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Hey Satan Williams with craze, I’m marketing, and today I’m, going to show you how to quickly create a squeeze page using click funnels now. Click funnels is a tool. It’s like an all-in-one tool. Has a page builder lets you take, payments has automations, has affiliate programs and other systems, so you could essentially run your entire business from click funnels now, with what we’re gonna.

Do it’s, gonna be pretty simple. Two page squeeze page the squeeze page and then the thank-you page, and we can connect it to our automation, tool or autoresponder tool, and I’ll show you all that, so we’re just gonna.

Do this real, quick, I’ll. Show you how easy it is because I’ve seen. Some people are still having trouble setting up a squeeze page and that should not be what holds you back from you know. Driving leads and starting to grow.

Your business should not be a page right. They’re, so easy to create, especially with tools like click funnels and one last thing. If you do decide to get click funnels. If you go through the link below this video and send me your you’re welcome email to support at crazy.

I’m marking com. I’ll. Give you access to a click funnels training course. I’ll teach you everything! You need to know about click funnels, so yeah. So if you want to learn how to build funnels and do all the other cool stuff, that course will show you that this course or this video it’s just about a squeeze page.

So let’s get straight into it. So here I am inside my click funnels dashboard. I’m gonna go to add new at the top here and I’m, going to create a new funnel and I’m going to choose this collect emails and I’ll.

Just do demo. Squeeze page, I could go ahead and group, it so keep my funnels organized, but I’m. Just gonna ignore that for now and it’ll land wherever it lands hit that build funnel button and we’ll.

Give it a few minutes here or hopefully a few seconds, and then you’ll, see that click funnels automatically sets up the page types that we’re, going to need for our squeeze page funnel. We got opt in page a thank you page over here and then on the right hand, side in this area.

We go ahead and pick the page templates that we want to use or we could build one from scratch. The choice is yours, so we got opt-in, email, opt-in and it’s pre-selected, and then we can just scroll through all these templates.

Here, click funnels this added like a hundred new templates, if not more so there’s, a ton, beautiful nice-looking templates, you can choose from or again you can build from scratch or you can grab one of these customize it to suit your needs, etc.

So, like take a quick look preview, this one, so this one looks cool. I like this one that one’s nice or come over here this one preview, it real quick, see if we like it yeah that one looks nice too.

So I’ll, go ahead, hit, select template and it goes ahead and installs it on my page right here. I can hit this edit page button then, and it pops up the page builder, and this is a drag-and-drop page builder, so it’s really easy to use.

It operates based off of sections rows, columns and elements. So sections are the big part of the page and then instead of sections you have rows and then the side of rows you have columns and then the side of columns.

You have different elements and elements. Are things like headline sub-headline bulleted lists images, videos, buttons inputs. So text inputs and so on, so that’s. How you design your page, you can drag and drop whatever you want, wherever you want, it’s, real easy to use user-friendly and again, if you go through the link below this video, I’ll.

Give you access to my clickfunnels course and yeah you’ll, learn how to use it appropriately. So say you got this page, you can go in here and you know customize it get my guide 3 or whatever. It is, and you know customize it.

How you need – and we’ll – hit, save now and name it demo, squeeze page cool good enough save and then we’ll back out of here. So my squeeze page is done yeah I didn’t customize it or anything. So it’s.

Gon na take a few more minutes to customize. It switch out the images, the wording, the colors and things of that nature, but very easy to do. Drag-And-Drop come down to the Thank You page. Then we got ta go ahead and pick out a thank-you page to use, or of course you can select or build one from scratch.

So fully customizable yeah we’ll, wait a second for it to load. So here we go so make sure we’re on the right area, so opt-in, thank you and real quick just to give you a short tour of the different pages, so we got sales pages.

So we got sales page product, launch pages order, form pages, one-click upsell when click down sell order confirmation. So there’s, a bunch of different page types inside of click funnels, depending on what you’re trying to do, and they all have different settings and functions and things of that nature.

But unless you build, you know pages funnels, evergreen webinars, like everything you could run your whole business out of click funnels very powerful tool. Alright, so Thank You page now. So let ‘

S see go on through here again they have like a hundred templates. We could go ahead and choose from for our Thank You page like do to do so. I’m gonna try and pick one that looks close, or that fits with the page that I pre my squeeze page, which is it this one right here and I will go with this one close enough again.

We could go ahead and customize the colors and make it match. However, we want so it’s, not that big of a deal go to edit page. Now we’ll. Just take a look at it, real quick. So here we go there’s. My Thank You page.

These pages all look good on mobile, so you can see what it looks like on mobile. You can also adjust different elements on on how they appear on mobile. So like my headline, so if I want this to actually be on one line instead of two lines and just come over to edit mobile size shrink it down, let’s, try 32 pixels and boom just like that.

It’s. Looking good on mobile, we hit save and I go ahead and link this button to download my product if I wanted to so. If I had a lead, magnet, PDF or something like that, I could go ahead and connect it and click funnels does host files.

For you, if you come under digital assets here, you can upload a file up to three megabytes, so smaller files can be hosted on clickfunnels. Alternatively, you could just host a file on Google Drive or Dropbox and just link to a shared file that way that’s.

That’s. I do it always is. I just have my files on Dropbox and people can download it straight from there. So, but if you do have a smaller file under three megabytes, you could host it on clickfunnels, so they do have that option.

Now let’s, go ahead and connect our autoresponder tool. I’ll, show you how that feature works, but before I do that, let me go to integrations real, quick and show you the tools that clickfunnels integrates with like out-of-the-box.

I do add new integration here and so here’s, all the tools that clickfunnels integrates with so action edx active campaign, which is what i use Aweber or Constant Contact convertkit drip. Every webinar Facebook get response and the list continues.

I’ll, go kind of slowly through here, so if you wanted to pause the video or something like that and see, if your tool integrates with clickfunnels, then you could do that. I also want to point out that clickfunnels integrates with zapier – I’m, not seeing it right here, but it integrates with zapier which integrates with over 900 other tools.

So if you don’t see your tool listed right here, you could integrate it more than likely with zapier and make everything function. Also you can import HTML forms. So if your autoresponder tool lets you create an HTML form, you could plug that into click.

Funnels and click funnels could like, like sense the fields and connect the fields and the data and all that type of stuff. So between these native integrations, zapier and HTML forms like you’re gonna be able to integrate your automation tool with clickfunnels.

I’m, pretty pretty dang sure you can google it as well. I’m sure somebody has done it if you have any questions or issues or you can ask below. I’ll, try and help you out as well. Alright, so anyway, I ‘

Ll. Show you how easy it is to connect your automation tool to your squeeze page. So we’ll open that back up go to settings here integrations and we’ll, go to our integration, find whichever autoresponder tool you want to integrate with.

I chose my active campaign. Account select integration, so I can add, to list add to list of tag delete from list remove tag. So I do like a delusive tag and then I took my list and then I do my tech demo lead, magnet or whatever tagger.

However, I want to trigger my automation – and I just hit save and back out of here and then I can go to this link right here or up here as well. You can also customize your links. I’m just using the default click funnels link, but you can have custom domains.

Subdomains click funnels will even give you a free domain for a year. So yeah you don’t have to use the click funnels domains. If you don’t want to, but here’s, my page live on the internet. Now I could go ahead and opt-in, real, quick, send me.

It now send me it too. Now I think there’s, a typo on that thing anyway, and it brought me to my Thank You page and I could go ahead and follow the button here to download my file or join my facebook group or whatever.

It is, and you see just like that within ten minutes, I’ve, put together the squeeze page and the Thank You page. Yes, I did not edit any content or anything like that, but I showed you drag-and-drop easy to do, should not cause you any pain or anything like that, and I also integrated with my automation tool, which is activecampaign so that’s.

How you can go ahead and create a hot beautiful-looking high, converting squeeze page very, very quickly and again, if you want click funnels and you go through my link below this video and forward your welcome email to support at creig’s.

I’m marking com. I’ll. Give you access to my click funnels course, which teaches you everything you need to know about: click funnels, so how to build funnels and automations, and things of that nature.

So and the reason I’m doing, that is because I earned a commission for referring people to click funnels, so it’s kind of like a win-win situation. You don’t, pay anything extra by going through my link and and but I earn a commission, and I kind of pass that on to you by giving you access to my click funnels course.

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