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Want to start an income-producing print on the man t-shirt business, you’re in the right place, printful Shopify how it works right. Now, what’s up guys, Gera Junaid, t-shirt helpdesk comm the place where we cover all things.

T-Shirt related so make sure you go down and subscribe and click that notification bell. So you will be notified all this great t-shirt information we have for you. So today we are going to cover how you can have your very own website, your very own, income-producing print-on-demand website that’s right a website.

Well, once you get it set up and people go to your site and they buy you don’t have to do anything but sit back and collect money. That’s right print on demand, call print, bow well print and ship. Your stuff out for you and you don’t, have to buy anything.

You don ‘ T have to have inventory you don’t have to have a whole bunch of printing equipment. You don’t have to have a DTG machine. You don’t have to have any type of screen printing stuff, vinyl cutters, nothing all right.

So it works a little. Something like this. You’re gonna have to set up your print full account. You’re gonna have to set up your Shopify account. You’re gonna have to integrate those two to work together.

I’m. Also gonna go over something really confusing to a lot of you guys. Shipping, okay, I’m gonna show you how shipping is done with print on demand. We’re gonna go over adding products and, more importantly, we’re gonna go over using custom, mock-ups and templates, because this is what’s.

Gon na take your line to a regular line to a line that takes it to a whole nother level and we’re gonna go over your actual Shopify theme. So there’s. A lot to cover in this video so sit back, relax all right, get yourself a little notepad.

Let’s. Do this! So let’s, get into setting up that printful account. Alright, guys! So simple! You click! You go to sign up right up here and then, as usual same ol same ol, you’re, putting your name, then you put in your email and then you put in a password and then you agree to the terms click sign up now.

They want you to tell them a little bit about yourself right, so you click right here. There’s, a little drop-down and you click the one that applies. I’m gonna apply start my first e-commerce business.

Then I click finish and bam. You have it. You just have to confirm your email and you’re. All set up easy as pie. Now we’re going to set up our Shopify account. Alright, you go to Shopify dot-com. You go right there, you click that 14-day trial, alright and you get to this page, and you put in your information.

Of course, your email address you set up a password and then you create a store name. This is going to be your store name. It’s, gonna be a part of your URL, and later on, I’m gonna teach you about getting your own domain, which I actually recommend alright.

So we’re gonna click here and create store, and here we are, you know, little monkeys are working, arrive ready to go now. They always want you to tell them a little bit about yourself. Alright, so you can choose and you’re, not selling any products, yet you can go in with you’re just playing around or whatever I’m, just gonna click.

I have products and like to launch in a few weeks and about your revenue. A lot of you guys, you haven’t started yet so you can just click on 0, you’re. Not doing this for a client, I don’t think so. Just click right there.

Now you’re gonna put in your information. You know who you are, you know where you live and all that good stuff. So just add that in and go down to the bottom of the page, so just go right there and click enter my store and like that we are in there.

Alright, we are in there and I’m gonna show you a lot of stuff, but you’re on the 14 day trial, but I want you to click down here, because I want to show you these plans. Okay, now you’re gonna see all this $ 29 a month $ 79 and $ 2.

99 for 99.9 % of you guys right now, starting out, all you need is the basic plan for $ 29 a month all right that’S all you need do it in guys. Let me just tell you something: it’s $ 29 a month. You get coffee every day.

You spend that much in a week. Okay and things are not what they cost. They are what they’re worth. I they take money to make money and scared money. Don’t make money, let’s, get it so choose one put in all your financial information and let’s.

Make this happen guys, let’s, build a store. We got those both together. Now let’s marry the two: let’s, integrate them; okay, okay! So this is your dashboard of Shopify. You just want to go right over here to apps.

You want to click on that visit. The Shopify app store BAM, but in principle see that air add app. You are about to install print full print on demand, install app okay, so right here is where some people, you would create an account, but we already created our account.

So we’re just gonna log in and now connect the store. You are connected now. It says we can add some products. Okay, guys now we’re, going to add our styles. Now by Styles, we mean the actual t-shirt designs.

Now in this video, I’m, not gonna cover what to design? What niches to go into and all that stuff, because that is just too much in one video, but if you are designed challenged you’re, not really that great of an artist I’m gonna suggest a couple of places you Can go to fiber fiber, you can get designs, but fiber is you know you get what you pay for and it’s kind of hit or miss.

I’m, also going to suggest that you go to a fantastic service where you can have designers from all over the globe, just staring alright to do designs for you for really great prices and that’s. Design crowd comm.

The links are gonna be down in the description box, but for right now let’s. Get into adding your Styles. Alright, guys we’re back. Will we work and you gonna click on add a product? You can go over here to the side and make sure that you on the store tab right, but let’s just go down here and we’re gon.

Na click. Add a product and men’s, clothing or women’s, clothing, whatever you want to do, but we’re. Just gonna. Do a men’s t-shirt, so we’re gonna click. Right here and there’s a whole bunch of stuff here and we’re, just gonna click right there on t-shirts and of course, we’re gonna go with that.

Bella canvas the first style right there, which is the bestseller all right. So let’s. Just click on that. All right in the great part is that you can go in and you can just really tailor this thing. You can do your back neck labels.

You can have a back label that people can see the inside back neck label. You can do a sleeve hit left sleeve hit right sleeve hit back, but we’re, just gonna focus on the front. Alright, you can choose your colors right here.

Beautiful is that we’re. Just gonna go with some dark colors, a gray and a black nice and right here you can choose your sizes, you can do all sizes, but I’m. Just gonna go right here from like the medium to the 2x, and this is a great about you.

Don’t need any inventory, so you cannot do all the damn sizes. Now you could add text, you can do it yourself, but I’m. Just gonna add my own artwork. You can just click right here to upload. You click right, then you go to your computer and grab it, but Auriemma artwork upload it.

So let’s, click and look at that. It’s on this shirt. You can go over here, you could size it, you can make it bigger smaller. You know and it’ll, be just how you want it. You can place it just like that.

It’s, really really simple and intuitive alright and you can go flip it and do all type of stuff, but I mean right: there is all you need and you want to click you’re gonna go down and click on. Choose your template.

Alright. Now me, since I’m gonna show you a great service to use. I’m. Just gonna use the basic template for right now, but I’m gonna show you how you can really step up your store. Alright, so I’m. Just gonna choose that one! Oh and you can go right here.

You could choose a JPEG or a ping. The things give you a transparent background, but they’re a little bit heavy of a file. So for right now is white. I’m just going to choose a JPEG real simple. Now I’m gonna click.

Proceed to description, and right here is where you can put in all your information. You can change the wording and all that good stuff. Alright, you can see right now. You want to publish this immediately to your store right.

Just want a really simple, all right, and also you’re gonna see your collection right down here. This is really important, so you want to choose your collection and you want to make sure you choose home page all right or whatever collection that you created.

We’ll get to that later, but you didn’t like want to make sure you chose home page because that way it ‘ Ll show up on your home page all right. All right now, right under here you’re gonna see.

This is where you can click to have free shipping. Ok, now, please understand that if you have free shipping, you must include their price of shipping in the price of your product. Otherwise, you’re, going to be eating into your profits, but I ‘

Ll. Show you that later so we’re, not going to click that now we’re, going to click to proceed to pricing. Now this right here is really cool. You can go in and you can look that’s, your cost, and then you can see over here your profit.

This is where you make your money right. This is where the magic happens. This is your profit calculator, but what I like to do is I like to just go in and set a price all right, and the price that I’m going to say is $ 24.

99 for everything right. I was going $ 24.99. Okay, I copy and paste that bad boy – and I put it in every one all right and you can see as you put them in, that your profit is gonna, be right over there.

That’s. How money you make how much money you’re making per all right, though, that’s it! So now let’s, click to submit to store, and there you have it. It is all in your store just like that. This is also a doozy.

We’re gonna get into it, and I’m gonna show you the simplest way to do this, especially when it comes to print on the man all right. We’re gonna tackle it. Let’s, get into shipping, okay, guys. This is the simplest way that I can explain this, because shipping can get complicated, but we don’t want to do it complicated.

We want to do it simply so what we want to do is we’re gonna go right hit to homepage. We’re gonna click on how this works shipping I’m gonna go down the page. I don’t click right here on shirts and you can see it’s.

399. All right! That is your price to ship things in the USA. Now, when the person buys something it will be added to the cart and that’s, how it goes, however, you can go back to where we were before, which I’ll, show you and you will simply say free shipping, and in That case, you will add the shipping to the price of the garment.

Let me show you now: if you want to include shipping right, this is where we were before you just want to go down here on this page. When you’re setting up and you just want to click right, there bang display my product with free shipping, all right.

It’s. Really just that simple and when you go to pricing you just set it up to include whatever price you want to use. You go right here and you set it up so that the shipping price will be included into your cost.

Is this that simple, you figure it out all this is up to you, okay, and that’s. It so guys just to explain something to you from a psychological point of view, when people go to dope tease da ma shop about calm.

In many cases they’re, not gonna. Take you as seriously it’s. Gon na lead to a little bit of you, know, people being leery and you’re, not gonna be seen as trustworthy in many cases as opposed to just having dope teas.

Alright, there’s, certain things that are psychological triggers that make people go well. I don’t know. If this is, is this a real, legitimate business? So is this some guy in his basement somewhere just trying to make a quick buck? You understand what I’m saying you always want to look at what the big boys are doing.

All right. You, don’t, go to Macy’s; dot Shopify dot-com you don’t email, Balenciaga, dot! Gmail.Com! You know them saying everything is always branded and with the actual company, so you don’t want to have any type of third party domain names.

All right! Trust me on this Fatma later, okay, so here in the back end of Shopify, you’re gonna go right over here to online store click and then go down to domains, and then you’re gonna go right up here.

To buy domain so now, once you get in here, you’re gonna. Do your search, keep in mind guys you’re gonna see right here, though, T ‘ S is taken, and this is going to happen. A lot the good stuff is usually taken in many cases, and you could find another domain extension which I don’t suggest use something else all right, but I’m.

Just gonna use this just to show you guys you can go to these dope tees, which I know is available, and you can see all of the domain extensions down here. You can click and see even more all right, so once you get that you just make it happen and you choose and you’re gonna be axed to use your credit card for your billing all right.

So so let me show you what happens after you’ve added your credit card. Ok, so you want to add your credit card information and your personal info. You just want to check that make sure it’s accurate and then there’s.

The auto renew, okay, because domains don’t automatic renew. So you want to click that or not like that. You know your choice wanted to auto renew or not. Now there’s, the Whois policy, the Whois, is pretty much a directory that lets people know who owns the domain.

Okay, you have to go in and figure out. If you want it to be private or not private and click domain, that offers it or not officer, and if your domain doesn’t offer it, you might want to contact Shopify to see if you can make your stuff private.

So you want to figure that out, you have to choose one or the other, and then you want to go down and read the ICANN policies and all the other policies and click and agree after you agree. You go right down to the bottom of the page and click buy domain.

Now the information the settings are going to be sent to your email. All right, you want to go in there and confirm in your email. All right make sure everything is ok. You’re gonna see your primary domain.

You want to click change your primary domain. When the pop-up comes, you want to select your custom primary domain and save, and you’re all set. Ok guys. I want to explain something to you: just putting your website up and putting some t-shirts on it and thinking that that’s gonna work it could.

But this is really psychological. Alright – and you want to do something that will have the potential customer relate to you and when they see a person that looks good, that looks cool that looks like their life is together when most of our lives are in shambles.

We see that person on that website and we wan na be like that person and we think hey about buy that shirt. I’ll, be like that guy or that girl. You know it’s, not true, but from a psychological point of view, it really helps to get the person to go in and buy that fantastic t-shirt that you designed okay, so your mock-ups and your images are crucial.

All right. This is psychological. Okay, so make sure that you get some beautiful, beautiful images and some beautiful mock-ups that people can identify with okay guys. This is placeit. Dad met a great service and all these services are down in the description box.

But this is a service that allows you to choose mock-ups, I mean mock-ups that you can choose the person’s: race, gender, ethnicity, sexual proclivity, you name it all right. So I’m gonna show you one right here that we’re gonna use for the style that we created and you could go in.

You can change the background. You can change the color of the shirt and you can add your artwork see how fantastic it is. You can go in and change the side. Then you can check it out, see if you like it.

Oh man, look at that. All right that is gonna. Go on our website, so then you want to click the download button and download it all right. Then you’re going to Shopify. You want to click products. You see, we only have the one product, so we click on that all right now we want to go down and we want to add an image that we click right.

There add our image and you want to move that to the left so that it becomes the main image and it saves automatically so we go and then we click online store. We click customize and bam. Look at that now.

You have all of that stuff together. Right, you need a good theme now. This is the deal. Your look of your website is also very important and they’ve. Been studies shown that t-shirts that are clean t-shirts, that don’t have a lot of clutter and t-shirts that have a white or a light back.

I’ll perform any other and all other types of t-shirts now look guys. I’m, not gonna sit up here and argue with you when I go around and I look at sites, I see most of them have a white background and they’re, not too cluttered and they put the information right up There so guys Shopify has plenty of themes.

They have free themes all right now. The free themes are kind of slim pickins there’s, not a lot of them. They also have their themes and their themes that they put out. They can be kind of expensive, but guess what guys t-shirt? Helpdesk has a theme all right.

It was out before and we’re, bringing it back. We’ve, updated it. It is 10 times better. It’s called the t-shirt er and that’s. The theme that we’re using to set all this up so check that out now your store comes with the debut theme default all right, but you can’t, go in and check out some more free themes.

It’s kind of slim pickins. You can see these right here, but we’re. Just gonna go with the debut theme, all right. So let’s. Get back to that and we’re gonna go in and we are going to customize it. Let’s, go and see what we got.

Click right here to customize – and here we go really simple theme all right and we’re gonna click up here, because we want to add an image for that slider. We’re, just gonna add one image just to you know make it look like something and we add an image and BAM there.

We go so so now I’m just going to change this text, so you just click back and you can look right down here where it says image with text. Overlay just want to write what you want to write: okay and there you have it.

This is just something to give it that whole website look. You know give us some information alright, and there’s, a little style that we added before we’re gonna go down, and right here you’re gonna see is some more stuff to where you can add.

A photo you see that – and you just go right here to the left side, where it says image and text and it’s. So simple, you know, Shopify is just so simple. You just go click over here and you can add an image and you could change the text and let me just show you damn and just like that it’s done now mind you.

All of these images come from places net, alright guys – and this is the beginnings of your site. Of course, you add more styles and you can add images to the slider and everything and really give it that you know nice look make it look like your own, but check out this.

This is the t-shirt, help this team that’s coming real soon, just want to give you guys a couple of looks check it out now. If you wanted to add a little bit more pizzazz to your thing, you can get a premium thing like this.

This is the teacher help this t-shirt or theme alright, and it ‘ S got a little spot right here to show off your Instagram awesome and it ‘ S got three home pages man, so this is the first home page.

This is the second home page, and this is the third home page, so something a little bit exciting, add a little excitement and there’s, also free themes and premium things that Shopify offers so just showing you this stuff.

This is something that could just add a little F to your website coming soon. So there you have it guys right there, you have a beautiful income-producing print on the man website. All you have to do is follow a few instructions and bam you have it so guys.

If you have any questions, make sure that you can contact me Gary at t-shirt, helpdesk comm and also make sure that you follow me on Instagram and make sure that you subscribe here alright and if you do a website and you use the any of this information.

Let me know hit me up. Look I’m, pin to put some butter on these shoes and slide on out the dough. I want you guys to do something good for somebody. If you don’t, have anyone to do something good for do something good for your self, and you guys want to contact me and you want to have a one-on-one conversation.

You can catch me at clarity, FM flash Gary edge and I go over there and make happening guys. I got ta get out of here. I’m out. God bless peace, shirt, man, shirt, man, yeah that’s. Me

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