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In this sponsor tutorial, we’re, going to check out the fs poster plugin. This plugin allows you to automate the social sharing of content on your website. You can even use this to share to your clients accounts.

So if you have a bunch of clients that want to post to their various social networks, you can automate that as well and provide that as a service to them. You can post to an unlimited number of accounts under the 13 different social networks that you’re, going to see in this video.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them down below this video. I try to answer them the best. I can my name is bjorn all past wp learning lab where we help you get better wordpress, so you can earn more for yourself for your customers and for your business.

If you’ve, not done so yet make sure you click subscribe and ring the bell, and, as with all my sponsored videos, i’m going to walk you through how this works. So you can make a better buying decision and see if this fits into your business.

So let ‘ S get started right now. First thing we want to do is install the plugin, so let’s, go to plugins and then add new and upload plugin choose file and we’re, going to choose the plugin file that we downloaded from code canyon.

This one right here, fs poster yours, might have something else at the end, this is the one that i have depending when you watch this video. The file name might change click on activate plugin and then we click on fs poster in the bottom corner.

Here we are taken to a place where we enter our purchase, key and purchase information. So i’m. Going to add my data in here and the email address would be the email address that you used to buy the product from codecanyon from here.

Choose an option: choose an option that’s; accurate because that helps the developer figure out. What part of the marketing works and what doesn’t. I’m, going to choose repeat customer from mine and then click on activate, and then we end up on the dashboard where it shows a summary of our activity.

We just installed the plugin, so there’s, nothing here, but when there is data here we’ll, see how many times posts have been shared. How many clicks we received the total number of accounts? We’ve, linked to as in social accounts, that we own that we’re, sharing to how many we have of those how many clicks from scheduled posts.

And then we have some graphs that would be down here: comparisons by network comparing them or clicks for each social network. Compare the number clicks for each account stuff like that. So the first thing we want to do before we can get started is add our social accounts.

I recommend you start in the apps tab. This is where you manage the connection to social networks. Fs poster has a standard connection, a standard connection method. For each of these that you see listed here, you can use their method or create your own.

For example, if you go to facebook click on there – and we see here the fs poster standard app and the api id or the app id and the app key, this is created by social poster for you to use right out of the box, but everybody else Who uses social poster is also using this, so you may not want to use this, but you can twitter.

Has the fs poster standard set up linkedin? Has it all these numbers that are won? They all have it pinterest does not. You have to create your own for pinterest. If you want to create your own, you click into the one you want to create.

So if you want to create one for pinterest, you click on add an app, and you’d. Fill out this form. You add the app id and the app secret key, and then that will create the app connection for pinterest.

For each of these social networks, it’ll, be different, creating the the actual apps for it. But if you were to google, for example, pinterest api app and then go to the pinterest api, it’s, probably a good one or api pinterest, and here it ‘

Ll, explain how to create the app for pinterest. If you do a similar search for any one of these services, you’ll, be able to see how you can create an app for them. In this video we’re, not going to create the actual apps.

I’m. Just going to show you how to use fs poster, because we already have the standard apps from fs poster for a lot of these once you have apps added, we go to accounts, and this is where we add actual facebook accounts.

So in the apps tab we’re connecting to the social network as a whole on the accounts tab we’re connecting to our specific account or specific pages on the social network. So we’ll. Add our specific facebook pages on this page right here, and this is not shared by others so on the apps tab that connection that fs poster has auto filled, that is shared among fs poster accounts that use that connection.

The accounts we create here, those are just for us – those aren’t shared with other accounts. Nobody else knows about them. It’s, just you in this site and any other admin to have access to the site will be able to see the account connections that are made here so to add an account pick.

Any social network click on add account or add an account. You can choose the app method or the cookie method. I’m, going to choose the app method. In this case, you can use the proxy if you want, which means you post some different ips, and that means that facebook won ‘

T see you as posting too much, even if you do post too much, you can set fs poster app to post your blog posts and whatever post you create in the scheduler every minute to 15 different facebook accounts.

Facebook would shut that down really quickly. If that was all coming from the same ip, so if you’re doing mass posting, you definitely want to look into using a proxy, because then it looks like it’s coming from different places.

It doesn’t. Look like it’s just coming from one website, so proxies are definitely key. If you’re doing a lot of posting, if you are posting one or two blog posts a week or even one a day and then posting that to all your social networks, that’s, not a big deal.

I’m talking about mass posting like multiple times an hour to a bunch of different accounts on the same network. Then you want to use proxies. So i’m, going to turn this one off. If you have created other apps on the apps tab, you can choose the app right here.

This one is specific for facebook because we’re, adding a facebook account. So if you were to add other facebook apps on the apps tab, they’d, be listed here as well click on add, then we’ll log into our facebook.

Account continue as bjorn click. Ok, all the routine facebook authorizations and our account has been successfully added. Let’s close that now we see all of our accounts listed here. These are all the accounts connected to my facebook page or my.

My facebook account sorry and it’s. Not just pages are listed here. Even groups wplearnlab. The group is listed right here and if you haven’t joined the facebook group yet make sure you do there’s. A link in the description down below to go check it out and we’re.

Just in there talking shop about wordpress, helping each other with wordpress problems, it’s. A great little community make sure you come and check it out. So we can post to a group by clicking this little checkbox and then click on activate.

I don’t want to post to the group. So i’m going to deactivate. You can also activate based on a condition, and here we can choose which category, which custom post type, which page type, which media type we want to post or want to share to this social network.

And when you click on them it adds them in here we can add another one. Let’s, add string instruments. So we have these two categories that we’re posting from this is a woocommerce category right here, and this is a regular blog category and we can choose to share posts from only those categories and those tags or we can choose to not share Posts from those categories and tags, and so you can conditionally share using that option – that is the activate condition i’m going to share to the wp learning lab facebook page.

I’m going to activate that. So we’re sharing everything, and now we have a facebook account connected and the process is really similar for all the rest. Go to twitter add account, select the app. This is the fs poster app.

We didn’t, create our own click, get access, click on authorize, app and boom connection successful. We now have the twitter app. I’m, going to choose activate, and now we have two accounts set up. Facebook and twitter, all the rest, are just as easy and you can have unlimited accounts connected so under twitter.

You can have 300 twitter accounts connected here, not that you want to. I’m, just saying it’s possible facebook same thing. You have 300 different facebook pages or facebook groups or whatever it is. You can connect, lots and lots.

So now that we’re connected, we can actually share, and there’s, a bunch of different ways that we can share. Probably the most common one is going to be the schedule, because we want to share things on social media at a regular interval, because social media is like drinking from a fire hose.

If you don’t post at least every day, your posts are so far down your audience’s, news feed they’re, not going to see them so scheduling posts is, in my opinion, always the best way to go. We can create a schedule by clicking on this plus schedule button and let’s.

Just call this post sharing schedule start time. We’ll, leave it as today and at the current time – and i want to post, let’s – see every hour, because that’s, a good time interval. You can also post every minute you can post every one minute.

You can also post every day up to 50 days, and the minutes is also up to 50 minutes and you can post every one through 50 hours and choose once an hour. I’m, not going to set a sleep timer because my audience is worldwide, but if you know that your audience was in a specific location, you can turn this on and just have it post between certain times.

So maybe you want to post just at let’s, see right now to 12 hours from now, so it posts only during this time interval and not at night time. In this case, then we can select how the posts are chosen.

You can choose randomly without duplicates, you can choose randomly old posts, first new posts. First, if you want to have a recurring schedule that goes on forever, you want to choose either randomly or post first new post first because randomly without duplicates eventually, once you get through.

All of them, through all your posts, it’s not going to post anymore, because that would then be a duplicate. So unless you have 10 000 posts, you’re, not going to want to choose this one, because then you’re, limiting the length of your schedule.

So if you want to have the schedule, go on forever choose one of these other options. They’re equally good. I think i probably choose randomly, but the other ones are just as good as well. So i’m, going to choose randomly and here we can choose not to post products that are out of stock.

So if you have woocommerce installed and you’re posting about products, this could be a great option. So you’re, not posting things that currently can’t be bought. I’m, not posting woocommerce, so i’m, going to unselect that and at the very bottom it shows that there are currently three posts.

Matching my filters, and currently i have only three posts on this website, so that is accurate. Let’s, go to filters. The first drop down. We can choose the recency of posts you want to share. If you’re constantly adding new posts to your site, then any of these options would do if you have say 100 posts.

So you’re, not doing any more right now, but you’ll want to republish all of them indefinitely. You’re, going to want to choose all times, but you can also choose just to share posts from this week. The previous week, this month, previous month, this year, last 30 days, the last 60 days and i’ll, publish you just posts that are published in that time frame.

You can choose by post type. I’m going to keep mine as post. If you choose product you’re, probably going to want to choose don’t post products out of stock down here. Just keep that in mind. If you’re choosing the product post type, which is woocommerce products, you can post by category and tag they’re all listed right here we see our product categories string instruments and our post categories.

I’m just going to leave it as all. You can also choose specific ids, no post only posts with those ids under accounts we choose, which accounts to publish to. Currently we have two accounts on our site: twitter and facebook.

You can click the x to remove them. If you remove one click on add, and we can add it back in so let’s choose our facebook page. There we go successfully added to list, and now it’s back on there. You can also filter, so you can see which accounts specifically under which social networks are being posted to, because you might have a big list because, like i said, you can have unlimited accounts on the social networks.

There’s these 13, but it’s. Unlimited there’s, also wordpress, which means you can publish your posts to other wordpress sites in your network. If you wanted to so i’m going to keep it as these two. I’m, going to click on, add schedule, and you know what i missed a tab.

So i’m, going to go back to edit and i’m going to look at custom messages. This is the message that is sent so currently the title of the post is sent. You also have all these variables that you can add and that will add information to your post.

So i’m going to choose title and i think i will choose excerpt. So we’re going to post our title and excerpt. Then i’ll click on save schedule and the featured image should be auto shared you, don’t have to add it.

In there there’s, no option to add featured image. There’s, a featured image. Url, which you see right here, but that is not the actual featured image that’s, the link to the featured image, the featured image should be auto shared.

So now we have our schedule active. We can pause this schedule by clicking on pause. We can start it again by clicking on start. So if you have special promotions throughout the year, you can set up your sharing schedule that you want to run during that part of the year and use pause and unpause when it’s.

The right time we can also direct share direct share, allows us to post something right now. So if we just add an image here, let’s, go and add. Let’s, see this guy writing on a piece of paper that’s great there’s.

Our image and here’s. Our message look at this. Then we choose where to post it to we have twitter and facebook on the right. I’m going to click on share. Now we can also schedule if we want to or save the post.

For later i’m going to click on share. Now, then we’re, going to go to facebook and twitter and see how it looks here we go. We’re posting twitter’s already. Posted facebook is now posted. Let’s, open those two accounts and see how it looks so.

Let’s, go to facebook and here’s. Facebook. One minute ago, even though just a few seconds ago, but there’s, our post, i can click on the image. I should have added a link to it. I did not do that. I like it, though, because i like that on twitter, we have it right here.

I’ll heart that and there’s, our two posts on those social networks. So that is a direct share and the scheduled chair, the post would appear just like this. Only on the schedule that you set and with the content that you create in the custom message, let’s, go to dashboard.

Let’s, see if we have any data now that we shared that now we have two shares this month on two total accounts. I don’t have any clicks because i didn’t, add a link. I should have added a link, my bad, but we have a little bit of data going on here and there’s more ways to share.

If we go to posts, for example, on the right hand, side we have the share icon and the schedule icon. If we click on share, we just pick our social networks choose share in the background. If we want – and then click on share share in the background means that pop-up’s, not going to happen, you can carry on doing whatever you were doing and notice share in the background, and we can also schedule right from here – and this is The same schedule setup that we saw earlier, but it has some autofill information.

It has the specific post that we selected the share on. It has specific filters as in a specific id, because it’s. Just this post, you can choose your social networks and then create a custom message, and then it’ll share just this post on whatever schedule you set.

If we click into edit on any of these posts, we have similar options down here in the fs poster widget share and schedule they work the same way they do in the post list is just that here we have the buttons on the post editor and let’s, go to products under woocommerce, we see our product list and we see our familiar share and schedule buttons.

If we go to edit the product we’ll see them as well here at the very top share and schedule, and that’s. How we can use fs poster to share those all the ways we can share with fs poster and there’s, also more settings.

So if we go into the settings tab, we can set very specifically how we want each function to work there’s. The publish settings in general for everything that’s, published there’s. General settings, which applies to everything as well url settings applies to everything, and then we have specific settings for each social network.

Facebook settings instagram, twitter linkedin, you get the idea, so each social network and the wordpress sites also have their own settings. They can adjust in here, and the last thing is logs. This shows all the activity that fs poster has done and right now we have these two shares and even registers that we got a like on twitter right here.

It’s, not registering the facebook like. Maybe they’ll show up later, but it ‘ Ll show hits as in views, likes comments and shares for each post, which is pretty slick. So if you want to automate your social sharing, i encourage you to check out fs poster on code canyon.

It’s 45 dollars. If you share a lot on social media or if you want to automate your sharing, it’s, a pretty inexpensive price for how much it can automate for you and it’s 5 out of 5 stars. The rating average rating is 4.

96, which is pretty awesome and they keep adding more features. This is something you want to see in any product that you use, because you want to use it long term. You want to have it part of your business and fs poster for the past.

Two years have released 125 versions with 150 new features in the past two years. They just passed their two year anniversary and they keep updating it. They keep working on it, keep making it better, which is something you want to see and a great use case for fs poster.

Is you creating a service where you post for your clients, for example, if you have a client that posts to all their social networks, just one account in each one? Let’s, say there’s, 10 of them and they just copy and paste and they go into each one and they post it.

It’s very tedious, and maybe they do it every day or every week, or maybe they like to do it more than they do, because it’s, a pain you can use fs poster sell them a service. Where you say you will do this for them for a certain amount of dollars per month, and you just log in here you go to direct share and you can direct share to their social media accounts.

You can add their social media accounts to fs poster just make sure you select the right ones in your list. Here of all your accounts, we can have multiple different clients listed in here. You can share to their specific accounts, their specific posts and make it really easy for yourself, because you can just mass publish to all of them, or you can even set this up on your clients website, and they can do it, which will save them a whole Lot of time by just creating one post and sharing it to all 10 networks, that’s, a great use case for fs poster.

If you’re, not automating your own websites, it’s, definitely something you can add. As a value add for your paying customers or even have as another service, you provide and get paid for it as another income stream and next up watch this video up here, where i show you why and how to secure wordpress websites.

This is another service. You can provide to clients and generate another revenue

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