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So we’re, going to do a cost per action method, which basically means we’re, going to send out push notification ads and we want them to convert quickly. This is basically a money in money out approach, so you can make money by running these simple campaigns.

So what we’ll do is, first of all, we’ll log into propeller ads. I’ve, not been here for a while, but i see i have around 300 left. We will create a landing page if needed, but first of all we’ll, go to the campaigns tab and you can see.

We have a tremendous amount of campaigns here. We ran in the past, but we haven’t ran this month, so i’m, going to create a new campaign and i’m going to give this campaign watch me. Build youtube that’s.

What i like to call these videos – and we’re, going to select push notifications, so we’re, not going to do on click popunders or interstitial. We’re, actually going to create push notification ads and we’re, going to run classic push.

Apparently, at the moment they don’t have in-page push, let’s, see we can do on a cpa goal, but i don’t want to run that way. I prefer to run either cpc or then you can run it in page push or cpm, and i like so they say.

Auto. Optimization here is low manual control over the bid user activity targeting and best for scaling cpa at auto observation low because that’s, where the cpa goal comes in basically user activity targeting paying for user engagement.

I want to go cpm because i know the ads that we make because we are more experienced. Affiliate marketers will do quite well and therefore will achieve a high click-through rate, meaning the people who we distribute or adds to will click often on our ads.

So therefore, we will run cpm cost per mill, basically cost per thousand impressions and not cost per click. A different payment pricing model. I’m, not going to go into more detail because there will be quite a lot of information on that.

Do we want to run in page push or classic push? In general, i only run one variable per campaign, and for this one we’re, going to run classic push, so wait for the graph to adjust. So we know where the bit should be at then the targeting url we’re not going to yet place because i don’t have it yet the user visitor frequency.

I want to show it a maximum of let’s, say one time per 24 hours. I think that will be fine. Once you have found your flow to which you can say, you got consistent conversions. You can obviously increase the frequency capping to show it more often to the user to opt in all right.

Then we come to the creative. So now it is time to choose our offer and if you want to make money fast on propeller ads, we need to have something with a low barrier of entry. We want to spend the minimum amount of money for the highest potential gain, keeping in mind that if you are an affiliate marketer and you have no experience with push traffic, we have to find the easiest source, which is for this example.

I would say definitely sweepstake ads right, so we should go into an affiliate network. We should go into our tracker and basically set everything up to be tracked by these softwares and obviously we need the offer as well to make it user friendly.

I will use max bounty, but i don’t think i have my passport. No, i don’t have the password, so i will use gotcha for this. Video and gotcha is basically an affiliate network that has a tremendous amount of affiliate offers, especially on the sweepstakes side.

I’m, looking specifically for a new zealand offer, so let’s, see if they have that available. The reason i’m searching for new zealand is that they tend to convert really well these offers, and they have many.

But, as you can see, these offers are all not public. They are applied to run, so i would have to get approval beforehand from this affiliate network to run them. That’s quite unfortunate, but let me go to bigbang ads and see if i can get access to the offers that way.

This is an advertiser, not an affiliate network, so in that regard you might be more difficult to get into, but i have new zealand offers approved here and i can choose from quite a bit. Obviously i would prefer to promote the iphone 12.

. The landing page looks like this: people can choose their iphone and then there’s, an opt-in. So i would definitely prefer to use a landing page here, but we got our affiliate link, so we are going to promote this offer, which pays us 2 euros and 20 cents, and all they have to do is a single opt-in.

So what that means is that the user selects the phone they want and they have a chance to win. They fill in their information. They accept the terms and conditions to enter, which basically means that their information gets sold to call centers, which call them with offers, and we get paid money for providing the lead information very, very low barrier of entry, because the people don’t have To buy anything, all they have to do is to give their information, and obviously, if you’ve seen any of my videos, i’ve, made hundreds of thousands of dollars by providing these kind of offers, my absolute favorites.

So now we know that we are going to promote a sweepstake offer right. I’m going to go inside. The landorise tool is what i use to create my landing pages and from the template list. I’m, going to select sweepstakes, and these are the templates i can choose from so we have simple quizzes to scratch card quizzes to an envelope quiz to spinner, to make it more engaging for the users.

I personally, like the gift box or the envelope you don’t, see the envelope that often you do see the gift box often, but i’m going to go for the gift box right now. I think i’ve mixed out the amount of templates i can use, so i just need to delete one and then i go back sweep drop down sweepstakes! Oh my bad! Here it is.

I’m freaking blind did. I went over my account 51.. I think the limit on my account is already 50, so support at the test. For me, i just need to bear with me. I just need to delete some test lenders so now i have 49.

Now it should work yep there. We go watch me build that’s. What the lander is called all right. This is the gift box. Lender. Congratulations! Amazon! Client! Today, is your lucky day. Today you are one of the five lucky customers chosen at random.

Who can win an iphone xs? All you have to do is get okay, congratulations! Okay! I’m just gonna remi. I’m just gonna secretly. Today is your lucky day today, you’re, one of the lucky five lucky you’re, one of the five lucky chosen people at random, which is fine, who have a chance to receive a free, iphone 12.

, that’s. Quite cool free, iphone, 12.: all you have to do is guess the right gift package. You have three attempts. Good luck! All right, perfect! Only today, third of november, dear apple customer visit every tuesday, which is five lucky apple customers to win the product right.

So this is all auto populated, so third of november is automatically pulled from your computer uh for your device and this as well to win a new apple product. We need to change this to iphone 12 and then, basically that they can select three times.

It will work as a game and then they have the iphone all right. So we need to change this crochet. U1. The iphone 12. The rules you’ll, be redirected to a website. Certified distributors enter your address uh to get iphone 12.

You might win a new iphone 12. okay. So this is basically the disclaimer where we cannot say they actually won. So if you look at the offers, you know how affiliate markets are. Sometimes we’re a little dodgy.

Sometimes we’re a little tricky. However, you cannot do instant winner. Let me see where it says that no misuse representation of third brands all right, so we kind of doing that, but strictly no intensified traffic incentivized, we’re, not doing that.

Users must be 23 years and older all right. This is something we cannot control with push, but that is okay, because new zealand tend to be general, auto audience anyway, but this is all good, so press, ok and then it redirects.

So basically we finished up everything. What we need now is. We need to go into our tracker and now use volume, so we log into our volume account and then we wait. So today i didn’t run anything yet, but we are going to create a new campaign and i’m going to do a simple variation.

So i’m going to work in my workspace. Traffic source will be propeller ads. I will run this in new zealand and the tracking is obviously very important, because else we don’t know where the conversions came from, who opted in who and then the optimization.

I will explain that in a second all right. This is colin watch me build youtube. Okay, so we run on a cpm, so it says cpc cpm, but it will automatically pull in the data from propeller ad. So we run on a specific flow and we’re going to create a new flow flow, meaning it will first go to the add and then to the lander and then the offer will run double meta safety purposes lenders and offers double maid again.

Select lander right um, but i forgot one thing: i forgot one thing: okay, let me oh maybe i saved it because we need to put the click url here, um and my url. Oh there, it is so i should put in h so greenlands.

com click is my url and then i’m going to put in an advanced trick. I just need to go to my forum real quickly because i don’t. Have it here which is basically a back button url with the back button url? I know i have it in a clickbank case study with a back button url.

Basically, if somebody leaves their phone browser when it opens in the browser – and they want to go back, do something else – they’ll, be redirected to the offer i put in anyway. That’s, basically how we can make some extra cash doesn’t tend to work as well on native as on other traffic sources, but all in all, it can still make you quite a good amount of money side money right, so It’s better than definitely not using it at all.

Let me see where i put it. I put it right here, so this is the script i use to. It might look at fonts, but i don’t know really what it actually does. All i have to know is that this is the back button script, and i put my campaign url here so to do that.

I’m, going to go a little bit advanced and put a sub id for the back button so that the string gets a back button f’s up which basically difference the real conversions from propeller ads from the back button.

Conversions. So i know which one came from the back button and which one came from the actual campaign, which is nice for further use. So i’m going to save this. Then i’m going to publish it. Oh wait.

I need to change all links. First, okay, let me check it’s all saved yep here it is now published, publish, yeah, okay change, it then, okay, let’s, say saving your template. Okay, now it’s saved and then publish it.

Let’s say we have published it successfully. We publish it to healthy, sound all right. Access key is not right for that domain. Then we put it on this domain and then it puts this on this landing page and then basically, what we do is we create a new lender.

Everything went well, and this is just a demo campaign for you guys right how to build it. So it’s. All good watch me build youtube and we’re, not even at the juicy stuff. Yet, okay verify this lender missing: oh yeah, of course, because the tracking url was not there because i just used the additional example.

That is fine new zealand affiliate network, big bang ads the offer url just make sure we remove the additional fsap parameter. We put the offer url in and what’s important is that we attach the click id because without the click id the put the end sign, the click url will not be activated.

Okay, save set, save okay, save okay. Watch me build okay, save damn bruh, we’re getting slow today, okay, so the new flow is in safe. I don’t want to use no atomizer rules. Okay, perfect campaign done campaign done campaign done, i type in new disneyland and we go grab.

Our offer watch me build youtube. I click copy url and now i have the campaign url and i’m, going to put that inside the target. Url, you can see it picks up all of the parameters operating system, country zone click id.

Basically, what i want to see zone type user activity banner id i don’t want to see, and therefore the parameters are not attached here, as per preset. In volume, okay, frequency capping done now it’s time to make the creatives, and obviously i have a membership to the amazing spy tool and stretch, and i’m going to use it right now to look for some.

This is native, but i want to be in push okay push search, iphone. 12. Okay. I want to have my ads in the language off english. Please, and then we can see how okay holiday missed calls. You can win an iphone walmart.

One message: okay, click here to see if you qualify; okay, so what i always say to my students – and i tell it on every youtube – video use the information from the spy tool as inspiration, don’t, just copy paste stuff.

Definitely don’t just copy paste stuff, all right: okay, 30 characters! Is this your iphone? 12? Okay? Go to this website pill, pilli app and then take some emoji accounts because we can use them on phone file.

Your email, you can okay, this iphone! 12 is waiting for e for us s. Okay, take this don’t, make it look too spammy, but that looks good okay, so we can have one icon and one image: yeah. Okay, then, what we do is we go into entrance because the icon you can copy.

I don’t really give a about that, but we want to basically make a message: symbol or gift symbol or the bell. The bell also, which tends to work really well, so let me give that bell a shot see if that works.

I have just downloaded a whole push file, but okay, this one works. Fine perfect, then, the image 360 by 240. – okay, so i go to canva, is the two i use 360 by 240. This is basically what i always do.

My free design stuff is the free tool um, and i make all my ads my youtube videos using this little software, so the ads are 360 by 240, so we need to find images. So girl with iphone 12 is probably one of my favorite things: 12 bucks.

Okay, now i iphone 12 gift box. It doesn’t have to be the iphone 12 people. Don’t know anyway. Oh this one is cool. I’m gonna use this one. Oh it’s. A web page download, but people think they’re smarter than me.

They’re, not bruh. I’m just gonna screenshot this level up, not a problem, not a problem there. It is there we go not the best. One it’s, definitely not as crisp, so we cannot use it um. Okay, then we do iphone boxes, perfect, yep, something like this always works.

Well, this is our ipads. The stacks of iphone boxes definitely tend to work real well, these are upside down. As well, okay, oh adjust flip, because then they mirror it right. Okay, perfect, that’s. Good okay, push iphone one sure png just make sure the file’s, not too big.

Perfect, see iphone stack like that. It’s, not really perfect and windows. Oh, i asked you mac that’s. Nice, as you is the original png, but with the white background it works. Okay, we’re only going to run on propeller ads.

Obviously, you can add more creatives, right so add at least four creatives or more for the best performance. So you can even do button text that’s, cool that’s cool, add another creative for testing.

You can add basically another one. A second creative, but i’m just going to show you one example for today: propeller ads broker traffic. We’re going to test on medium, so that’s. What basically, what i said in the beginning, select one variable and then set recommended rate hell? No, i set my own bid countries, new zealand for the targeting wait for it to adjust.

We include everything, so this is called a run on network campaign. See we see the curve adjust? Okay, yeah! I will do okay, so there’s, a big gap between these two. I will probably do okay. So to recommend this 50 cents.

I’ll. Probably do 16 cents still cheap? I can probably pay on testing an 18 cents cpm. Where would i be that’s? Quite good yeah? That’s, good? That’s? Fine, we & # 39; ll start the testing with that all right.

So the reason we only want one variable is because very variables compound quickly. These are three. These are two which is six combinations. These are through, which is 18 combinations. Right then, the the frequency let’s, say it’s.

Two 36 combinations, five different ads times five times two times three. There you go it’s nightmare. You’re running into hundreds or thousands of different variables, uh. That was wrong. A hundred or thousand different potential outcomes, which is obviously not what you want, so the rate would be 18 and one cents collect audience for retargeting generally, do not collect unless you want to do something specific place: the pixel daily budget.

Well, there’s. A whole lot more all right, so i don’t want to do smart, optimization daily budget. How low can we go 30 dollars total campaign bridge at 30, so it only runs in one day. I want to run mobile only it’s going to adjust again.

Are we going to be better or worse little? Worse, mobile’s a little bit more expensive, apparently all right, and that is the overall data. You have a lot of more different settings, a little bit more variables, but i want to keep it easy for you guys, so this is basically on propeller ads a fast way to make money by promoting these kind of sweepstakes ads.

I have many lengthy tutorials about push notifications. I tried to keep this one short. I really did if you want to have a more extensive elaboration on these kinds of campaign creations, whether it is for propeller ads traffic or some kind of other platform, a different vertical.

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