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Where’d, it go at all. I’m just gonna record. I thought the kids are sleeping, but I keep going so basically what God today’s Sunday. The market is not open yet, but I want to make a video and actually talk about my life story, how I got to trainings what happened in the first three months of trading and what happened after that, and so I started trading back in January of this Year and got introduced to I market products or Forex MLM company and met some pretty cool people over there and learn and learn some pretty good secrets and tips from them, and then I started the money, my own strategy after that.

Well, on top of that, I want to go back and show you guys a snapshot where I lost seventeen thousand eight hundred forty-five. This was when I was with using traders way as well. One of my former smokers, the first initial Forex broker that I used in the beginning was FX choice.

When I, when I joined all the you know, I market flies and at that time I told nothing about trading. I didn’t know what to do when I traded. I just get price action on the value where the current is gone.

So, okay, so with that, you know all throw with FX choice. Okay, I open up FX choice whether she was 200. While I put a hard bucks in and then that following week I made I made, I got the account up to like 250 260 good.

Then the next day I lost it all because I I swung it overnight and it was on the pound. Okay, so I had to learn from different different types of has been of different ways of trading, and I have nowhere else to look to.

I know there’s, a lot of forints groups on Facebook on social media. There’s, a lot of Forex education courses out there for yet a like thousands of dollars to learn how to trade, and so I stumble upon a someone.

I’m, not to mention his name. Buy some more paw enjoy that selfie. It’s. So alright, where we got you headed with the baby, sweet, so yeah. So he’s using FX choice, and then I got in it and then after that no problem, oh tell Tom, all looking for is so I learned from someone ha, let’s go and it’s.

Coping strategy was pretty good. It was too hard bucks to the course, and you know Facebook I’m, not going to mention his name’s. I learned a lot from him yeah I still following kids till this day and so whatever like my own, my own, my own strategy trading, because I was a really high risk, aggressive trader and I stat trade and on top of trades and I didn’t know I didn’t set any stop losses.

I didn’t set any take profit on any of that stuff. This is a crucial point of my life because in two weeks I flipped the account from 350 to almost 30,000 and so and I was abusing traders with and so and it was all on DSD JPY.

So this is where the first snapshot on where I started with the with the three it was 275 and then they give you a matching bonus, so on top of that, so it was like 750 all together, and this is where it took off.

Well, the reason why I bought a penny was because I wanted to see if the market would shift in the north and the other opposite direction, and at that time I was still with I market slides and I still we were on a chat group on the Webinar and we were going to go and trade usd/jpy and sell it during London sessions.

I never. I never stayed up for loving sessions. I didn’t know what loving such as was at the time. I knew here was four sessions, but I didn’t quite understand what what goes on during London sessions.

So I also preview. This was like February, 24 February 25th around there, the third week of February, and it took off – and I mean you can see you can see on these snapshots that I’m, taking because I was really shocked to see where the trend was going And the guy that was actually talking about it.

He’s been trading for five years, so I was so skeptical about usd/jpy, because I never traded that currency and I ignore anything about usd/jpy. I didn’t, know anything about the US dollar, so there is a good tip splitting from him and so that night I took off and it just kept going on selling.

You know. Normally you go bet you don’t. Take you don’t trade being positioned at as standard lot, especially on it on a 375 account. You know, and you can see that my equity all this stuff is right here, but I was gain profit and we swung.

I’m. Just going to go for the left turn go to my snapshot. Here I can’t. Take your snapshots almost every every hour, because we, I stayed up to all to 6:30 in the morning with you guys notice that it kallen still growing out Saul’s, knowledge, the black Mouth, not red, and I think this was the profit that I Cashed out on in 924, so I was shocked and you know surprised to see that I made almost a thousand bucks in a matter of four hours, four or five hours, and so I was like you know what I said.

No, I’m going to take was what you just said and do the same thing, but I want to set some higher Lots on it. So you’re going to see. I’m a thousand that day now now I’m up 1350. Okay, now look at this step into more trades on you see, gage, who I noticed that all I did was I bought or sold usd/jpy, nothing to no other currency whatsoever.

You can make a lot of money off of one currency if you really focus on where the trends going. Okay, this is the next day and they just kept going for me over over 2,400 and equity. You know and like I said, I was always really getting aggressive on my trading and everything everything was going.

My way. Okay, now now my child up to 2,500 okay, so I’m, trying to go a little bit faster for you guys yet so you get and see how fast I was going. This account here. Okay, look at that. I saw him for 350 made five hundred five sold for $ 2.

Make you fifty one – and this was February – 23rd, 2017 whoo, okay. So in Lucknow my balance, almost three thousand but then look at the equity 3700. I sold you to get you out for six bucks making 468 so profit for the day just going off to China.

Where was going for the sell? Look at I made thirty four hundred and one day I did some pretty crazy laws. Look at 285 through 75. So you $ 54 250. I mean I did some really insane aggressive trading high-risk.

I didn’t said you thought. Losses take profit whatsoever, Nadia Tata is up to 6400. This is – and this is what I was with traders wing – okay, the equity that’s. Seven thousand so I’m trying to turn around through here profit of 4000, and I think that was Friday, profit of 6000 and always doing some really really crazy stuff, and so so, if one week I got the account up to 7000.

I mean lesson we get less than we got. I got up to 7,000, okay, so come on. I ‘ Ll shift, throw a lot of photos here of see here. 462. I’m trying to be right through here oops. I yet notice that I was doing so.

This is on a 28th of February rebuy, you J cuz. They went up. Okay, look at that 4,000 for hard and profit, and this is all you see: JPY. Okay, here we go HL Bell deposit of 705, okay kind of devil, calm! You don’t, see that so I’m, showing you got an actual Idol talent that when I first started with Tulsa, twelve thousand four thousand property get it in one day.

Look at! I paused! You see gin gy for $ 15. It made us male or thought: okay at five dollars, a thousand ten dollars about almost 2 grand now second week, this the last week of February of this year, I made you know in two weeks: the ones in two weeks I forgot.

Okay, I try retains what’s in screech, as I can hear all yeah, so, basically less than two weeks it was fortune thousand. Let me show you guys crazy, crazy stuff, and then I got into selling gold okay.

This is where I got a really really super intent of high aggressive tree and look at these best, you don’t ever bet that much 20 hours, 20 hours – seven 56-51 – I mean 501. It was crazy what I was doing on these trades.

Ten thousand four hundred thirteen dollars and one day and profit when I cashed out in and data is not that is not now he calls up to twenty thousand. This was this: was the week of NFP knock on payroll on the first week of March? Okay, twenty thousand in the account, as you guys can see here, I anticipated yeah.

This is where okay, so this is where I anticipated, because after now, from Kara was positive. Okay, if a spice up reason why I picked this snapchat which, because this is the day, I lost 17 dollars right here – if you guys can see that that’s.

Why I had this? I have this snapshot right here, for you guys, okay, but my pictures are not in chronic chronological order, so I’ll, be showing you guys what I built the accounts up to 20,000 profit for two weeks, as you guys can see: okay.

21,000. Alright, alright, so this is what the last snapshot that I took before you count: one negative, ok, bowels of 26,000. Okay, there’s, the last nap shop editor, and then I did a withdraws. The one thing I hate about triggers way is that they did they wouldn’t, let you withdraw what you put into the it with well what they would you put into the account, and I think that was BS to be honest, because the fact That you made all this money and they won’t.

Let you they don’t, let you pull harbors on your profit back, but they’re, but they’re willing to take your money and it lets you trade and give you the matching deposit bonus. But but then, when it comes to taking your money out, they’re like no.

No, you can only. You can only take out what you put in. I think that was bogus. That’s, one of the things. That was one of reasons why I think that was one of the reasons and then other second reason why I love cherries way is an all jumpin, the subject, but otherwise variety left triggers wings because they glitch so much in the Medicare for okay.

So, as you guys can see, things are going pretty good in the morning. Okay, things a little pretty good. Last snapshot before yelling, with speaking BAM right here at negative, seven thousand at the end of the day on Friday, knock on payroll cajoling, which speaking she says, and the negative comments about the US economy.

That’s. Why our debt went negative? Twelve thousand, that’s. All fifty does point negative. Six thousand, so I took a huge hit and I always wondered to myself. I said you know I was really devastated at that point and I was like you know what maybe trading isn’t for me.

Oh did I do that. I anticipated something wrong in the markets. That day, you know. I thought that you hit me. Did you I was going to hit with that 115 mark and I just know anything about reading the 4-hour chart the daily chart.

I didn’t know anything about that stuff. All I look for was all I thought was. I was going to do there’s, going to hit 115, never did ever since. Ever since that day UTG I dropped all the way back to 108 and never went back to 114.

If you go back to March on your calendar, it looks that the the non-farm payroll it dropped all the way back. It was a saw instantly and it was Silla soft. I mean this was a crucial moment in my life and in my four extreme, to take a step back, learn not to be aggressive.

All the time you can’t be aggressive on certain days there’s, going to be those days where you can maximize your profit, where you can leverage your whole account and get it all and make and and make a lot of Profit I’m telling you I mean there’s.

I would say what is, and Thursdays is great up until Friday morning, but Friday Friday is a pretty tricky bit, because it can reverse back on you just showing how much I lost and, as you put any other photos that I missed out.

But I mean it was honest gaming desktop at about um, but yeah. It was all it was a pretty. This is a stuff that I bought. It still costs money, but you know you guys got my my first half of the story: yeah Linda the second half.

This story, I look at our Forbes brokerage. I love making their video there and I looked at our Forbes broker and I looked at v Pro trading l, MSX, lqd, FX trade, wise all the other ones like XM Vantage FF IC markets, PACs, Forbes, look at all the other ones, put them on ones that I set like excellent vantage FX, I see markets, they don’t accept us clients and you have to go with.

I was trying to find a Forex broker that wasn’t going to blitz all the time on their on administrator for out, and that was very reliable on customer service because I didn’t want to be at answers from customer service.

You know, and I didn’t care if they were regularly or not. I mean a lot of people, look for the regulated, forex brokers, but especially for you at clients. You really, you really have to go what you have and it’s really hard to go with.

When you’re in the US, it’s really hard to trade. You know, because I know there’s. All over are hundreds for brokers, but yet – and you get in the US – you can only go to a certain amount of forest overs that you can choose from, and so I took a step back from training for a week and then I went back at it Again, with traders way again and – and I and I just went back to just with no plan whatsoever – knows no strategy, he hunt for sex all out.

Go big, go hold that that was my mentality, and I had to think it. I was just like. I was like that I’m, really a really high aggressive traitor and I still did not set any stop losses whatsoever. I just decided this to be like yeah, you know it’s, it’s worth you know.

It’s worth we’re. Doing this, so don’t try to make what I lost. You cannot make what you lost. I learned it the hard way and I had to keep learning the hard way and so that’s. Why I say you I said to myself: maybe it’s, time to just go back to the double count and taking more serious on the double count.

Now really glad I got to LMS XD clutch the fact that they have the demo contest. I’ve, been my below to be the top 3 for devil contests and top 3 for crystal ball contests, so that’s. Why? I got all the text on top of that they don’t, have the crazy technical issues like traitors, wait and I’m, not getting back into FX choice, even though I do have an account with them.

You know the leverage is too small, 201 in ink and cut, especially for someone to get us that’s going to hedge, the account scalp. The account would be a high high aggressive trader like me. So basically, I had to take a lot of steps back from live trading and learn from these past experiences, and there are, there will be days where you make a lot of money.

You know, especially that one day you know, and you can go all you know, but you can’t just try and go all out every single day and I always concentrate at the charts 8 to 10 hours a day with my kids, I mean I was basically just staring at charts as much as I could they nothing wrong staring at the charts.

I mean about four foot you just gonna laugh. You know a lot of focus and then you’re. Just way too focus I’m just staring at the charts and then you’re like then, you anticipate too much when you stare at the charts and so no your technical analysis and have an actual financial plan when you want to Come to trade, you don’t want to trade, your rest money, you don’t want to trade.

Your car payment money, you’ll, want to trade money that you don’t, have and then and then hoping to make it big. So that’s. What I thought I could do you know, and I’m. Not I’m trying to be as real as I can’t.

I thought I could make it big. I didn’t have a specific goal when I came when it came to trading, and that is themselves the biggest thing that I then look into people say that they want to make it big, but then they don’t know.

You have a plan after that, so where I have a purpose until you got it, you got to have some sort of plan and you got to keep with that playing guys sit with it. You can’t just be like I’ll, try making big make ten dollars in a week, and then you only hit half of that and then now you’re scrambling to make ten thousand a week, and then you End up losing it all on target, and so you know you don’t want to anticipate too much about the markets.

Just want to have a balance. You know, and you got to find that balance. No one should get at stick with it and learn the new thing along the way, and so there you guys, have you guys have my story, you know and it’s not hard to flip an account.

I mean, if I can do it, anyone can do it. Anyone can flip an account, and I did I flipped the account from a 350 dollar deposit. All else is almost 30,000 26,000 and then lost it all off while Thursday that I built and that’s.

Why I said we got ta? Have that financial plan structured? What’s? The financial plan structure you’ve got to pay yourself every week. I always recommend that you got to pay yourself every week. You know that’s, a weekly paycheck or matter-of-fact, pull your money out and put it somewhere.

You know that’s, why we’re all affected or they have the LMS likes wallet. You can pull that you can withdraw and transfer that money case your wallet, let it sit there in case if you do need to pull it out to your bank account or your dick with your your credit card or debit card, or you can transfer back to Another trading caliphate you open up it’s, really crucial.

You didn’t, have really good. You can be really good at trading, but don’t know how to manage money. That is going to be a huge problem. If you don’t know how I manage money, that’s, probably the biggest thing.

So there you guys. Have you guys have my story. I’m going to try. I’m gonna make more. I’m, going to make some more videos and uploading today on why I chose all mfx simple training, because I would use it for filtrating and I’m, going to talk a little ball on these.

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