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Ads spy tools

This is really important because you can see where advertisers are spending their money, the creatives, the copy, the landing pages – and you can use this information as inspiration to craft your own campaigns without having to reinvent the wheel.

So without further ado, let’s. Go and look inside okay, so here we are inside of the big spire interface, which is really really clean and easy to use. Now, when i was asked to check this out, that was one of my things.

I was really crossing my fingers about because, if things are really complex and complicated, they may work, but it takes ages to get to grips with them and that’s. One thing i liked about big spike: it’s.

Super simple to use, so we’re logged in and, as you can see, we can search for pinterest, ads, twitter, ads, instagram, ads facebook ads and a bunch of other things, and we’ll focus on facebook for this tutorial and we’re on facebook by default, and in order for us to narrow down our search for ads that we’d, like to spy on.

We’re, going to fill out these boxes. But first let me tell you why it’s important when you’re running paid traffic. You know if you do everything from scratch, that’s great, but you have no idea whether it’s going to convert or not.

Now people do invest a lot of money in spy tools because it allows people to see what ads are running and then use that intel to reverse engineer, stuff and craft their own campaigns without starting from a clean slate and that’s.

What this is really designed to do is to save you time to get an example of what’s working and then to use that as inspiration not to copy so over here on facebook. So i want to find out that are in the english language, so i’ll check on all languages and we’ll scroll down and we’ll click on english.

Now i don’t have to go with the us only, but just for this example, i’m, going to click on all countries. Scroll down, give me a sec and we’ll eventually get to the united states. We’ve got english speaking ads targeting the us now.

If i bring that up a little bit and i click this little drop down, you can target all ecom game or at markets. Now i’m, not in the game market. The app market, not the econ market, so i’m, going to leave it all by default.

But if you’re in econ, of course, you choose ecom, but we’ll. Leave that at all i’m. Going to click on 90 days, and i’d like to see ads that have been running for a little while, but are relatively up-to-date and there’s, not much else.

I’m, going to really click on. Apart from all creatives now we’re on facebook. We’ve, got image, video or carousel ads that we can choose from now. I’m, going to leave it an image, but i do do a lot of video ads and it’s really great.

If you do video ads to look at the kind of videos that are running in your niche, see the kind of setting the amount of money that’s been put into them, how they’re delivered and just use that for information.

When you’re crafting your own videos, so the last thing i’m going to come up here – is i’m, going to come here and type in a word related to a particular niche. So i’m, going to put in the word keto for the ketogenic diet and then i’m going to hit search and we’ll, see what pops up so look.

We can see here, look keto, keto um, that’s, got some diet stuff. So i’ll. Get that guess that’s keto as well. So we ‘ Ve got all of these different ads which are related to keto. They’re image ads.

We can see there’s, no text, they’re generally images of women in this particular case uh, with some kind of you know, food stuff around them. So if i was to create my own image, i’d, want to use this as an example, but maybe just try and craft something that stands out a little bit more now.

One tip is that hand drawn or sketch ads, really do work on facebook. Now they’re, not showing here. I know that from experience, but that’s, one little tip. So let’s. Just pretend we want to look at this ad in more detail.

There are a few things that we could do. First of all, i could just click on the image. It will say view more and i get a bit of information. I can say that this has been running for the past 30 days: the higher the heat, the better the quality.

Now they’ve. Given this a heat of 408, i have seen other ads which are higher, that’s. Big spies kind of own internal system, but 408 is not bad. We get a little bit of information about the actual page itself.

If we come down here, we can actually download. So we can download the image you can download the video. You can see the jpeg files downloaded there really cool, we can click on detailed insight. I’m just going to close that off and we can get information about where the traffic is being directed to, and this is super super important, because a lot of people will spy on ads and they will use the creative and the copy.

But they won’t, really look at where the traffic’s going to and your landing page is key because you can send a million people to a landing page if it doesn’t convert, you know what’s the point, so this is the actual landing page, the final url.

So let me click on this and see where it takes people. This seems like it’s, one inside of the facebook landscape, so this is actually sending people to this particular place here, which of course, is going to encourage people to like their page.

So i guess this is more related to audience building. Let me come back and let me do another search to find something a little bit different see if we can find something. So let me go to a different keyword.

All together, we’ll, do dog training and we’ll switch and we’ll. Look for a video ad. We’ll leave everything else, as is we’ll hit search and we’re, going to get some dog stuff. So here we got some dog videos here.

This is quite random. I’m, not quite sure why this is there, so we’ve got this um dog video ad. These dog video ads from the company called the watering bowl in saint louis uh. What can we get here? We can click on this and we can actually copy the copy they’ve spelt the word copied incorrectly, but we can copy the copy for one of a better expression and that’s really good, because we can then note that down And we can come back later on when we’re crafting our own copy and use a successful ads wording when we’re writing our own stuff.

But again we don’t want to blatantly rip it off. We just use this stuff for inspiration, so i can click on learn more here and get more information about this particular um ad. We’ll, wait for it to load up, and this is the actual landing page in question.

So i think i maybe clicked on the wrong link, but that’s, the landing page. So we can see this is the website that they’re, sending people to um, so it’s. Obviously it was a local ad, as you may have seen, if i bring this back, it’s targeting people in saint louis, because that’s, the actual brand, and we can see this is for you to schedule something.

So, of course, if you’re living in that area and you’re a dog owner, then this could be something that could potentially interest you now i mentioned earlier on that spy tools can be really really expensive.

I don’t, think you’ve heard of something called abby or watts runs where what runs where they have plans which start at several hundred dollars per month and go up to a thousand dollars per month, which is way out.

The budget for most people now, if we go to big spies, um budgeting, we can set a budget go to big spies pricing. We can see that you can get a free account to test it out if you want to check it out.

Click on the link below get a free account. Try it out. Of course, if you go with basic, which is still super cheap, you get 20 daily queries and you can look at facebook and instagram and 20 per day might be enough for most people.

Now, if you want to take to the next level and search on pinterest and twitter and other places, then it is going to cost you 99 a month or 400 a month for the elite plan. Now i do have a coupon code in the description which works for the pro and the elite.

Now that coupon code gives you a nice little discount and that discount is 15 off every single month. So if you want to get the pro plan – and you use my coupon my link and my coupon code – you’ll – get 15 percent off every single month.

I definitely recommend if you are going to venture into paid ads. Are you doing paid ads already, then utilizing some kind of spiral is great because it’s great for inspiration. You see what’s working! You get ideas for copy, you get ideas for creatives, you get ideas for landing pages and it’s, just great for you to get intel and then start moving forward and taking your campaigns to the next level.

So that’s. My big spy review, if you have any questions, comments, concerns. Let me know in the comments section below give me a like subscribe to. The channel hit the bell notification for all that fun stuff, and i will see you in the next video take care.

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