Dubai is an Influencer Dystopia

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I don’t know if you guys have noticed this, but every influencer known to mankind is in dubai right now. What’s going on? I didn’t, get the invite nothing slid across my desk. No memo, no statement. No plane ticket – i’m here, chilling at philly on hq.

Meanwhile, an influencer orgy is happening in dubai right now. All right, i’m a little. I’m a little jealous. I’m gonna be focusing on the fitness influencers, because that’s, my wheelhouse, that’s. What i’m familiar with, but i guarantee there are thousands of influencers in dubai right now and i just have a bunch of questions, and i want to talk with you guys and get your thoughts on it because i don’t Know what’s going on the first one? Is why right like it’s, a pretty important question? Whose idea was this? I’m picturing, a bunch of dubai elites sitting in a board room like oh, listen, guys, our influencer traffic is at an all-time low.

You know we got a global pandemic going on and we need to spice things up. We need more pictures of wooden gyms and some blue ass water. Second of all, is this being financed by an oil prince or something i mean who is paying for this? You have hotel fees, influencer activities, food, drink, alcohol parties like are you all just loaded? What am i doing wrong? How are you affording this? Do you all go into a room and perform like a blood muscle, ritual or something or what, if this wasn’t sponsored by anyone and they all just dm’d each other and was like boys trip? Yes, queen dubai 2020.

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Thank you keeps for sponsoring this video back. In the day we had the jersey, juice gang, the puss boy platoon, and now we have the dubai doping dudes, let’s. Take a look at some of the fitness influencer posts happening in dubai.

Let’s, crack some jokes. Let’s have a good time when worlds collide. Feeling like i’m literally living inside my instagram feed yep there we go all these fake natties just chilling. No, i’m. Just kidding they’re, not actually fake nadis, but they are all on juice.

Okay, they’re, all sipping. On that coconut juice in dubai, coconut juice – you mean coconut milk. I don’t even know what juice they have in dubai, but they’re sipping on it. My favorite comment right here from lubomba a lifetime natural and we’ll.

Get into that the guys she tells you not to worry about yeah. Well, i’m. Sorry to tell you that nobody cares about your muscles, except for other dudes, so i think you’re all right squad squad squad. Are you all the same? Why is there no diversity ever in these comments? You couldn’t, think of anything else to say, besides squad room temperature, iqs man like come on, get like this is influencer dystopia right here.

Okay right here we got another picture from brandon harding, where the wild things are, and he’s just chilling with everyone’s, girlfriend right all the fitness influencers girlfriends that he’s here in dubai, with you got nicole Drinkwater, that’s, larry wheels.

You got jordy dicks that’s, brandon harding’s. Sev eden, i’m. Pretty sure is the new guy on the scene, and then you got phoebe hagan. You know what it is. I think i’m too famous to be here. I mean you got phoebe hagan, pulling absolutely rookie numbers chilling in dubai.

I’m kidding. I’m kidding. I just find it funny that in today’s society you can actually reduce people down to the amount of followers they have and that’s. How cool they are? I don’t get it man. What was the main purpose behind this influencer exodus to dubai? You just get muscly men playing with wooden equipment and how long are they there for that’s? Another question: are you guys stuck in dubai? We’re kind of in the middle of a pandemic bro i just don’t know what you do in dubai all day.

You’re like skirting around in the desert. You’re chilling by the pool you’re working out. It’s great it’s. Great holy [ __ ] man. I’ve, never seen so much dedication in one pic get out of here. Okay, i’m gonna go on a little rant right, quick, since when does steroids equal dedication, i understand it takes hard work to get bodies like this, but here’s.

The deal bodybuilding and this fitness influencer lifestyle is the most narcissistic thing you can do. You are choosing to live like this. You guys are choosing to lift like this to diet like this to take this and that to look like this, why would i ever put you up on a pedestal and say: oh yeah, look at all that dedication! No, it’s, your self-destruction masked as self-growth.

Oh, this prep has been so hard guys. I’ve been dieting. I’ve, been going hard on the stairmaster. I’ve, been putting in the work in the gym doing those late hours grinding all the time. Why am i ever gonna feel bad for someone that talks like that on social media? I see it all over the place in the fitness scene.

You are asking people to care about the dieting, the lifting and the lifestyle that you are living. The viewer, the people, the populai, are not obligated to feel bad for you or to put you on a pedestal, because at the end of the day it’s.

Your decision i don’t feel bad for you and why don’t you just not. Do it a classic bodybuilder muscle model and open bodybuilding all walk into a bar brandon harding’s, got a little cheeky joke for us, but he didn’t finish it.

So i will the bartender asks trend shots. Anyone want to do some trend shots. There is nothing, enlightening, productive or cool about influencers chilling in dubai. It’s stupid. They’re, all just mooching off of each other’s, followings getting bigger, getting richer and this big [ __ ] fest, okay.

This is one big influencer dystopia in dubai. Right now. Follow me on twitch at philly on live discord, link in the description box sunday, sauce posted every sunday. I guess i got ta go, get a plane ticket to dubai and just chill with all the influencers man holy [ __ ].

What am i doing wrong? Philly? I’m, pulled up [ __ ], your [ __ ]. Anybody wan na run up put em all up in a ditch puss boys, no gold, better back up quick. You punk don’t flop, [ __ ], you ain’t [ __ ]

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