8 Mistakes to Avoid Marketing with Taboola


Hey God, taste video. I’m walking through eight mistakes that most people make using tableau love ads. So I’m, helping you avoid those, so you can get more signups get more conversion and you can get a lot more leads and everything lies that you’re.

Trying to do with tableau looks unless you stay tuned to learn more about it like hours guys. I’m all the links down in the description and also too, but you guys check out the downloadable I got, but it’s.

Right here is gonna. Have those eight steps it’s gonna help you a little bit more on getting those actually afford these steps and what you can do to avoid. All of these so make sure you download that below too, as well, it’s.

Gon na be really good downloadable that you guys, I think, will really like. So let’s just get into a couple things right now, first of all, as well as guys, I got a new course coming out um. This is gonna, be a tabular course over this right here, but you guys check that out, but let’s go and get into the first one.

The first thing is, most people are having is not narrowing down their audience, the best possible they can based off of what they are advertising or selling. So if he’s on the mobile app a lot of things, I see a lot of people.

Do that’s interesting? They’re, not negative, narrowing down on their devices, because, obviously, if you’re, some mobile app you don’t need to be advertising people who have laptops and desktops. If your app does not work on those platforms in verse, first, if you still have software and your sufferer cannot be loaded down onto a mobile app didn’t.

No reason to do that. So one thing you need to look into doing is basing off a device. Is this ad gonna be for people who are using laptops and desktops and/or people who are using iPads or people using mobile phones? So that’s, something you would need to look into doing and make sure that um, you know something that you actually can accomplish and that’s most thing for people doing software related stuff.

You know that’s. That’s, really the biggest thing for those people who are that need to be downloaded or something about a specific phone, or anything like that, and do that next thing you’re gonna want to know if you have mobile, app Or if you have something else that is big and you want someone to be at home or something like that lines like that.

I need to be downloaded or someone’s. Gon na watch a video that you can show 4k quality on. Then you want to see exactly: are they on Wi-Fi connection, and this is gonna? Be something big right here did use for a lot of the Apple I’ve kind of app downloads and app marketers um.

If you’re using that, and if this something that you possibly can um, you know if it’s, something over 100 megabytes in most likely you don’t want to be downloading on their phone on just you know. Lte-U want to be down over Wi-Fi.

Another thing is also a big thing. Is location lots of people just go to like United States, Canada? No, you need to actually break down exactly what’s. The individual locations inside those areas, just because anybody might be able to purchase your body product does not mean that these people are more actively looking to actually get into your products.

Just another thing I’ll, look into as well and then looking at platforms because, like if you’re selling to a certain person and technically you can’t, get the income levels but based off of what type of Platform they’re using.

You can actually go ahead and kind of separate exactly on what type of um you know income they have. So most people who have maxed generally might have a little bit higher income. Instead, certain people, people who are sometimes further along one on the Android Market, belong on their actual operating system, might have a lower income.

So you can kind of difference between that. It’s, a good way to kind of do some SEO, targeting and based on income and most people don’t. Think about so. Obviously, if you look for people who are hurting mac, OS s not saying that people on Android or Windows, don’t have money.

It just saying that this group right here generally um because Apple products are a little bit overpriced compared to other things. You generally have more money to spend number two most you guards are not campaign, scheduling schedule your campaigns out if you have no one at night time.

Looking at your campaigns, why are you wasting money and, during that time, the biggest thing when advertising at all is to stop the search? Stop wasting money in other areas as much as possible, so you can get the highest conversion, get the most likely people to come in so like if you are running something that is specifically during a certain time that most people are on then run it just that Time, don’t run, run it during times that people are not seeing it or people should not be seeing it on like middle of an ice.

If you are doing something like you only can’t sleep at night, then why are we running during the day right during the night time now be something interesting too as well, because people will be actively trying to fall asleep, but they’re not fall asleep because they are, you know up at night.

It could be a different way to do it, but look at setting up campaign scheduling. It really helps us out and Bessie, basically minimizing um as much as possible. Wasted clicks number three, and this is something that we’re gonna.

We go over very, very in-depth into the course that I’m coming out. You guys look into in kind of pre-order or pre sign up for that. A little later, but the biggest thing is using generic photos. This is a big thing, and you see a lot of the the better people who are using tableau online are using very unique photos that own their audience on what will be most likely to click on, and it’s, something that you really have To put stuff together for because we put something generic and it’s, you know it’s, not gonna work as well, and this could be something and I’m.

I’m, saying you have to go out and you purchase something or even photography, even shoot, something that is generic. It is more um unique. Um tableau has a huge suite of free um free photos that you can use.

You just need to pick something that your audience will relate to a lot and not something that someone else audience will relate to. So if it is something say you’re doing something on the lines of your China um you’re selling, someone um, you know a hairbrush.

Well, the good thing to do show someone with hair that is, needs to be brushed and something like that or so some more crazy hair and all that stuff like that who were tangled up and happy and stuff like that.

But don’t show a picture that can be use for something else. Someone else to click on it, glass sounds people might be, might really like the first couple on words in your actual headlines and then click on your image based off of what your image looks like so to stuff that actually um were people that okay, yes, I Needed brush, we get that and then go from there.

Let’s. Go head over to the next number four. So this next one ties in exactly with the last one. We actually talked over not having people in your and your photos. People love to engage with other people who especially people who are gauging in photos, so try to put people in your photo where it makes sense as much as possible.

So if it is with a product, a person using your product, maybe not just your product – you’re standing there. It’s, a good way to do something um, you know just to build a better connection with your audience and also to just from my studies.

Um clicks with photos of people get a lot more clicks. Number five. You guys are trying to you. Cars are to word by getting the most amount of people to click you don’t want the most amount of people to click.

You won’t, see bright amount of people to click, so one way to go back. Doing is right here. Obviously, we talked about using your photos to baby see to defer or like deter traffic from people who clicking on it and deter clicks.

We need to make your text as much as possible relate to just that. One special person that you’re trying to advertise to so don’t, make it too broad and so Cave is. If it’s, various hearted, those people will click on it and you will end up spending a lot.

Less money as well in this platform, because, basically you are gonna pay to play on pay per click, um actually model some when you’re going through and using these right here, if you are not making that those that takes very um.

Very very targeted, and instead of that, you’re gonna have problems, and this can be something else. You see a lot of different tableau ads out there worse more to be like like people in in your area, so for maybe people in Texas or people in Grapevine.

Whatever people in Grapevine are using this right here for text link – and this is person for house tax lien or not – how losing this right here to save money on your taxes, that might be something they have.

So this is already saying people in your area. So obviously they’re, identifying people in here. So if you’re, not in that year, you’re gonna just pass by it and also too as well. If you’re going through and then you don’t have a house, then you don ‘

T need to worry about taxes on your houses or, if you already or if you kind of, if you’re in it so basicly. If you’re in grave on in your house in house – and you want to work – and you’re worried about your taxes being high, then you’ll.

Be able to actually use this right here to go for and they’ll click on that they’re more likely to click on, especially if you show a house that generally looks like it is. It is in this area and then that makes a lot easier for people click on those right there.

Now, if you sign up and then they’ll actually purchase your product or go through your lead on particular your course or lead. What if you’re trying to sell number six – and this is one inside of course – that when I’m gonna walk, you are sweaty very again.

That is huge, like I’ve, seen very, very, very few people. Do it right here. This is equivalent on table as if you’re on who, at worse, using negative, x, negative keywords. You need to go ahead and block publishers every week or so or even every day, to be honest, go through all of your publishers and block the ones go to their site and block the ones that are not related to so it’s.

What your advertising to this right here will help the most tremendous amount most to actually getting to an asset converting user. So the person like, if you’re looking at generic sites, such as like I’m, seeing in and different news organizations, then you don’t have to actually go through and narrow down those strikes, but anything else.

That is off-topic if it is a you know something that is off topic and is like a new site that is on topic that goes over one juror, that you are you’re, not trying to reach you don ‘ T worry about that and then just go through and just block that user block, that on publisher and data over and over it’s, the equivalent to negative negative keywords on AdWords, because you cannot go through and do exact are getting yet on tabular.

So you can go where you can go to and choose your publishers, but you can choose who you do not want to publish on and you can go through that list and your your app might have to run on those actual places as well.

But you’ll notice that two as well, that you can go through and just exclude them as close them and go through the list do that every single week and then you’ll. Finally, you realize that a lot of your stuff would be be just running on a couple: different publishers or twenty thirty publishers that actually convert and help you get more traffic.

This will help you more than anything goes and actually show you a little bit more. How to do this in a faster way to do this in the course that’s coming up number seven, so every so now you have people! Everyone has came to the site and people clicked around.

Some people purchase something a lot of people might not have not. What to do. Most people make the mistake by not retargeting, you should put the actual tabular pixel on this site, so you can retarget all those features that engage with your site and basically the audience ‘

S can last for a pretty wild-looking up 280 days on there. As well and you can retarget them over and over to get them to convert – and this is how you get those higher conversion rates, and I should get people to actually come back and actually purchase a lot more of your stuff.

I know a lot of people ask that okay people not buying my stuff or smart people behind yourself, because you’ve. They’ve only seen yourself one time. You need to go ahead and get those seven touch points and get them to convert a lot easier by retargeting.

So make sure you guys to sign up retargeting send up the pixel, which I’ll say is the number one thing that you need to when you first start set up the pixel? So after you’re doing retargeting – and this is number eight right here – so I think doing your retargeting and you got every all this other stuff set up and – and you boarded all those other mistakes – the last mistakes that’s gon Na really hurt your budget the most besides doing the other ones is gonna be testing.

If you do not test as a marketer, you will not perform the best possible you can. Marketing is not some huge, like oh dude right hit like something that people start off with the campaign. Just knowing it is something a campaign is improved over time, and this is not just based off of tableau.

The campaigns. This is based off of any campaigns, because you should learn more about your audience from going through and building the campaigns and and then also to what does not. We should learn more about what does not work as well and what works better by going through and testing a be testing and make sure your AP testing, if you are a be testing, make sure you are testing one thing at a time.

So if you’re testing, the photo just test that photo. If you were testing the text, then just test it just text it just after you, you know, go ahead and test the text, so you’re, not having a huge issue.

Later on it’s like conflicting numbers and so a lot of people who test too many different, totally different ads, and you need to test from everything from your text to your arm. You know to your image to your landing page and that part right there and all sort of sites that is on to as well.

If you’re, not doing these things and you’re testing, all of them different. At the same time, but you don’t actually know what, if you’re doing better, you might have one that performed better this time when performs better this time, but you’re, not actually making the best progress to Figure out exactly what’s, the good format to have those three things work the best, so that’s like the biggest thing I’d, say as on that part – and these are the eight tips guys.

Oh really that you need to avoid on also don’t. Tell you guys that literally marketing on tabouleh can be very inexpensive. It can get. Can get you a lot of conversions? Specifically, you’re, looking for a building an email list or building on some Nishio or brand awareness for your products works very well lead.

Gen works very well on there too, as well, especially from driving and doing a strategy like to call on. Basically just you do content. Then you sell so basic a call. Ocs content then sell, but basically you go through.

You drive them to content, get their email. Then sell to them later through email in that portion, so build up your initial leads and stuff that we also took you also can sell direct to as well. You see companies like DGI and other companies along the line sells directly product.

Later, you see Amazon doing a lot of stuff on there, especially on retargeting, but those work the best when you are actually retargeting the user. When you’re selling products because they’ve already sold engagement, I’m good thing tablet can do, is get people to show engagement to your product and then come back and get you to sell them on.

Actually, what you’re, trying to sell them well, basically after they gave engagement or gave you their email. You know a good place to kind of introduce you to new customers so enough with all that stuff right there once you guys go ahead, download a download below also check out on the other course I’ve created on this course is basically how To build your target audience, if you do not, if you do not have video target audience, not a huge issue, and I mean video target but actually targets your target audience and determine who that target audience is.

If you do not know your target audience, you would not sell anything. So really, you need to know your target audience to go through and do that and don’t waste, a whole bunch of time and effort going through stuff and just get to exactly who your audience is, and I have a simple laid out formula.

It’s, only $ 49, really simple, and you a figure if your target lines that you can use over and over, and also with that too, as well. You get a 30 minute consultation with me and I will actually walk you through how to figure out your card your targets and help you actually build that out and stuff like that.

So, looking to that right there and is on basically of your disseminating no money back, no questions that money back guarantee all that stuff right there, but guys I want to say thank you guys so much.

I know I haven’t posted in a while. I’m, like posting a lot more as well updating, basically a lot of businesses stuff like that. I want to walk bringing stuff into it. I want to start bringing you into more hustle videos, hope you enjoy that, but guys.

Thank you so much for watching. I’m. Xavier Kelly and haven’t already go ahead and subscribe like this actually hit there’s like putting like 15 times. Okay, just hit once, but I hit the like button – share this with someone who actually trying to get into tableau and guys.

Thank you so much for watching. I’m, a saver Kelly subscribe and I see you guys in the next one [ Music ], you

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