How to Build an Affiliate Link for Rakuten Marketing (formally LinkShare)

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This Leslie and I want to show you how to make a link for whatever this is rap reading. I used to be linked share that’s, what it used to be called, but now it’s called whatever. This is right. Rack Kooten I don’t know anyway, let’s, figure out how to make the link showing I am.

I have they have several different merchants. So, to make a link, I’m, going to go to links and go deep, linker, okay and then the advertisers that you are an affiliate floor should pop up here. Okay, so I’m, going to go and go with Walmart for this example.

Now this is it’s, going to work the same way for whoever your merchant is okay, so first you have to go to Walmart calm and you have to find the link that you want to link. To so say, I wanted to link to these baby bottles.

I really don’t, but I’m, just picking something for the heck of it up here in this search box or the address box, whatever we call it and you want to take the URL to this product. Okay, now on this product there’s like a whole bunch of some junk stuff.

On the end, I don’t know if you can see it, but it’s just like a whole bunch of junk okay. We don’t need all that junk. All you need is the link to this direct product, and it ends right here at this question.

Mark, okay, everything after the question mark is just a bunch of referral junk and they don’t really need it. It just kind of tells. When I came from the home page, I think it just gives them the path that I came from, but we don ‘

T really need it. All we need is up until this question mark right here: okay, we just need the product, so I just take all that off, but it is another way you could do it like, because I came from the home page.

I think if we just went straight to the bottle, all that joke wouldn’t be: oh, no, it’s still on there, okay! Well, we only need it and if you did take it all, if you guys like take all of it, it’s, not going to be that big of a deal it’s just going to make you link super-long.

So I don’t. Take the whole thing. I just stop here at the question mark and copy from there. Otherwise, my link is forever long, so I copy the URL to the direct product on the actual site that I want to send the customer to now to give it my affiliate link.

I take this link copy. It go back here to my deep linker and I paste it here. Okay and then I ask it to give me a URL which is correct. Okay, if you want it, if you want it to already build the text link for you, it will do that.

But if you just want the URL it’ll. Do that so let’s, just get the URL and hit get link, and that this here is your affiliate link to that product by copying it – and I paste it in my browser – it’s, going to take me to that product, But now it’s.

Taking me to that product with your affiliate link. Ok, so inside your blog, you will just use that link to link to something so let’s just make a new post, really quick. I don’t want my internet speed so slow this morning, but it is so so and then you would just improve the text to use, and then you would just take that link that they gave you copy it and use it wherever you want.

Jk, I want it right here: okay, I would just add it there and so gave me, and I want to put a nofollow on that because it’s, an affiliate link, okay, so I would obviously I have no follow. I have the code already pasted.

It’s a little bit because it’s. An affiliate link, you’re going to want to put you know, follow on the in there because its affiliate, but that’s. Really, how you use it and that’s. It it’s, really simple so, but you do need to just go to the merchants website and that’s, probably what confuses most people.

I know it did for me at first, so whoever you’re, trying to build the link for you need to go there first and get the actual link to it and bring it back here. Okay, and if you have any questions, please post them down in the comments for me and I’ll answer them when we get a chance and if you like this video, please like and subscribe, I appreciate it thanks a lot, but

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