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So eBay’s partner network, its eBay’s, affiliate program.

Have you heard of it? Probably not so we’re gonna take a quick look at how to sign up for it and how you can make 100 hours a day what you need to do if you stick around to the end of this video, I’Ll show you how you can make even more than that Commission’s from 10 percent to 60 percent, how to find those products and how to get the training.

You need. So, stick around go to partner Network ebay.com, and this is where you can sign up and get all the information that you need in order to join this program. Now, our program, why eBay, eBay, most of 80 % of the merchandise there is sold as new and it’s the buy.

It now feature that’s, 90 % of it and it’s, absolutely diverse. There’s over 1.4 billion listings at any one time. It also serves 183 million buyers spanning 190 markets worldwide. Great thing is, most people use their phone.

Well, 63 % of all transactions are mobile and it’s. Super easy 72 % of products ship for free, so there’s, nothing. You have to deal with and secure 100 % guarantee on luxury and eBay Authenticator. So eBay is a great brand.

Everybody knows it. It’s been around what seems like forever. They’re, a huge place with a huge amount of things that you can actually sell. What makes them different world favorite destinations. Everyone goes there.

It’s, it’s, got the data to drive and optimize and in this something essentially for everyone plus. This trusted global brands that sell on eBay like Adidas, Phillips and Reebok quality stuff brand new buy it now, and if you want more information this on this page, there’s, a video that gives you the number.

So you want to check that out. So if you want information on their affiliate marketing what it is and how it works with them, this page, you can access everything you need to know about their network and a brief history on it scroll through this, and when you have an extra minute, what affiliates Earn how it works and the affiliate models like content blogging, deals, email, marketing, loyalty, programs, online conversation, product listings, your social media sharing, which what most people do and all the tools mobile apps for getting value from this video make sure you smash the like button and Don’t forget to subscribe, to see future content all right now.

The rate card shows you the commission basis from all the different countries in their products. They go from one to six percent. You can see that here and it also gives the market caps of those different markets and which one you want to get into.

In my opinion, if you want the quickest way to get $ 200, you have to go with the highest. That’s. Five to six percent, because if you want to make $ 100 off of five percent, you would need to sell two thousand dollars worth of products.

That is, that’s, a lot of a lot of stuff to sell two thousand. If you’re selling one item, unless you’re selling necklaces, or something that’s in jewelry, that’s like $ 1000, so you have to sell two necklaces a day to make 100 so clothing and Shoes are the highest.

You’d, have to sell a lot of high-end brand-name stuff to make a five percent commission and to make the two thousand dollar cap that you would need to actually make a hundred all of us a day. So, stick around the end and I’ll.

Show you how to make it a little bit easier to make underalls a day you shins how to build your ads and campaigns. They have two ways you can do your create affiliate links and first, is there’s? Also the creative gallery, creative gallery.

You can create logos. This is great for bloggers or websites. You can create these little icons here and when someone clicks on it, it’ll, send you through to ebay, and there’s, a few different ways. You can create these links to where you just click on that and anything that sells beyond.

That would be essentially a commission. I’ll, show you how that works on the next page, so creating affiliate links there’s, a few different ways. You can do it on their site to make it easy. They have a link generator.

You can click on that link and it will show you the exposure exploration point there’s. Also the smart share, which is a global Google, Chrome browser extension. Just like any extension you enter in and whatever page you’re on.

You click on it and it will automatically generate a link that you can share on Facebook or Pinterest or your social media sites. So the book market tool is the tool that’s, going to let you take those icons you saw on the last page and give you the ability to essentially turn anything that someone clicks on into an affiliate link.

So if you have a blog, you’re gonna want to eat, use that there’s, also smart links, which is similar to what I just explained, and they have some great tools that will help you increase your conversions and see What are the best things that you can sell see there’s, great tools like driving driving traffic, to increase your revenue to monitor your performance, suffer developers and the get started link if you want to dive in to sign up great resources here on Insight and updates and special business models check that out, so you have to get prior approval in advance for some of the promotions that you do in regards to messaging, like email, IM, chat and text, the loyalty incentive programs, any software ordering downloadable tools that you might Create or work with mobile apps that you have where you want to send this a program through it.

Your sub affiliate networks, the ebay, api and paid traffic just go to the network agreement to get all the information that you need there now to sign up. Click sign up son in with eBay. Now you can sign in through your Google account.

If you don’t, have a Google account, yet you can create one or you can click on this here to start an account with something else. If you need help signing in now, you can create your username or email here you can continue with Facebook or just go into your Google account.

So here you’d, enter your information that you’re, going to use to mark it with, starting with your display name that you’re gonna use your country of origin. There’s, hundreds of countries that you can be from that are acceptable in this program.

Just select yours enter it here. Your street address a second street address. If needed, you’re sitting state. If you’re in the United States in zip code, your phone number currency at which you choose to be paid select.

This is u.s. stray lien, your own sterling, the different types of promotionals. You would use here website mobile or social networks, which is what most people do and again your sales agreement, one to six percent click on that, and it goes over whatever Commission’s, you would make to finish up just click, the sign up button And you are on your way, so the eBay Partner Network definitely has a lot of great products and is very fast, but the Commission ‘

S are very low and I told you you can get ten to sixty percent. So to get the training you need, and you’re, going to need training in the description box below this video. There is a link to my number one recommendation to grow a full time: income online and you can start part-time by doing this.

Click on that link and enter in your email, you’ll, be asked to confirm, and then I’ll. Give you a brief introduction of what you can expect and it’ll. Send you right along to that training. So if you’re still skeptical that’s, fine, that’s fair.

What you can do is click on the video on the screen right now and watch a few more of those that’ll help, hopefully convince you that this is definitely the way to go. Make sure you hit the subscribe button as well to see future content?

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