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Little friends, my name is Brandon and in today’s. Video we’re gonna be working through one of my favorite review, apps, a reviews that’s. What it looks like right there um this app is super cool, primarily just because it’s, a free application, it’s, just like Luke’s, and I’ll, be showing you exactly how we use it For all of our stores, with conversion rate optimization, as well as just building trust with our customers, so go ahead, strap on in to your seat.

There get out that pen and paper. Let’s, take some notes and let’s. Jump on into the video all right, any friends, so we ‘ Ve got this product right here. It’s, recall it! The calorie crunch AB training I’m sure you’ve, seen it before it’s.

This little thing here, the suction cups, to the floor, and you put your feet around it. You do sit-ups, you do push-ups, you do planks, you do crunches! You just do a lot of different stuff with it. You know you can see this lady doing some things going on it’s.

Ladies doing like a modified sort of V up there. You know just a cool product. What we’re gonna use it primarily just as the example today. So let’s, go ahead and go through their steps of downloading a reviews and what it looks like to get everything set up.

So first things first guys go ahead and navigate on over to the app section of your Shopify store. Go ahead. Come up here to visit the Shopify app store, go ahead, select that and then we’re gonna go ahead.

We’re gonna come in here. We’re gonna type in the letter, A reviews blammo. Now it’s. This little whale tail looking thing coming out of the ground by a reviews, app go ahead, select, reviews importer, go ahead, select, add application 100 %.

For you guys, this isn’t a paid endorsement. This is just an application we like to use in place of loops for our clients that don ‘ T really have the budget to be able to spend $ 15 on application right now before they find their first winner.

So when we find them a winner, it’ll, be a little bit easier to get everything put together, but honestly guys this application works. So well there’s, no real reason to use loops or another review app service.

So just go ahead and install application here we’re, just gonna follow these little buttons. We are being welcomed. Now. Welcome. Welcome! Welcome, welcome let’s. Go ahead! Just skip this tour here we’re, really gonna focus on a couple of different things here, so we’re gonna do.

Is we’re gonna come over here to the review section we’re gonna do? Is we’re gonna? Do the CSV importer now this is just like luke’s guys, except for you know they don ‘ T really provide you with the template, but it makes it very easy to import it and honestly, it’s, a little bit easy to go ahead and get it set up.

So I’ll. Tell you what guys, if you want to go ahead and message me on Instagram, you go at Brandon, hey man. Can you send me over the CSV file for day reviews? I will go ahead. Send it to you just hit me with a follow and then send me a DM and then I’ll go ahead and send that on over to you, but without further ado let’s.

Go ahead. Take a look at a couple things here, so I’ve already got my template pulled up here. We have it laid out like this product handle rating author email comment and then created ad, along with the photo URLs, pretty straightforward, guys really easy to get squared away.

What’s, this product handle right here now. This is a very integral part. This is how it’s. Actually gonna be able to understand what the product that you want to have reviewed. Is it’s like? Does it want to do on the calorie crunch AB trainer? Does it want to do it on a foot massager? It is one do on a water bottle.

This is the context that allows that be able to pull from. So we’re gonna do. Is we’re gonna go back to our Shopify store? We’re gonna scroll all the way down on the very bottom. We’re gonna get the last little bit here.

We’re gonna get calorie crunch. We’re gonna go ahead copy that bad boy. We’re gonna head back on over to a review, so we’re gonna go ahead and paste that last URL slug there draw that down perfect. I usually recommend somewhere in the neighborhood of between 5 and 10 reviews.

You know that way: it’s, not too many things, but it’s. Not you know a few enough for people like. Oh only two people have bought this product. We have like a hundred on there. It’s. Gon na take far too long for it to load it’s.

Don’t really worry about that. Next, off five star ratings, don’t do 4.9, no do 4.8. Do 4.7 like this is the important part it’s. Gon na go off of one two, three, four: five: it’s, not gonna, be you know it’s, not gonna do like a fraction or a decimal guys.

So just stick with the good old five here. Unless you wan na break it up and do like a floor for some reason, you know feel free to do that as well author. We just go with the classic first and last initial here that way, you know it’s.

Just super easy. You can use your friends name, you can do a combination, your friends name, you know just don’t make it like. You know. Tony Hawk, you know. Don’t make it something super obvious that’s, not a real crew view.

Lastly, we have their email, which is just their first and last initial at their first last initial comm. This is kind of just like as a placeholder here. This template will be interchangeable with both a reviews as well as Luke’s in case you do want to use them as a service.

Please feel free to do that. No comics! This can be the tricky part. This is all very contextual to the actual product that you’re, going to be running so with that being said, you know with something like this.

We could just go with the good ol. I feel so much more fit. You know just something classic. Like that or as a present – and I am totally in – but you could just you know – go with the classic that you can write out a book for them.

So if you’re struggling with it, you can always select view on here. It’ll open up the actual product here will right. Click on this will open image in a new tab. Then we’re, going to search Google for image.

We’re gonna try to find Amazon sit up bar. We’re gonna try to find one that looks like what we’re looking for here. So this one is pretty similar. Has 64 reviews which is good? Go ahead go to the ratings, so there’s, a variety different things you can do with this.

You can take and find the good ones here. It’s, easy using waylaid, strong suction. On the floor. You can see the video I tried to lift up so Harvey doesn’t come out good for a home workout by the way it works really good on flat surfaces.

Does that work on carpet or rough surfaces easy to set up to you? So if you wanted to use that review, you can come on over here to the section and then go ahead and paste that bad boy right there and then just do the same as you come through here helpful of this product, fish from Annie, no one to Hold my feet at home, fantastic! Thank you! So much as a pinky.

If that’s, how you would pronounce that person’s, name um! You can me just do something else, love it or arrived quickly. If you have good shipping, don’t lie to people, you know that’ll, really piss them off, and then you can honestly just be like.

You know, like five out of five, would 100 percent 10 percent. What 10 percent recommend? What a hundred percent recommend you can even leave that one blank if you’d like to who you are all this is very important.

There’s, a very specific way that you’re gonna be doing this. So here’s. What I’m gonna, have you do so? Let’s. Use this one as an example right here, what you’re gonna do is are gonna right click on it.

You’re gonna copy image address you’re, not gonna do copy image. You know I’ve been do any of that. You have to search google form you’re gonna copy image address. You’re gonna come back over here and you’re gonna paste.

The photo URL right there and then, if you were to click on this, this should blow up the actual image itself, fantastic, that’s. Working great let’s, go to Aliexpress here, let’s, go ahead and find this product listed on there and let’s, go ahead and just use some of the photos from the actual reviews that have already been posted.

If you’re struggling with what they’re called the product here, guys go ahead, and please just you know, type in just some of the general consensus information. Like you know, abs setup, trainer, app suction trainer set up bar set up bar suction, and then you ‘

Ll eventually probably find one with a couple of reviews on here. So what we can do is we’ll scroll down here. Customer reviews we want it with photos, we want to find a good one. This is an okay one.

Copy image address, make sure that you, wouldn’t, be selling a blueberry. No, however, with the actual bands, let’s, go back on over here boom and you know this. One only had a couple of reviews on here’s.

Let’s, go ahead, scroll down and see if we can find some more 2300 sold perfect. This is what we’re. Looking for right here cannot be found. Alright cannot be found. 432. Let’s, see here fantastic. Let’s.

Go ahead, oh and two reviews, not what we’re looking for so sometimes this can actually be the most difficult part about the entire process. Here, 36 reviews here we go photos perfect. Five of them go ahead.

Copy image dress come back over here, let’s, paste our image address. Not there. We’re gonna post right there, scroll down here, perfect, try to break them up a little bit copy image address blammo they all don’t need them, however, though, if you can include them, that is gonna, be the most Ideal scenario – something she will take some weird photos with this, like this ones, on a bed that doesn’t, make any sense.

I don’t know how you’d, be using it on there go back to Amazon here, really quickly. Let’s. Take a look at a couple of others of the reviews on here. See all reviews from the United States let’s, see if they just have sore bye image in reviews.

Only and blammo copy image address, oops copy image address, put that bad boy in there and we’ll. Give these last two blank room, so I can show you what it looks like. So let’s, just reformat this to the left.

I don’t know if that would make a problem. So all right now, that is all squared away. Guys we have this entire sheet filled out to the exact way that we want to go ahead and have it done, let’s. Go ahead.

Come up your to file. We’re gonna go ahead. Download we’re gonna go ahead and do CSV. We have not downloaded the a reviews review section. Let’s. Go back in over here to our a reviews. We’re gonna go ahead, import CSV oops our going to choose file.

Actually, when our downloads, a reviews template we’re gonna import CSV. Now we can click the purple button, alrighty guys so the last little bit that we need to do here once you click that nice little button is we’re gonna go into setting up the make sure that all these columns are correct.

So for the product handle change this to product handle for the rating, this is going to be the actual rating author. We’re gonna make this user name, and then we’re gonna go ahead and make the email the email do to do to do write their comment.

This just be the comment created at this is going to be created at and then photo URL is going to just be photo URL. So this all looks good. We got the handles match it up about the ratings put together.

We’ve got the user name, email comment created at fantastic, let’s, go ahead and import already guys that really just wraps up a reviews, quick little tutorial on how to set it up. Why we like this application is 100 % free.

It shows you the amount of reviews at the very top, as well as at the bottom looks super good on mobile really easy to use an interface with. So, if you like this video, please smash that like button.

If you’re behind in comments, please feel to drop it down below reach out to me on Instagram love, to hear from you guys, please, if you send me a DM and you follow me on Instagram, I’ll. Send you over the template that I have created that way you don’t have to and we’ll catch.

You guys in the next bit. Peace.

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