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If you get value out of this video, please smash the like button and make sure you subscribe in today’s. Video we’re gonna be breaking down a bunch of different areas. At the top six Shopify print-on-demand companies in the Shopify app store.

We are going to look at product cost. We’re, a look at shipping cost product selection and we’re gonna look at a quality rating based off of reviews in the Shopify app store you ready to dive in. Let’s.

Go alright, as you can see, we are inside my computer and it’s kind of like we’re just hanging out, and you’re here in the office with me, and we’re. Just gonna go to work, so I’m gonna. Take you through some things.

It’s. Gon na be a lot of fun. Let’s dive in the first thing we’re to look at is pricing and what we’re gonna compare is the bell in canvas 3001, the super popular shirt, a ton of e-commerce, print-on-demand sellers use it, and So that’s, what we’re gonna start with pricing is just by comparing the price of this shirt.

So first competitor is printable. Now printful is at 1295 for the bell and cam is 3000 won, and you can see all of the colors that they have here. They have quite a few colors. You can see if you get a heather color it’s.

Gon na go up to 13 55, so we’re gonna, say 1295 25 214 bucks somewhere in there for the three thousand won. Next, we’re gonna look at print to find that print file is a little bit different because print fi uses a bunch of different print for providers.

So that means when your customer makes an order, depending on the products you have in your store, it could come from different places. It’s cool in theory and it works. The problem is you &? # 39 ll pay double shipping cost.

If you have products that are inside of different print on demand providers, so, for example, let’s say you use the bell in canvas. 3000 won with Swift, p OD, and you put this in your store. But then you also want to use mugs and they have a different print provider.

When you have a customer that makes an order if they order a mug and a t-shirt together, they’re gonna get the mug from one place. The t-shirt from another place could be different shipping times and also you’re gonna pay double shipping, so that’s, something to consider it’s, really not a huge deal, but it’s.

Definitely something to consider when you’re picking, print-on-demand provider print fives, really popular and for good reason. They’re, a good print on demand provider. Looking at the belly, cam is three thousand one.

We ‘ Ve got a bunch of different print providers. Some are we ‘ Ve got the united kingdom. We ‘ Ve got one of germany. We ‘ Ve got one in canada. Let’s. Just stick with the u.s.

, so swift, p OD looks like they have a good rating and they’re. I believe they’re, the newest one, to be added to print off ‘ I and they are offering the Belen cams. Three thousand one at 767, really good price, but they only have five colors that they print, which is probably why their pricing is so low.

Now, if we go down to the dream Junction, which i think is either the dream Junction or my locker, probably the dream Junction – it’s, probably the most popular one that I know of there at 8:46, which is still a good price and they’ve got 31 colors and you’ve also got average production time here.

This is something to look at now. You also run when I’m filming this video, where we are kind of coming out of copán 19, but a lot of print on demand providers are still taking its extended time to ship, so that’s.

Something to consider as well, but we’re – not really gonna be covering that in this video. But if you are watching this right now definitely be looking at these links on each brown demand providers website to figure out what they’re shipping time is currently like now, when you see this production time here that’s, not telling You how long until it should, how long to ship it that’s, telling you how long it takes for them to actually print the product and get it out of the warehouse.

So you know something to consider so: Swift, p, OD, great pricing, limited on colors dream, junction, still really good pricing at 8:46 with a lot of colors and then my locker bumps up to eleven. Ninety three, which is more in line with printful, but printful, is still quite a bit more expensive, so prenta phi is gonna win.

So far. Okay, the next one we’re gonna look at is SPO D. Now, as P o DS been around for a while at this point, but still probably a little bit newer out of the ones that we’ve looked at, but looking at the belly in cam is three thousand one.

We’ve got $ 10.63, so they’re kind right in the middle. As far as pricing goes of the three we’ve looked at our next competitor is fuel p, OD, now fuel p OD is pretty interesting. Now they’re, going to be at eight dollars for the bell in canvas three thousand one: eight bucks.

Now, when you’re, looking at you’re, comparing this one, they’re, not really going to show you all the colors that they offer. That kind of thing you’re, not really getting a lot of detail. Now. Fuel has a really cool thing that they offer.

If you’re new, if you’re, just installing prayer on demand or you just never use fuel, if you’re wanting to switch to fuel, then we’ll, give you a 30 day, intro price. So if we look at their intro price, it’s quite a bit lower than the regular pricing.

If we look at the Belling, cam is three thousand one. You can get it for five bucks per shirt for 30 days and then the price is gonna go up to eight dollars now at eight dollars. This is still almost the cheapest that we’ve seen.

I believe this Swift, p OD with print Phi, is going to be a tiny bit cheaper, but when we look at shipping that could change a little bit so fuel and Swift, p OD within print. If I are gonna be the cheapest for this shirt and I believe from personal experience fuel it’s, gonna have quite a few more color options than Swift, p OD, just with the five.

So I think fuel is gonna win on this one, as far as just pricing and selection for the Bella in campus 3001 colors. So far it’s. Gon na be the cheapest okay. Our next competitor is going to be custom cat custom cat has the Belen.

Cam is three thousand one at nine dollars. It looks like they have a decent selection of colors, but not a ton, and I wanted to see if we see any color colors here. We’re, not seeing many Heather colors, so they may not offer it or they may offer it in a different product, but it’s.

Gon na be at nine dollars. Again. We’re kind of splitting right down the middle. Nine is a pretty good price, but they’re gonna be at nine bucks. And lastly, we’re gonna look at t launch t launch, has the bella in canvas at eleven dollars and it looks like they announced the colors that they’re using on their website, but they don’t.

Actually, let you look at the colors, but it looks like they do have a decent selection, but they’re, going to be at eleven dollars, which is going to be one of the higher priced providers still cheaper than printful.

So the overall winner is far pricing is going to be between printe, fie and fuel now and print. If I again, it depends on which printer on-demand provider, you you choose, and we were specifically looking at Swift, p OD, which only offers five colors.

So I think overall, if we’re, just looking at the Belen, cam is 3001 pricing and a decent selection of colors. I would give the nod to fuel here for pricing. Next up, we’re gonna compare the shipping cost, so we’re gonna be looking at two things here.

We’re gonna be looking at the initial shipping of one t-shirt. Then we’re. Also gonna look at the shipping of a second item. So when you start adding items on how does that shipping change? So let’s start with printful.

Now printful here has you at 399 to the US for the first product and additional products are a dollar 25. So if a customer orders multiple products within one order, first, the first products mu 399, the second origin, the second product to me, 125 and 125 for each additional product.

Moving over to print file, we’re, going to look at the top to print on demand providers which is gonna, be swift, p, OD and then the dream junction with p OD to the united states, is going to charge four dollars and 80 Cents plus a dollar eighty for each additional item, so a little bit more than printful but remember the product cost was a lot lower.

Looking at the dream junction, they’re gonna be a little bit lower four dollars and then a dollar. Fifty for each additional item so about on par with printful, but 25 cents more on additional items. Looking at SPO d, they ‘

Ve got an interesting system here, so it looks like they ‘ Ve got standard premium and express shipping, and if we look at standard, we ‘ Ve got 1551. 227 51 is where we’re gonna fall. Where we’re gonna fall for that one t-shirt, so that’s, gonna be 455, so a little bit on the pricier side, and then obviously that goes up as you as you have more pricing.

So in this case, if we just combine the prices of two t-shirts, so let’s, say it’s $ 50. We’re gonna be looking at 780 here, so it’s. Looking like SP OD is gonna be on the pricier side. As far as shipping goes next up, we’re.

Looking at fuel now, fuel is gonna be $ 4 for the first item and they’re gonna charge $ 1 for each additional item. So so far this is gonna be one of the cheapest ones. They do have different pricing for mugs posters, sweaters and hoodies, and that’s.

Gon na be pretty typical with all the parandham and providers, but I think fuels gonna be in the lead. So far next up we’re. Looking at custom cat now custom cats a little confusing, not only do they have a lot of products and we’ll talk about that in a minute they’ve got over five hundred fifty products, but they’re shipping.

Here is pretty complex, so we’re gonna start with light weight now light weight. They have kind of a definition. Here, looks like it’s. Gon na be a t-shirt. I’m sure that this is specified in the app, but that’s, gonna start at $ 4.

99 for economy shipping and that additional t-shirts is gonna be at a dollar fifty. So this is gonna be one of the more expensive ones and then with heavy weight, which is gonna, be like hoodies to be $ 7.

99 at dollar 50 for additional about a dollar 50 is pretty good to add an additional hoodie on, but I think Overall, this is gonna, be one of the higher priced at $ 5 plus 150, just when you were considering t-shirts and finally, we’re.

Looking at tee launched. The tee launch is gonna, be at $ 5 for the first shirt and then additional items are going to be at a dollar 50. So again it’s, gonna be one of the higher ones. So if we did do a quick recap and take a quick look, 399 and a dollar 25 print print, if I about the carriers are gonna be a little bit higher.

I think this one’s. Gon na go to fueled, but not by much really. They’re only at a dollar 25 for each additional item for on printful, so printful and fuel kind of neck and neck. But fuel is gonna. Take this one again: as far as shipping cost goes next up, we’re gonna be looking at product selection.

If I give you a quick tip before I go into this, is, I would highly recommend, starting with the print-on-demand provider, that’s. Gon na give you more product selection, just in case you want to expand in the future.

Now it’s, not a big deal to have to print on demand partners. You could just find the best pricing like take fuel to start with t-shirts and then maybe add printful or one of these other ones later, that’s, not a big deal.

The only problem is you’re gonna pay that double shipping charge. So if you cannot pay double shipping, it’s. Obviously, gonna save you a lot of money and allow you to you know, make more profit. So something to consider you don’t want to be paying.

You know ten dollars in shipping when somebody buys two products together. You want to pay the least amount of shipping possible so that’s, something to really research and consider, as you’re picking it print-on-demand provider.

So let’s start off by looking at printful. Printful is probably the most popular print-on-demand provider in the whole Shopify app store, but the pricing is just really high, but if we look at their product selection, they ‘

Ve got great product selection. If we start off with clothing, you’re gonna see they ‘ Ve got jackets embroidery, they’ve got sweats, they’ve got leggings, I mean there’s. A ton of stuff these are like men’s leggings.

I believe yeah there’s. Our men’s, leggings that’s crazy. If we go to women’s take tops. They’ve got crop tops, which is really unique. That was really popular and you don’t, see that in a lot of places, obviously hoodie sweatshirt.

So then we ‘ Ve got legging skirts shorts swimwear. I mean you name. It they ‘ Ve got a lot of products, kids and youth. Would they also do import embroidered hats and they & # 39? Ve got some really nice hats and accessories.

You know some more off-the-wall stuff flip-flops it’s, a crazy one. They they do have face, masks which right now or is it really hot product phone cases, fanny packs that’s a hot product as well? If you’ve got a home and living they’re gonna have stickers that’s.

Great stickers are always a popular options. You got aprons beach, towels wall, art beanbags. I mean there’s a lot and then, finally, here they have collections, which is, I think, a lot of the stuff that we talked about just kind of grouped into categories.

You know together so that’s, printable huge product selection. Okay, if we move over to print, if I print, if I is gonna – have a fairly comparable selection as we roll through here so sportswear, it looks like we ‘

Ve got some dry fit shirts. We ‘ Ve got a lot of different selection. Here, women’s; clothing. Let’s, see and you want to see if they offer leggings, because that’s, another popular one I don’t, see leggings see they do have swimwear.

It looks like let’s. Look at pants. They do there’s. Some leather leggings right there, so that’s. Good kids clothing, we’ve got accessories, is a big one, got backpack all kinds of stuff here, a bunch of different backpacks tote bags, fanny pack, that’s great! We’ve got phone cases.

I’ve got some underwear, it’s interesting. We’ve got watchbands, so a lot of cool stuff, even a few products that maybe we didn’t see and printful, but I also think it’s by missing a few things from printful.

But for the most part, I think it’s, going to be pretty on par with printful, and the prices are probably gonna, be just a little bit better. Now the big drawback here again, I know I keep mentioning this – is that you’re gonna pay more in shipping with prenta fie, because you’re gonna have to use multiple print providers within print off ‘

I so out of these two i’m, probably gonna give it to printful. But you know you’d, want to do some real price comparison when you’re thinking about you know, if I pay double shipping with print, if I is it still cheaper than printful, and it probably is we’re Thinking to give the nod to printful here on product selection, just for the simple fact that you know they’re, not gonna charge, you double shipping, okay, move it over to SPO D.

If we just kind of give a scroll through here, they do have some interesting items. You know stars of striped shirt, camouflage here, which is really cool and let’s. These are pretty standard. Let’s, actually look and see if they have the leggings.

I don’t think that they do, but let’s. Go ahead and look I’m, not seeing any bottoms or like pants here. Unless I’m missing it, so it looks like they. Don’t have that now, if we go to accessories, it looks like they do.

Have some face masks and it looks like a pretty good price at a pretty good price. They do have some caps here, looks like just one, but they ‘ Ve got some good stuff right. They’ve got us, he new apparel socks, aprons pillows, mugs and drinkware.

It looks like they ‘ Ve got a pretty good product selection, so I would say definitely a good option and may again save you some money over printful and print off ‘ I, but not quite as good a product selection as printful or trying to fly.

I’m still gonna give the nod in overall product selection to print full on this one. Okay, looking at fuel p OD, they’ve kind of been the winner. So far, just talking about pricing and shipping. But if we look at the product selection, they don’t have a lot and if we click over to full product full product selection, which they just give you this kind of spreadsheet, which is kind of old-school, they do have some more stuff.

Here. You know they’ve got a pretty good selection of clothing and they ‘ Ve got mugs. We got one hat, that’s. It looks like it’s embroidery, they’ve, got some phone cases and posters, so it’s, not a bad product selection, but it’s, not anywhere close to the other three that we’Ve seen so fuels kind of disqualify on this one.

Okay. Next, we’re, looking at custom cat now, custom cat has a lot of products and let’s. Take a look through them, real quick. If we look at, we can filter here by a bunch of different things. Again, we won’t wanted to kind of look for pants.

Do they offer like leggings? I’m, seeing a lot of sweat pants to here. Some women’s. Leggings right. There looks like a pretty good price as well. They’ve got a lot of stuff and, as I’m looking through it, they mentioned that they have over 550 products.

Hairbrush no products fan, they say have some stuff listed on here that they don’t actually have, but they have over 550 products they claim, and so honestly, they probably have more products than printful prenta phi any of these places.

But I’m gonna give the nod to printful here, because I feel like custom cat offers a lot of products that just aren’t trendy that you’re, probably not gonna use. Unless you’re in certain niches like printing on this I mean this is a cool shirt, but for put on demand, I mean it’s $ 27.

We can have to charge 60 bucks for it. They just have a lot of weird stuff and, on top of that, their websites kind of dated their apps kind of it’s, just not an easy navigation process, and I just I would definitely give the nod to some of these other companies in This category now they have a lot of products, but quantity, isn’t really the bet.

The best thing like you know I would take quality like great products within like printful over just the kind of random products like a long-sleeve dress, shirt inside of custom cat that you’re, probably not gonna get much used from.

Lastly, we’re, looking at tee launch now, as we’re. Looking through the options for tee launch, they ‘ Ve come a long way. I use tee launch years ago, and they didn’t offer any of this stuff. They really only had t-shirts and a few other products, so they’ve got you know quite a few options.

Here you see a dog bowl that’s, pretty unique fleece blanket they got headphones, which is really unique. A lot of unique products, and so, as I’m looking through your, they definitely have a pretty big selection.

Now, unless there’s, a way to filter here that I didn’t see it’s kind of random. Just looking through here and kind of trying to compare. You know it’s, probably not it’s pronoun as easy to navigate around, as you know, printful, but they looks like they do have a lot of products.

It’s hard to say just by looking. If they’re on par with printful and some of these other print on main providers, but they do have quite a bit of products and it looks like they even have a page to that.

I want to click over to, and I know inside of the app you can. You know, break it down a little bit more, but looking here on the page, it’s, just one big page full of products. I don’t, think they’re gonna have quite the product selection as printful.

It might guess it’s, not quite as much but nonetheless great. I mean great product selection overall, so overall in the product selection category, I’m kind of factoring in the navigation and the quality of the products, and I’m.

Probably gonna give the nod here overall to printful principle. Just has a huge selection and the next category when we talk about quality, I think you’re gonna understand. Why part of the reason why I am picking printful but huge product selection, the biggest drawback, is gonna be pricing on printful, but overall I think they have the best quality products and the and one of the best, if not the biggest selection, to choose from Okay, finally, we’re.

Looking at the reviews in the Shopify apps too, this is gonna give us a better gauge of quality and that kind of thing and you can even go through some of the reviews and read them and see kind of you know what people are actually saying About each print-on-demand company, I think it’s.

Gon na be the best way to gauge what you’re, actually gonna get in hand or what your customer is going to get in hand without actually ordering samples from all of these pranaam and providers. Now that doesn’t ring up a good point, because most print on demand providers will allow you to order samples, and some of them will even give you samples for free or discounted.

So that’s. Something to consider, if you really really want to do the research you can get samples and really test the quality. I recommend you know don’t delay getting started, get started. You know I wouldn’t recommend spending all at that time.

Getting the samples, but that’s, just my personal opinion and you can switch print-on-demand providers. If you have an issue in the future, it’s, not super easy, but it can be done. A lot of people do it.

So let’s. Jump in by looking at printful. First now believe printful is probably gonna, have the most reviews out of any of these companies, and they’re gonna, be they’re gonna have almost 3000 reviews with a 4.

5 out of 5 star rating next. Looking at print off’I printed eyes also got quite a few reviews, 1404 reviews and they’re gonna be at 4.3. It’s a little bit lower than printful 4.5 to 4.3. Next, looking at fuel now fuels only got 81 reviews and they’re at a four point: four star rating, so pretty good star rating, but only 81 reviews.

This really doesn’t. Give you a great gauge of what you’re gonna get from fuel looking at custom Kat custom Kat has 435 reviews in the Shopify App Store and they’re at four point four. So most of these are sitting around that four point: three to four point: five range with printful being the highest so far.

Looking at SPO D, they are at four point five on 248 reviews, so not a huge amount of reviews, but enough to give you a pretty good idea sitting at 4.5. Finally, looking at T launch, they have 563 reviews with a 4.

6 out of 5 star rating. So it looks like here. If you ask me, I would give the nod to T launch not only because they have the highest star rating, but they do have a decent amount of reviews. So when we consider the reviews, you know some of these that have a hundred 200 reviews, it’s really hard to get a good beat on how good they are so printful is gonna be at 4.

5. T launch is gonna be at 4.6. Printful does have thousands more reviews, so you can take that for what it is. But I’d, probably give the not luck, not here to t launch as the best just rating overall, which will probably give you a good idea of their shipping times and their actual with actual quality of their prints.

So I’m gonna give the nod to T launched on this one alright. So what is the best print on demand company in 2020 for Shopify? I can’t make it this. I can’t make a decision. I’m gonna leave it up to you to decide.

You know I would say a word of advice is: if you’re starting out, if you’re brand new, even though printful looks so great, you know some of these print-on-demand providers. They look really great peripheral, looks so great because they ‘

Ve got great product selection; they’re, probably gonna have decent shipping times they’re gonna have great print quality, but the price is so high, especially if you’re, a new seller, so that’S something really to consider when you’re new, you don’t have a lot of money to invest.

You want your profit margins to be as high as possible, so you can put more money into marketing. So I don’t recommend, starting with printful, even though they look like probably overall the best print provider when you don’t consider cost.

But if you’re starting out cost is a big factor. So I would try to go with one of these prime demand providers in the middle of that price range, with the best product selection, or at least a decent product selection, and really, I’m, pretty impressed with SPO D and T launch.


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