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Hey there, the hair and in this video I’m covering nine recurring Commission. Affiliate programs and recurring commissions means that when you make a sale and as long as your referral remains a customer whatever product or service that they bought, you will earn a commission each and every month it’s.

So recurring commissions are awesome when your affiliate marketer, I’m, going to go over nine affiliate programs that I personally like and some of them. I am an affiliate with so before we get started just a quick intro about myself, never been in my You Tube channel before my name is Eartha.

I’m a full time internet marketer, and I invite you to subscribe to my youtube channel. As I create videos on an almost daily basis on the topic of making money online, whether it’s through affiliate marketing drop shipping or whatever else, catches my interest, so let’s, go ahead and dive into these affiliate programs.

Alright. So the first affiliate program that has recurring commissions is Aweber. This is an email marketing software and I actually use Aweber for my own newsletter and I’ve, been using them for years, and I believe a weber has been around since 1998 or 99, but they have been like the industry standard for not being An autoresponder, but they do so much more than that now, but so just to look at the features really quickly what they do, of course, that it’s, an autoresponder service, but they also have a landing page featured.

They have drag and drop, email creation, a large template library and then auto newsletter, which means that you can automate. If you have a blog, you can automate it that every time you post a new post, it will send to your subscribers.

So they have excellent customer service. I’ve, been using them, like I said for years, and to get to the affiliate program, all you have to do is scroll to the bottom and I believe it is. If it’s, not at the bottom here, it may be here we go customer referral program all right, so it’s at the top under menu.

But this is the affiliate program page here and basically the details. Are you get a 30 % recurring commission and payments are sent monthly and so that’s? Basically it for this sign up is easy. It’s, pretty much automatic approval.

I know you do not need to be a customer of Aweber to promote this, but if you are interested in promoting it, these Commission ‘ S can definitely add up and again you will. As long as your referrals remain a customer, you will get a percentage each and every month from their account from whatever they pay, whatever price they signed up with all right, let’s.

Go into the next one, all right. The next affiliate program with recurring commissions, is Sam cart and Sam cart is a shopping, cart software but, unlike other shopping cart, software like Shopify or even sales, funnel software, like click funnels.

Sam cart, is a one page sales page with the checkout form. On the same page, and if you click on the features tab – and it will go over everything that it can do, I think it’s really awesome. I’m, actually an affiliate of Sam cart, myself and I have made commissions and it is recurring commissions, so it’s, something I’m, considering really kind of promoting full force.

But if you are interested, the affiliate program link is at the bottom of the page. If you click on it, it will take you directly to a form. I filled out this form when I applied, and it got back to me probably a couple days later and had approved my account.

If you want to learn more about the affiliate program itself, they have a page here which I’ll have linked from my blog and it goes over what you can expect so, like I said it’s, recurring commissions, which is awesome And it’s, a 40 % Commission rate up to 40 %, Commission rate and so far so good.

They paid the paypal and they pay on time, which is nice. So yes, some card is awesome software and I think that lots of people can definitely use it in terms of selling a product or service or even even drop shipping.

Some people may use it for one product drop shipping, so yeah. Some cars awesome definitely check it out alright, so the next affiliate program with recurring commissions is wealthy affiliate. If you’ve watched any of my videos before you know that I am a big fan of wealthy affiliate.

I’m still part of wealthy affiliate today and what it is is an online affiliate marketing training program as well as a very large community. So this is where I got my start: learning affiliate marketing it’s.

Why? I recommend it so much and I will be talking about it a little bit more towards it in this video, but they do have a very, very awesome affiliate program to get to it. You just click on affiliate program at the bottom of the page, and I detail more about it.

On my actual blog post, which I’ll have link below this video, but, to sum it up, you do earn commissions on monthly subscriptions as well as yearly subscriptions. You do not have to be a member of wealthy affiliate to promote it, but I do recommend doing so because you get lots of benefit in terms of training, but you also get your Commission’s or more when you are an actual member, but They are another one that pays on time.

They pay on the first of every month without fail, they’ve, never been late with affiliate payments and they just have an excellent affiliate program and I enjoy it very much. But oh justice service itself is way it’s.

Just awesome, I wouldn’t even be where I am today. If it wasn’t for this training, so yeah what the affiliates awesome and a great affiliate program to boot. Okay, the next affiliate program – you may have even heard of this one – it’s called click funnels.

This is software that helps anyone to create multi, step sales funnels to sell their products or services. A lot of internet marketers use clickfunnels for their own online businesses and it’s. Just an awesome software.

I’ve used it before. I think it’s really easy to use and they do an excellent job with documentation. As well as marketing their own services, so if you want to get to the affiliate program, just scroll to the bottom of the page and right here has links of affiliates, you click on that and it will go into a bit more detail about the affiliate program.

It does offer a 40 percent monthly recurring commission, which is great so, and it’s. A another reason. Why so many you may have seen a lot of affiliate, marketers or internet marketers, promoting click funnels themselves, because they have such a large audience and followers that it’s, beneficial to them to actually promote it, because then they get a recurring income from All of the people that sign up to use the software so just keep that in mind – click funnels 40 % recurring.

Commission all right. This next affiliate program is SEM rush. This is an all-in-one marketing toolkit for digital marketing professionals, and so you may see a lot of internet marketers or affiliate marketers actually promoting this as well, because they actually use this in their own business.

And what you can do with SEM rush is that you can get deeper insight into keyword research as well as competition analytics. So you can look up your competitors and see what keywords they’re targeting, as well as getting some data on their paid advertising, and so much more.

So SEM rush is a valuable tool for many internet marketers and digital marketers to get to affiliate program. The link is at the bottom of the page. You just click on that and then you can learn more about it.

This one is a 40 percent recurring commission, which is awesome and joining is simple. I believe that they actually approved fairly quickly. They have a 10 cookie life, which is the longest cookie life that I’ve ever come across.

They paid out twice a month as long as you meet the minimum threshold. They pay through PayPal or wire transfer, and it just seems to be a really awesome affiliate program. If you use SEM rush yourself even better, because then you can create tons of video, tutorials or blog reviews or whatever you want to do, to help promote it, but 40 % recurring is great.

That’s SEM rush. Okay, the next affiliate program is thrive themes. This is software, basically WordPress themes and plugins that help your website to convert more of your visitors into subscribers customers and clients, and so thus the themes and the plugins help people to create landing pages on your WordPress website.

To create opt-in forms and just help with overall improvement of conversions on a WordPress website. Lots of people use thrive, themes and love it to get to the affiliate program. You just want to scroll to the bottom of the page and click on affiliates there in the footer and get more details about the affiliate program.

What’s nice about this? One is a 35 % Commission per purchase, plus a 25 % recurring commission, but that recurring Commission is on a yearly renewal so that’s pointed out right here. We also pay commission Commission’s on yearly renewal.

That’s. The recurring commission that they’re referring to, but this will convert really well because it’s. Just awesome software for WordPress, so that’s, thrive themes! If you want to check that out this next affiliate program is teachable and teachable is a software, so online software that helps anyone to create online courses.

So if you have some a course that you want to put together and sell, this is kind of like the one-stop shop to be able to do that. Selling courses is very big. Today, lots of people are creating their own online courses, marketing them and selling them and teachable as a platform that helps people to put it all in one place, including you know, check out forms and everything like that.

So, to get to the affiliate program, you want to scroll to the bottom and click on become an affiliate. I think this is another one that will have great conversions, as if you market it to the right audience.

What they offer is 30 % Commission’s. Let’s, click off that they have a 30 % commission right here and best of all it is recurring. So it says our customers pay us every month, which means we pay you every month that’s awesome.

So again, you do not have to be a user of this service to apply as an affiliate. You just click on the signup button and fill out the form wait for approval and you should be all set so that’s, teachable all right moving right along here.

The next affiliate program is to buddy, and if you have a youtube channel and are trying to grow it, you’ll likely come across people recommending to buddy. It is a free browser, chrome browser extension that integrates directly with YouTube to help.

You run your channel with ease, so you can do a ton of things like book editing. They help you with SEO and lots of youtubers actually credit to buddy for the accelerating accelerated growth of their YouTube channel.

So it’s recommended by lots of youtubers, so it is a free to use. But if you want to take advantage of all of their features, then you can upgrade. The affiliate link is at the bottom of the page. You just click on affiliates and they offer up to 50 % recurring commissions, which is great, and this is definitely something that if someone is trying to grow their YouTube channel, it is an easy sell.

Believe me, so two buddy is a great product and a an awesome affiliate program, all right last but not least, is get psychic trol and what gets eye control is is pretty much it’s like having the ability have pop-up forms on your website And collect your visitors contact information, so it says, use custom forms and pop-ups to connect with the audience generate, leads prevent abandonment and grow.

Your ROI and I’ve used, gets cyclotron in the past and I loved it. It actually did increase my convert. Conversions in terms of people subscribing to my email list, you don’t need any technical knowledge.

You just plug in a little JavaScript on your website and you can control and customize your forms within they gets like control admin areas. So if you get to the affiliate program, you just want to scroll to the bottom.

The affiliate program link is the first link there and what’s nice about this one is that they have a 30 percent recurring Commission. But one thing that I do want to point out is that you get those referring commissions within one year after your referrals year is up then then those crime, sorry, those recurring commissions – are up as well so says, earn 30 % of every payment.

The people you refer to get psychotropic within one year, so just keep that in mind, but the more people you refer. It’s, pretty much like having recurring commissions for as long as you want pretty much as long as you’re constantly referring new people, so that is get site control.

I think that if this would be, this will have great conversions as well. Is this an easy way to add those opt-in forms to any website it? Doesn’t just have to be a WordPress website. It works on any website which is awesome.

Okay, so I really hope you enjoy those nine recurring Commission, affiliate programs that you can consider what I want to close up this video with now is what you see right here. You see that W a logo, the plus sign and me or what I’m, offering is, as I said I mentioned earlier about wealthy affiliate – is where I got my training on how to create niche websites and create a consistent income online through affiliate Marketing, so what I’m, offering is for you to test out wealthy affiliate yourself.

You get the tip first, ten lessons for free there’s, no credit card necessary to do it and what you’re going to get is the training and tools community, support and one-on-one help from me. If you use the referral link below this video, that will take you to the wealthy affiliate homepage and you ‘

Ll see a picture of myself and a little message from me, and that means you use my referral link and that gives me the opportunity to serve as a mentor to you if that’s, what you are seeking, because what the affiliate self is A large community of people supporting one another, but I would love to serve as someone that offers you one-on-one help as well, and so, if you click below you can get started for free.

Using my referral link, I would deeply appreciate it and I would love to help you on your journey of creating a consistent income online. So that being said, thank you so much for watching this video.

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