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It seems like today we can’t eat at a restaurant before posting it somewhere for the world to see we send out millions of messages across various social media platforms and whether you love it or hate it.

Social media is here to stay and, most importantly, has a huge influence in our lives from the hashtag me to movement to the Occupy movement. We’re experiencing shifts in culture, politics and much more and it’s all happening instantly and online, so it’s no coincidence that today we’re talking about Twitter, the micro blogging platform that was founded Back in 2006 and is still going strong, the place where politicians, celebrities, activists, authors and more share their views and react to events.

Twitter was created back in 2006 by Jack, Dorsey, Noah, glass, biz, stone and Evan Williams, and until 2012 they had more than 10 million people posting about 340 million tweets every day on the platform.

If you’re, a new here, welcome, be sure to subscribe and follow us on instagram at a log’s, but let’s just dive into the Twittersphere. Shall we here are 15 things you didn’t know about Twitter number.

One hashtags started out being famous on Twitter. It’s, hard to remember what the internet was before the hashtag came around. But did you know that Twitter made it famous and almost instantly used by everyone? A hashtag is a metadata tag that we use on social networks to easily find the content you want.

Chris Messina, who is an open-source advocate first, came up with the idea to use a hash character from IRC, but his suggestion, wasn’t at first taken into consideration by Twitter. The symbol became more used after the San Diego forest fire in 2007 and the 2009 to 2010 protests in Iran.

Twitter further helped to spread the practice by creating its trending topics on the main page and to quickly spread to other platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. Number two tweets are now two hundred and eighty characters, but people don’t use the whole space as a microblogging platform.

Twitter only used to allow 140 characters per post that was generally considered to be a good size. Micro post, since users could better express their ideas, and it was easier to read. However, last year, Twitter famously introduced 140 more characters which elicited a number of both positive and negative responses.

It turns out that, according to Twitter, CEO Jack Dorsey, the change hasn’t affected the average length of messages and has resulted in more engagement. It appears that people just like having more room to write and they also started to get more retweets and followers after the change number three they introduced.

The first verified account blue badge. Twitter is also known for introducing the verified account blue badge. Yet another practice that has spread to other sites, the blue badge means that the account is verified by a social media platform, and public figures were the first to get one in 2009.

However, this did not come out of the blue as Twitter was publicly criticized by Kanye, West and even sued by Tony LaRussa, because of fake accounts that claim to be them generally. Public accounts don’t just get a blue badge.

They can also access previously unavailable features and they are granted by getting in contact with the person that owns or guests represented by the account number for Snoop Dogg stopped by their headquarters and smoked weed.

When you run a successful company, you are bound to have a few brushes with Fame Twitter. Most notoriously had Snoop Dogg pay a special visit to their headquarters in San Francisco, complete with his entourage.

He especially enjoyed using the office DJ booth and we’d like a lot of weed. Well, what did you expect? He is Snoop Dogg. After all, the move was criticized by conservative enture capitalist Peter Thiel that called Twitter a mismanaged company who has such a good business model.

They can afford to smoke so much pot. After all, the hashtag puff-puff pass Tuesday ‘ S had to live up to its name: didn’t, it number 5 Jack Dorsey. The CEO and co-founder has a net worth of 4.8 billion dollars according to Forbes Jack Dorsey, the 41 year old, co-founder and CEO of Twitter has quite an impressive background.

Before starting Twitter in 2006, together with EV Williams, biz, stone and Noah glass, he dropped out of New York University, got certified as a masseur and even considered becoming a fashion designer.

He eventually became a self-taught computer programmer and the rest is history. As of June 2018. His net worth is an amazing 4.8 billion dollars according to Forbes. He also is the founder and CEO of square.

A mobile payment company number 6 Twitter is the most used platform for political and celebrity scandals. Quick. Where do you get your news from if you’re, an active Twitter user, it’s, actually very probable, you read it on Twitter.

First, the platform has revolutionized not only the way in which we do social media, but the way we consume news, even more importantly, Twitter offers an easy way for events to spread like wildfire, including political scandals, campaigns and celebrity news.

Take Anthony Weiner’s. 2011 downfall, as an indecent photo of himself, was made public and rosanne bars. Recent Twitter rampage that got her show canceled. Some critics say that the wide exposure to so much news has actually decreased people’s, actual interest and engagement in politics and not the other way.

Around number 7 apparently Twitter, also sold data to Cambridge analytic on Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook have gotten a lot of slack for the Cambridge analytic, a scandal. But if you think that turning to Twitter is safer, think again, bloomberg reported that Twitter also sold data to dr.

Alexandra Cogan, the researcher who created the personality quiz that was used to harvest data from 80 million Facebook users. To put it this way, the platform made 90 million dollars from enterprise data, just in the first quarter of this year, Twitter eventually admitted to doing this, but failed to mention how much they got from the deal.

Number 8 Twitter has been cited by the Panama papers. The Cambridge analytic, a scandal, is not the only one that Twitter has been involved in the Panama papers. Scandal exposed corporate giants such as Apple Disney, Facebook and uber, among many others, for using offshore companies as a way to avoid paying taxes and Twitter was one of them, to put it simply, billions and billions of dollars are lost in taxes each year when companies use This tactic: what’s more billionaire Yuri Milner? Has Russia’s, support for his investment in both Facebook and Twitter? According to the New York Times number 9 in 2016 on election day in the United States of America by 10 p.

m. people sent 40 million. Tweets Twitter proved itself to be the breaking news. Powerhouse during the 2016 united states presidential election by amassing 40 million election tweets in just one day, the most controversial twitter user of all time.

President donald trump uses the social network to send out messages about all things related to his activity. On that day, he used it to criticize protesters that were not happy about the election results, calling the act very unfair.

His tweets were also the subject of a study by the rose-hulman Institute of Technology, which analyzed his style of communication. What the professor’s found was the president uses a so called forensic style to quickly react to different events and express judgments about his allies and enemies.

Number 10 Katy Perry has the biggest following pop star. Katy Perry broke a record as the first person to have 100 million followers on the social network. It was also an opportunity to promote her recent album witness with a Twitter video that showcased her tweets dated from 2009 to 2017.

The second most followed celebrity is Justin Bieber, followed by former US president Obama. Katy Perry is an avid Twitter user who uses her account to post real messages related to her daily life, adding a personal touch to her posts, such as tweeting about her Friday night plans to stay in with a nose for strip and not taking herself too seriously.

Speaking of the famous pop star make sure to watch our 15 things you didn’t know about Katy Perry, video. If you want to find out some more about the singer, number 11 Twitter has been used to organize protests and social movements.

Twitter isn’t just used by celebrities to show their real sides to fans it’s, also being used to shine a light on very serious events which were later dubbed the Twitter revolutions. Most recently actress Rose McGowan got Anna Rao with Twitter for temporarily suspending her account after she revealed Harvey Weinstein’s, sexual harassment, behavior against her and other women in the movie industry.

The network claimed to have done this because her messages violated the company’s. Privacy policy which started the hashtag women boycott Twitter, started by software engineer, Kelli Ellis, which encouraged women to stop using Twitter for 24 hours as a protest for Twitter censorship, actions which other actresses activists and journalists did join.

Number 12 Twitter is banned completely in Iran, China and North Korea. Normally we’d, say that people who don’t know what Twitter is must be living under a rock. However, not all countries have access to the social network, whether it’s, a total ban or a partial one, China, Iran and, of course, North Korea, totally blocked people from using it.

Whereas countries like Iraq, Turkey, Venezuela and Egypt have prohibited its use for various reasons. As you can see, these are all problematic areas riddled with conflicts, and it turns out that Twitter has an extensive censorship history, for example, just two years ago in 2016, Twitter helped the Israeli government erase content that originated outside of the country, and Turkey is a leading Country when it comes to removal requests, a staggering 90 % of the number of requests is received.

At the same time, the platform admitted to hiding hundreds of thousands of tweets related to the 2016 Democratic National Committee. Email League number. Thirteen one employee took down Donald Trump’s, account for 11 minutes.

Bots Yard wesak instantly became a hero for Trump’s, critics well at least for around 11 minutes. The Twitter employee was on his last day there and decided to close Trump ‘ S account. Do he sac, was working on a temporary contract and called his action a mistake.

However, it was more than likely a choice. He had made the German Turkish former Twitter employee is not the only one who wanted the account to be suspended, as many have requested for it to be removed, especially as the president had been threatening North Korea.

Number 14 Caitlyn Jenner gained 1 million followers on Twitter. In 4 hours and 3 minutes former Olympic champion Caitlyn Jenner, who was known as Bruce Jenner before transitioning, he’s. Another Twitter record holder, her account, was launched with a picture depicting Jenner on the cover of Vanity Fair, which highlighted her transition from male to female and her new name.

She is the fastest person to gain 1 million followers on her account in a record-shattering for hours and 3 minutes that’s. More than Barack Obama’s, account managed to obtain two weeks prior to the election and well he’s.

President number 15, 10 tweets per second mentioned Starbucks Starbucks is a worldwide brand that really knows how to interact with customers via social media. The company has an amazing, following from 40 million on facebook to 2.

1 million on Twitter. The secret seems to be it’s very approachable engagement strategy in which they interact with customers on a one-to-one basis. For example, they retweet a lot. The social media engagement also earned them lots of new clients and, of course, more sales.

Starbucks is frequently mentioned on Twitter, with about 10 messages per second, it’s also profited from controversy, such as the hashtag Merry Christmas Starbucks, which triggered discussions all around the world about Christmas cups not being Christmassy enough, and that’s.

It for today a Luxor’s thanks so much for watching and now before you go, we’re curious. Do you think that twitter is an efficient medium to empower social movements? Let us know in the comments and as always for sticking with us to the end, you get a bonus number 16.

The CIA reads up to 5 million tweets per day. No, we’re, not talking about a spy movie plot. It turns out that the US Central Intelligence Agency is also interested in what people have to share. It only makes sense since, of course, as you share your daily life with people, so do those who have bad intentions.

They are called the vengeful librarians and they are on Twitter for any information that might help such as extremist group movements, and this is not the only governmental body to be interested in tweets.

The Library of Congress used to store every single public tweet available. However, last year they decided to cut back and only save selected messages. Hmm do you think they might favor celebrity musings.

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