6 Awesome Travel Affiliate Programs for Your Travel Niche Blog

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Hey there eartha here and if you are ready to choose a travel affiliate program for your blog, hopefully the ones that i cover in this video will help you on your way to earning some great affiliate commissions in the travel niche.

So that being said, let’s, go ahead and dive in the first affiliate program is tortuga backpacks and these backpacks are made for carry-on sized baggage. So that means that if you are a traveler and you don’t like to check your bags, these backpacks are perfect because they are all carry on size.

That means you can take them on the plane, stow them away and then be on your way when you land. So these are awesome bags. There are different sizes for both men and women, and so the affiliate program is a 10 commission affiliate program with a 60-day cookie link.

Do keep in mind that tortuga does have a kind of strict approval process. So if you don’t already have a travel, blog or some type of following on social media, then the chances of you being approved are going to be lower.

So keep that in mind. But once you have your website going, then you can definitely apply and get approved, so that is tortuga backpacks backpacks.com. The next affiliate program is pacsafe and this company specializes in anti-theft travel gear.

So you’re, looking at backpacks, carry-on, purses and totes laptop bags and more – and these are all designed to be anti-theft, which is a great sub niche to be in to promote these products to to travelers, because theft is huge, no matter where you Travel to you need to always be safe and protect your valuables.

The affiliate program offers a 12 commission rate and a 60 day cookie length. They do have a form that you need to fill out. You just click this link here and once you fill out the form and you’re approved, then they will forward you on to avant link where you can then apply and be approved for the affiliate program through a avon link and get your affiliate Links and be all set so great product line, good company and great affiliate program that is pack safe.

Next up is tripadvisor.com. This is probably a website. You’re already familiar with. If you are a traveler, it serves as an online travel guide, with tons of articles and advice and things to explore by other travelers to learn about different destinations.

The affiliate program is a 50 percent commission and what’s great about this affiliate program? Is that you make money from the booking partners on the website and what’s even better? It says here that your users are probably in the planning stages, so you still get paid when users click out to our hotel booking partners, regardless of whether or not they book.

If we scroll down you get an idea of the type of commissions that you can make, so let’s say you’re, getting 170 clicks sent through to tripadvisor then, and they’re clicking on the booking partners links You can earn sixty dollars a month.

Sixty one hundred clicks. You can earn around 17 20 a month and 870 clicks. You can earn around 550 a month. So you get an idea of what’s possible and of course this is unlimited. The more traffic you can send the more money you can make, so that is tripadvisor.

com next up is travelpayouts.com and this is not an affiliate program, but it is a cpa, travel affiliate network. So once you sign up through this website, you can get access to over 60 different travel, affiliate programs that you can apply to and start promoting and earning income.

So this serves as more as like a one-stop shop for finding different travel affiliate programs as well as keeping track of your commissions and payouts, so a great website to sign up with and check out that is travelpayouts.

com before moving on. I do want to thank you for watching this video and i just want to do a brief intro. My name is ertha. I’m, a full-time internet marketer and i create videos on an almost daily basis on the topic of making money online, so feel free to hit that subscribe button, as well as check out my blog at that affiliatelife.

com. Next, we have lonelyplanet.com another very popular travel website. You can get tons of information on this website about the different destinations that you are interested in. You can read different articles by different travelers as well as book your trip through the booking partners on this website.

The affiliate program is a 15 commission on all printed books and ebooks, and you can earn from the booking partners as well from sending the clicks on over to those booking partners from the lonely planet website.

You can sign up through commission, junction or a1.com, and just a very popular travel website. Definitely high conversions with this one lonelyplanet.com. Last but not least, we have bluffworks and bluffworks is a clothing company that specializes in travel clothing that is functional as well as fashionable.

It’s great for traveling, as well as everyday use. Their clothing has hidden pockets within them to store away your cell phone and other valuables. They’re wrinkle resistant machine, washable and moisture wicking different styles, for both men and women, and their affiliate program offers a 5 commission rate with a 30 day cookie length, so their average order value is 247 dollars.

So lots of great conversions here, which provides plenty of opportunity for generating consistent income that is bluffworks.com so that wraps up this video. I hope that it has provided you with some great options for some travel affiliate programs.

If you’re ready to start a travel blog today and start earning consistent commissions by promoting affiliate products, i highly recommend, following the same step-by-step training program that i followed, which is called wealthy affiliate.

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You get one-on-one help from me and some awesome. Step-By-Step training, so please click below on my referral link and i’ll, be waiting to make your introduction inside that wraps up this video, please subscribe and like and until next time, thanks again for watching and talk soon,

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