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Hello, I’m, died from sumeragi and I’m, bringing you a beginner’s guide to face books. I had to sign up and get started all the essential things you need to know to start using. It confidently now face book is brilliant.

I use it every day. You can use it for so many different things. You use it to keep in touch with family and friends. Catch up on the latest news to follow companies and charities that you’re interested in you can buy and sell things on it.

You can watch videos, it’s really useful, so it is worth getting to grips with. Then this video is about half an hour long. It’s, going to cover the basics of getting started. Adding a photograph and an information to your profile also had to light things head to comments: how to post on your own page and important things like changing your privacy settings and adjusting your notifications as well.

Hopefully, it will be enough to help you get up and running to start with facebook go to facebook.com/cnnstudentnews. It is a good idea to use a picture of yourself, because if you’ve got friends on Facebook who might want to find you and add you as a friend.

They’ll, be looking for your photograph to confirm that it’s, the right person, so you can add a picture by uploading, one from your computer or you can take a photograph too using your computer’s webcam.

I’m just gonna add my usual avatar here. An avatar is another word for a profile photo by the way. There we go so there’s, my profile picture. Now here you can start looking for people. You might know you don’t need to add any friends on Facebook.

You can do perfectly well on Facebook with no friends at all, but most people will want to add friends, particularly if you want to enter competitions later on. You’ll need friends that you can tag in competitions too, but you don’t need to do it at this stage.

We’ll. Do that a bit later? What is important with Facebook is understanding how privacy works, so they’ve got a guide here. Take a privacy tour, and here Facebook will explain to you what the privacy settings mean.

Every time you post on Facebook, whether that’s text or a photograph on your own Facebook page, you can choose. Who sees that, so you can make it open to the public, which means anyone in world, even if they’re.

Not a facebook member, they can see what you’ve posted on your own profile, page or you can set it. So it’s only visible to your friends on Facebook. There’s. Other settings as well. You can create small groups of friends, though close friends and family.

You can just share family photographs with your parents, your brother and sister, for example. After you’ve posted on Facebook, you can change these settings at any time too. So if you post something and decide well, actually I don’t want that to be viewable by anybody.

I’d, rather change it to my friends. You can go in afterwards and change it. Tagging on Facebook is where people can actually label you in a photograph, or they can mention your name in something that they write.

It will make a clickable link through to your profile, so some people, some friends, might want to tag you in a photograph. From last Friday night they can put your name there. It will appear on your Facebook page as well, but you can change the settings for this.

If you don’t want it to happen, sometimes with Facebook, you might want to add apps to it. These might be competition, apps or other types of apps. You can also use Facebook log in to log in to all different kinds of websites all over the Internet.

When you do this, you will usually allow access for these websites and apps to see your public profile and your friends list. So this is something that you might see and you just click, OK on it to give them access.

If you put your name at the top of the page, you will go to your own profile, page, that’s. What people see when they come and visit your page, so we ‘ Ve already got a profile photograph of me here, but you can also add a cover photo, which is a big long photograph across the top.

Now, if you haven’t got a photograph, you want to upload. Some people might upload family photos, travel photos. You can just choose artwork here and Facebook ‘ S got some default things that you can use there on your profile, so Save Changes, and that saves your photograph at the top.

It’s, a good idea to add two photographs for your profile because it does make you look like a real person rather than just leaving it blank click on about, and you can add all sorts of things to your profile.

So if you want to add your current city click here and type it in Brighton, so I want to change this, so only my friends can see that I live in Brighton. You can also add places that you ‘ Ve worked schools, you’ve, been to these are the sort of things that will help.

Your old friends find you on Facebook. So if you do want to make connections, it’s, a good idea to add. In things like universities, you’ve, been to hobbies that you’ve got where you live. You can also add your family members here as well hobbies.

You can add a nickname or a maiden name. For example, people might be searching for you on Facebook, with the name that you used at school before you got married. So you can add in here maiden name now let’s.

Take a look at the settings. If you click the arrow at the top right, you can go into settings in here. You can change loads of different things. So your security, you can change your password if you want to make a stronger password privacy settings by default.

It ‘ S said that friends will see your posts on Facebook. Here you can edit it and change it to public. So if you are doing a lot of competitions on Facebook – and you want to share posts, they should be on the public setting, so that promoters can see those posts.

If you have everything on your Facebook set to friends, the promoters will never see that you shared their competition. It might be that you keep this on friends, but if you do a competition share, you just make sure that you change that to public every time you do it.

Another important section to look at here is notifications. You don’t want to be bombarded with information from Facebook, so here you can set how much information you get or how much you actually see on screen.

So the default here you get notifications now that might be when somebody adds you as a friend someone messages you someone mentioned you in a post and you get a sound when that happens. So you can switch this off in here.

If you don’t want to hear this scrolling down there’s, email settings as well, so by email. You will get important notifications by default. You can change this, so you get all notifications or you can change it.

So you only get important ones that’s. What I’ll, usually have it set on, and those are the most important settings that you need to look at at this stage. But you can go in at any time simply by going back to that menu and changing them.

The next thing I’m going to do is add a couple of friends to my accounts, so you can either click find friends at the top here or you can simply type a friend’s name in this search bar here. I’m, actually going to look for someone that I know and it’s, Lee Gardner and he lives in Carlisle.

So you can actually type and search for somebody’s name and if you know where they live, you can try searching for them there as long as they put their location on their Facebook page. This is an easy way to find them.

So this top one here that’s, the friend that I want to add. So I’m going to just simply click Add friend, and that’s. Gon na send Lee a friend request asking died. Coke would like to add you as a friend and he can choose to accept or reject.

My friend request there’s. Another friend I want to find this time. I’ll click on find friends here and down here. You can look for somebody’s name, so this friend is Jackie and search for her and there she is so I’m gonna add her as a friend as well, so you’ll, see at the top here.

What’s just happened? Is I & # 39? Ve got a little red number up here. Friend, requests, and here I ‘ Ve got another red number messages so that’s. Notifying me that I ‘ Ve got a new friend request and a new message in my inbox, so I’m gonna start by looking at friend request.

So Lee accepted your friend request, so that’s great. We’re friends on Facebook now and he’s also sent me a message. I’m gonna click on the message bubble there. You are now connected on messenger, so that’s, actually just an automatic message that Facebook’s ends because Lee’s accepted my friend request.

We know I’m messenger together as well back on my profile. Page, you ‘ Ll, see that friends there has now got a number one next to it, and there is my friend Lee. If you ever want to hide your friends list from people, you can edit privacy and you can change this, so it’s.

Only. You can see your friends now as well as finding people on Facebook and their individual profile pages. You will also find brand pages and groups as well so brand pages, for example, they could be for shops, restaurants, celebrities even and that is the kind of public face of a company.

So I’m, going to show you how you can find brand pages that are relevant to you if you’re new to Facebook, so, for example, I live in Brighton and I like eating in it, so you can search for something.

As simple as this restaurants in Brighton and the first results that Facebook will give, you will be a couple of restaurants. If you actually click here see all, then you can get loads of links to places that will be relevant to you.

If this is what you’re into, so you can scroll to anything or yeah. I like eating at silo. If you click on that link there silo that takes you to their Facebook page. So on this Facebook page there’s again loads of information.

It shows you where it is the opening times how to contact them. So there’s, all sorts of stuff you can find out. I mean if you keep scrolling, you’ll, probably find a competition or two as well, and if you ever want to contact a business on Facebook, you can simply click send message at the top of the page and get in touch.

That way. You can see here. Facebook actually has default settings because it’s, a restaurant, it ‘ S got frequently asked questions there that you can simply send to them. If you decide you like the page, simply click like here now when you do like a page, Facebook cleverly shows you similar pages you might like.

So if you’re looking for more local businesses, you can scroll through all these suggestions at the bottom and simply start liking things there as well. This will give you a good start for your newsfeed, which, as it suggests, is a feed of things that you’re interested in.

So you choose the things that feature in that newsfeed, your news, feed or your home page will display any time you go to facebook.com or you can always just click home at the top of the page. On the newsfeed top right, you’ll, see trending stories, which means things that are popular in the news or celebrity stories usually clicking on those.

It will take you off Facebook to a website anything that’s blue on Facebook. You can hover over it and you’ll, see a preview of where that will take you if you click on it, which is really handy down on the right-hand side.

Here there’s, some friends suggestions, if I hover over that shows me a bit more about that person scrolling down here. We’ll, start to see posts in my newsfeed. Now I like a few pages now and I’ve got one friend, so the only posts I’ll see will be from those at the moment, although I might see some promoted basically advertising posts as well.

So you can see here lis a shared post from slate to menswear. If I hover over, that tells me a bit more about that company page and at least shared it. I imagine because it’s, a competition that asks you to share.

So if I scroll down, I can see it says like share and comment on this post Solis shared it onto his own Facebook profile to enter the competition. So if I scroll down he’s, got a few more competition posts here and then here’s.

One of the pages that I like this is a venue in Brighton. So this is one of their most recent posts. That’s appeared in my newsfeed now, because I’m interested in them, so you can see even from adding one friend who likes entering competitions.

I have got a super busy newsfeed here there’s loads, going on now, when you’re scrolling through your newsfeed, you might see a post that you’re interested in. If you click the three dots at the top and loads of different options, you can save the link to look at later.

You can hide it if you’re, not interested. If you feel like you’re, seeing too much from a friend, you could snooze them for a month. So you don’t, see their posts in the newsfeed. You can turn on notifications for this post.

If it’s, something that you’re interested in – and you want to hear the conversation about that post in the comments you can turn on notifications. So every time somebody comments you’ll, get a notification.

Saying old song commented on this post to find post that you’ve saved, simply click on the saved option on the left-hand bar and then you can find anything that you’ve saved when you’ve added a friend On Facebook there’s, a few things you can choose to do if you want to see more of their posts, click to go to their profile, and then here you can choose to get notifications.

So every time leave does a new post. I can choose to get notified about it by Facebook. I can also add into a close friends list. If I want Facebook to show me more of his updates, and here I can click following and see.

First so I will see Lee’s posts. First, in my newsfeed now let’s. Look at how we like and comment on a Facebook post. I’ve got a competition here from Love, Brighton and I need to like and comment to enter scroll down to, like a post.

Simply click the thumbs up. You can actually react using other things as well, so I click again to unlike it. If I hover over that, I’ve got options. I can like love, laughs, Wow, sad or angry. I can choose any of those.

I’m just gonna go for like for now. If you change your mind, just click again to unlike now to comment, I can just leave a comment here. First of all, though, I’m gonna look at the other comments. So view all 19 comments – and you can scroll down here and you can see, people are commenting and they are tagging friends in these comments, so anything that’s blue.

You can hover over that and you can see the profile of the person that they’re tagging here. So I can see Brett’s profile there, but I can see that he ‘ S also tagged his friend here to enter, so I want to do the same now.

You might remember that I ‘ Ve only got one friend on this Facebook account it’s Lee. So I’m gonna leave a comment here and tag Lee of course, so I’d like to take and then to tag Lee. Do the @ sign and then start typing Lee.

I’d like to take Lee Gardner to VegFest and then to post that you simply press enter there. You go and that’s. My entry done in a minute that will change his name to blue, so he’s linked in that entry.

So I’ve liked the post I’ve commented on the post. I’ve, also tagged a friend in that post as well. Now Lee will get a notification there to say that I’ve tagged him in that post. So if he wants to enter, he can find his way via that notification and he can leave a comment as well.

He might want to tag me back in that one. Now you’ll, see I ‘ Ve got a notification here, a pop up Lee gonna likes your comment: you’ll, also find that notification up here if you click on the globe icon.

Now, if you make a mistake in a Facebook post or comment don’t worry, you can always edit it simply hover your curser until you see the three dots click on those and edit or delete. So I’m, going to click Edit and the end here.

I want to insert an emoji, so I’m gonna put little smiley face at the end there and then simply press ENTER again. You’ve edited your post. When you’ve edited a post, you’ll, see underneath it said edited.

You can always click on that to see the Edit history. Now let’s. Have a quick look at sending messages on facebook? If you click the speech bubble up at the top there, you can see your message. Inbox click at the bottom see all in messenger, and you can see it does a full screen which makes it a bit easier to see what’s going on now, Jackie and I have recently connected on Facebook.

So I can send her a message directly in here. So let’s, send Jackie a test message now across the bottom. Here you got loads of options. You can upload a photo attachment from your computer. You can add what’s called a sticker, which is a fun little sticker loads of different themes here to choose from, or you can add, a gif which is like a miniature movie.

You can choose an emoji to add, you can even add a voice recording or you can take a quick photo of yourself when you finish your message, simply click send or press ENTER now messages that you send on Facebook are private between you and the recipient.

It’s not like when you leave posts or comments on your own profile, page or on a business page or in a Facebook group where other people can see messages are always completely private back in messenger that are other places.

That messages can hide on Facebook. If you click on the COG icon top left there, you’ll, see in this menu. You’ve, actually got message requests as well. Now, if you click on that, this is where messages will go from people who don’t know you face what will file them into message requests and then you can accept or decline those requests there’s.

Another type of message as well, which Facebook identifies as spam and that will go into your filtered requests. You can see at the bottom of your message. Requests here see filtered requests. So if you’ve got messages that Facebook thinks are spam.

They are gonna hide them away in filtered requests. You will not get a notification about anything in your filtered requests, so you should keep an eye on it and check it regularly. Just in case there is something important in there now.

Facebook is always adding loads of new options for what you can actually do with a post, so you might want to have a play with these yourself. If you go to friends here and then click more, you can change that to only me, so you can do some posts on your own Facebook page without anybody seeing them just to see what all the different settings do.

So, for example, here’s, a normal text post. If I click on these, it changes the background. Click on the white again to turn that off you can add photographs, you can add a feeling to your post. So I’m feeling excited that will appear at the bottom of your post.

You can check in at a certain location, you can add a little gif or a sticker. You can ask questions of people, you can add a poll. What’s, your favorite cheese, for example? You can ask your friends a question like that: cheddar Stilton.

Now your friends can vote on what’s, their favorite. If you want to change the setting of who actually sees this, if you want to change your mind and show it to your friends, simply click that padlock and change it to public or friends.

Something new is the ability to actually create a list. So my top five competition wins, for example, you can do this just as a bit of a talking point for friends. What’s important to remember with Facebook privacy is on your own page, your own Facebook profile.

You have control, so you can change who sees things you can say whether it’s just for yourself for everybody, for friends or just specific friends. However, when you’re posting and Facebook groups or Facebook pages, for example, brand pages, you are then restricted to the privacy of that page.

So, for example, all Facebook pages are set to public anybody can view the comments and the posts on those pages. So when you enter a competition or, for example, you leave a complaint on the Morrisons page, for example, everybody can see that comment and anyone can comment on it and react to it.

You have no control over sit. Who sees that post? You are posting on a public age. Therefore, your comments, your post, is completely public. Now Facebook groups are different to pages. They’re designed, so people can chat as a community.

Now some brands do have Facebook groups, but generally they’re, set up amongst people themselves. They come together to talk about local history, to talk about competitions, to talk about pop stars that they like.

So I’m gonna show you a few different kinds of groups. Now, public groups are ones that anybody can see the content. So this group here is one of my groups: competition winners. Now this is designed for people to share winners, lists of competitions so for Facebook competitions.

Sometimes it’s quite hard to know. If you’ve won so people in this group. They will share posts from company pages to try and help people to find their wins. So this group, you can actually see everything that’s in this group.

Without joining you, don’t need to be a group member, so it’s. A public group. Everything is public. You can even like posts in this group without joining. However, if you want to take part and actually leave a post in this group yourself, you will have to join the group in order to do that.

You can click join group at the top again because it’s. A public group, though any posts in there, are visible to anybody now. This is a different kind of group. This is a closed group. It’s, a group for local campus in Sussex, so you can’t scroll down and see any of the content any of the posts inside the group until you asked to join and you’re approved by one of The admin team in this group that’s because it’s very specific content.

It’s, local content, it’s, not really of interest to everybody. The members want to share within themselves so that made it a closed group, but anyone can be a member of this closed group. You just need to click join and then the admin decide whether to allow you to join the group or not.

When you post within a closed group, only the group members can see that post. Nobody from outside the group can see that post. If you are a member of a closed group, though, that’s visible to anybody, so I can click here to see all members of this group and I can see the details and links to profiles of every member.

This closed Facebook group now some Facebook groups are secret groups and I can’t show you one. I’m here at the moment, because I’m. Not a member with this account that I’ve set up just for this tutorial, but a secret group you can’t even search for it on Facebook.

You need to be invited to join by someone who’s already a member of the group and in a secret group again, the only people who will see your posts are the members of that secret group. Now, if you come across a post on Facebook that you want to save for later, you can add it to your save posts here, save link, and then you can always find that here in saved on the left, hand, menu or you might want to actually save The link and perhaps send it to someone as an email or as a message to get the link to an individual Facebook post click, the timestamp underneath so, for example.

Here, if I click on one hour and then open link in new tab, I’ve. Now got a Facebook tab with only this post in, and you can see at the top here. This really really long link. If I triple click that and then copy it, that’s, the link to that post and then, if I wanted to send it as a message with some pool, let’s, send it to super lucky.

I can just paste that link and then a preview of that post will appear so that’s, how you find the direct link to a single Facebook post. You click on the timestamp of that post. Now let’s. Have a little look at the Facebook search function, this search bar at the top.

You can pretty much type anything in you can say friends of mine that went to university in Bradford, for example, and Facebook will show you, those friends or you can search for something really general.

So, for example, if you’re interested in local history, i’ll, put in brighton history, for example, just as a search term. No facebook is gonna show me all sorts of things here. So, for example, if i, if i click on pages it’s, gonna show me companies who are linked to brighton history, so local museums, for example, and tours if i click on groups, it’s.

Just gonna show me groups that i can join, which are about brighton and its history, all sorts of groups there that you can join. If that’s. What you’re interested in posts will show you public facebook posts that are related to brighton history.

If you scroll down, you can always click on see all and that will show you more along the same lines. So if there is something you’re interested in and you’re, looking for pages to like groups to join, then simply try the search bar because you’ll, find all sorts of things there now over.

On the left hand side here, you can filter the results that you get so the most useful are actually down at the bottom. There you can choose the location and you can choose a date. So if you want to restrict it, you can choose a year or you can be more specific and you can choose a month so, for example, posts related to brighton history in February 2018.

Now you can actually choose the order of things you see in your newsfeed on Facebook. If you go to the arrow top right news, feed preferences, you can say which of your friends or pages you want to see.

First, you can also discover pages that match your interest. So once you’ve liked a few pages on Facebook, Facebook knows the sorts of things you’re interested in and you can scroll down and you might find some good local pages there too, like in the same menu.

You can view your activity log here in your activity. Log. You can see all the things you’ve been up to over on the left-hand side, you can filter. So, for example, if you want to see all the posts that you’ve commented on simply click on comments, and you can see the post you commented on and the comment that you left.

This is quite handy. If you’ve entered a lot of comment competitions because you can go back, see what you’ve entered and go and check to see if they announce to win or not. Now, generally, people won’t log out of Facebook.

If you’re, the only person who uses this computer you don’t need to. It will always be logged in when you go back to it. But if you do need to log out simply click the arrow and go down to logout at the top.

I hope you find this video useful if you did like it. Please subscribe to my channel and give it a thumbs up. I’m, going to add some useful links in the description below the video as well, so you can find out more about Facebook and how to enter competitions on Facebook, hopefully see you over.

My blog at super lucky dummy soon bye. You

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