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Some of the spy tools I have are like the Netflix for marketers. Okay, so you know, leave me a comment below if you like that Netflix for marketers, so I’m gonna show you some Netflix for marketers tools today and let’s, go ahead and jump into it.

Now I put together a blog post on my blog, you’ll, see I’m still in the WordPress here, but I haven’t published this yet, but I’m gonna publish it by the time. I drop this video and you’ll, be able to go in access it.

I’ll, put a link to this video below or put a link to this blog post below this video as well and alright. So let’s get into it. So basically you know I’m talking about a mostly Facebook here, because Facebook’s.

Obviously one of the best traffic sources out there and if you get good at Facebook, you can pretty much take your knowledge over other traffic sources and be successful as well. So I like to spy on Facebook that’s, pretty much where the best marketers are hanging out and running ads.

So I got a little funny gift here and all right. So let’s, get into the tools and go ahead and feel free to read this blog post. I talk about a lot of stuff when it comes to spying and whatnot, but the first one here I mentioned was the info and ads tool on Facebook.

I mean everybody knows that it’s now called the you know, Facebook library, but it’s. It’s, the same thing as the in phone ads and you can see people’s ads there once you find the fan page, but let’s.

Look at some other sites here that I found very useful. The first one I want to show you guys is swiped out CEO. Now I’m, not an affiliate with these guys, but this site swiped out CEO right here, swipe dot.

Ceo is pretty goo there’s. A lot of like you know, niches and stuff, you can look at it here. You can look at different. You know Abbott Orioles. You can look at a Bob pages, affiliate emails. This is a good place to go and get some ideas.

Okay, if you’re, trying to write some copy and you might have like what uh some people called writer’s block and you can’t really think of what to write, go to swipe dot, Co and start looking At some of these uh, you know swipes, okay, these are just swipes from different ads and whatnot.

These are good for headlines. I mean they got some really good stuff in here this uh, this rolls-royce stuff, I believe, was written by Olga V David. All of these so yeah David Ogilvy – I can remember reading some of these already, but he doesn’t want to branded this whole Rolls Royce.

You know movement back in the day, so you know I highly recommend going in here and just reading. Some of this stuff and getting good one of the suggestions I have for write and copy by the way – and I’m gonna start doing this myself, because I’ve, never really done.

This is actually writing out handwriting out, like good letters by like good copywriters like Gary Halbert is one and there’s, a company out there called copy our comm, I’m, not an affiliate with them or anything, but I’m thinking about signing up for them.

It’s like an 8-week copy course, and they spend an hour a day, writing copy and I think it’s. Gon na really help me improve my copywriting skills, not that I’m. I consider myself a bad copywriter. I just don’t have enough skills in terms of, like my experience of writing, really good copy.

Okay, so I think you know I’m just like an anything there’s, a there’s, another level up, okay and I’m sure. Once I get even better at writing copy there’s, another level above that, so you know it’s, always always room for improvement.

You’re, never gonna be the best at anything for your whole life. You just got to get better and better, as life goes on alright, so that’s. Why Co that’s? Why I’m number one here. My number two. This is ad expressos ad examples.

This is pretty good too. If you go to ad expresso, calm and just click over here under the Academy and under Facebook ads examples, I also have a link to it in the blog post as well, and basically you got the beginner’s guide to Facebook.

Ads do’s and don’ts, and then they got a bunch of samples here. Okay, you go down here. You can look at lead at examples, offer at examples, messenger ad examples. This is a great place to get some ideas.

Okay, another another solid place to start. If you’re trying to write an ad to get stuck all right, let’s. Go here to the next one. This is ad spy. I actually use this tool on a very regular basis. This is a paid tool by the way and I am an affiliate for a bad spy, so I do have an affiliate link below if you’d like to purchase this tool and you buy through my link, it does help support the channel.

So I would appreciate that full disclaimer this is pretty a pretty good software. They pull in. So you know you could look up different verticals. You can search by different words and you can see a lot of the hot facebook ads that are coming out right now.

You know go ahead and read this through this click on the link below check this out. I want to say it’s around 50 bucks a month yeah. No! It’s, ninety-nine a month about the $ 99 a month for one month and one forty nine months, so it’s pretty expensive, but you’re, getting the latest and greatest ads here.

So this is a pretty you know it’s, a higher dollar tool, but probably a higher value tool as well. Okay, so ad spy recommend, I do use that one on a regular basis. Next is big spy. Now this is a free tool.

So obviously I’m, not an affiliate for them, because there’s, no money to be made. But this is another tool similar to ads5. So if you can’t quite afford, maybe ad spy start out with big spy and it’s, just big spy calm and use this one to find different Facebook ads and whatnot.

I’m sure this is gonna. Eventually be a paid tool, but for now it’s free, so go ahead and use big spy for free and check that out. If you can’t afford ads by, I would say, use big spot go that route. Let’s.

Take a look at number whatever this one. Is this the fifth choice here now this I’m gonna get into a little bit of econ spying, and these are just the tools that I use. Okay, there’s, all the ones out there and I’ve even done videos on other tools out there.

So I just you know I made this list kind of like more like the highest dollar. One on this list is that ad spy, but these next two are good econ tools, but they’re, not that expensive, okay, econ hunt is the one I recommend I use this one on a regular basis.

This one cost twenty-five dollars a month and I don’t know if it’s, the same price as when I got in, but I know I paid twenty bucks a month for it and it’s, pretty good. They actually have a pretty nice blog here and they do some good blog posts which I enjoy reading and they also have some good good.

You know good products on here and you can, you know, go in and look at the analytics profit, the Facebook Ads. All that stuff is here: okay, so for 20 bucks a month. This is you know one of those Netflix of marketing tools.

Okay and I haven’t affiliate for these guys. I do have out a friendly link below if you do sign up. I do make a little bit of money that supports the channel, so full disclosure on that and but it’s good.

I mean this heated vest thing. People been talking about that on on YouTube. I’ve. Seen a number of people bring that one up. Let me see if there’s anything else here I’ve, seen that’s, gotten real popular in the last week, or so none of the a lot of gifts here, like this dinosaur that’s gon Na be a kid’s toy for Christmas.

This is probably more like a kid’s toy this microphone here you know some of the other stuff is obviously Christmas related. So you know if you’re gonna jump on this stuff. You’re gonna need to do it in the next couple weeks, especially for dropshipping, because the last thing you want to do is start selling this and have a scale it up like a week before Christmas, and none of the people get their Christmas gifts in time you’re gonna be dealing with a customer service nightmare, so I would maybe suggest, if you’re gonna use a tool like EECOM hunt to find the stuff that’s more evergreen.

That’s, not just gonna sell in the Christmas months, and you can still you know, run it in January February March and you know build up your pixel and whatnot and scale it up. Then keep in mind. The Chinese New Year happens around the end of January, and that is another bad time you don’t want to get involved with shipping from China when they’re off for, like in some cases almost a month.

Okay, so keep that in mind I got burned by that last year and I will not get burned by it again. I’ll, just cut off the ads. I’m, not gon. Na deal with the customer service, like we’re that created ever again, the only way I’ll do shipping over that time and drop shipping, and if I buy the product in bulk, I get it over here to the States or I have a reliable third party that’s, got it in warehouse.

It’s not going to take two weeks off. They’ll, take maybe a few days off and still ship. My stuff out. I can deal with that, but anything over a couple weeks. Delay in China is gonna cause. You a serious headache and the customer service side I’ve dealt with that last year, will not deal it again.

Alright, the final one here that I wanted to talk about now this one’s, a really cool tool and actually my most popular video on my channel right now is this drop point video, so I wanted to do another video.

You know kind of shoot another video for those of you that probably aren’t searching for this tool, because maybe you forgot about it or didn’t hear about it, but this tool is really cool. It’s called drop point and I used to be $ 3 a month now up to five dollars a month and I went ahead and I they basically cancel my script subscription and I had to renew it and five dollars a month.

So I’m, paying fine on them. This is, they do have an affiliate program here. So I will put a link for this one below as well, and this one is a very useful tool. Okay, it’s, got a ton of good videos and products.

Facebook, EECOM ty products, this one’s. Definitely the Netflix of marketers I like to beef it ironically, as I’m, saying that here’s, the Netflix ad that came up it’s really funny. Actually, that is so funny did not plan that at all.

So this was actually a really good tool to go. Find I mean even like stuff, like click funnels is popping up in here. You can find affiliate offers in here. You can find you know econ products in here, but there’s, a ton of good stuff for 5 bucks a month.

This is a no-brainer tool. Okay worst case scenario: you stumble upon a video and you get some creative ideas or you look at the copy on some of these videos and you start getting some ideas that that way for 5 bucks a month, it’s, a good price of A Starbucks even less than the price and Starbucks by me anyway, and you got you got the opportunity to go in, and you know see all these like hot ads now I know these ads are hot, because I have a couple of female profiles that I fired.

The purchased pixel in so I go online at like you know one to four in the morning Pacific Standard Time and that’s when all the new you know the ads come start rolling into those feeds and they’re. Women’s profiles, so I start seeing the ads like the hottest ones that are coming in the most often okay and I start noticing the ones that are the the hottest products and they’re going the most viral.

And then I go over here to drop point and I happen to notice that most of these products are in drop point okay, so this tool for five bucks a month it’s, finding the most popular and lucrative products on the that are running Into the end of the reel fees on Facebook – okay, so I know this tool is: the judge is based on the products I’ve been seeing on the feeds, and then in here, so I’ve proven this tool over and over Again is a useful tool for five bucks a month it’s, a no-brainer.

I highly recommend you click on the link below and get this tool for five bucks a month, and you know we’ll go from there, so that that is the the spa tools that I recommend using right. Now again, there’s.

Other ones out there there’s, a ton of spy tools. You know there’s, always at all verbage that you know you know the gold-diggers didn’t get rich. It’s, the guys who made the tools that are getting rich.

So you know, although most of these are free, except for ad spy and an econ hunt and drop point, but he come on drop point or inexpensive and AD spies a little bit. Pricier but again, if you’re, an experienced marketer like me, and you’re doing a lot of campaigns.

I recommend ads by. If not any of these other ones are fine, the free ones will work just fine and maybe the drop point at five bucks a month that’s. All you need that’s. Really really all you need okay, so you know.

Basically, I talk here the rest of the blogpost about reverse engineering, and you know going through the people’s funnels and seeing what they’re doing, and you know I don’t – recommend copying people.

I just recommend going out and getting ideas with these tools and modeling them. Okay, so hopefully you got some value out of they. You could leave me a comment below and let me know which tool you think is the most useful out of this list.

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