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Hi guys, what’s up? This is freelance honesty. Once again, today’s. Topic is about how to generate links of any product on themeforest or envato website, which is really a great website of any kind of WordPress or or HTML or bootstrap.

Template people actually sells their scripts on that website, and some people are also working as an affiliate and promoting some products and they’re selling. Someone’s products and they are making money based on Commission’s all right.

So previously I made a video how to apply as an affiliate on their website. Maybe it is. It is theme for story in Umberto and I also told that, after applying when I will get when I would get to reach approved, then I would make another video how to generate links of any product and then promote ok.

So this is the second video and I have got approved her on their website. Today I got a mail and that’s right today’s. Video is all about how to generate links and promote the offers, but I would really request you or recommend you to watch the first video, the video which is actually right now being displayed on on my screen these videos.

You should watch it before you watch the video right now, which is playing right now on your screen. Ok, because this is the second video. If you don’t watch, the previous video you won’t, be able to understand what I’m doing right now how to generate links, because once you get a fluke, then only you can actually get the options.

The options which I will get right now after logging on on their website. Ok, so I have provided these videos URL in my description. Currently what’s that and then come to the video this one? Actually, then, was this video.

Ok. Now here is the email I got from Envato. It says: welcome to the inverter market affiliate program, alright, hi AMD. This is my first name Muhammad. Alright, it says: welcome aboard it’s great, to have you on bird on our affiliate program.

We have created some videos to guide you through through a number of cases, tapes of when getting started, alright check them out here. So once you get approved, if you have any problem to understand how they promote offers or how you should promote offers, you can actually watch their videos they have made for you.

They can actually train you. You can watch tutorials about how to promote offers, so they actually have their official tutorials. Those are really standard. You can, I understand, very easily okay, so you can click here and go there and then watch that I don ‘

T need to do that because I know how to do these things. Okay, if you wear an athlete too, on our all system linked your old inverter market affiliate account to legacy to your new in vac radio. Second, oh, I had to know account three viously, but this is my new account, so I don’t have to do it, but if you had an account on their website previously, you can actually click this link and visit the link, and then you Can actually watch how to connect your previous account with this new account? Alright, now we will go to invited calm and then we will log in and see what kind of things are actually existing on the dashboard.

Okay, let’s, go in Novato and Verto affiliate affiliate Logan! I’m clicking over here all right and what Omega affiliate program. I’m clicking here and then I will visit their login page and I’ve said that become an athlete.

No, I have an account. I should log in all. Right, hopefully, are signing this one. So this is the Logan box. I got a food might use on him and here’s, the use on them and password, let’s, see sign-in oops.

It’s, a strong password. Why you? I met a mistake on that, so it could not be logged in okay right now. It works fine, and this is our part, alright, complete your withdrawal setting. So we can help you, oh my god, so I’ve got this account after three days.

Alright, so the first video, if you watch that, if you follow all of the instructions provided in my first video, you can actually get approved like that, because the informations which I provided on my video, the first video there were actually enough informations and enough lectures and Everything was really great because, after doing that, I go to poop so that video is really really important for you clicking complete, withdraw setting.

Maybe I have to connect my bank account number alright yeah. It says Bangladesh or pay me when my balance reaches 3 sold. How much I would like to get paid almost $ 50. When I get rich up to $ 50, I will get paid okay and then payment method fix where, oh, my god beneficiary account and named Swift, coach and Nicole number.

Alright, I have to provide my bank information so right now. Let me open my notebook wait. I couldn’t, remember my back income number and that’s. All you know I need to visit okay just a minute. I’m opening.

My note notebook diary and I’m watching you or I should have my bank account number or we’re over here rate informations. No, here yeah, I have a bank account number here. Um here’s, my bank account number personal.

I’m. Saving. Name is M dinislam. So I’m, adding dots, Bangla Bank Limited in my country. This is a local bank. In my country they can actually be send money to make home there’s. No problem account number here’s.

The account number ship code – okay, shipped card – should be no port. I’m. Just visiting shaped car ship scored. I should get it here, not our problem, so after getting approved, they want you to do the setting of your drone, because this will be guarded here’s, the shift cult copy and then pissed here done so my bang is getting connected right now.

Save it okay, my bank account has been connected with ya with inverter affiliates program. Now I’m going to dashboard. We are all set up. Our account has been set up right now. If I want to create any link, I can just put here any URL of any product and then apply.

Then I ‘ Ve got the link that’s. It so me show me advanced settings. No Sawadee don’t need to provide you enter a landing page, create a link, apply, no use the link below to promote your selected campaign.

Okay. Now this is our dashboard. Where ever you can watch your reports, how many sales that we make and have been made and any kind of informations about the payment balance or something like that? Those are really easy things I don’t think I have to discuss about these things.

Actually performance per day performs by campaign safety reports to do reports scheduled a purse, actually all reports and campaigns, my campaigns, painting actions, proposals and image and imminent charges known it, searches, promo codes, advocacy, ad tools, don’t need to do with earnings, withdrawals And with resetting burden or foreign transfer, oh, you can also send funds from year the you account to Europe prints that come that’s, kinda kind of good okay.

Now, what I’m going should search for a product link. On my last video I was working with about a team. I’m. I’m right now visiting that team’s a page and I’ll get the URL. So I have the team forest this one.

So these theme is actually really very popular and they get a lot of sales per day and that soy, I’m IO. I’m, also interested to work with this team. I’m just taking this URL and then I’m, putting it here apply and it will generate link that’s.

It copy this is my URL. Okay, copy link link has been copied, or you can also word work here. They have also gave you a lot of products under this option all right, so you can just sell Shira Nevada, four, really great options.

I’m coloring here after clicking. I should get that team up, not working why these are maybe their featured products. I think so. Really these are the banners they have generated. All right. You can also get banners, let’s, see how it works.

Tim forest – I’m. Just taking these code you, so this is your banner okay. If you want to buy, if you want to make sales, you can put this code on your website’s description when you write any blog or any article.

You can put this link and this kind of picture will be displayed and when someone visit visits your web page, if they read your blog and then if they watch this it image, if they need the team template, then they will also click on this link.

And if they purchase the team, then what will happen? You will get paid almost $ 30 per cell? No, no, not that diverse, actually almost 30 % so $ 60. If you calculate it as 30 person, you’re, maybe getting almost $ 10.

All right, so in this way you can also actually get codes and general links of any product and then how you will apply or sorry how you will actually promote your offers. It’s up to you, okay, I have my YouTube here since I’m a programmer.

What I can do is, I can actually create videos about theme and some campaigns. The best templates I can make video with and then I can actually put my link underneath my description underneath my video.

In my description, I can actually recommend themes, because I have almost one like subscribers on my channel and that’s. Why, when I make videos, people will actually trust me if I recommend any kind of theme, people will buy that that’s it.

So I have an audience on YouTube. If you have a website, you can also promote your link over there, but you can also do email marketing as well. If you have an a landing page and if you do SEO marketing, then you can also promote your product link on that website.

So how can you promote – or you can also search here – how to Beaumont and the vaudeville how to submit team in inverter how to sell products on inverter how to promote affiliate products successfully with a website? If you don’t have website, I would really recommend you to watch these videos.

There are thousands of videos and and and bunch of informations about how to promote our first. If we don’t have a website, then these videos are only for you so guys my task is done. Some people requested me to create an account on inverter Network.

As an affiliate. I have created that I created the account and I have shown you how to get approved and that worked actually hundred percent alright. So my task is then – and I think I’m gonna work on the website, but I will actually promote offers on my youtube channel that’s it.

But since I don’t have website, I don’t, have any other source of promoting any kind of offers. So I’m gonna use my YouTube channel. That’s it, but if you want to, if you don’t have any YouTube channel or if you don’t have any kind of website, then you should watch these videos step by step.

Watch this one. Then this one, then this one and then this one, so this video will actually help you to promote your offers without any website. They will show you how to offers where to promote your offers on how to make sales general sales.

So I think everything is ok. Today and if there is any other problem you have, let me know on my comments box I will may I will try to make other videos about those problems, but right now I had two tests.

The first one was how to apply, and the second one was how to what to do after getting approved. So I have logged in after I approved and – and I have shown you how to do the setting of the Udo ok. So now I’m going off since it’s, almost a 5 to 8 p.

m. right. Now I have to go out and I have to meet my friends alright. So thank you so much for watching for the video and yeah. Thank you so much for watching the video and, if you liked it, if you want videos like this in future, kindly subscribe the channel and in and yes I, which I will just request you to share the video as well.

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