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Tik-Tok for business, how can you use this rapidly growing platform on social media in order to build your personal brand and grow your business? That’s? Exactly what I want to talk about in this video are tips and tricks as to how you can leverage this platform with now, after only one year, 500 million active monthly users in order to scale your personal brand, generate awareness and, ultimately, help grow your business.

So let’s, get into it talk about what exactly tick tock is how you can use it for your personal brand of business and then what you can post in order to get extraordinary results: [ Applause, ], [, Music, ], [ Applause, ].

What’s up everyone? My name is Mike Gerard. Thank you so much for tuning in, as always, and if you’re new welcome to my channel, if you love, learning, tips, tricks and secrets on how to use social media in order to grow your business and personal brand, please make sure you subscribe And lightly tap that notification bell so without further ado.

Tik-Tok is the name of the game right now. This is one of the most relevant popular trending social media platforms. With again after this one year, 500 million active monthly users previously known as musically it’s, evolved into a platform that’s, more heavily generated for big, broader audience, not just music creators and it’s taken the world By storm you know it allows users to make short looping videos with special effects: graphics, overtop and it’s, very light-hearted fun, playful platform, if you will you’ll notice that the demographic is younger? Now that’s? Okay – and I’m gonna explain why, later and even regardless of your age, why? You should still be on it.

You still see people like Gary Vaynerchuk, Gary Vee, crushing it on Tik Tok and a lot of other people that are older. Doing extremely well on Tik Tok, so just because the majority of the demographic is younger, it doesn’t mean you.

Don’t, have the ability to get extraordinary results for your brand and your business on Tik Tok. So let’s. Talk about why tick! Tock can be good for growing your business and your personal brand. The first one is the fact that you can actually directly link your Instagram and your YouTube channel.

So I’ll. Show you guys, in a second on screen, recording of my own cell phone, going down to my own tick-tock platform as to how you can do that. But it’s really powerful, because you’re able to seamlessly drive traffic to your Tik Tok profile and then have people see that you ‘

Ve got a YouTube channel and an Instagram page and directly go natively to each of those platforms, so really powerful for cross-pollination of audiences and growing across the three of them, or just the two of them or whatever ones you’re actively using, but It’s, really cool that you can do that directly within the platform.

Now the next one is actually to do with the positives of having a younger demographic for the majority of the active monthly users. Is it’s, a much more free and open platform? You do see people being very playful, not really being so professional and they just don’t care, which is cool because for a lot of us, especially in you know, service based industries or any professional business.

You usually have to maintain a certain image on Instagram Facebook YouTube things like that, because a lot of other people that are of your age are gonna be searching. It might have a negative connotation with it, but when you’re on something like tik-tok, because everybody else is being a bit more open with their personalities being comedic being silly and just not really caring, you can be that way too, which is very Invigorating and actually quite freeing for you to be able to be your true self, so it’s, one of the best platforms that you can actually be your true self.

You see big companies that washington pose creating behind the scenes, comedic skits with their employees, where otherwise, they’re, doing very serious news. Things like that, so you’re, able to blend your true personality being a bit funny being a more open with your business in order to drive traffic and it’s.

A great way to just be free and have fun with social media, which is what a lot of people struggle to do. A lot of people struggle with finding that balance between their true personality, what they should post on social media.

What others are gonna think would take talk. You just be yourself now. Another thing is it’s actually really easy to get significant amount of views on tik-tok. Now the algorithm is a bit quirky on tik-tok, and not many people understand how the tic-tock algorithm works, but I’ve noticed and everybody else have talked to that’s actively.

Using it has noticed is that you can actually spike your views quite easily compared to the majority of other social media platforms. Let me give you an example, and again I’ll. Show you on my own tik-tok profile on YouTube.

I usually get you know a few hundred views of my videos on Instagram very much similar a couple thousand, maybe but on tik-tok. The second video I posted got a hundred and forty thousand views just out of nowhere just blew up.

I’ve got a buddy again him and I started this same. One of these videos blew up to 1.4 million views in a day. You just don’t know, but you gained crazy followers. Crazy exposure, like nothing else on any of the other social media platforms that again are limiting and restricting views because of new privacy laws so because we have the ability to get in early on something like tic toc.

There’s, incredible value there and I think it’s really exciting to see what’s going on now. What I want to do now is show you exactly the back end of tic toc, so I’ll. Show you my profile quickly and then I’ll, get into some examples of what to post.

So let’s head on on to a screen, recording and see what tick tock looks like alright guys. So what we’re gonna do here is we’re gonna pull up my tic toc account. I’m gonna show you again where you ‘

Re allowed to, you, know, connect your YouTube and your Instagram, and then I’m gonna show you a couple of different examples of just simply how the platform works. So let’s, jump into it. We’ll, go up here to my social media section and we will go to tick tock, you, okay, so that’s, something that again that very exact song has been trending over the course of the entire year.

People doing that same specific dance and again they’re all going through that and leveraging it as a trending hashtag, which is kind of cool. And again I’ll talk to you more about what you can post, but you can see here that we ‘

Ve got edit profile, so we ‘ Ve got my YouTube here or we ‘ Ve got my Instagram. So if you click on either of these, you’ll, get driven directly to my Instagram or my YouTube. Now again, you can see that I haven’t posted much just simply because I wasn’t actively using it.

Now. I’m gonna be diving deep into it, and that’s. Gon na be a staple of my social media going forward now this video over here in the here you so you can see that that one had a hundred and forty point, six thousand views I had almost 15,000 likes and it got me.

You know over thirteen hundred followers in you know a matter of two days, so it’s really incredible. To see I’ll show you guys quickly a couple other different things. You can see that there’s, the inbox, so people that might be messaging.

You following you, you know just kind of a notification tablet with all the activity or you can look at likes, comments mentions and followers. Finally, when you go to discover this is really cool, because you can start to see trending hashtags now what a lot of people do in order to get attention on their business and personal brand? Is they come here? They look at what hashtags are trending, for example, because this is in November November’s.

Evidently, a turning hashtag, we’ve, got Steam streaming wars, Real Housewives of Tik Tok, It’s. Showtime team trees work life. So a lot of people will just simply come to the discover tab, look at what hashtags are trending and then they’ll create their own video that it looks like some of the top ones here, use the same hashtag and that’S a really easy way to start getting attention on your business.

So let’s, jump back into the video guys. I’ll, talk to you guys about a couple of different examples of what to post in order to grow your personal business and your brand. Now quick, disclaimer guys before we get into what you should be posting.

Is I apologize for not being able to include the audio on the two clips that I showed you of the girl dancing on the home page as well as my video with myself, the Lamborghinis, the song that was playing is all I do is win.

I don’t want to get hit with a copyright strike, so I had to leave those out. But if you do go on tik-tok you’re gonna see you have access to any of the most popular songs in history. Basically, so it’s really cool that you can overlay that and add that to your content.

So without further ado, let’s. Talk about what you can post for your business in order to grow your personal brand, drive awareness to your business and use tik-tok as a pivotal marketing strategy going forward.

So one of the things again I already mentioned this – is your take on some of the trending hashtags. It’s there for a reason, and that’s. One of the ways that I blew up, my one video is, I looked at what hashtag was trending.

I made my own video with that and I kind of emulated or R & amp D, ripoff and duplicate. I looked at what was working for other people. I put my own spin on it that’s. Why that girl’s? Video on the home page is popular because everybody has been remaking that one song doing the same dance and everybody’s doing well with it, because it’s.

Trending people find it entertaining and it works. So don’t. Think too hard about it, go on the discovery. Page! Look at what tags are trending make your own video on that hashtag write a witty caption put some.

You know overlays on it and have fun with it guys. So the next thing is highlight reel. So if you’re in any business, whether you be a service-based business like me with real estate houses, if you have company events, whatever you’re doing whatever media content, you have just simply use it to create a short form highlight Reel toss it on tik-tok, add some graphic, some overlays, a cool song, and they can it’s as simple as that you don’t have to complicate it.

You don’t have to make it an extraordinary amount of work for yourself, but one of the best things that you can do is just simply use highlight reels. Now the number one strategy that you can use in order to build your personal brand as well as grow your business on tik-tok, is showing behind the scenes.

This is an extraordinary way to be very real, authentic, transparent and show people with some funny stuff. You see behind the scenes in your business when things don’t go right when employees are doing something.

Simply if you’re just walking on the street and you see something kind of fun, you know it’s. A Gary Vee is an exact example of what you can be doing. If you’re looking at how to use take dock for your business, he shows behind the scenes things he shows little skits.

He shows funny stuff. That is a clients, and employees are doing. You know behind. The scenes is a very transparent way to grow her business because it shows people who we truly are, and it shows that we’re having fun with what we’re doing so.

Two things that do really well on tik-tok our pets and kids. So if you do have a pet, you ‘ Ll, see a lot of fun pet videos that go viral. Just being you know playful with their pets and any funny things you come across.

So have fun with tick tock guys it’s, not a serious platform, but you can get some serious results with it. I can’t stress it enough that this is one of the first opportunities that people Lisa my generation have the opportunity to be early on a social media platform.

Tik-Tok is it we’re now allowed to do some pretty incredible things with it. It’s only going to grow so start taking action, use it to grow your personal business and have some fun. So if you guys have any more questions about what to do with tik-tok, please drop a comment below otherwise like subscribe, and we will see you next time: [, Music, ],

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