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WPX participated in 2020 and 2019 in 3 categories, based on monthly hosting price:

[1] under $25 monthly
[2] $25-$50 monthly, and,
[3] $51-$100 monthly

Instead of awarding a single overall winner like Matthew Woodward, Kevin places the highest performing hosts in what he calls the Top Tier rank. These are the best performers based on his various tests.

In 2020, WPX was awarded Top Tier status in all 3 entered categories above – you can click on any of the image links below to read his full findings:

Fastest Responce time you will find

Who Can You Trust For An Unbiased Opinion?

At WPX, we have opted to use live chat as our primary support channel rather than tickets, emails or phone support (which we do not offer) for the following reasons:

– we think that it is a better customer experience for you if a human being responds to your problem in real time rather than sending a ticket or email and waiting/hoping for a reply to a frustrating technical issue

– we have structured our support team so that the agent who answers you is usually – but not always – the one who can resolve the issue, instead of being escalated or transferred across different departments

– by focusing our support resources on live chat, we have been able to AVERAGE around 30 seconds or less response time.

That is probably the fastest in the hosting industry and is independently verified by the 3rd party chat software that we use from Live Chat (formerly Live Chat Inc). 

They are a completely separate company from WPX and here is their automatically updated stats assessment of WPX:

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