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welcome to my today’s lecture on how to create a Shopify partner account. This is going to be a small video. I’m, going to show you only how to create the account, because I have already created a different video on how to actually create the e-commerce website using your top 5 partner account.

Also, I had a video on how to create a Shopify partner account, which I created, I think roughly 10 months ago. I just noticed that Shopify since then has changed the process a little bit, so I just wanted to create a new one so that you don’t, get confused between the old way and the new way.

So let’s just go to start. So, first of all, when you go to this website, /font, as you will see this isoh to join or to create a shop shot 5 partner account. You have to put in your email address here.

Where’s, this join now, so you have to put in your email address yet so I’m gonna put in my email address. So then, you have to click on this button called join now and then you have to provide your details.

So your name first name and last name, and then you have to create a password. So since your password must be at least five characters long and can begin or end with I space, so I’ll just choose random password, okay, so the password that I’m going to choose.

I have to remember so that I can log back in later on, so you guys need to be careful while choosing the password, because you have to remember it all right, then I have to click on this button called create account all right.

So so we get to this screen. When you have to click on this button, it says, create new partner account. Then you have to provide your business name, so it’s, not necessary that it has to be your name, but it can be your name as well or if you’re running a business, let’s, say marketing agency.

So you can put your business thing, yeah yeah, so you have to just provide the name of whatever the business name is so I’m gonna put in sake global website, optional city, signal country, Australia, region, New, South Wales.

Then I have to answer a few questions here, so the first question is: what is the primary way you plan to make money? So maybe we can pick like any of this depending on what we’re going to do so. I can pick either this one or I can pick this one, because if you are just gonna sell products and build a website only for yourself, you can pick this one.

So it really depends on what you plan to do. But if you’re going to manage a lot of clients under this one partner account, you can actually click on this option, but let’s say you’re gonna only create a website for yourself and you’re gonna sell products, I chopped up fine merchants so and then they’ll.

Ask you which ecommerce platform have you worked waved before? Basically, please select all that apply, so you can select the ones that you ‘ Ve worked with and then, if you have to work with any before that’s, absolutely okay, then you have to just say: you know I’m, not working with any commerce platforms, so you just have to click here and then you Have to say, I have read and agree to the you know partner program agreement.

Then you have to click on this and then you’re gonna see the this page. So, on the left-hand side, you have all the you know the menu and the buttons and the first one is stores, so that’s, where you need to go to create an in-store.

So if you click on that, you’re gonna see things now. Currently there’s no store here. Chocolate platform has already sent an email to your email address, and so you just have to verify your email address and then you’ll, be good to go.

This button will be, you know, enabled once you verify your email address, and then you need to just click on this button to create a store. So while I have you on the video, I’m gonna quickly activate my account by clicking on the verify account email or the button.

Alright, I’ve, already verified my email address from my tab, so I’m gonna refresh this page. So now you can see that this button add store, has been activated and you just need to click on this button to create a new store.

So I’ll quickly. Show you how to get there. So now you have to pick an option from this two options. So let’s say don’t finish doors because you’re developing to store from scratch. So you have to provide.

I store name. I’ll pick a store name from here. So let’s, say something sports. Maybe I’ll put them together. Yeah it’s available, so some tennis balls it’s. It’s, not taken, so it’s available. So initially it’s.

Gon na be soft and sport. My shadow, once you purchase your domain name, you can link the domain name with your Shopify store, but for now and it’s going to be sort of sports doctor, my shelf of Viacom and the email, you can keep the email same or You can use a different email address for to to log in to your store, so for each store that you’re going to create, you can use a different email address and password all right.

I’m, not gonna click on this, because I don’t want to do. I don’t want to create a non-transferable store, so I’ll. Just keep it unchecked for now. So you have to put in your address wherever you are located, so I’m gonna I’m, not going to put my exact address now.

Just I’ll, just pick a random entrance. Now, what will you do with this still pistol? You can pick any of these options, so let’s. Say builders build a new store for it find so let’s, hit the buttons save this a success.

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