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Hi guys welcome back to make that seed change as we discuss our ten sports affiliate programs. Wasn’t really, as we discuss our ten sports affiliate programs to run within 2020 now sports. I daresay in time that I will break this down into quite a few different affiliate programs sub niches, to give you a better look at what’s out there.

But for the time being, I’ve looked at sports because it’s, a it’s, an interesting niche, especially online, because it’s. I always like to find affiliate programs or find niches that give you a good cross-section of both larger and ponent purchases and then ongoing recurring purchases so that you ‘

Ve got fine, who are coming back time and time again through your post to put make purchases of the products that we’re. Looking at now, sports does give us that, because let’s, take off. For example, you’ll, buy your goth.

People might buy the golf clubs through your site as a once-off, and then they need to keep coming buying golf balls or I need golf tees or they need a new golf shoes gloves all those sort of things that you some of us need golf balls.

More often and others trust me, but it’s, something that ‘ S really really got a good cross section. So let’s. Have a look at the affiliate programs that I have managed to come up with. So if we’re, starting with our programs, as I just mentioned, there’s, a lot out there.

So as I go through, I’m just trying to find what they offer: their commission rates, payment terms, cooking duration, application processors and the materials that they provide and looking at sporting gear.

You know sports team items, memorabilia specialized reporting requirements, live sporting events, fantasy sports and, as I say, you look at all those thing where we could easily just do an affiliate site for sporting gear or sports team.

You know, fan items, replica, jerseys and and some and then you’ve got a memorabilia signed footballs and the like, and so on and so forth. So there’s, a great opportunity here across quite a few niches and let’s check them out before.

We do that. However, just make sure that when you’re choosing your affiliate program – and this comes back to what we just discussed about choosing the nice that you’re, looking at so say. For example, you’re in the basketball niche and you’re, looking at two different sites, and one predominantly or only deals with basketball gear and one deals with a cross range of sports gear choose the site that is going to most Meet your affiliate requirements and meet your niche.

So if you’re only a basketball, the choice is, I would put just the basketball one on the start with the moment, the other one is across selling meat, but if it’s, you’re. Looking at setting, I found the airport kids up, play basketball and you’re in the budget niche you’re, not gonna want to put a site with just high end aired Orton’s and the like on there.

As well, because it’s, not really meaning who you’re, trying to get out. If you’re dealing at the sports, most collectors, they don’t trust. What’s on you side, especially with memorabilia, where, where a lot of it has certificates in life, they’re not going to if they don ‘

T trust you they won’t purchase so make sure you’re choosing sites with good reputations as your affiliates there, and if you’re covering the higher end of sports. So if you’re covering, I mean it’s, two types of golfers there’s, the me type, who go and have a bit of fun, that’s.

Never gonna make the PGA Tour and then you ‘ Ve got the like the hardcore weekenders, who you know, spend a lot of time practicing really trying to get there. They’re down. We’re gonna need two different things.

I’m gonna need the best thing I can get for my buck. Best girl cause I get for my buck, etc, whereas they’re gonna want to know the specifics about the type of golf balls you’ve got how they can help their game, so just make sure again the affiliate mark, the Filly programs, you’re, choosing meet those requirements.

Okay, let’s run through the programs that I’ve come up with, and I have started with the all-in-one sites as a few sites here that have the all-in-one sports gear. First, one is online sports calm. I mean this.

One has everything you can see: all the sports has got covered there and this list, doesn ‘ T really do the justice. If you need something for sport in any of these sports, it’s pretty much on this site.

Oh you could base your affiliate business around it and then add some of the most more specialized sciences as cross selling opportunities. But again, if you’re in the general sports niche, this would be one that you can look at adding ten fourteen percent sixty days either ShareASale CJ affiliates for that one, and then we get on to elves elves.

When you look at it, it looks more aligned to outdoor sports, so they ‘ Ve got camping and hiking climbing hunting and fishing, but when you click on and then snow and water, when you click on this sports one, though there’s, actually quite a lot in there that they that isn’t as prevalent as The outdoor stuff so again great site to build a building affiliate nice round, especially if you are heading towards the more on organized sports and what what I mean by that is that you know something that people do on a weekend like climbing hunting, fishing and organized.

Like a baseball, you know your local baseball league or soccer and ass exercise soccer tournament, or something like that. So, depending on where you’re headed with your niche, this one might be a good one to to look into ten percent one hundred fifty day, cookies and metro event link okay, Dick’s.

Sporting Goods is another huge sporting on this one. It’s been around for ten two 1930s didn’t start with just didn’t start with as a sporting gear our and we almost I can’t. Remember what it was they started with, but it was just a very narrow niche and they spread out into the end of the sporting arena: shoes, clothing, organized sports, outdoor sports, water and winter sports.

A lot more, a lot of apparel here as well. We can see all the stuff they’ve got so again another site that you could build everything around and add it to your your authority. Business couldn’t find a cookies or the Commission for this one there through impact radius.

Okay, now we go away from the generalized into the more specialized first, one is prime sport. Prime sport is a sports touring operation. So, if you want to go to Super Bowl, you want to go to the college football game, a Rose Bowl or something like that.

You want to go to the Indy 500. You want to go to Augusta Daytona, whatever is he looking for? They offer tickets, hospitality and travel packages to all these sort of programs. We ‘ Ve got some music festivals in there, which aren ‘

T sport, but still they’re in they. Yet so, if you’re in this would make a good one as a cross-sell. If you’d, like if you’re in the bus in the foot, borniche put this on your site for people to gather superbowl higher ticket chance that they will.

You know the chance of a high ticket purchase there same as in the draft or pro bowl college. Football bars if your size on tennis had this to tennis, site and Indy cars and so on. So he probably wouldn’t build a site around it, but I would have it to just about any specialized new site.

You’ve got couldn’t find in Commission 30-day cookies Commission. I daresay isn’t there because they would be depend on the company and where they’ve gone through. So you might need to speak to them about that there through Arwen fanatics, is all your sports gear, so jerseys NBA, NFL College NHL, NASCAR soccer golf eSports.

There was more stuff in there stuff that I didn’t even know existed all sorts of different, all the different American Football League. You know the X League or XX league, I think it is or whatever that one is.

You know all those sort of ones all the stuff for the fan gear. If you’re in the in the fan gear or the you know, generalize site like that, this will be good one to add cool. Also, I spent a while on this one up to ten percent.

Couldn’t find a coffee directions there through ShareASale or event link as well. Okay. So let’s close that one off. I will talk about that, though, if you’re looking through all of these sites, and you really think yep.

This is where I’d, like to start an online business around, but you don’t, really know where to start click on that big red button there. It will take through the four steps required to get an affiliate marketing website up and running.

It also contains links to a another platform at which I’m affiliate, but you can get into it for free and you will be able to build your own website where to of training which, by the end of that training, you will have a Website built which can go, live, which you can add these sites to and start making money.

So if you need help click on that red button there, okay, let’s. Look at draftkings draftkings is of the world of fantasy sports. So if you’re into fantasy football, golf baseball hockey college football whatever it is, you’re doing, except though, that’s.

What I talked about before so, if you’re into any of those, and you want to set up a fantasy league, you can do it daily, weekly, monthly or ongoing. This is a site that you could add to your business.

If you’re, a gambling niche or in any of the any of these specific niches, you could add this as a sideline. Keep in mind is a gambling site, so some jurisdictional influences or regulations might need to be considered.

Their moment is theirs internally. Couldn’t find a commission or cookie duration. I actually get the impression of this one that it’s, only a new affiliate site, so you may need to contact them directly.

If you find that you can’t get in through here, okay sports plus not sports or such, but this is one for anyone who manages a sports team or tournament. If you manage a local indoor soccer tournament, or something like that, Sports Plus is a piece of software which helps you manage all the registration payment scheduling there’s player and parent portals team communication interactions through this through the portals as well.

There’s apps and the light so totally different least, and what we’ve talked about so far, but if you’re in the sport looking at sports management or running little league teams, or something like that, this could Be something to add to your site for that again make Commission’s or cookies, and then it says internally: okay play your court.

Let’s. Have a look quick look at tennis. This is a basically in Mobile Tennis Club. It facilitates online and in-person coaching, so you put it you can put in your postcode and some Walker and organize for someone to come and meet you at your local court for some coaching you can put in your postcode and have organised to catch up with other People or group for practice sessions games.

They have a challenge League. So there’s, a tournament you can play in and they have gear and apparel counts. It’s, a membership-based option. You earn your Commission’s based on you know where they join the talents league cost $ 5.

99 per month per claim. You make 15 bucks yeah, so $ 15 per membership side to challenge League and they manage doesn’t. Tell me: okay, sport memorabilia, as name suggests everything to do with memorabilia for sport.

This is, I mentioned earlier about hardcore collectors like not trusting. They need to trust your sight. Sports memorabilia calm is an absolutely 100 % well known and popular site, so it has a reputation there.

If this is something you’d, lock in all the sports that they cover – and I decide to do the thing of the mighty Dallas Cowboys, because that is the best NFL team in the world yeah. So that’s. What they have it like signed, helmet, signed footballs have signed jerseys, they have pictures, you can see, pictures there, Bartek or players and the like.

So they’ve, really gone Texas on that 100 um yeah, so that ‘ S is everything that they’ve got there, so they pay up to 12 % 30 days and then through ShareASale. And finally, we come to Leatherhead.

I include this one because it’s a little bit off the cuff and it’s. I like that it’s, a cool little site. Basically, what you can get is custom-made vintage leather footballs all in the ball, so basketballs baseball, soccer balls and you get them customized.

You can get them as in playable, which means that they’re built to play with. So if you get a customized leather basketball, you can actually play with it. Medicine balls, if you wanted to set up her gym with, is really cool, medicine, balls, etc.

Yeah all handcrafted hand stitched you can see they ‘ Ve got their. You ‘ Ve got your own ability to design your own. So if you’re in the corporate niche or something like that or the gift niche, this would be the one to look into as well.

They’re. Ten percent. Sixty days and they’re managed through either ShareASale or revant Lee, I think they’re, just sue sheriffs. They’ll, actually want me to change that. Well, will then, minister owner that’s wrong after fear? Sets or a little head okay, so that’s, my ten um affiliate programs.

If, however, you decide that you want to find your own, I suggest you have a look at Amazon Associates. I’ve got here like the Franklin support Franklin sports flag football sets. I’d, be dealing with flag football on Saturday that’s, a Sports storage kit.

So if you’re doing with home sports and motor and motor bike Murray kit, all those sort of things, so you can get a very big cross range without being stuck to one or two programs. These links are live.

So if you click on that, you’ll, see how it all works. That’s, it if you need, and if you want to go home, maybe they’ll. Have a lot of Amazon Associates? Ok now, as we’ve mentioned our there’s about ten mention ten affiliate sites there and Amazon Associates.

However, if none of them really meet what it is, you’re. Looking for maybe have a look at your own programs to do that. Just type affiliate, colon sports – you do a phillipcoleman basketball, baseball, netball cricket.

Whatever it is, you’re looking for and you can see it waves, electric water, sport, sport Empire there MGM sports, another gambling, one, I would say Qatar sports. So I mean this is about page 3 on the Google rhythm search.

I just do that say, can see you get all the different options that that can pop up there. So, as I say, if you’re, so if you’re in the electronic, you know, if you’re, an electric water sports niche, I haven’t covered any of them, but you can find them here.

So that’s. What I’m, saying any different niches that you that you’re interested in click on that, and you can find that there once you find your sites, just as I mentioned it make sure they match released, make sure they do.

You can solve your problems with them, make sure that they meet your target audience requirements. They’ve, got good pay, decent commission and good customer service arrangements. Just for that reputation we mentioned you will need to apply for them.

Make sure you do that properly, because if you don’t chances are you will be rejected? They tend to reject you. If you don’t promote the public, so I figure, if you don’t promote them proper. You’re, not going to do a proper job of the of the selling the product.

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