3 Free Tools to Run Your Blog Efficiently

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#1 – Google Drive

Using Google Drive has helped me to streamline my business and keep everything organized in one place.

I love that you can collaborate with other people with sharing documents and it synchronizes so I can access it all from any computer. That means, no longer taking up space on my laptop with all of my documents or not remembering where I saved something. <— You have no idea how much time I use to waste searching for documents!

I keep my business organized into folders like Sales + Marketing, Products, Operations, and then I break it down into sub-folders under each of those categories. I also like to color-code them to make it fun!

It makes it really easy to reference items when I need them because I can just search through the folders depending on what I am looking for, or just use the ‘search’ bar.

I use Google Docs to write and edit all of my content along with writing out all of my email sequences and other important content.

I use Google Slides to create and present webinars, forms for audience surveys and course completion surveys.

Literally, I use Google Drive every day to run my business efficiently.

#2 – Asana

This has become my main hub to run my business.

Each day that I start working I open Asana first.

I check my color-coded calendar and know exactly what to work on.

It’s not just a place to keep me on track with my tasks, but it allows me to stay focused on each of my projects.

I also keep important links, details and ideas for quick reference.

One of the best parts of Asana is being able to create templates.

I create templates for everything to help save time: creating new content. launching a product, doing a webinar, etc.

Since I follow the same tasks each time I can just duplicate the template and quickly have a task list to follow. 

You can also batch tasks and set them to recur weekly. 

Asana prevents me from staring at my screen trying to figure out what to do each day.

You can upgrade your account but I use their free plan. 

#3 – Canva

I love Canva because it’s so easy to create any kind of graphic for my business without being a designer.

I use it to create: lead magnets, pins, website images, Insta story graphics, course images, mockups and so much more. 

Canva also has so many templates to choose from to help you save time when you are designing something new.

All you have to do is pick on of their present sizes and then start creating. 

Plus, you can duplicate your projects so each time you go to create a similar image like a pin you can just copy it and then make a few changes and you are ready to go.

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