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Shopify Affiliate Profit List

I’ll, be reviewing the affiliate programs in the Shopify ecosystem. So, first of all, what is an affiliate program? Well, affiliate marketing is a reward based system that encourages partners to promote their products.

In exchange for a commission in the context of the Shopify ecosystem, affiliate marketing works when the marketers get the merchants to use a Shopify product or service through referral links. There are certain types of affiliate marketing in the Shopify ecosystem, Shopify, affiliate program, Shopify theme, affiliate programs, Shopify app, affiliate programs, Shopify service, affiliate programs, etc.

I’ve, already attached a link to a blog post in the description of this video. The blog post is a review on top 15 Shopify affiliate programs for 2020 and beyond. However, in this video we ‘ Ll walk you through the five most prominent affiliate programs in the list.

Now here I am on the shop vikon website, so you know what better way to talk about the affiliate programs in the Shopify ecosystem than talking about the Shopify affiliate program itself. Right now, if you, if you scroll down to the footer of the page, you’ll, see a call to action here.

You can just click on it and you’ll, be directed to the Shopify affiliate marketing program page. So when mentioning Shopify one of the most solid platforms on the market, any affiliate will know about its referral program.

It’s, one of the more solid affiliate programs with a nice commission offer for each signup. An affiliate can earn from $ 58 to $ 2,000, depending on the merchant user plan. The commission from Shopify is a one-time bounty payment equal to 200 percent of the merchants monthly subscription fee or general plans, basic Shopify or advanced and equal to $ 2,000 for Shopify plus subscription.

Now let’s check it out here by clicking, apply now button. If you’re new to Shopify, you will need to register as a Shopify partner. First, after signing up for a new account, you’ll, be asked to fill an application form and wait for approval becoming a Shopify partner.

Not only allows you to apply as a Shopify affiliate, but also offers lots of opportunities to earn massive income. And here is the forum application? So what are your advantages if you become a Shopify partner, let’s, check it out in the Shopify partner dashboard.

Here we are at the Shopify partner dashboard. Here you can find your own affiliate link. You can use this link to point your audience to the Shopify app and if they sign up for a shop of a store, then probably you will be credited as an affiliate and then you can start making money in the dashboard.

You can also access the affiliate tools here. Here is how the dashboard would look when a partner performs a Shopify affiliate activities and gets trial signups. You can find all the necessary information or reports on this dashboard to get inside and support for further campaigns, so that’s it for the Shopify affiliate program.

Now let’s. Talk about something else. Let’s. Talk about the Shopify app affiliate program with the example of page fly. Here we are at the page fly home. Page page fly is a compelling page builder, app with a drag-and-drop system designed to boost conversion rates with a Shopify app over score of 4.

9 stars. Page fly is currently listed in the number-one builder app in the App Store. The app allows users to freely build their own web pages with professional design. Even on a free Shopify theme. If you scroll down, you should find a call to action to join a Shopify affiliate program.

Now click on this button, the page fly affiliate program – is similar to the Shopify system. So if you’re already joined and worked with Sharief Shopify referrals, there will be no difficulty becoming familiar with the flow.

The commission of this affiliate program is very promising as well. You will get 50 % revenue share for the first month and a 30, a lifetime 30 percent lifetime commission from the second month on word right – and this is the biggest difference between page fly and other programs, since they will pay for a single sale.

While page fly pays you for recurring charges, and here you can find the two buttons. If you’re, not really sure about the program, you can schedule a demo call with the page, while affiliate team, when you click on the button, a calendar will pop up, and you can pick a date to sit down with the pitch file.

Fill a team and they’ll, walk you through the whole essentials of this affiliate program and after you got what you should know about the program you can apply to be a page fly partner. By clicking on this button, then you will be directed to the page fly partners page here.

You can fill out this application form and you can sign up to be the page fly partner and the page where I feel it team will get to you as soon as possible. Now let’s. Talk about Shopify theme, affiliate programs.

If you’re interested in Shopify themes, you all may have heard of of the sandbox and pixel union, there are both award winning teams and have developed the most popular and the best reviewed Shopify themes available.

Here is the website of out of the sandbox, and here is the website of pixel Union. It’s very exciting to know that now out of the sandbox and the pixel union are joining hand to share the same affiliate platform here at Shopify theme.

Affiliates dot with version on.com here you can find a application form and you should fill out this form and hit apply to learn more about the program. You can look on your right and you’ll see there are some information here to note the conversion action cookie days, Commission type and base Commission if you’re, not really familiar with affiliate marketing, especially the term cookie days.

So here it goes our cookie days allow you to set how long a visitor has to purchase after clicking on the affiliate link in order to credit the affiliate, a visitor clicks on one of your affiliate links on January 1st and leaves the site without making a Purchase the same visitor then comes back to hurry to your site on January 30th and purchases.

This order would still credit the affiliate right now let’s. Talk about the last one in our list. A another Shopify app affiliate program with the example of looks so the looks, Shopify app enables stores to leverage the power of social proof.

It sends automatic review requests to their customers for product reviews offering discounts in turn. The app then also lets the merchants showcase. These reviews, in beautiful galleries, of photos to build credibility, the Shopify affiliate program of looks promises a 20 % Commission for one year.

You can also opt for availing a 20 % discount for your clients, along with an extended trial period. In both the cases – and here is the whole affiliate program of looks and here’s, the form to apply for their partner program, please bear in mind that looks, is now integrated with pitch fly.

By promoting this incredible combo of the two apps, you can get more audience to hit the referral, links and get more money from affiliate marketing activities, and that is the end of a video. I believe that you had a good time learning about Phillip programs in the Shopify ecosystem.

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