How To Build A Squeeze Page In Clickfunnels

Squeeze Page

You exactly how to do just say: alright started right now, alright, so check this out before I learn how to build these sales. Funnels, like I’m, getting ready to show you right now, these websites um or run Facebook advertisements or or use Photoshop or shoot videos and video edit.

All that good stuff. I was absolutely terrified of it. I’m, not a tech guy. I’m, not a techie tech person, not me and computers. Don’t get along right. This stuff actually frightening. Me too. You know it was.

It was like form, you know, and it was like I don’t know how to do this. You know but um you know once I invested once, I knew that I had to do this in order to make my dreams come true, and once I started invested into the training learning these things watching certain people explain this or following certain people that helped me Understand this, I learned that it wasn’t not even close to as frightening as I as I imagined that it would have been not even close, is actually and and the things that I learned that it’s.

Not it wasn’t that hard to learn. I was just making it that way in my mind, you know – and I’m, so thankful and happy that I decided to get past my fears and and of being overwhelmed with learning. All this new stuff and actually doing it, because what I’m doing now is I’m living.

My dream, I’m. Doing what makes me happy. I’m living. My purpose in life. I’m doing stuff that I’m. Passionate about I couldn’t be happier so I’m gonna share with you how to build a sales funnel in click.

I’m gonna share with you how to build a squeeze page inside of click funnels, and that is gonna help. You grow your email list and it’s. Gon na help you sell your products and services so that you can contribute to other’s, lives and had value to them, while at the same time being compensated for doing stuff that you love in the process.

So without any further ado, let’s head to the computer and get started right now, alrighty. So let’s, get started and show you how to build this funnel now. This is what its gonna look like when you first log into clip-ons.

If you do not have a click funnels account, I urge you to go drop. It abandon your current website, just get rid of it and get this right away. The reason why I say this is because it’s gonna solve so many problems from for you and alleviate so many headaches.

The reason why I said is because I used to have a web developer managing I build my website and take care of it manage of each month. It cost me ridiculous amounts of fees and money each month to keep my website running how it’s, paying the maintenance fee just in case.

If I wanted to change things and stuff, we’re gonna operate it and I had to pay for a shopping, cart, email, autoresponders, you name it hosting fees with. Here you get rid of the maintenance fee. You get rid of all the hosting fees they cover here.

You get rid of any shopping, cart that they have all that built in inside of here you don’t need to pay all this ridiculous amount of money and it’s. A lot less expensive that looks so much better deal than what I was paying before and on top of that you don’t have to deal with the stress of all right.

You want to get something done. You got this great idea: let’s, put it into the website and then boom. You tell them. You have to wait two weeks or a month for it to get done. That’s. What I was dealing with – and that was very frustrating here – if I want to do something like coming here – I change it boom is done.

I don’t, be a super nerdy tech person to use this. This is a real, simple format: how to build out your phone so for the purpose of this video we’re, not going to get into how to set up your custom domains and your email integrations and and all that stuff you know I will Make videos in the future on that, but you will have to go into custom domains on her account and you ‘

Ll have to connect your domain now. Click funnels gives you a free domain as soon as you join click models, and then you can also connect your other domains that you have with GoDaddy or whatever, but we’re gonna talk about building up on one today.

So when you do a funnel, you’re gonna go here, and you’re gonna go to build and the front end of all your funnels. You want it to be. You want to capture leads. You want to get you want to get that contact information, your first phone, so let’s say our industry.

You know we can network marketing, b2b e-commerce, retail professional service. Other author speaker coach, that’s. So awesome that they have this so but let’s just say that we’re off there, speaker coach right and let’s.

Just say that type of funnel that we want to build it is we want to generate leads because we want to catch it and then now our goal is we want their contact information, so we’re gonna select that box alright.

So now it’s. Gon na give us all these different options to choose from on how to build a bit on our sales. Funnel. Are our email funnel to capture their email? So we’re gonna do a reverse or a regular squeeze page funnel that’s.

What I like to do, you can choose other ones to look at. They even give you a description hundred matter of fact. Let’s. Watch this video each and every one. They have such great training right here. Where you are, I get one phone away.

This is a squeeze page. Funnel is very simple towards two pages in it. The first page is a squeeze page, and the goal to squeeze page is to get somebody’s, email address by using curiosity to give them to opt-in, and then afterwards you take them to the Thank You page.

We thank them for joining your list. Now this page likes it’s very simple: it’s very easy to use. You have more information about how to use this for your business kind of the strategy behind it make sure to check out the funnel hacker cookbook boom boom boom boom.

Simple. As that, then they even give you directions right here I’ll. Tell you more about it so yeah, then you after you see what it’s about, and you want to decide you want it. Then you come down here and you select a template for it.

You don’t have to select these templates. You can choose a blank spun, a blank squeeze page funnel, which is what I’m gonna do and what I always do is if you like the designs that they already have out here.

Awesome, you know, but I’m, like we’re gonna build something from scratch. Here we’re gonna get it for free, because when you have a click on this account, it’s for free all right. They’re, delivering this to me right now, boom.

Now we have self at once. All right so now the squeeze page there’s, two pages squeeze pages in a Thank You page. We can add in more pages, if you so choose first thing that I’m gonna want to do, though, right here, I’m gonna go to the top settings right here for the entire funnel all right.

Click on that, and then I want to give my funnel a cool name. We’re gonna call it cool funnel, but we’re gonna you know the group tag. This is how you can find your different funnels. You know if you build out hundreds of them find them easily by associating the certain group, certain businesses that you have do that all right, and then you want to associate a domain to this funnel.

So once you have this up, you, they’ll pop up here. Gon na put Zachary back up calm, all right that’s. What it’s, gonna be on the URLs acrobat comm, slash whatever I put right here and we’re gonna put cool funnel and that’s.

That would be how to get to that. So you would want to go down here after that scroll way, down, save and update settings boom, so that’s first part. Now, when we click on the squeeze page, we’re gonna have to pick verse.

We’re, going to pick out a template for it. So let’s, make sure one email, opt-in it. Yes, we are it’s. Gon na grab something simple: let’s subscribe. This one is delivering boom. It’s there, all right so now.

If you look right here, the the URL for people to reach this page is right here and it’s, not a good-looking URL. It has it. Lisa has the Zachary backpack dot-com forward, slash squeeze page whatever the heck? That means so to fix that, once we are clicked on the page, we’re gonna go to publishing right underneath the city’s publishing, and now we can name the step that’s.

What your set name is going to show up right here right next to it, so we’ll, call it the whole page, alright and then the path. Now we want to take this and that’s. What was not looking cool? We’re gonna call it we’re gonna call it cool page, alright, call whatever we want to call cool page, see boom update funnel step.

Now we have a cool-looking URL zegart backpack on board, slash cool page, pretty cool. So we’re gonna go to the cool page. Let’s edit it let’s, have some fun alright. So when you’re in here, they already have some filled out for you.

But if you didn’t like something we can, we can delete that if we want to okay, let’s just delete that boom. It’s gone now. We’re gonna have to add a button. If you know we wanted to move the headline or anything, we can take it and drag it down.

I just see it. Wouldn’t good like that, but we can leave it there. If you want, you know we could do whatever we want. With these with this headline, you know, I’m gonna go back in here to elements that’s.

What these are a headline, a video or whatever going to elements, add element and we need a button. So I grab a button. I’m gonna put it right underneath the email address it says, click this sign up, so it doesn’t.

Look good, though right and there’s. No action such that so with each element. If you click on it, they have the move at the settings, which is a gear. Looking thing you can clone it and you can delete it.

Every single element has this: has these features so the settings inside here we can change the color of the button. If we want, we can change the text color of it. We can change the size of it subtext.

If there is no subtext around cement, the font size, we can change the font size, you know we can. We can do so much with it. We can change the button text because just click up the side, we can leave that and say download your free report and then the action set action.

So you want to click on this for any button and we can have it go to website URL. If we choose that, we just delete that hash sign and copy and paste the website URL that we want this button to send them to or we can hit, submit or submit order submit form.

And what that is. Is that’s, going to submit the page and it’s, going to it’s, going to capture their email and submit the page to the next page that’s? What we want to set it for? We can add in it’s, say say you want to you want to grow your page even more so this is.

This is all like one column section right here: there’s, nothing like side by side, so we can add in rows. We can do to two rows side by side. So let’s drop it in. We can do it right here. Boom, what I mean by that you see two side by side.

So if we want to put a video right here come over here into our elements, but we got a video and we want to put a little bullet list next to it boom we got, we got a bullet with us and let’s actually See what we can actually read, there change the color of the text color boom.

We can. We can change the size of this by going into the settings and font size. We can. You know I’m saying we can we can change the size of the video here’s. How the video works you go into settings, you want to upload it from custom, embed or YouTube Vimeo bit.

So let’s say we’re doing to you YouTube boom, and you got a video on youtube. That’s unlisted, so you can share the link copy and paste it paste it in here boom. Now it’s in here you can turn it on autoplay.

So as soon as somebody jump it comes on this page, it automatically plays a video form. You can change up the size, the size of the video which I believe is in advance, yeah, full width. We can do it three and a half.

We can do it half with we. Can there’s, so many different ways that you can play with this and do it? And when you’re done before you’re done, you want to go and you set up your integration. So you know you would connect if you I’m, not gonna.

Do it in this video pacifically. But you would already have your action. Nothing’s connected and you can select the action add to list and you can select Felicity when I add in to boom and then it’s all set up it’s connected.

Then you want to come down here to general now when they download a if they’re gonna get a free report. I’m gonna give them an asset. So here’s, my digital asset. You would set up your digital assets and your settings it back in main page under account and you can upload digital assets that automatically go and you can select which ones go to within each funnel and then last.

But not least SEO metadata, so this is what’s, going to show up with somebody like types of stuff in on Google or something in our. If you share a link on Facebook, this is that the bottom part is what’s.

Going to show up so you want to put my awesome page, you name it whatever you want alright. So now that shows up at the bottom, then you’d. Want to you know, change the descriptions you know put in whatever you want it’s, going to put yogi up so like the.

Where’d, you go and then you would want to put keywords that are relevant to you. Your products, services and your brain, you know, if you want, if people search for this term, that you want this to be associated, so you can rank your videos this way, you want to put right here, you put in your name, upload it and grab anything off.

My computer double-click it boom. Now it’s right there good to go, you hit, save and that my friends is building a squeeze page on clickfunnels. How simple it can be. I will get into more videos in the future about setting up action.

Etics, which is you can send out email blasts based on the actions that people take within your funnel. So let’s say we had a patient here, a sales page on the second page, and they saw that page, but they didn’t buy this 102.

The Thank You page. We can set up email sequences say they saw this page, but didn’t buy. We can send them on that email sequence or if they did buy it. Someone of different email sequences. It’s, really cool best tool that you can possibly have for doing business online, and this is how it’s done right here, and I will get into more videos with this in the future.

If you really enjoyed that video on your like super freaking excited and you’re ready to get going and start building on your sales funnel, so you can start collecting your email list, so you can make an impact online and change lives and live.

The lifestyle that you want, you’re ready to go right now. I highly recommend that you scroll to the comments or the description. I left a link for a 14-day free trial with clickfunnels, so you can check it out for yours to see if it’s for you and if you really want to get going.

But you just don’t know how you’re gonna. Do your online business thing. I do have a thing where you can work with me and an affiliate program with clickfunnels and you will get one-on-one coaching from me and step by step.

Process. Training throughout the whole entire deal through the click funnel staff with Russell Brunson, and I will leave that link in the comments in the description below as well highly urge you to take action on your dreams now, because it’s, not gonna happen.

Unless you make it happen, and as always, if you want to reach your potential and crush your goals, you can start right now by hitting subscribe and tap the Bell notifications. That way you don’t miss anything and, as always, I appreciate you stopping by my winning friend, and I will see you next time.

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