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Today, we’re, going to have a look at my 10 best crypto affiliate programs, crypto cryptocurrency, you know we all know it as bitcoin, bitcoin or ethium um.

All sorts of them become can’t, keep up with the amount of them that there are at the moment um, but there’s, something that very polarizing in the financial world. Some people believe that they’re here.

For the long term, some people believe that they’re, a flash in the pan and the ship has sailed and they’re about to [ Music ] disappear. I know i actually read something this morning in in the news feeds that the sec in the us has been come down quite heavily on a couple of cryptocurrency owners and some have been fine and one guy was even extra data back from spain.

I think um from what i read, but, on the same token, there’s also been taken as a good pun for you on the same side on the different side of the fence. There’s, also been some that have had more uh allowances, give them to them in what they can do.

Erithium. I think that’s, one that’s, had a few positives in the last couple of weeks. So i mean, i think it’s, something that will go round and round around around the circles. But to that end there’s, a lot of people who are making money online from cryptocurrency either by investing it um working with the trading and also with affiliate marketing uh.

One thing to be aware of – and i just touched on a minute ago – i mean there’s, legal issues all over the world with cryptocurrency and you are dealing with investment, and some countries come down very hard on people who give investment advice if They’re, not qualified to do so.

So keep that in mind um and, as i say in my post here, all i’m. Doing here is listing 10 crypto affiliate programs out of hundreds there’s, hundreds out there. No financial advice: i want to put that disclaimer in i’m, not giving you any financial advice, not telling you investing crypto anything like that um.

But if you are in that industry – and you are looking to set up a business out of it here’s, my 10 best crypto affiliate programs that you might want to look at so let’s, go through it. Um i’ve spoken about crypto currency and the like, and some of its legalities.

We’re, going to look at programs that are general trading security. There’s, bots tax and software and crypto domains. Um ethereum. That’s, one i mean i don’t know if i said that word right, but that’s, one very, as at time of speaking, has had some big gains.

As i say, i mentioned the legal legalities and financial implications there as well. Okay, so let’s. Go into the programs i found. First, one is binance, basically buy and sell crypto in minutes, as it says it’s, a crypto management site.

It’s, got more than just buying and selling and as it says here, it spans an entire ecosystem. So you’ve got exchange for blockchain and crypto, which is buy and sell labs token, launch pads platforms, research services, education foundation, charity foundations and trust wallets um.

So if you’re covering all aspects of cryptocurrency and blockchain um, there, you go here’s, the the site that you might be able to base your site on commissions, zero thousand referred users, one thousand plus fifty percent uh couldn’t find a cookie duration.

They manage this internally and this one, like many of them, has a very um stringent acceptance criterion. I think that comes back to some of the legalities that i mentioned before so um they’ll need to make sure that you are really um working well in that in that area, not giving poor advice.

Okay, crypto hopper is our next one. It’s, an automated trading bot uh, a world-class automated crypto trading, bot to be precise, allowing traders to manage all their exchange counts using market arbitrage and simulate and backtest their trades all in one place, so you ‘

Ve got all the stuff there that you can do back, testing exchanges, strategies, mirror trading so on and so forth. Um also have a good rate of information and tutorials and an academy looking for those to get into cryptocurrency, very good market.

You probably base your site on this one if you’re looking at that in those areas 15 on every transaction recurring, which is quite good um, you need to enter your personal business information, so many they manage this internally.

Couldn’t find a cookie duration again that’s. Crypto hopper hearts online um that’s, another trading bot uh. What is it the driving force behind the future of automated crypto trading? Uh? They own this that hobbyist professionals, institutional investors alike, a say you’ve, got husbats a bot designer back testing paper trading, robust market tools, native altcoin support there’s, some of the one of the hundreds they deal with again.

You can build your site around this one. If you’re doing 10 to 25 percent, you need to manage you need to they manage this internally. Many you need to enter your information straight into there and they yeah couldn’t, find the cookies okay packs full um.

They’re, another new, fairly new but well-known um. They they say here. They offer 300 ways to buy and sell bitcoin. I couldn’t even begin to think about. We ‘ Ll have the different ways you could do it, but they ‘

Ve got bitcoin calculators, wallops apps uh there’s, a good blog um, so it’s, basically a not. Basically it is a a crypto um market so buying a selling crypto, maybe enough to build your site around. I would probably find you’d.

Add it to a group of them if you’re dealing just in the in the trading of cryptocurrencies um yeah, recurring, commission uh 50 on the esk of the escrow fee and t2 10 of the escrow fee for every bitcoin purchase of a direct Referral, so if you refer someone to the program and then they refer some of the program, you get 10 percent on there, so almost like a little monthly marketing, not to that extent, but a little bit in there.

So you get tier two commissions which quite popular uh again they manage this internally and yeah. That’s. Paxful coinbase is um. What do they? They run on the radical idea that anyone anywhere should be able to easily and securely access bitcoin.

So it’s, a full cryptocurrency trading site, buying selling portfolio management. You can see some of the ones there there’s, hundreds of litecoin, cadano, neo, obviously bitcoin, xrp and hundreds more so you create an account link.

Your bank account and start buying and selling coinspot’s, another one that’s, an australian one. I think that i use for my multi multi um 100 odd dollars of crypt of bitcoin, and i bought a few months back and hasn’t done anything with since, but anyway um it’s a trading site only so you might Not build an entire affiliate business around this one, but definitely something you could add in there, 50 of fees paid for the first three months, uh again, couldn’t find any cookies and they manage this internally as well.

Okay, if you’re looking through all this and you think yep, i’m, not help setting up, and i want to host my website click on this big red button here and i will take you into wealthy affiliate for free.

You’ll, be able to set up your own free website that will allow you to start attaching your cryptocurrency or any other niche for that matter. Affiliate programs, too, we’ll. Show you how to set it up, get traffic all that sort of stuff for free click.

This button here, if you need help getting started in anything, to do with affiliate marketing. Okay coin mama another buy, sell, uh, cryptocurrency product um, again trading exchange site. You can see all the ones they’ve got there, you can trade between types, currency or cash out for traditional money.

Again, probably wouldn’t, build an entire site around this one, but definitely one that you could use to build your to add to any affiliate business in the cryptocurrency area. Um 15 on referral purchases, this one a few of them, do i haven’t listed it directly in the others, because they do both, but some of them only pay you in bitcoin – and this is one of them, so anything you earn 15 on.

All your referral purchases is paid in bitcoin to you. Um again, couldn’t find the cookies and they manage these internally as well. Okay, ledger! What ledger is is if you’ve dealt with bitcoin before or have you you heard stories when bitcoin went nuts that you know you had people who had wallets of bitcoin, that they couldn’t find or couldn’t Access because they’d lost passwords or they you know, lost their their hard drive.

That sort of thing um cryptocurrency is kept in what’s called a wallet and it’s. Normally an electronic wallet with a bit of security behind it, etc. What ledger does is it gives you access to what they call hardware wallets, which is basically an encrypted, a fancy usb stick where you keep all of your crypto wallets.

So all your tools, all your passwords, all your domains and the light on the one coin under one little stick which allows you to move it anywhere and you can basically trade from anywhere with that one little stick as well.

So again, probably wouldn’t, build, create your entire affiliate business around this, but certainly at it for a bit of extra security. If people are looking for that sort of thing, 10 again paid in bitcoin again, couldn’t find any cookies, but they manage this internally.

Also, i think most of them do manage these internally here. Tracer tracer is another hardware wallet um. They call it safest way to manage and trade your cryptocurrencies again they access coins, keys, passwords, etc, etc.

On the one little dongle there that dongle, i is attached to your laptop or pc, and you can trade from within it. Secure protected. Um again. Add it to any crypto site, you’re dealing with, or your crypto your website as a little add-on security option there 12 to 15 percent, again no cookies, and they manage theirs internally as well.

Okay, second last one we have here is crypto trader tax, some countries, most countries uh. If you’re dealing with the you know, the traditional share market, you pay tax on or get credits on, profits and losses in australia.

I know you pay your tax on profits once you sell the stock. So if you haven’t sold the stock, you don’t pay tax, even if it’s. You know two thousand percent, ten thousand percent in credit um. Once you sell, the stock is when the tax is paid and you either pay a tax on the profit or you get tax credits.

If you’ve run a loss. Other countries pay. You pay tax at a certain time on what the current value is. So if you bought your stock at a dollar a stock, you’ve got a thousand of them and it goes up by 50.

It means you’ve got fifteen hundred dollars in in stock. There. You’ll pay tax on that five hundred dollars straight up. Sites like crypto created trade tax. Allow you to manage that in online, so any of your tax obligations to do with cryptocurrency buying selling holding whatever your country’s requirements.

Are this one allows you to do that so add this to any crypto type, affiliate business as something to assist people, especially the home, hobbyists, the home users, who are doing it as a bit of an investment on the side or a hobby on the side aim? It at those guys that will be very helpful to you, 25 recurring recurring is always good means you get paid as long as someone is a member, your referrals, member couldn’t find a cookie duration and again they manage those internally and then the Last one we have here is unstoppable domains, unstoppable domains, one of the things that people often do when they’re trading in bitcoin.

Is they do it via domain? So someone will want to know your wallet or they want to know your domain to allow them to either to push money into your cryptocurrency account and push cryptocurrency into your account.

Um unsolvable domains allows you to set up from what i can gather it’s like a you know, those programs bitly and things like that. It’s like those but for um, blockchain and cryptocurrency. So when asked for your domain, it’ll, just be you know: www dot, unstoppable four splash pool, and then you’ll.

They can trade with you through. There makes it look very easy to keep all your stock and everything in the one spot. Uh 20 commission, for that couldn’t find cookies. They’re, also managed internally, okay.

So, as i mentioned before, there’s 10 and trust me that is 10 of quite a few out there. There’s a whole lot of trading platforms. There’s a whole lot more hardware wallets there’s, all sorts of things there that you can use um.

If you’re, looking type affiliate, i just did affiliate and crypto here you can see. I’ve got a few here that we haven’t got listed there, cryptosook cex dot. Io is a big coin. Affiliate program, uh token tax, dot, co, so all sorts of um different ones and there you could type affiliate, bitcoin affiliate.

Erythium affiliate blockchain anything like that. You could type in there. It will bring up the result. The results go through them see which ones match what you’re. Trying to do, you know: do they match your niche? Are you happy with their products? Um? You know pay decent commissions, etc.

You’ll need to apply, and, as i mentioned earlier, um this seems to be one area where they’re very stringent on who they allow in they don’t. I think, because you could do them irreparable damage if you’re referring and you’re, trying to give financial advice when you’re, untrained and things like that as well, so make sure you do a proper job of Application because they will reject you if they don’t like you or if they don’t agree with what it is.

You’re trying to do so. Keep that in mind that’s. It guys that’s, my 10 cryptocurrency affiliate programs. I hope that was helpful for you. If you’re watching this within youtube, please like and subscribe to my channel below.

If you’re watching this within the post, if you have any questions to do with setting up your own affiliate marketing business, setting up your website attracting visitors to your website, attaching affiliate programs joining affiliate programs.

Anything to do with that. Any questions. Please comment below or if you have any experience using crypto affiliate programs, we’d love to hear from you. Thanks guys check you soon, bye,

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