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You’d like to work from home and make money online, and the first thing that came to your mind was you speak multiple languages, so that might help you. Well then, no matter, if you are a language teacher or simply somebody who speaks at least two languages, then this video is perfect for you, because today i’m going to share with you eight freelance translation jobs that you can do from the comfort Of your own home and make money online.

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You know every sunday when we post a new video on this channel. We talk all about career success and happiness, and we share lots of helpful information about working from home and freelancing. My question for you today is what languages do you speak and also? Why do you want to work from home? Let me know in the comments below i would love to know with that.

Out of the way let’s, get straight into the video and let’s. Talk all about the eight freelance translation jobs that you can do, while working from home all right. So the first place that i suggest you go and check out is append.

com and by the way you don’t have to write down everything. I’m, going to link everything in the description box down below so don’t worry everything is going to be made easy for you to just click on and go and follow the steps.

So append.com is not a translation platform. Appon.Com is actually a company that operates in the ai and machine learning space and what they do is help improve speech recognition. So essentially, they need people like you who speaks, who speak multiple languages and who will be able to help them either validate translations or create translations from a language to another for the model to then use and learn off of or they need.

People like you, who are able to transcribe and translate content so that they can then upload into the model, so no matter which of these areas, you would like to look into it.’s, actually super easy on appian.

com. You simply need to create a username and a password, you need to create a profile, and the only requirements are that you need to be over 18 and you need to have a phone number, so you can receive an sms and validate that.

It is you who they’re dealing with you, don’t need and to take any exams. You don’t need to have any certifications, it’s actually super easy, and the way it works is that after you create the profile, you then sign in and go and pick micro tasks that have been uploaded by different customers.

Different clients and then you go and fulfill them and then also the payment is super easy because it’s done via paypal, and you can get paid pretty much when you want or on a weekly basis. If you opt through paypal.

So definitely something you should look into. I think append.com is a great place to start and number two is lionbridge, and this one is probably one that you’ve heard of. But if you haven’t, let me explain in just a couple of words what it is about, so lionbridge, just like append.

com is specialized in developing and supporting the development of speech recognition models. So essentially they build ai algorithms and machine learning. That is able to automatically translate from one language to another, and here’s where you come in.

They need people like you who are able to rate translations that have been made by their machine learning model or they need people who are able to translate humans who are able to translate from one language to another so that they can use that translation to teach.

The model the algorithm off of or they need, people who can interpret or evaluate translations that have been done by the algorithm. So it is actually super easy to work with them as well, but it is a little bit more complex than with append.

com, because here once you register and you create a profile, you need to go through a skills, evaluation phase where you need to get your level Of knowledge in the particular languages that you want to use and leverage on lionbridge be evaluated and rated, and once you’ve gone through this evaluation phase, then you will receive tasks that are fit to your level of expertise and to your knowledge.

Rather than what happens on append.com, where you go and select the jobs yourself, so that is here the difference in terms of how they operate and how it works other than that the payment is super, easy as well, and it should work through paypal as well.

So no worries there either. All right number three is rev.com, and this one is a platform that lots of people have come across, particularly because in the world of youtube, this is the go-to service that is used for caption creation, so for transcription services, but they also offer translation services for those Transcriptions, so if you are somebody who speaks english and another language, then you can definitely look into rev.

com to offer your translation services for english subtitles and translate those into other languages. Now, in terms of uh enrollment, it should be quite straightforward. They don’t require that you have any certification.

You just need to create a profile and then start picking the tasks that you want to work on and the more you work, the more you get rated and probably the more you can earn. This is usually how it works on most of the platforms for translation services in terms of payment, even though it was hard to find what is exactly the hourly rate that you would get on rev.

com. They do say on their website that you can earn on average about 250 dollars per month. But obviously, if you choose to dedicate more time to this type of activity, you would be able to earn up to one and a half thousand per month, probably by investing the equivalent more time into offering this type of translation services definitely easy to use platform and Certainly worthwhile looking into and let’s, move to number four which is jenko.

Jenko is a really really cool platform, and this one is geared more towards professional translation, so they offer industry, expertise and technical knowledge. So it will be important for you to probably go through evaluation and quizzes and tests to understand for them to understand exactly what is your profile and what are the domains and areas of expertise that you could offer your services in now other than this.

Another really really nice thing that i really liked about genco is the feeling of community. If you go to their website, you will see that they feature every month, another set of freelancers that work with them, and it really gives this feeling of family and close community.

And if you’re, somebody who wants to work from home but also feel like you’re part of something bigger than you and you are part of a community and it’s. Not just you working on your own. At home, then, maybe jenko is the place to look into.

Also, another really nice thing about genco is that you are able to pick the type of projects and the type of tasks that you want to work on, and you don’t, get them pre-assigned already to you and last but not least, they have A really cool platform that they’ve developed, so you will be able to use that technology and that application on any type of device be that on your computer or if you don’t have a computer.

You can use that on your tablet or on your phone, and it is going to work just as well so definitely look into jenko. I think it’s, really worthwhile checking out all right number five is world lingo and even though their website is not the best i’ve seen, i have to say that they seem to be offering another level of translation services.

So this one is again a market that is a bit narrower than the market for some of the other places that i’ve mentioned already, and this is because world lingo is targeting professional translators. So if you are somebody with a university degree, if you are a professional translator and if you are part of your translators association in your country, whatever that is, then you would qualify to apply and enroll on world lingo and what i think is really good about This, even though the requirements are a little bit higher up, there, i think, is really cool because then also the the number of freelancers that participate on this platform is a lot smaller.

So you would be, you know a bigger fish in the pond and it’ll, be easier for you to land, really really good jobs, really good tasks and for you to actually end up making this a solid income stream for you.

So definitely look into this one. They have different types of profiles, you can be a generalist or you can be a specialist and in order for you to start working and landing jobs, you need to go through an evaluation process.

That is not necessarily the easiest and one click away, but i think it’s worthwhile. If you want to do this professionally and actually make it into a solid income stream and number six, which is one hour translation.

This is another platform that is geared more towards professional translators. So if you’re one of those, then this one is perfect for you. The application process and enrollment is a little bit more well longer more complex because it requires that you pass through an exam and that you also and your profile get reviewed by the staff of the company.

Once you go through the these pre-validation phases, then you will get certified and you can start working on the platform and land jobs, and i think another reason why this is a great place for you to look into.

If you are a professional translator other than if you go to some of the other platforms that are geared towards everyone, not just the professional certified translators, then you would get more opportunities on this one.

But another really good reason is that they offer lots of benefits. As well, and one of them is that you would be able to receive a credit card that you can use to get your payments to so that they make the payment process super easy for you, so definitely look into one hour translation.

I think if you disregard the valuation and the enrollment process, it should be a really fun experience for you and if you’re already a certified and experienced translator, then even those valuation steps should not be much of a headache for you all right.

So number seven is text masters and this one is a european-based company that offers this translation services platform and they also have separated the way they qualify. The professionals they work with into semi-professionals and professionals and in order to qualify and be a professional, you need to have experience and you need to be certified as a professional translator.

So if you do meet that criteria, then it would be quite easy for you to enroll. Otherwise i would suggest you go for the semi-professional type of membership now in terms of payment. I was not able to find anything, so you would have to enroll and see, but other than that, i think this should be another really great place for you to look into if you would like to work from home and offer your multilingual skills as a translator.

All right and number eight is a really really cool one and i might butcher the name just slightly because i’m, not really sure how to pronounce it, but i think you say unbabel on babel on unbabel. I think, and this one is a really really nice one because like append.

com and lionbridge, it is also a machine learning solution. So what you would be doing is you would be offering your language skills to validate and rate translations that have been done by the machine.

Learning by the algorithm, or you would need to provide that translation so that they can use it to train the algorithm now, what i think is really nice and different about this platform compared to others.

Is that when you enroll, you only need to go obviously and create an account? You then need to take a test to evaluate the level of skill that you have and then you are given some demo tasks to complete almost like a training which i think is really really nice, because then everything will be super easy for you.

You will know what you need to do and it’ll just be a walk in the park, rather than you having to figure out. How do i start a task? How do i pitch for it? How do i opt for it? How do i get paid? You’ll have to go through these training tasks and then, once you’ve completed everything you’re ready to go and you can start working and gaining money and earning while you work from home.

So i hope this was helpful for you. I hope you found today’s, video insightful and it brought value to you like it. If you did make sure to subscribe, if you haven’t done so and be sure to share with a friend who might also want to look into freelance translation jobs that they can also do from the comfort of their own home.

With that being said, i hope you create everyday magic. I hope you have a lovely day and a lovely week and i’ll, see you next time. Bye,

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