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Welcome to info links info links offers a proprietary, pixel free, real-time intent, targeting platform for real-time intent. Triggers are running concurrently with all units ensuring we connect with users in the active research.

At the moment, we expose them to a message in full, desktop a user enters a relevant keyword or keyword phrase into any search engine. In this case, they ignore paid, search and jump to an organic listing when that organic listing takes them to an info links.

Direct partner site in real time, a dynamic unit rises up based on the inbound search. The same premise works really well with enfold mobile on the mobile web side, a relevant search for a keyword or phrase.

A user arrives at an info links, direct partner site and a relevant ad is served based on that inbound search in content. Desktop is our most native unit slots in dynamically in real time, between two pieces of relevant content again based on the inbound search and the content of the page.

The same premise works really well on the mobile web side within content mobile, a nice clean, high-impact, creative canvas between two paragraphs in frame dynamically slots and goalpost units when there is unused whitespace on the borders of the browser always relevant to the content between the goal Posts in context is our most contextual unit.

Turning in real-time chosen relevant keywords into a highlighted link that the user can and must choose to interact with with their cursor ensuring their interests in screen mocked up here for mobile, but also available for desktop, is a full-screen interstitial, a high-impact creative canvas based on the Content before and after the interstitial, the infolinks video product suite features several units.

The first in article is an expandable scroll over native video viewer always relevant to the article itself. And finally, the last unit is enfold video, a dynamic slider again based on the inbound search and the context of the page with a widescreen video viewer all with the info links real time intent targeting platform, you

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