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In today’s, video we’ll, take a look at the 13 best WordPress affiliate plugins in no particular order number one. First, the affiliates affiliate link manager. It adds a few links to the WordPress editor, so you can add affiliate links.

You create the links in a dashboard, it s safe, redirects and smart uncloaking. It also includes reports and statistics, so you can track your affiliate link clicks. It has a free and a pro version that cost $ 49 number two affiliate WP an affiliate system with lots of add-ons and features to choose from it includes tools such as referral plus coupon, tracking affiliate management, real-time reporting, ecommerce integration, email tools, short codes and more It costs $ 99 number three affiliates manager.

It makes it easy to facilitate affiliate management, it will track referrals and provide real-time reporting. You can set the affiliate rates and set the payout for automatic or manual payments. You can set the affiliate rates and set the payout for automatic or manual payments through PayPal.

You can have unlimited affiliates and ads, which is amazing for the price of $ 0 number for easy affiliate links. You can create cloaked links, import or export and track monthly or lifetime clicks. You can get premium add-ons for statistics, geo-specific links, AV testing and a broken links checker.

This plugin is free number, five, Auto affiliate links. This plug-in automatically adds affiliate links to your content. It also doesn’t, modify your content. Instead, the links are added when your content is displayed.

It includes an admin panel where you can make all of your adjustments and you can get it for free number. 6. Ultimate affiliate Pro set up a multi-level marketing strategy where your affiliates create their own campaigns.

You can set up different rewards and amounts based on ranks and special offers. It includes lots of integrations, coupons notifications, QR codes, affiliate links, reports and lots more for $ 49 number.

7 affiliates it has both a free and a $ 59 pro version that helped you run an affiliate marketing program, manage unlimited affiliates and integrate them into any type of platform. Commissions are built in so you don’t have to manage them, and it also includes a partner program for multi-level marketing.

Number eight add sanity. This plugin makes it easy to insert self hosting and network ads anywhere on your website. It has lots of add-ons available to detect ad blocking software, display them based on conditions, Google Analytics custom, ads sizes, widgets and more.

It costs $ 49 number nine Affiliate Royale. It provides a personalized dashboard that your affiliates can log into you can track affiliates performance check. Clicks and sales the affiliate program integrates with your shopping, cart and doesn’t require monthly payments or a percentage of the affiliate transaction.

It costs $ 85 number 10 Amazon, Auto Links. This plugin makes it easy to manage your Amazon affiliate links. You choose your categories and it automatically sets up links with your affiliate ID. You can insert the ads as a widget as a shortcode or within your themes.

Php you can customize the outputs or use custom templates. You can download it for free number. 11 ez Azon create a text affiliate link without having to go to Amazon. A pro version is available for forty seven dollars that adds images, product information blocks, Amazon, buy buttons, pop-ups, cloaking and cart, automatic localization and support for multiple affiliate, IDs number 12 affiliates WooCommerce lite.

This plug-in lets, you add your own affiliate program to your WooCommerce website. It has a free version and several pro version, starting at $ 59. It creates referrals automatically when sales are made.

You set the commission rates fro addition includes an advanced integration that synchronizes the referrals with their order status. Number 13, yes, WooCommerce affiliates. Just like the previous option.

This plugin makes it easy to create your own affiliate program with WooCommerce plugin adds the affiliate ID to properly credit. The Commission’s and you can create the affiliates. The plug-in manages the affiliates and keeps a running total for each one.

Also affiliates are provided their own dashboard. You can view the Commission’s, reports, etc. The plug-in is free that’s. Our look at the 13 best WordPress affiliate plugins. If you enjoyed this video, then be sure to give it a like and subscribe for more content with.

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