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Also, like the price point for this, I guess it’s like a few dollars like five dollars or so so it’s, a it’s quite interesting tool, so you can see. Basically, it has all the kind of you know kind of like sees all of the like ads that have gone.

You’ve gotten like decent response. You can see how, if you have filters here as well. So, for example, you can filter out by certain amount of like time, for example, seen in any time ads. It have been seen like in this week, so you can filter out.

You can see basically what’s. Currently, what’s? Currently, working what’s, currently getting interaction so like, for example, this one here I just want to see like how much traffic like this particular offer is getting so let’s me see yeah, so this one is not it’s not entirely it’s, not literally like training, now blink blink and like this.

This is something interesting, so 1 million views that’s. That’s. Interesting! Let’s, see what kind of like stabs they have so video y+. As you can see, oh wow, this one is actually this one is actually pretty good, as you can see it’s kind of like good traction.

So, just just like this, as you can see, I’ve found the product that you know again. Potentially I can potentially sell so this product is quite interesting. So, for example, if you go to like Aliexpress and you search for this product, it’s called crystal steering wheel color, you can see like the products with electricity there they’re already, like started starting to get traction.

So this is very interesting because you can see pricing point for these products are quite high, so I mean the margin. Like looks, I mean it’s. It’s. It’s very low. Alright, it’s like $ 19.99, so yeah it could be, it could be.

Just someone like is selling these products could be someone just selling these products, like manufacturer direct, was selling them because otherwise, like the part, is just look very low, so say gold and silver.

They have like two variations: the gold and silver $ 12. Like I mean margin of seven dollars, I mean doesn’t, doesn’t, make any sense, but the product is selling right. That’s. The most important part here so just like this right, just basically two filters here.

I’ve used. This products is the changing pads, so this one is actually been selling for some time, but this is good product because it has, I mean it, obviously solves the problem. You have. You have some other ones like, for example, and, as you can see, not all of them, necessarily like dropshipping products like this one, for instance like this, is drop shipping product.

So this one is, is a good price, also problem as well. You have the new product, as you can see, they stopped advertising. You have you have this one here. So there are like quite a few products here like toothbrush.

I mean it has been around for like the last year, so you have the car seat right for the dog good apps, with an angle right, so you can see once you click on it. You basically can see the ads alright.

So let’s. See we do like super do this and we see kind of like what how many clicks this offer have has received. So I mean it’s, a it’s still good, like I mean for the whole week like, but it’s been around for like some time now, but for the whole week like to get like 2,000 clicks is Not very significant, however, like this offer in particular like you can see kind of like it has a pre sell.

It has very interesting, like selling like mechanism, so it’s kind of like that’s, how you can basically utilize this dual. I recommend it because I mean like for five dollars like you: can have access to some interesting products like one product you can find here.

You know, can easily like we don’t make you like thousands of dollars in sales, so we can. Definitely you can definitely try it out, so there will be a link below this video. If you want to try this product out and so here, for example, another product you know like organizer and like dispenser stuff.

So so you can see here so you can see like multiple options. There’s, some tool like for fishermen fisherman’s right, like hook them over. Let’s, see if this one had any traction, yeah yeah. So this is for a whole week.

Again it’s, not not a lot. I mean these products. These are good. Like organizers, let’s, see mmm, so yeah, like 300 clicks today, so I mean they’re driving. Some traffic like international traffic to they suffer $ 39.

The like organizer, so yeah, probably was better. It was better, as with other marketing. This can be solved and with better like website. This website is not very like that’s very, like well done this one here lunch box and see like lunch boxes, so it’s kind of like you can go through these products and see the like different ideas, also like.

If you sort is this, for example, if you sort this so this is like out of from 100 right. Sometimes they ask my class in that, so we say from 500 will see different products, so acted here right and you can basically go also like if you, if you know, like any keywords that you want to have – I mean as our like page them.

So you can see quite a few filters, probably not as sophisticated as at spy. Definitely, but I mean like it’s. Also doesn’t cost you like 150 100. You know 49 $ 150, so it’s. Good good thing to you know to start with, and then you know, like kind of like some extra products.

So if you have the process for searching, you know searching the products, someone does it for you, your assistance, then you can basically just get someone on your team to you know to research, these products, for you and get you know, get basic with these products deliver.

So you know you know what’s? What’s happening? What’s happening in the marketplace, so great product? Recommend it check it out. I mean, like I mean this one like it’s, it’s; inexpensive. It’s yeah. It has this cool products cool, as you can see, different filters like low views with high comments right different, like variations, different combinations of things, for example, I’d.

Seen like yeah exist this months, where that that’s, what like and trust me like products that happen seen so yeah. Basically, this is what you can use guys there’s, no building window for this particular product.

So this is it guys. I check the drop point you can sign up for it if you want to. If you see the value, I mean, I definitely see the value in it. So like should you some of the products some of the ideas that you can leverage like, for example, this product has been around for a long time.

I mean started scaling it like extremely aggressively and then died off. Probably it lost the at account or something happened because it’s like very dramatic drop, so yeah check it out guys. Let me know what you think if you’ve used it just like drop.

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