How I Leverage SendOwl To Bring In 4 Streams of Income

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today we are talking about how I leveraged send owl to bring in four different streams of income. Let’s, get into the episode, so using Simbel actually came about from the creation of my first ebook.

I would try to figure out which platform I should use. I checked out a few like Gumroad and DPD and at the time I was actually using Sindel to join other affiliate programs, and I don’t know what kind of looks like a good platform like it’s, really easy to use On the affiliate side, so maybe I should give it a shot on the delivery side and plus a lot of entrepreneurs and bloggers that I admired were using this platform themselves to deliver the products I was like, ok, well, it makes sense.

Now I’ll, try it out and see how it goes. So I tried it out and I absolutely fell in love with this platform seriously. I just loved it. It wasn’t so easy to use, and while I was using, I actually discovered that I could leverage it in other ways to bring in more money.

So let’s, get into what those four ways were so number one. I obviously use ml to deliver my digital products, or, in this case my ebook, how to make your first affiliate sale in 24 hours. Now this is a product that sells me every single day like hotcakes.

So for me, when I signed up, it was really important that I had a platform that made the process extremely easy for me and also for the customer and honestly Simbel does not disappoint with this, because it’s so easy to set up.

So, basically all you do, is you go into the product section? You upload your product at a price and then you save it and you can find your button code and you can pop it on your website and then people can buy it’s.

That easy, and also once someone does purchased and they’ll, then automatically send a receipt, email and also an email with the download link. So I mean that is awesome for me. I love things to be easy and Simmel.

Does it really well? So currently, for me to be able to do this, I’m, signed up to the $ 15 a month plan and on average, just for my ebook alone, I’m making about a thousand dollars in sales, every single, so paying 15 Bucks to make a thousand bucks every month, isn’t too much of an expense to have right that’s.

Why I love this platform. Number two is that I run my own affiliate program from Sindel, so the e-book I was just talking about. I actually have an affiliate program for and if you don’t know what an affiliate program is it’s? Basically, where you sign up to promote someone else’s product and you get given your own special unique link for it, and if someone buys the product through your link that you get a commission for that sale, I’m, not gon.

Na lie, I think this is actually one of my favorite things about this platform. It’s because there’s, so many people who benefit from one transaction like if you think about it, you have the customer who gets a product that get some results.

You have a refer, who gets Commission for referring that customer fanmail makes money every month just delivering your product. Paypal gets a little cut of the sale and then the cool. I make a sell that’s, five people or companies that benefit from this ones transaction.

So I love that and it’s, so easy to sit up on the back end and once you come to the end of the month. Usually you pay out your affiliates at the end of the month. What happens, is you get sent a CSV file automatically from send out, and all you have to do is download it.

Take it to paypal, upload it to the mast payment section and you can pay your affiliates like that, easy done and dusted, and it was actually once I started enabling affiliates that my ebook sales like skyrocketed, like I, was averaging, probably around five.

Six hundred on my own without the affiliate program, but since I’ve been running my affiliate program it snapped. My cells will now help around $ 1,000, so affiliates work guys number three. I’m, an affiliate to other peoples, affiliate programs on Sandell, so I might have someone I really admire someone I follow or whose products I have used and totally loved, and if they have an affiliate program on Sindel, I can actually sign up really Easily with like one click of a button, and then I am given my own unique links to promote on my blog and social media, etcetera and what happens is once you actually make a sale, you get sent an email thing.

Yeah you’ve, made itself hmm and then in the dashboard of the affiliate section of your affiliate programs. It tells you what you’ve earned, so it’s. A great way to like keep on track of what you’re earning and also know what’s coming that month and then at the end of the month, like just, I think, on the last day of the second.

To last day of the month, then they’ll, actually send you an email, letting you know how much money you have made for that month and that you will be paid out in the next 24 hours. Number four is that I offer of symbols.

Affiliate program, so basically, what this means is that and how has their own referral game as I call it, and they give you your own unique link again and you can promote it on your blog and on your social media wherever you want, and if someone joins Up through your link and then blinds up joining to a paid plan, then you get a commission a recurring commission every single month for as long as they’re signed up to that plan and then great you get recurring commissions that’S like the best type of affiliate income and again cinto, makes this so so easy.

When you go into your referral section, let’s. Give you a little grass of telling you how much you’ve earned on which days it’s. Just so easy to use guys and to be honest, like I haven’t even tapped into the full spectrum of what Sandow can do yet like one click, upsells and on-site checkouts and memberships, and subscriptions and drip campaigns like I haven’T doubled with any of that, yet I mean I’m, definitely going to be testing some of those things out in the near future, and you know I’m, definitely going to let you know how it goes, but like yeah, like Again, I love how easy Sindel is to use seriously.

I just I love it. I love you guys and, like honestly, there could be far more elaborate, better tools out. There then send. Oh, I wouldn’t know, but for me, as long as I’m, a one-woman show send I ‘

Ll. Simplicity is perfect. For me, it’s exactly what I need right now that’s. It for me today guys I’d love to know what to do product delivery, sir, if you’re using if it’s in dowel or if it’s, something different.

Just let me know in the comments below, and I really hope you enjoyed this episode and I’d love it. If you subscribe to my YouTube channel and I’ll catch you in the next episode, [ Music, ],

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