pillow and you can always hug it, which gives you that good love of feel. Now. What i’d, recommend that you do guys is with the product description itself. As you can see, it’s, quite broad about love and your relationships and stuff.

You can actually edit these to make them more precise, on, like the events coming out like mother’s day, or obviously valentine’s day. So you can’t cater it to one or the other. That will help with the conversion rates by a lot.

So then, the product description goes to take a high resolution photo of at least 2 000 pixels of your loved ones and then turn it into a custom, pillow and a vibrant one that will help support your neck so guys this is one of the websites selling The actual product itself and they’ve, done a great job of the website.

As you can see here, they’ve done quite a cool niche branded, look to it and this website sells a lot of customizable products. So if you’re looking to get into the customized niche like this one, this is a great store to look at as a reference.

So you can see here they ‘ Ve got the pillow here. On the left hand, side they ‘ Ve got the pillow here and the pillow here and, as you can see here, the actual image they’re, using as the thumbnail is a very high resolution.

High converting image showing a hand going across the pillow revealing a face. So if we click on this product right here, it’ll. Take us to the product page and, as you can see here, this is how the product page is starting to look and they ‘

Ve done it very very well, as you can see here, they ‘ Ve got the vrp service upsell, and then you can see they ‘ Ve got a short description, trust badges. Then a video showcasing the product, then more specifications and imagery.

So this website is a great example of how you guys should be creating your websites around customizable products, just like this one. So this is the facebook ad being around for the product and if we play the video, as you can see here, it shows a woman holding the pillow, then brushing down the sequence which reveals a face of their partners and then it says only 1595 and then It also shows different actual pictures that people have done and it shows like families, loved ones, pets, and then the woman opens up the pillow showing how soft and comfortable the picture is inside now.

These are the interests that i’d, recommend for this product bed, bedroom living room, mattress, pillow sleep, and you can also use interest like valentine’s day, mother’s day and then use suggested interest.

Now these are the countries i’d, recommend that you sell to the e packet countries minus mexico and brazil because they are high fraudulent countries. Now the ad copy says these pillows will amaze you custom print, super soft and great gift idea and again with this one, you can obviously specify it to mother’s day or valentine’s day, and if we take a look at The actual thumbnail itself you can see here it’s, a high definition photo of somebody’s, living area with the pillow, showing them as the custom print of a mother and her daughter, and that’d, be great for Mother’s day now.

Those kind of thumbnails do really really well for products like this. So before we actually move on to the second product of the month. I just want to quickly say something which is when you guys get this google doc [ __ ], i don’t, recommend that you just copy it, because if you do that it’s not going to work well because duplicate content Will be flagged so guys? This is purely for brainstorming ideas do not copy anything off the google doc sheet, so the second product on today’s.

This is gonna, be the universal love ring and if you take a look at the aliexpress link for this product, as you can see it’s, this ring that can come in loads of different colors, like gold rose, gold and silver.

Now the main part of this ring isn’t, the crown isn’t that part of the design. The main part is this little circle bit in the middle that you actually look into and then, when you look into that little circle thing it’ll, actually say love you or i love you in loads of different languages.

So if i scroll down you’ll actually see what i’m talking about. So as i scroll down, you can see that part of the ring there. Now there’s, no image, actually showing you what it looks like when you look into it, but it will have a black background with white text saying i love you in loads of different languages, which is a hundred different languages, which is absolutely amazing.

So if we take a look at the product price and recommendation, i recommend that you sell it for 22.99, it’s. Gon na cost you one dollar and forty cents, and you’re gonna be making around about twenty dollar profit margin.

Now, if you take a look at the actual description, it says it says: project your love to the whole entire world. Who said you can only say, i love you in just one way you can say in a hundred different languages with this ring now the unique created with the world’s, love in 50 different languages simply look inside of the actual ring, and then It will say those powerful words that say i love you in loads of different languages, fully resizable rose gold, silver plated, stainless steel and gold, allowing you to resize the ring to the perfect size without worrying about non-fitting correctly.

So it’s. Basically saying that look comes in all the colors that you want it in you, don’t need to go to jaws to resize it. It can be resized once you get it, then it says the perfect gift for an occasion like a wedding anniversary, valentine’s day, an engagement pie or something like that now, unfortunately, because it’s such a new product – and i only Want to give you guys new products, not boring old products.

There is no decent website selling the product and there isn’t, actually a facebook ad being run for the product. Now, what i’d recommend for the actual facebook ad itself is. I’d, recommend that you actually do picture ads for a product like this, because we’ve, had many successful, jewelry stores that have done better when it’s actually picture ads, not video ads.

So these are the actual interests that i’d, recommend gift gift shop, romance love in a relationship dating falling in love, and then you can use suggested interest now. The ad copy reads this says i love you in a hundred languages.

Get yours here elegant romantic and high quality. Now, if we actually take a look at the thumbnail itself, it shows a woman wearing the ring, show your love and then it has a image dream of what it looks like when you look down the ring, which is that i love you in those 50 to 100 different languages and this thumbnail is definitely gonna grab a lot of attention.

So the third product on today’s. List is gonna, be the curly cool, two-in-one mini hair curlers. And if you look at the aliexpress link for this product, it ‘ S got almost 4 000 orders, which is absolutely amazing, which means it’s, trending really aggressively at the moment, and what this product does.

Is it’s? Basically, a two-in-one hair straightener, where you can curl your hair and you can also straighten it, but it’s, one of those small mini curlers, which you can carry around in your purse. Your your handbag, or something like that, which is really practical, and it also comes in those three different colors purple and that yellowy gold color, then that blue color and it comes in really cute boxes, with a unicorn on it.

So this is the product price and recommendation. I recommend that you sell the product for 29.99. It’s. Gon na cost. You 4.90 you’re, making around about 25 in profit. Now the product description says the ultimate curler for busy women curly things brings definition and volume to the hair, all types of compact, powerful, the most of all safe.

It’s. The go curler for women who don’t have time to sit in front of a mirror for too long. Then it goes on to curticule it’s. A rapid heating technology, straighteners and curlers, with professional power and doesn’t heat above necessary levels to protect your skin and hair.

So then, it goes on to basically talking a little bit about how it works. The kind of temperature levels and the kind of results you can get in terms of time frames and whatnot now something that i do want to talk about is remember.

When you’re selling, valentine’s products and you’re trying to advertise valentine products to men, because obviously men are going to buy this product for their girlfriend. You need to educate men because a lot of men, don’t know about how this stuff works.

So if you educate them, then it’s more likely for them to buy it. If you say in your prescriptions, you add copies. Look! This is a great valentine’s product, and these are the certain reasons why, and these are reasons why women love them, then you’re, educating the men that are going to buy these products for their valentines.

So this is one of the websites selling the product and, as you can see here, this is a 2015-16 looking drop shipping website and i definitely don’t recommend that you make your website look like this in 2021.

If your website still looks like this in 2021, you’re. Doing drop shipping completely wrong, so this is the facebook ad being around for the product, and if we play the video, it shows a man curling his hair and, as you can see here, it shows them doing it with these small curlers here and it looks like It’s, getting the job done really fast and really really well, and this is a great looking uh video and it shows the actual curl effect, which is actually insane.

I didn’t, think that stuff would work that quick and that fast, and so it just shows a demonstration of how it works and how fast it can actually get. The job done now do bear in mind that you can actually buy this product for a man as well.

Now it depends how you want to go with it. Would you rather target just women only or men i’ll personally, go for both because in 2021 men have cool hairstyles, just as women do so you don’t want to alienate that gender, so i definitely recommend going for both of Them, but what i would say is when you do your video, for it try and get a video ad for just men and video ad for just women that way you can differentiate the audience and that way you can scale a little bit more aggressive.

So the interest that i’d recommend for this product is hair woman, beauty, hair care. Hairstyle then suggested interest. Then the ad copy reads this quickly: styles, your hair in minutes shop. Now then, the ad copy shows different pictures of different people, men and women and kids with the results they’ve got from the two in one hair, curlers and hair straighteners.

Then it says quick hairstyles in minutes and that’s. A really cool, aggressive thumbnail that i really like, and i think that kind of styler thumbnail, does really really well for beauty products. So the fourth product on today’s.

List is gonna, be the hot stretch high waist pants. And if you look at the aliexpress thing for this product, you can see it’s almost got a thousand orders and it’s, starting to get a really high trend on the daily orders.

Now what this product does is basically high waist pants and women love high, waist pants, and what it is, is this legging feel, but it ‘ S also got this thermal front panel, which you can see here and it’s also got thermal insides, so it’s got thermal from the outside and thermal in the inside.

It’s, high waisted, it’s, got that skin type look to it and they look really cool and fashionable. Now. If you’ve got to remember that we’re in january from january to almost march. Almost even april it’s, going to be really cold in eastern european countries in europe.

It’s just going to be cold in canada, so women are going to wear stuff like this, where it keeps them all, but it also makes them look good at the same time – and i thought this is a great product to buy somebody for Valentine’s, or even mother’s day.

So this is the product pricing recommendation. I recommend that you sell them for 37.99, it’s, going to cost you 16 and you’re, making around about a 21 profit margin. Then the pro description says you’ll.

Never get called in these pants heart stretch provides an excellent blend of style. Flexibility and thermal protection from everything in the winter has to offer you it’s. Your guard against the wind, cold and blocky looks it fits tightly to create a slender look from the waist down and below you won’t feel a grip around your hot stretch, ultra light waistband so saying, although they’re a high Waist and also that they’re stretched and they’re.

Also quite tight. They’re, not actually going to hurt your waist. You’re, not going to feel them around your waist as you thought they would, because they’re tight and they are obviously elasticated. Then it says you’ll, never feel unrestricted warmth inside so you can enjoy the winter.

Without bulky pants weighing you down achieve your best winter, look by feeling, hot and looking even hotter, so that’s, quite cool how they’ve done that. So this is one of the websites on the product and, as you can see here, they call it.

The heat max high waist light down pants the summing room for 27.99. They’ve got an image here, showing somebody wearing them outside with the thermal lens, showing that those pants are really hot at the moment.

And then, if you scroll down, they ‘ Ve got the different sizes. They ‘ Ve got the quantity breaks, but if we look at the description itself, this is the bit that i, like the most so the website itself, isn’t, looking very good.

It’s like a 2017 looking drop shipping site, but i do appreciate the description and the giffies that they’ve used, and you can see here. These giffies are high quality, giffies very brandable. Looking at giphy’s and it shows the different parts of the product itself, which is the stretchy, the elasticated, how it fits your body to make it look good.

Then it shows what the insides are made out of how it keeps you warm how stretchy they are when you wear them, how comfortable they look and then it goes into some pictures of the product itself. So this is the facebook ad that i found running for the product and, as you can see here, it starts off by showing a woman wearing them and obviously feeling to see how they feel on now, something i will say about the video: is it’s not good quality, it’s like 480p 720p and it from now on in 2021.

You want to only want to be using videos that are 1080p. If you want to look professional, then it shows off the actual leggings getting caught up to show you what’s in the inside and then it shows a woman outside in jeans.

But she’s cold and she’s. Not comfortable, then it shows off the thermal trousers. Somebody spilling water over them, somebody looking good and feeling good in them, and then it finishes off by showing the insides of the thermal leggings as well, and then shows a woman inside the house walking around with them.

Looking happy and it’s got pockets on them as well. So the interest i’d recommend for this product are going to be leggings yoga, pants outdoors winter cold outerwear. Then you suggested interest, then the ad copy says the ultimate solution for surviving the brutal winter shot.

Now then, the actual thumbnail shows these pants do what with a question mark, then it shows the pants wearing them on and then the left hand side. It shows the pants with the one outside with the thermal lens, showing that the pants are really hot, so guys the fifth product on today’s list is gonna, be the rhinestone steering wheel cover and if you look at the aliexpress link for This product, you can see it’s, got almost 200 orders, it’s, got 4.

9 star reviews based on 110 reviews, which is amazing, and what this is is basically a rhinestone steering wheel cover that you put over the steering wheel and They’ve also got um gear. Stick covers as well for the other parts of the car, which is a great upsell for the product, which is amazing and what it does.

Is it basically just blings up the steering wheel, letting off this really cool, colorful diamond colors and, as we know, women love a little bit sparkle in their life? So this is a great product to get your mom or your loved one for valentine’s day.

So this is the product price and recommendation recommend that you sell the product for 39.99. It’s, going to cost you 23, which means you’re gonna make it around about 16 profit margin. Then the product description says: drive like you’re rich without spending a fortune.

If a car’s interior is getting a bit bland, then why not start it with some bling rhinestone looks pristine from all angles. Each diamond is finely placed to put out a luxurious fill so the whole interior.

The memory foam prevents fatigue from being an issue, as you drive, practical, beautiful and glamorous, and that’s. The important part of this, although it looks beautiful and glamorous, is it practical and as they’ve said there.

It is as well, which is what a lot of people are going to want to know before buying the product so guys this is the facebook ad being around for the product and, as you can see here, i’ve skipped the video to 23 Seconds and pretty much the whole of the 20 seconds that i’ve missed out is just a video of somebody showing the different parts of the product on a table which is very boring, but then at the end it actually shows somebody using it On their actual steering wheel, which is important, but the actual video ad itself is actually really really bad because it only shows like two seconds of it on the steering wheel.

Now, for this to work really well, i’d, recommend that you get video footage of it in the night where it’s pitch black, you’ve got a flashlight on it and it starts to glimmer everywhere. Then you want to show somebody giving it to somebody whilst them using it and applying it in their car.

So these are the interests that i’d, recommend for this product car seat, car care, driving, steering wheel vehicles, automobiles, then the actual ad copy itself says the perfect upgrade for your car shop.

Now then, this is the actual thumbnail itself, which is sparkle up your car. Now you can actually use this thumbnail as an actual picture ad for your facebook ads, because that is the actual look that you want to be given off when people see it on the actual facebook ad platform.

So the sixth product from today’s. List is gonna, be the polycore marble nail foil. And if we look at the aliexpress thing for this product, you can see it’s almost got 10 000 orders, and this is a great product to buy somebody as a valentine’s gift or as a modded days gift, because basically It’s, a great way to make your nails look beautiful and the nail salons that girls are going to just don’t have this kind of nail artwork at their salons.

So this is a great way to get a home solution which is better than the ones that you can get in a salon and they just look really cool and luxurious, and i just think this product’s really high-end as well.

Which is why i love it so much so this is the product pricing recommendation. You’re, going to be charging 22.99. It’s, going to cost you 20 dollars and 51 cents. So you’re, going to make it around about a 20 profit margin.

Now the product description says, making nail art can be surprisingly easy. A new marble series nail can be making your style look even better, creates a look distinctively unique from anything on the market.

No skill required just some patience choose the pattern you prefer to apply on your nail. There’s, nothing difficult, simple process to follow your nail. You’re done, unlike any other options, this latches much longer than the actual salon solution.

So if we take a look at the facebook ad being around for the product you can see here, it starts off with a woman’s nail, then the nail foil being attached the nail and then she removes it and it leaves this lovely marble.

Look then it shows a different nail fill being attached to basically a dummy which is an acrylic nail. So if you buy acrylic nails from a third-party store, then you can add this pattern to them as well.

So it shows that you can do it with acrylic nails and real nails, and it shows the different artwork, which looks really really nice on each nail, and it also shows you how easy it can be done now. You’ve, got to think as a woman, so get a lot of different nail varieties of different looks like this.

It’s, going to cost you a lot of money outside so do to do it at home like this yourself. It’s, going to save a lot of money and it’s actually going to look a lot better. So i really do like that ad itself.

It does a lot of explanation without needing any words. So these are the interests i’d, recommend for the product, artificial nails, manicure nail art, nail polish nail salon, then you can use suggested intro.

Then the ad copy says this will have your nails on fleek the call to action. Then the thumbnail shows a woman’s, hands on a marble table with the marble nail, foil and it says add color and texture, and this is a really satisfying image.

Look at on a facebook news feed, so the seventh product in today’s. List is gonna, be the cake ice mold. And if you look at the aliexpress link for this product, you can see it’s. A new product in the market 148 orders it’s, had some great reviews with a 4.

9 star review and, as you can see here, what this does is it makes this ice mold here. So if you look at this part of the cake at the top, that kind of styling texture is done with the mold and if you look at different kegs, you can see that same style done with the mold and the great thing about this product.

Is it’s, a great way to show your love for somebody on valentine’s day or for somebody on mother’s day, because you can make them a cake. So this product is for somebody that buys it themselves and then makes a cake for their loved ones on valentine’s day or mother’s day.

So this is the product price and recommendation sell it for 19.99. It’s, going to cost you 2.58 and it’s, going to give you around about 18 profit margin, then the product description says create the perfect cake icing for the occasion.

Craylift is a mold like no other, with zero skills needed. You can create the most detailed icing you have ever seen. The next cake you bake will leave everyone in a complete all the take advantage of the variety of complex pans make every dessert unique and yummier than ever.

The silicon material never loses shape and pops easily. So unfortunately, i wasn’t able to find a decent website selling this product. So i’m, going to show you guys the facebook i’ve been around for it and, as you can see here, it’s, a fast-paced video ad, showing a spin-up version of somebody doing the ice and on the Cake and then it shows the final results, which is absolutely amazing, and that was around about a 10 second video, so guys that shows you how quick and easy you can make these videos and they can convert really high.

So these are the facebook interest. I’d, recommend for the product, desserts, bacon, pastries, cupcake, cake, decan, heinz and betty crooker. Then you can use suggested interest. The ad copy says bakers are loving.

This turn icing into gorgeous cake designs. In no time then the call to action, then the thumbnail shows the beautifully designed cake and it says cake decor, like a chef, and it highlights the actual icing around the side to the actual mold that actually designed that look.

So the eighth program today’s list is the cute workout outfit and if you look at the aliexpress link for this, as you guys can see, this is one of my winning products from last year that i actually made a video about, and it’s, got a 1 100 orders and it’s.

Doing really really well. But this one is a updated version of the gym kit that i actually promoted last year and it’s, the same model wearing it and using it, as you can see here now. The great thing about this is it’s the new year’s.

Resolution and people. Don’t want to go to the gym a lot. People want to get healthy and fit, which means they’re, going to want to buy a new gym kit, so this is a great way to actually get those people to buy a new gym kit from you.

Also, this could be a great valentine’s gift to get your partner. So if we actually look at the product price recommendation, i recommend you sell it for 39.99, it’s, going to cost you 20 and you’re. Going to be making around about a 20 profit margin, product description says, functional and fashionable is what we do.

You’ve worked so hard to get a banking body. So why not show off our one-of-a-kind exercise outfit? That will give you the freedom and the ability to perform better and look good doing it. Just because you’re heading to the gym and to sweat, doesn’t mean you can’t have the outfit that’s functionable and fashionable at the same time.

Our outfit gets you the best of both worlds. So, while all the ladies are stomping around, like trolls with oversized unappealing workout gear, you’ll, be looking turning heads in the new fashionable gym kit.

So if you take a look at one of the websites still in this product, you can see here they’ve got that niche fashion, gym store, which looks really professional, and you can see here guys. This was the gym kit that i sold last year, which is one of the winning products, and this is the new one guys.

This is the updated version of it, and you can see here. This is their website, and you can see this is what their actual product descriptions look like. It’s very basic, but it’s very brandable, and what i’d, say about fashion products and gym products like this.

You don’t really need to be known too much in the pro descriptions. You just need to be giving off the right sizing, information, really high-end, really high-definition photos like this, and as long as you’ve got that guys.

You can convert really high on the website, so if we take a look at the video being around for this product, as you can see, here is the actual old version that i was selling and it’s that woman modelling in it and she’s, basically wearing the gym kit.

She’s, doing some weird dance and she’s showing how flexible and how good she looks like in it. And then she can see here. She does some close-ups of her zipping up doing some stretches in it. So these are the interests i’d, recommend for the product, workout physical exercise, health and wellness sports and then athletics, and then you can use suggested intro.

Then ad copy reads: this workout suit have women from all over talking comfort, quality and style wrapped into one get yours today, then it shows a thumbnail of a three image with three different designs at the front at the back.

So the ninth program today’s. List is gonna, be the plate, fit whole body vibration plate. And if you look at the actual product page for this on aliexpress, you can see here it’s, got 26 orders and out of all those 26 orders, 13 reviews and all positive reviews.

The thing i love about this product is it ships from all the different countries like united states and spain, which means fast shipping, and what this does is you stand on the product and it vibrates and you’re meant to be doing workouts on It and when you do workouts on this vibrating plate it ‘

S actually meant to mean that you tone your body more and you actually lose more weight. So this is a great product because again new year’s, resolutions, people don’t want to get fit. People don’t lose off some of that christmas fat, and this is a great way to do it from home.

So this is the product price and recommendation do bear in mind. This is a high ticket product. You’re gonna be selling for 79.99 and it’s. To cost you 54, which means you’re, going to make around about 26 profit margin.

The product description says: losing weight is now simple and fun. You can now lose weight. The lazy way with extreme results, hop on plate, fit and feel the burn, while your body vibrates, when it gets it, get rid of all that fat with one tool you can train when it is a burn fat at double the rain.

So if you take a look at the facebook are being ran, for it shows a woman on the floor. Using again it says whole body vibrate, plate resistant bands, and then you can see a woman doing different trainings on the actual uh vibrating board itself, and it also shows another drop shipping women product, which is the resistance bands.

So you can upsell them the resistance bands at the checkout and then it shows the scientific ways of the vibrations actually helping you. When you’re on there losing weight and burning fat, then it shows the sweat that it does, and then it shows the actual technology behind the plate fit board to actually get you those results, and that video ad is amazing because it’s, scientific and it gets those close-ups that show you the results that you’re going to want to have.

So these are the interests i’d, recommend for the product, health and wellness physical exercise, workout fitness. Then you suggested interest. So the ad copy reads: this workout is like no other keeping your shape, toned and ahead of the curve.

Then it shows a thumbnail of a woman in some gym kit and it says, stay ahead of the curve and it shows her in the gym. At the background, and then it shows the actual vibration board in the bottom right corner – and this is a very high converting thumbnail, so the 10th product on today’s.

List is gonna, be a soft unicorn onesie. And if you look at the aliexpress link for this product, as you can see here, what it is, is these grown up adult onesies and you can get them in unicorn format.

You can get them in loads of different animal formats, but the one that’s. The most important is the unicorn format onesie. So this is the product price and recommendation. I recommend that you sell it for 29.

99, it’s. Gon na cost you 12.99, which means you’re gonna, be left with around about an 18 profit margin. So the product description reads: it’s, fun it’s; soft, it’s cute and it’s. Uniform majestical and magical and marvelous unicorns are on feet right now, so you can grab your uniform from any soft unicorn onesies that will help you have little bundles of energy begin for bedtime, so you can wear it now.

Do bear in mind guys when you’re reading this description. This is for the child version. So when you get this guys make sure you change it to the adult version, but the actual concept of the actual unicorn onesie applies the same way.

You just need to change it for the adult version when looking through this, it’s extremely soft touch, and it says here that is sensations. You snug up to 100 polystyrene microfiber plush, fleas, sharpie style, blanket so saying that look, although it is a cute onesie, it still has those fundamental importances of it being comfortable and keeping your heart made out of luxury materials.

Now, unfortunately, because this is the new version of the product, the old product is the actual kids version. I wasn’t actually able to find a facebook ad for the adult version or a store selling the adult version, so that’s.

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