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What’s up guys, George, here again, your internet income ninja, and I just wanted to record a really really short video tonight all right. So tonight I’m just going to share real quick about getting traffic to your product, so whether in a previous video, I was talking about you doing multiple streams of income, and maybe it’s, a case where you created a course Or you have a product that you’re, promoting or whatnot.

You have an e-book that you’ve. You know you’re trying to launch or whatever, and you just want to get some instant traffic to your product, whatever it is, a physical product, a service, anything right.

So how do you go about getting that done? Well, the quickest way to get traffic if you don’t already have a large following like on Facebook or YouTube or Instagram. The quickest way to get traffic to your product is through paid traffic, and tonight I’m, going to talk to you about two sources of traffic.

Real quick one of them, as you can see on the screen, is called udemy you di ma not to be confused with udemy, which is another site all together and then the other one is called bid. Vert, I see now let’s start with bid.

Vertice beat ver. Tyler is a paid per click platform. Where you pretty much set up your campaign, you create a budget and based on the number of clicks. According to your budget, that campaign will start or stop and you would be able to generate traffic now a bid vertigo it’s, pretty automated.

To be honest, all right, so this is the interface you see when you log in over here. You have your current balance. Man is zero. Man is depleted. You can reread, you know you can top it up. They pretty much accept paypal and credit card.

So what you do is in order to create in new campaign, see you real, quick, okay right, so here’s, the create new campaign option over here. In your right hand, side. The best thing to do, in my opinion, is to create a pop-up ad pops artpop under ad.

What that is is when someone is on the internet, so they’re browsing a particular website and let’s say they land on the website or if they are trying to find a particular website, and that website is disabled or there’s, something wrong with it.

Your ad will pop up instead or let’s say they’re on a particular page, and then they go back to another page. Your ad will pop up. They’ll, see it if it’s enticing, they’ll enter their information, especially if you have a funnel an opt-in page.

They’ll enter their information, you capture their information and then your page will take them through the process of looking at your product. Purchasing your product, whatnot pop-under. I’d, start at $ 5 minimum daily budgets.

It’s. A very cost effective way of getting your your product out to customers eyes, so you’ll, go to create ad okay. The first thing that you’re going to do is select what countries you’re targeting so depending on where you are or depending on where you want to get your your clientele, you will select that so you can select the United States which is a big country, people normally target.

If you want to include Canada, you click on Canada and then click Add let’s say you want to want it to do english-speaking countries. You could do you know, Kingdom ad, but just bear in mind that if you select a specific budget amount, that amount will be shared between these countries.

So, for example, if your bid amount was $ 10, then it wouldn’t, be $ 10 for United States $ 10 for Canada and $ 10 for the United Kingdom. As we’ve added here, it would be if X, number of people from the United States click on your ad and it takes up six dollars.

You would have four dollars left for Canada and the United Kingdom, and that’s, just how it is. If you wanted to remove countries, you’d, highlight the country by clicking on it hit remove. If I highlighted Canada, I’ll click.

Remove so let’s say we wanted to choose just the United States. You’d click Next, so you want your thing to go on all websites possible. You have the option of selecting top tier websites of the highest quality.

It just means that your ad will show on fewer websites. They would be targeted to specific websites that a certain quality of clicks or click-through rate or a certain number of people visit per day. So if there’s, a high traffic website and chances are, we’ll, be focused on those, not necessarily every other website, so pretty much the opportunity for your site to be seen by many people would probably be reduced.

However, you would be guaranteed that your traffic would be going to the highest possible quality. If you were to click this, and so the quality would drop based on the number of websites. So say, 90 percent is the highest before we go to our web sites.

In a sense, the quality of your traffic would decline. Well, if you stuck with the top 10, the traffic would be slower, but at least you know that the quality is higher right. So for for the kid, for the sake of this example, let’s say we went on our websites click Next now, for the US, the minimum recommended bid is 3 cents, that’s right 3 cents.

So, in a case like this, what you try to do is match this as best as possible. But if you wanted a higher click-through rate, then you could increase it. Let’s say we with four cents per click right. You’d, be trying to outbid someone else who had selected three cents right here.

Okay, so you select, we see we’ve selected four bids. I mean four cents and let’s name our ad. Let’s say I already have a funnel here to let says Cinderella solution, so it’s like Cinderella solution and what I would do is if I had a link created already that leads to my funnel or product or store or Whatnot then, I would insert that that link here.

So let’s say I created this funnel for a particular product and just waiting for that to come up. Okay, so let’s say I wanted to promote this thing. I found called Cinderella solutions for argument sake.

I’d copy that link go to bid vert either

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