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Now I did do some posts a couple of weeks back on clothing, I did have a sell, clothing, online clothing, affiliate programs – and it became very apparent to me at the time that clothing is such a massive niche and at such a popular nice online.

A lot of people buy clothes online, so I’ve broken it down. I’ve got women’s; clothing. There’s other posts in my portfolio. I guess you call it on plus-size men’s, activewear, etc. So let ‘ S. Have a look at women’s clothing and I will jump you over to the page and we’ll.

Have a quick look! So women’s fashion. As I say, I’ve tried to break it down into just women’s fashion. There’s, a lot of clothing sites out there that have you know: men’s and activewear and plus-size.

I have got some plus-size and hearing there’s, some active wear and there, but I’ve tried to keep away from the men’s as such. So let’s, have a look and, as I say, I’ve gone women’s. You know vintage the second-hand everything else fix that secondhand items, fashion, name, brand clothes, specially items, accessories, shoes, plus-size and, as you can see, as I sew got a plus-size sight as well.

So I guess, as far as women’s, fashion is concerned, and if you have a look at my post on how to sell clothing online, you ‘ Ll. See that the idea here is to if you’re new to this area is to choose your niche so, which is that that you want to target you can just target women’s clothing in general, or you can break it down Into these different items and really narrow down and target what it every stood trying to sell in that area now you won’t, have any problems with any of those areas, but just make sure that, as you go through your affiliate programs that once It shows your niche that you know your audience and know what sort of problems they’re.

Looking for so you know some of us looking for specifics well, as others just want to get nice out in a budget. So if you’ve got someone who you know just left school and starting a new job in an office.

They’re, going to want some office clothes to wear. They’re, not gonna have a lot of money. So you’re, not going to be wanting to sell them. Hi in Louis Vuitton suits. Think about your affiliate programs too.

If you’re, if that’s area, targeting, on the other hand, high-end fashion, elated and label items and accessories, they won’t. Take risk to that trust. Your affiliate programs either so just make sure that they’re reputable and obviously, then you’re dealing with special occasions, and we know what happens if you’re dealing with special occasions.

Do with weddings weddings plays anything Australian band, but anything like that. You’re dealing with just make sure that you fill it program, shopper speed with that. Okay, so let ‘ S have a look through, as I mentioned before, I’ve just tried to give you a good run through here of ten affiliate programs across the spectrum of women’s fashion for everyone.

I’ve shown you here. There’s, probably 50 or 60 more on the same of the same ilk. So do some searching see what you can find, but these ones are pretty good and that’s, why I chose them, so I ‘ Ve got Lily girl here, not saying I haven’t chosen a good, but these are the ones I’ve got so Lily, go they’re.

Basically, just got everything tops: plus-sized dresses, swimwear, outerwear, bottoms, [, Music, ], everything, medium price, medium to low price, aimed at the main, probably the younger audience. If I’m being honest, they have six to sixteen percent sixty day cookie.

They’re managed by partner stack. I think there are UK one this one actually doesn’t say I think they’re uk-based this guy. So not that’s, a problem but yeah. Okay. Next, one’s, Bella ella ella ella is a little bit higher range in unknown low to mid pricing on, like boutique, later styles and fashion low to mid price mid to low price women’s fashion again tops bottoms, dresses skirts out Of wear active, wear, plus-sized and curvy lots of good stuff in there.

You could build a whole site around and you know the first two I think the first three or four here they just got everything in there. So if you’re trying to base your affiliate site around, have a look at these ones.

They have six ten ten percent thirty days they manage their own internal thing. They wanted Instagram information. So if you’re in on Instagram and and have a good following there, it’s. One might be good one for you.

Mccurry’s, another one again, everything there then late, tenant a more at the younger adult and again oh, they got a huge range tops bottle, dresses, skirts out of wear active, wear, swim, wear, lingerie, sleepwear accessories and shoes, as I say, tend to aim At the younger market they have ten percent, they didn’t stay at the jury, cookie duration, and they want to know a bit more about your promotional plans as well, and they have twenty percent off for your customers.

I also do wholesaling. So if you’re, looking at you know, white labeling or drop shipping might be something worth looking out there. Okay, now again, the plus size. I have got a whole plus eyesight, but at the time when I wrote this, I didn’t, so I have got a couple of plus size options in here: daring diva.

They’re, an australian-based one, offering sizes 14 to 28. Medium priced the whole range of stuff there as well. I’m assuming their size 14. I left that on their spit on, but anyway they also have shoes, handbags and jewelry, so not a bad one.

If you’re looking to base a plus-size market over ten percent ninety days, they’re, also managed by by partner stat kiona, another very good Plus Size. So i tops bottoms dresses, swimwear body shapers and wedding dresses, body shapers haven’t seen in many others.

They’re. They’re like those little like or type things, so that’s, another area, but they’re. They actually had some stats on their site. Sixty percent of women in the u.s. were at least size 14 and show 65 percent of people using the internet are women and 75 percent of these women may purchase online.

So I can’t really work out those stats, let’s. Just say it’s. A lot plus-size is a bit and clothing plus size, a massive market, eight percent sixty days they’re, managed by ShareASale. Okay, if you in the middle here, if you are looking to build your own women’s fashion site amongst any of the niches I talked about above or if you’re, not sure how to deal with that or what niches to Choose get under wealthy fill it no credit card, add to free, hosted websites, guidance, every step of the way.

With your free starter membership you get to subdomain websites and the training to set them both up fully hosted totally free and they will work. You could work them forever on the free section. There are premium memberships within there which will take you through give you more training.

Your own personal domains still hosted up to 50 websites, hosted twenty-five of your own domain 25 subdomain. So if you’re looking for that click here, I’m in wealthy Philip. If you need any help, I’m there.

All the way help you every step of the way. If you click on the others, I ‘ Ve even got some training in there, which will talk you through creating a website from scratch. Okay, let’s. Continue Lane Bryant the third of my Plus Size options in here again.

They had probably the largest of the Plus Size over three plus size. They’re, something for everybody. You can see their everything they’ve got there. They also have intimates and lingerie very large site, very large rate amendments and lingerie more than the other sites on here, but it’s still a great site.

I couldn’t, find their Commission ranking talking duration. They are managed by ShareASale. I might have left this off with that information if they weren’t with share ahsoka share sales. Obviously quite well-known and quiet trusted so check that out maybe try and find that the those rates before you continue.

Okay, let’s. Have a look at Chick wish: now we go into the vintage and handmade items: younger generation, vintage handmade items. These are apparently making a good comeback. You can see the options there, they also have bags boots and belts and etc.

So if you are looking to build yourself a vintage niche, this could be good one to base your site upon. They offer 8 % 30 days near also managed by ShareASale. As you can see, with all the ShareASale options in here, you could actually build a good niche and just managed or through ShareASale.

If you have a generalist site, you know decent plus-sized. Do some vintage, do some general clothing or through ShareASale off you go spirulina. I think that’s, how you pronounce it again: vintage size all sizes, and they you can choose them by periods as in 50, 60s.

70S, 80s, etcetera. They have a good range jackets. Shirts dresses – and I mean to be honest – you can mix this with the one above and have a fairly decent site based on that they manage there’s, their own 10 % 45 days, their own personal thing they didn’t stay There cookie duration and then we’re, going to count batik brand names, the secondhand clothing.

So this is where you get your secondhand brand items. They have 2002 some of the $ 2,000 plus brand item. So you know talking Louis Vuitton, Chanel, all the other fashion house nails which names escape me at the moment, but very good.

If you want to center a high-end fashion niche around, especially with your second hand, you could find some high-end fashion niche news sites in their second hands $ 2,000 and very good top high ticket options as well so well worth I don’t know.

If you’d, be able to build something around this, but very well worth adding 10 %. If you are, if you sold one $ 2,000, secondhand brand name dressed a month, is 200 bucks a month, the start kickstart, you fill their program not too shabby at all, also managed by ShareASale.

And finally, we go to the runway. Catalog again, they deal with women’s fashion, but this is one of those ones where you rent them. So you you, don’t rent them here. Do you rent them? Oh, no. They just fashion.

Are they’re, just luxury, all the luxury fashion items here, all the designer brands etc again, very expensive, so high ticket items 10 % 30 days again through ShareASale? So if you’re running with high ticket odds, you could include runway catalog and can’t party under the one shoe Silvana have new and used secondhand items on one side, not a bad idea.

Amazon Associates there. You can rent. I thought if she thought I had one on this site, you can actually rent. I go to sites where you can rent fashion items. Go to my clothing, affiliate programs, the links at the top of this page, you’ll, be able to go in there.

They have some rental ones in there as well, okay as usual, if you are not sure what you want to deal with, if you’re, not sure which programs you want to do when you’re starting up, maybe give Amazon a Shot you got an Amazon, you can join Amazon Associates and you can sprinkle Amazon clothing links all through your blog posts and sell your clothes that way, and lastly, as I mentioned above, as I mentioned earlier in this video, there is a lot of fashion there.

I actually tried deliberately try to choose ones here. Ah pursuits law returns our shop bot, different ones. That work have listed above and all I did was a search of filly of women’s. A women’s, fashions pastry, obviously, to get through to some different types there and yeah it’s so type in affiliate women’s fashion.

You’ll, find pages and pages and pages have a look through finding ones. You want make sure you apply properly don’t just do a half-baked application. They will reject you. They do like to make make sure you’re serious because you are putting their name on your site, but how perform that have a go, as I say, and as I say, 10 best women’s.

Affiliate programs do have a look at so guys that’s. It have a look through that any questions any need any help. Please don’t hesitate to ask, as I said before, if you need help you want to build your website.

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