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Customers today want answers to their questions as they shop. Shopify has tools to help you communicate with your customers so you can make sales and prevent returned orders. Today we’ll discuss the different ways you can communicate with your customers.

Don’t forget to subscribe for new videos from our channel every week. The fastest and most common way to communicate with customers is to add your contact information directly to your online store. Usually, contact information can be found in a store’s footer section.

When you add your contact information to your footer, it’s easy for customers to find from any page of your online store. This can help build customer trust in your brand. To add your contact information to the footer of your Shopify store, start on your Shopify admin and click Online store.

Then, click Customize on the theme you want to edit. You then see a new page with your theme editor. Since every theme has different tools and features available, customization options will differ between themes and theme versions.

This example shows the Debut theme, version 14.3.0. Under the Sections tab, click Footer. If you’re using a third-party theme, the names and locations of certains section might be different. If you’d like help with a third-party theme, you can contact the theme developers directly.

If you see the “Content” section in your Footer, like in our example, continue to follow along. If you don’t see the “Content” section, then this feature may not be available in your theme or theme version.

If you’d like to still include these details on your store, consider using another Shopify theme or reach out to a Shopify Expert for custom work. Under Content you see the different types of content blocks that are available.

Click Add content and then click Text to add a text section. Since footers have a limited number of blocks where you can add content, you might need to remove a content block before adding a new one. To do this, click the footer content block you want to remove, and then click Remove content.

After you create a text content block, enter a heading to identify the information you’re going to list beneath it. Then, in the text box, add your contact information. In this example, we’re including the company phone number, mailing address and email address for our store, AlyAthletics.

You can also customize the text using the bold and italicize icons. If you have a Contact us or Frequently asked questions page, consider linking these here as well. In the sidebar, highlight the text Contact us, click the link icon, select Pages, then click Contact us.

To finish, click Save to update the theme with all the changes you just made. Another popular way to communicate with your customers is through a Contact us page. A Contact Us page lets customers email you directly from your website without opening another tab or app.

All Shopify themes have a built-in contact form that you can add to the pages you create. When a customer sends you a message through the contact form, it goes to your store email. For step-by-step instructions on how to add a Contact us page, and link it in your store menus, watch the video linked above.

Another way to communicate with customers is to add a live chat messaging channel to your store. This example shows Shopify Chat on the AlyAthletics store. A customer can write a message, ask a question, and see the reply all in the same chat window.

Stay tuned for upcoming videos that teach you how to install and use live chat features like Shopify Chat, and Apple Business Chat. Live chats make it quick and easy to talk with customers, and increase your chance of making a sale by building trust.

To manage these customer conversations, you can use Shopify Ping, a free iOS app. When customers send messages using messaging channels like Shopify Chat, Apple Business Chat or Facebook Messenger, you can use Shopify Ping to read and respond to your messages all from one place.

To find out more about using live chat on your Shopify store, subscribe now and click the bell to be notified when the next video is released. If you have any questions, comment below, or contact us directly at help.

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