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Okay, the first affiliate program is called musician’s friend. This company is a large online music store that sells instruments such as guitars basses drums keyboards. They also sell, recording equipment, microphones, mixers and more.

The affiliate program is managed through commission junction and offers a four percent commission rate. So when you’re ready to sign up you, just click on the sign up button here takes you to commission junction and you’re all set, so that is musician’s friend next we have guitar center and you May already be familiar with this company, they are one of the leading musical instrument, retailers in the us.

You can buy all types of instruments from guitars to trumpets and they have and their affiliate programs also managed through commission junction. They offer a six percent commission rate and a 14-day cookie length.

You just hit the supply now button and sign up through cj affiliate, and that is guitar center. Next up we have, and this company sells guitars bases, drums, keyboards, recording equipment, microphones and other music related items.

They also offer a lowest price guarantee, meaning if you find the same item for a lower price elsewhere, you have up to 45 days to let them know and they will refund you the difference. The affiliate program is also managed by commission junction and offers a six percent six percent commission rate.

There is no uh details on this page about the cookie length, but it’s, probably reasonable in terms of how long they offer so that is Next up, we have virtual sheet music and this website specializes in digital sheet music, for a variety of different instruments.

You can search for sheet music by genre instrument, artist, composer and the affiliate program offers a 30 commission on all of their products and it seems to be managed in-house. So when you click that sign up button, it takes you to this form that you can fill out very simple.

That is virtual sheet music. The next affiliate program we have is audio theme, this company specializes in creating and supporting professional world-class wordpress themes for bands and musicians. All of their music themes undergo a rigorous amount of developing testing and reviews by industry.

Experts and customers can buy a yearly pass for 129. The affiliate program appears to be managed in-house and they offer a 20 commission rate, but it can go up to 35 and they do pay out monthly via paypal.

So that is audio theme. Next up, we have music store. Usa. This company sells musical instruments sheet, music, music production equipment stage equipment and software downloads. The affiliate program is managed through goaf pro and offers a six percent commission rate, so that is music store.

Usa and reverb is the next affiliate program. This company was started in 2013 and is the largest online marketplace dedicated to buying and selling new used and vintage musical instruments. The reverb affiliate program has some different commission rates here.

The first one is: they offer one percent on every purchase that is made on the website. They also offer a 10 percent commission on every digital purchase, and then they have a five dollar per new buyer or seller that you refer and they have a seven day.

Cookie length, so that is reverb and the last affiliate program covered here today is called piano for all. This is a step-by-step piano course delivered via 200 video lessons. The videos can be viewed on any device with offline access as well, and all future updates are free for life.

The affiliate program offers a 60 commission rate and is managed through clickbank, so that is piano for all all right. So let’s. Talk about how you can start earning a consistent income online, promoting these affiliate programs or any affiliate program for that matter, and the way to do that well, at least what i recommend doing is creating a niche blog and a niche blog is just a blog that Focuses on one topic in this case it will be the musician niche or the music niche, so you can focus on a specific instrument.

If you like singing, you can create a blog about singing recording if you like to do actual recording you understand the equipment uh. Even creating music, it’s, just so many ways that you can go with this niche, and all of these affiliate programs mentioned here, would be a great fit for any type of niche blog within the music niche.

Now, the way that i got started a little over four years ago was, i found this online training program that you see on the screen and it’s called wealthy affiliate, and this is a training program that teaches you how to create a niche Blog and earn income by promoting affiliate products, and so what you see on the screen is the sign up form and i signed up here for a little four years ago with just my email address, and i took the first 10 lessons for free and these 10 Lessons are what you see right here now within these 10 lessons.

It will take you step by step into creating your own successful niche blog. You’ll, learn the ins and outs of affiliate marketing some ways and strategies to boost your conversions. How to write content that will you know, get that targeted uh traffic to your website and a whole lot more, and i am still a member of wealthy affiliate.

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