$200,000 In Shopify Sales: Revealing My Winning Dropshipping Products

Your Winning Products Profit List

What’s up guys? It’s, David Hanlon aka, the laptop legend, and today I got a wild hare. I decided to reveal some of my best products. These five products combined have done $ 200,000 in revenue. For me, these just a few of the many many products that I made money by selling in my years doing e-commerce, and I personally believe that product selection is the most important aspect of the business model, and for that reason I want to let you guys know Exactly my thought process going into choosing these products, so you guys can learn from my mistakes as well, as my successes ultimately have a better product selection and eventually make more money from e-commerce when you guys do it for yourself.

The reason I feel comfortable revealing these products is because I’m, actually no longer selling them. If you’re still selling a product there’s, no reason to ever reveal it because in dropshipping it’s.

Very easy to steal an product from a competitor, put it on your own store and run ads and basically take away their market share. So for that reason I recommend you guys never reveal a good product until you’re done selling it with that.

Being said, let’s, dive right into it. Well, in this case, back flop yeah. That was me in 2010, the first product I have you guys, which I sold around $ 10,000 worth of, I think about three hundred sixty-five units with this barbell chain.

Necklace and essentially what it is, if you guys can see it, I can see you guys, but it’s, basically the end of a barbell plate. You know when you stick on the end of a barbell. If you want to do squats or bench press and it heavily appealed to fitness enthusiasts up with a product page right here, so you guys can see exactly what this looked like on my website.

But essentially, the reason this product was successful was because it appeal to people’s. Emotions in this case fitness is something that evokes a strong emotional response from people, especially you know.

If you’re a gym rat like me, you know exactly what I’m talking about being in shape, and you know constantly going gym is one of the most important things in your life and if you wear something like this, at Least, that’s, why I sold it? It’s, a constant reminder of just how dedicated you are to your fitness goals, and you can see in the product description that’s, exactly how I you know proposition this product.

Might have sold its people in the ads and it really did get emotional response, which you know made people click that buy one. I actually would not sell a product like this anymore, just because the perceived value is not as I would like, and that doesn’t, let you have as high a markup as you need, but in general the reason this product was successful.

In addition to the emotional response was because it’s, a very unique product and a cool idea very eye-catching, especially if you’re, someone who’s in the fitness type niche. So it was very easy to advertise for and that’s.

One of the things that I’d, like to look forward products that they’re, very unique and very eye-catching. The second product is called the Skynet sneakers and that’s. These gloves that I have on right now and I sold let’s see, I think, around 175 of these, and it was also about $ 10,000.

The reason this product was so successful, not so successful, but decently successful was because again it’s, a very unique looking product. You can see here that it kind of resembles off-white in terms of the little caution tape thing looking on the back and in general, it’s, just a cool shoe.

So when this pops up onto you know someone’s, Instagram feed or Facebook feed, when you’re advertising, it kind of stands out from the rest of the products that they’re. Seeing and for that reason they’re likely to have an impulsive purchase you can see here.

This is what the product page looks like on the actual website, and one of the great things about this particular product was that a head and really high quality product photos directly from the supplier on Aliexpress.

So any single one of these photos that I can show you guys here make a great ad and I actually tested a lot of these different photos just to see which one works best, but it’s, always nice to have that option and it Always will sell a lot better if you have a product that has good photos versus you know.

A great product that has bad photos is never gonna sell. Another cool feature of this product is the fact that, despite having very high perceived value, it’s, actually very light in terms of weight, which means that when you’re going to ship it from the seller, it doesn’T cost a whole lot to ship and, generally speaking, if you have shoes that are heavy like kinda, three or four pounds, it really eats up your margins, especially now, with the global situation going on, let’s, say the shipping cost from China to The US are a lot more expensive, so if you have heavier items, you’re gonna have to pay a lot more, which means that this is a really good option and that’s.

Definitely one of the things you want to look for and consider what are you looking for products? You know how much the perceived value is and how much you can sell a product for versus how much it will cost to ship out just got to stop for a second, because I really need your help, guys our poor loveable like button today, it’s a she and she’s, locked up in this tower being held hostage by a crazy witch.

The only way to save her is to climb up her hair and press the like foot. You guys know what to do. Alright. Moving on to number three product number three is: can you see that easy part number three? Is the venomous joggers and I sold these.

I think it’s for $ 60 and I sold around 500 of them, and that means this product is about $ 30,000 total in revenue. For me, what’s, so cool about these pants? Is that they sort of look like the Gucci snake.

You know the snake in the Gucci brain. Oh, what’s, so cool of this product is that this kind of looks like the brand Gucci. You know they have snakes on one of their items and because of that, it really appealed to people who were into that type of stuff and who couldn ‘

T afford it so because of that had an extra high, perceived value, um, and even though I didn’t, say Gucci anywhere in the advertisements anywhere like that. Because again, because the snake looks like it’s, the Gucci snake, it had a high perceived value, and that takes me into another super important point that I want to emphasize for products.

You always want to make sure that they have a very high perceived value and the three-meat, because if they are, people are gonna be willing to pay a lot for them. And you’re gonna have enough money to run ads and have money left over to keep for yourself for profit.

You can see the product page for these venomous, joggers and just like with the other ones. It’s, super important to have high quality pictures and, in this case extra so because this particular product appeals to the street, where Denise someone who’s interested in street wear would like these and with these photos, you can see exactly What it would look like on someone, as well as the types of products you would wear with it like those easy shoes, and I think that’s, an off-white jacket or a similar style.

If not don’t hate me, I’m, not super in fashion, but you get the idea all these are super important aspects of having a winning product and again this you know displays all those and that’s. Why it sold so well, is it getting hot in here, or is that just me no way that’s? The heatwave sneakers that’s product number four, and this sold me around another thirty thousand dollars, and I think it was like four hundred units this products sold very well just because of how.

Exceptionally, I, if you look at the main image here, it emphasizes the fact that there’s flames not only on the upper part, but also on the soul itself built into. I guess what does that call the the suspension? No wait! That’s for car.

This support the support of the suit that’s, what it’s called, and because of that it’s. You know again extremely eye catching when you see this on your Instagram or Facebook feed, and it makes you want to stop and honestly, you want to buy it just because you know it’s.

It’s, a very good picture. The last thing I want to emphasize for this particular product is the fact that I really took pride in the creative process. You can see here the name heatwave sneaker, that’s, something that I just made up based on.

Looking at the shoe, I found this product just scrolling through Aliexpress, and I decided that it could be cool to sell, and I came up with this name as well as writing this product description. Listen this I mean you could read it here, but I’ll.

Read it out loud, featuring aerodynamic designs, inspired by the movement of a flame, our heatwave sneakers. I’ve, built on a responsive base in our well straight fire. So, like all you need, is a sentence or two that really catches.

People’s attention, because no one wants to read 10,000 paragraphs of why this is the greatest who ever it’s an impulsive purchase. But when you really take the time to develop, you know the brand itself and take time for the creative process.

It really seems like a cool product and makes people want to buy it. The last and best product that I have for you guys today is called it’s called the Grizzly denim jacket, this particular product I sold over 1500 units which equated to over $ 125,000 in revenue and what’s so great about This product is that it’s very similar in terms of all the other characteristics of the winning products that I’ve talked about before, for example, it has a very high perceived value because it’s, a denim jacket And additionally, it reminds people of the Levi’s, jacket from I believe it was the 80s.

I had a lot of people commenting on my facebook ad that that’s, the reason they were buying it just because it was like a throwback – and this kind of reminds me of the other products that I’ve shown you guys, Where it sort of looks like it’s from a brand, but it’s actually not, and because of that it reminds people of the perceived value of that brand, which is a higher status than you know.

Whatever you happen to invent, but it kind of piggybacks off of that and allows people to you know in their head, consider it to be more valuable and then pay you more money for also you can see here.

It has very high-quality photos, and I use this picture to advertise all over the Internet as well as the fact that I took pride in the creative process of this one as well. So you can see the name. I completely made that up myself, but it sounds really cool for a denim jacket, as well as the short product description which perfectly conveys all the high quality aspects of this jacket and really emphasizes just everything that makes this jacket cool and and why people would want To buy it, I had a lot of sizing issues with this product at first and that’s, pretty normal when you’re shipping from China.

In this case they have, I think it’s from small to six XL and converting that to US sizing was a little bit difficult at first, but eventually I got the hang of it in that process, though it cost me a lot of returns, Charge backs as well as basically just getting these jackets.

You know sent to me in person, because people didn’t want to ship them back to China, and because of that, I was actually able to donate a ton of them to a foster kids home, which was able to help a lot of kids.

As well as give me a tax write-off of $ 3500, which is incredible – and I just I feel great – not great grateful – I feel grateful that I was able to you know, donate all that to kids in need and that’s.

Just another added bonus of drop shipping products that are high perceived value like this, because people actually want them. It’s, not just you know, drop shipping. Some some five dollar item that you could find that you know a dollar store or something like that.

It’s, actually a legitimate product that people are proud of wearing, and I’m grateful that I was able to supply those to kids in need. So now. In summary, in summary, let’s. Talk about the main things that make a winning product that you know you guys can take away from all these products that I’ve just shown you number one wanted to be an eye-catching, unique product, and this can also be something where it plays Off of a bigger trend or a bigger brand, so that people really have their attention grabbed by when they see it on their newsfeed number.

Two high perceived value, which allows you to price the product for high and have the cost of goods sold below in comparison, and this leaves plenty of room for ad spend as well as all other expenditures.

Number three is have high quality images that you can use for ads and, lastly, number four is make sure you have fun with the creative process make it a real brand, have fun with the naming and have fun with the short descriptions now just for a little Perspective guys, this right here is only two thousand dollars, which means that the worst of the products that I showed you guys today, this one as well as the first pair of shoes, the yellow one.

Each of these did five times as much as this in revenue, which is absolutely insane when you put in perspective, but I want to you know: first emphasize something for you guys, which a lot of other you know, people in the EECOM space really don’t talk about there’s, a big difference between the top-line revenue and your bottom line, profit, which is what you get to take home, and in this case the main thing that you spend money on is ads and the cost of goods sold.

So I just want to be very clear on that. So when I have ten thousand revenue for a product, the product might only make me $ 2,000 or $ 3,000 overall, but again, if you’re talking in terms of you know what you can do with that money and the freedom that it allows, You to have when you get 10 20 50 of these products running simultaneously.

It really can change your life and I just want to make sure that you guys, you know, keep that in mind and you know remember the the perspective of this and the potential with that being said, ecommerce takes a ton of hard work and I really don’t want to downplay the amount of work it takes because there’s, a lot of people who sell it as a get-rich-quick scheme.

Like I talked about in my previous video, you know all the people with the webinar model selling massively expensive courses. I never want to be that guy. So again, I just want to emphasize this takes a ton of hard work, but the freedom that it gives you.

If you actually put the time in can be pretty impressive, so you guys are always welcome to DM me on Instagram and a laptop legend. You can also follow me on tik-tok. I post a lot of helpful stuff there, or you can check out my website.

The laptop legends Academy it’s called the laptop legends com and there I have my full video academy or where I walk through every single aspect of the entire business process. You know from setting up a business legally to how to run the ads to hiring employees.

Anything you could possibly need to know, but again, that’s, not a way that you can guarantee success just a way that you can make sure you know everything that I’ve done to get me to where I am and ultimately It’s up to you to put in a lot of hard work if you haven’t already, please do take the time to go rescue Rapunzel from her tower and click that like button.

Lastly, remember to subscribe and turn on notifications, I’m, getting closer to being magnetized and as soon as I do, I’m, going to be doing giveaways so make sure you subscribe and turn on the notification bell and with that being Said let’s grow better together me and

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