Best Affiliate Programs for Beginners 2020 (BESIDES AMAZON) + Quarantine Strategy

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One of the easiest ways to start making money as a new blogger is through affiliate marketing. Today, I’m gonna talk about this process of making money from other people’s, products and services by authentically sharing what you know and love plus a little strategy to get.

You started, let’s, talk about it! What’s up y & # 39? All I’m. Nicky show welcome back to the channel, so today I am super excited to talk to you about affiliate marketing. It is something that I really have been studying, learning and implementing.

In my business that has made a huge effect on the money that I’m, bringing in so today. I want to talk to you about some of the best affiliate marketing platforms for you to start out on and some strategy how to get started right now.

If you haven’t already heard one of the most popular affiliate programs, Amazon Associates recently slashed their Commission rates and people are up in arms about it. Last week we received an email that basically said they were slashing our commissions.

Some things went from as high as 8 percent commission down to as low as 1 % Commission. I am an Amazon associate and I just share my Amazon affiliate links. However, for me, Amazon was not one of my most popular affiliate programs.

So today I want to talk to you about some other options in affiliate marketing that you can get started with and start making some money so that you are not so hung up on the fact that Amazon decided to make a business move for their brand.

Now, if you’re here, and you’re, not really clear on what affiliate marketing is simply put it’s, the process of you recommending someone else’s, products or service and receiving a commission for doing So first let’s.

Talk about the difference between an affiliate Network and an affiliate program. Affiliate networks are basically companies that house of son of affiliate programs, so you have the affiliate network and you have a multiple brands that they oversee the affiliate program.

For an affiliate program is typically ran by by the company itself. Think about, if you’re, trying to tell people about something that you’re actually using in your day-to-day life right. Typically, you are shopping at regular Doug.

Euler stores like Target target has an affiliate program and it is one of the very first ones. I think you should sign up for right now in lieu of the Amazon situation and any other day, because they paid affiliate Commission’s up to 8 %.

I’m gonna keep it real. I shop at Target all the time. My kids clothes come from Target things that I use in my business. I love their stationary target is somewhere that I can refer my people to let’s, jump into some affiliate networks that I’m, a part of, and I’ve had success with, and I think would be great for You to just get started with affiliate marketing.

The first affiliate network we’re going to talk about is a win. A win houses, affiliate programs for companies like Etsy NC is, especially if you are in the home decor space. You know they have amazing handcrafted things over there.

If you’re into journaling, they have sticker stores, I mean Etsy has everything that between Target and Etsy they are two major e-commerce sites that a lot of people shop at that you could be referring.

Your people to I’m, pretty sure you’ve bought something from Target or NC once upon a time, and it’s a great way to get started in your affiliate marketing journey some strategy. Right now we are in a global pandemic and a lot of us are hashtag stay home.

Okay, we’re all home. So right now is an amazing time to be sharing things that you are doing with your family, that you are using in your home, how you’re, keeping busy how you’re, keeping your kids busy.

This is an amazing time. Right now so think about that Target and Etsy affiliate um. All we can do is shop online right now, so these ecommerce stores that you can be referring people to hop on it. The next affiliate marketing platform we’re going to talk about, is commission Junction.

Commission Junction has some really exciting affiliate programs as rail going back to everybody staying home, you can work with companies like overstock and Wayfarer. Those are two listen. Let me keep it real right now.

Let me tell you what I’m doing sitting at home, seeing all the projects that need to happen and ordering everything online. Okay, overstock is like one of my favorite places to get area rugs and bedding for the house.

Wait there has amazing furniture, then are you buying groceries? Are you buying grocery Costco thrive, market, hello, fresh home chef? I mean they have all of those affiliate programs on Commission Junction.

You got a baby, bye-bye baby, you homeschooling your kids, ABC Mouse. Commission Junction has some really exciting companies that they work with sign up for them. Next next one of my favorite affiliate networks, which is share a cell.

What I love about share a cell is, I feel, that they’re, really user friendly. I feel like the platform itself, is easy to use and easy to navigate um compared to some of the other networks. Another thing that I like is that they have something called the power 100 and what that is is basically some of the most popular merchants on their sites, so they’re, basically telling you the merchants that are doing really really well now.

How does that work for somebody that’s new? I could go on that list and see which companies fit into my brand like what makes sense for me now how that’s good for someone that’s new? Is that you can look at that list and see if there are any brands that you are using in your daily life? That is a easy place to start when you’re starting to refer people and recommend things to people that power 100 list is great.

For that. You literally can just look through it see what you have used and what makes sense for your brand and choose from those, because you know that there is success behind those programs. You can easily come here on YouTube search on Google blob.

You know the rands name and blog like one of the things I would do so, for instance, they have the cricket program on share. A cell cricket is absolutely popular, especially if you are da di wire, your girl, that’s, not a DI wire.

I do not have a cricket, I just know that it’s, really really popular with my blogger friends, for instance. If it were me – and I was trying to get on the cricket program, I would probably go into Google insights, something like cricket blog posts or how to use a cricket or making clothes with a cricket whatever go and type and see what type of blog posts Are coming up once you find somebody or youtube video once you find somebody that’s successfully, making content for that affiliate program or for that product? You can kind of study how they’re using it.

What they’re? Doing it, don’t ever copy anybody that’s, not what I’m, saying I’m, saying it inspire and see if you can see a strategy that maybe they’re using or something That they continue to do it may be working for them.

Some other affiliate programs that share a cell runs is erin condren, Spanx, tula, skincare, Sally Beauty, Daka taught I’m talking brands. I’m sure you’ve heard of or that you’re using in your everyday life, so sign up for share self.

As usual, I’ll. Leave all the links down in the description to these affiliate networks, if you want to sign up for them as well as a blog post, why I went in some more detail about these networks and other companies and programs that they have so that you can see If you’re interested in signing up for them now let’s, get into some individual affiliate programs that I absolutely love, and I think you would be successful with as a new blogger, the very first one being Rakatan.

If you’ve been on this channel, you know that I am our Rockets and affiliate myself. I absolutely love them because I believe in the service, if you don’t know what it is. Rakatan is a chrome, a plugin that you can add to your browser and it will give you cash back on the money that you are already spending on online shopping.

Listen all of us are online shopping right now we all are. I mean we’re all online shopping right now. Why not get cashback one of the money you’re spending automatically without having to think about it.

It pops up in the corner of your screen tells you this company has eight percent cashback. I mean it’s, a no-brainer as an affiliate of Rakatan. You share that service with your people and they receive a $ 10 credit on their perk on their first purchase, a $ 10 cashback.

You receive money also for referring them. The next program, I think you should look into – is shopstyle collective. If you are a fashion. Influencer or you wear clothes girl, or you’re out here, showing your work at home wardrobe or your your comfy cozy at home outfit of the day, you should be on SHOP style, collective.

They have partnerships with tons and tons of stores. I’m, pretty sure you have used yourself and that you shopping, you can share it with your people. Shop style, collective next is drove collaborative growth.

Collaborative is a company that sells eco-friendly household essentials for your family um. So if you’re like me, and you use method and Myers and all that good stuff, because you want to protect your family and it’s, something that you use every day.

Sharing your stories yourself. Cleaning up your kitchen and all this good stuff or doing laundry, put a link to your growth collaborative it’s, something that we all are doing talk about it on your blog.

How you want to keep your family safe by not using these toxic chemicals all day every day you know in your home and how you’re, still, switching back and forth, or whatever come up with a way that you can share that authentically with Your audience, if you are here on YouTube and you do clean whitney’s and all that good stuff or any sort of home content.

Even if you don’t do home content and you do occasional vlogs. You can probably insert grow of collaborative in an authentic, not so sleazy way with everything going on right now. I absolutely think that affiliate marketing should be a part of your monetization strategy and if you need more ways to make money from your blog check out this video, I go into detail about the center ways that I actually make money online and how you can implement Them in your blog and your brand as well, if you liked this video like it subscribe, if you haven’t already, and I will see you in the next video bye guys,

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