How To Create An Online Course LMS Website With Wordpres (SELL ONLINE COURSES IN 1 HOUR!)

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Hey what’s up party people? you are going to learn how to create your own website to sell your own online courses step-by-step with WordPress and with a super easy drag-and-drop builder, plus you’ll.

Get this template for free in this video and, as you can see, this website is beautiful as professional and it’s really modern. So, by the end of this video today, you’ll, be able to set up your own professional-looking website and easily sell your own online courses.

Now let me give you all a quick tour of this website and show you all what we’ll, be learning today in this video. So this right here is my courses page and you ‘ Ll also get this page for free in this video.

So right here I had some available courses. I have Facebook ads for beginners. I have how to talk to women and web design and mastery course. Now you can have free courses. You can have paid courses. You can have memberships and you can also have recurring payments where people will have to pay you every single month to access your online courses.

If you choose to do that, so this right here is my course page, and I can fully customize this page any which way I want. I can change the image, I can add YouTube videos. I can change the color of the fonts and I can also change the topography of the fonts as well, but here we have some description of the course here.

We have the course information, so this will basically tell people. This is like an easy course or a hard course. You can also categorize your courses. Maybe you have different topics that you’re offering here we have the estimated time here.

We have the course instructor now. You can also have multiple course instructors. So if there’s, two instructors, for course you can actually add in two. If you want to do that, and then here we have this really cool get started button or they can enroll in the course and below that we have a syllabus of what is entailed in the course as well.

Now this right here is optional. You don’t have to have it, but if you want to give people a preview of what’s in your course, you can add that as well. So right here, I’ll click on get started. So this right here is an example of what your students will see.

So here we have the title. We have a progress bar right here. We have all of the lessons right here, so they ‘ Ll know how many lessons they have to take. We also can go back and go back to the actual page.

We’re on before here I’ll scroll down and you can see we have this video and then we have the description. Now you can add whatever you want here. You can give them notes, you can give them downloadable file, so you can base add anything you want right here and they can also mark as complete and then go to the next lesson.

So right here, I’ll click on Marcus completes. So, when users take this course, they’ll, get a really cool progress bar at the top, letting them know that they are completing the lesson it ‘ Ll also show the lessons they have completed as well, and it’ll.

Also show them future lessons in the course and the students can go access the lesson. Resources and again you can add anything that you want here. You can add downloadable files, you can add links, you can add YouTube videos whatever you want and then once the student is done, they will click on mark complete and they can go to the next lesson.

You can also offer graded quizzes in your course, so here, for example, we have what is the best WordPress LMS and we have two choices. I’ll, select option one and I’ll click on complete quiz, and here we have this beautiful interface where it lets them know that we completed the quiz, it shows their score and we got this really cool notification on the top, Letting them know that they passed the quiz, you also have the option to give users certifications once they have completed your courses.

So here you can see that they are a Facebook pro they can print or they can save this where they can download it and they can show their friends or family. Every student also has their own personal dashboard.

So whenever they purchase a course, it will be available in their dashboard where they can access it 24 hours a day here you can see. I have purchased three courses and I’ve completed this course, and here the progress bar is about.

I’m, gonna say 10 %, so the students will know where to pick off once they take the course here. We have the memberships achievements certifications, so the students will have full access to everything that they’ve, bought and anything else that you want to offer in at the student dashboard.

Also let’s, not forget. This website will be made with the number one most popular WordPress theme in the world with a super easy drag-and-drop builder, so you can easily customize any part of your website.

You can simply drag elements around the website and also copy and paste text for a really easy user experience. Also, you will receive a free template that I’ll. Give you in this tutorial, where you can simply just take it and drag it onto your website.

An entire website is created for you automatically it’s really simple. So if you’re really serious about creating an online course website. That’s, professional, where you keep a hundred percent of the profits from your courses.

Today in this video I’ll. Show you how to set it up step by step. Are you ready? Let’s. Go the tutorial! Okay party people, let’s, get this tutorial started. Shall we so? The first thing that we’re gonna do is purchase your domain and hosting so, for example, my amazing website com.

After that, we’re, going to install wordpress and wordpress powers more than one third of the internet. It is very popular companies like mercedes benz, use it an artists like Snoop Dogg, use it as well step.

Three. We are going to install the Divi theme now. The Divi theme is the number one most popular WordPress theme in the world, so you’re gonna be using the most modern and up-to-date software for your website and, lastly, we are going to create an amazing and beautiful online course websites.

Now there is a link in the description of this video. It’ll. Take you to a page that looks just like this right here, and this is psych ground calm. Now I’ve, been recommending sacrum Kampf over for years now, and people love this web hosting company.

Now why to recommend this company over another’s? Well, first off I use this company and second off. I compared this company against 15. Others for 60 days and sycron came up as number one as the fastest, with the best uptime the best support for the best price, and you can see here by the like ratio.

People really did find this information. Helpful and people really do love sigh crown. It’s. An amazing company, you’ll, never have to worry about your site, going down or being too slow. You will love the results that you’ll, get with this web hosting company.

Now there’s. 3 plans, but I’m, always gonna recommend one. So we have the start up. We have the grow big and we have the go geek. Now all my viewers go with the grow big plan because the grow big plan you can host unlimited websites on your hosting account, rather than just a single website.

So that is a pretty big difference and personally, if you’re, just getting started out you don’t really need the go geek just yet. This is a little bit more for people who have been in the game for a while.

So if you’re just getting started out, the grow. Big option is perfect for you. So right here, where it says, get plan you’ll click on get plan, alright cool, so you’ll, be brought to this page right here, and this is where you’re going to enter in your new website.

So this same web address right here. You’re gonna go ahead and put whatever site that you wants right here, so give it some thoughts. You know talk about with your wife call, your sister or whatever. Whatever is that you got to do.

I’m gonna put in best Givi tutorial, because this is the best. If you team, tutorial out there, you will see you Elevens and once you’ve, given some thought. You click on a pro Cee’d right here. Alright – and you’re, brought to this page right here now before I go any further everything I recommend in this video has a 30-day money-back guarantee for any reason whatsoever, because this company is legit.

They are amazing. So if you don’t like amazing web hosting companies, you can always get your money back, but I’m just kidding. This is a great web hosting company and everyone that uses this company loves it.

So right here you’ll enter in your account information. You’ll, put in your email, your password right here, you put in your client information, so you put in your country your name, your you know, street address your social security number, etc.

I’m just kidding you do not put in your social. That is a very big joke right here, you put in your country, but by default it’ll, select it for you right now visiting Thailand, so that’s. Why it’s, saying Thailand, but I am from the United States.

I am from a sunny California right here. You’re, putting your payment information. So all your stuff right here and then right here we have the period now when all my video is. I recommend the 12 months, because the 12 months will actually give you the largest discount available, then other plans so make sure you select 12 months.

It’s, a great starting plan for you right here. We have extra services. Now I require you check this one right here: the main privacy and the domain privacy. This is going to protect your personal information from spammers and people trying to sell you really good stuff and guys trust me.

You want to spend the 12 dollars for the entire year, because what’s gonna happen? If you don’t have this checked. People are gonna find out your personal info. They’re gonna. Send you spam. They’re gonna.

Send you sex pills. It’s, all this disaster stuff. So please make sure you have two main privacy. This will protect you and your website from people that are trying to sell you spam and also it’s, a really weird stuff.

So once you’ve done that’s. Right here you’ll click on I have confirmed and you’ll click on Terms of Service and I’m sure you’re gonna read the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy right because everybody does That today, right and then you’ll click on this right here.

If you want to receive their newsletters and they don’t send spam, they just send really good offers. Trust me. They really do send decent offers, and once you’re done filling all this information else, you’ll click on Pay Now and I’ll meet you on the very next page, alright cool.

So I purchased my host and right here, which says proceed to customer area. Will click there? Alright awesome so right now it’ll. Tell you that your site’s, ready to be set up so right. Here: click on set up sites, and now what we’re going to do is we’re going to install WordPress on to our domain, so that’ll, give us the drag-and-drop functionality, making it really easy to build our Website so right here, where it says, start a new website, you click on select, you’ll scroll down right here and you’ll select WordPress now right here to go ahead and enter in your email and your password.

Now this is the login information for WordPress. So this is the information that you need to actually build your website so make sure you get a pen and pencil and write this down. So you don’t. Forget it alright.

So after you entered in your email address and your password, you’ll click on continue now right now it’s, recommending the site ground site scanner. But personally I don’t, think you need it just yet, maybe later once your site gets like very valuable and make a lot of money, etc.

So, right here just click on finish and right now it is creating our WordPress website. Let me know in the comments: what site you’re making. I’m, always interested to hear what kind of site people are making some people make sites for you know their business or the roofing company or for their family, etc.

So right now, while you’re waiting, let me know what site you are building for yourself or for anyone else. Alright, so after you’ve waited you’ll, be brought to this page right here. It says you’re all set, so go ahead and scroll down and right here it says, manage sites, click on manage sites alright, and this is basically the site ground dashboard.

So this is where you can set up email accounts. This is where you have your files, etc. Your IP address everything and also you can see the amount of visitors and everything else right here from your website.

Now, on the left side right here we see WordPress click on WordPress and right here, click on install and manage so we’ve already installed WordPress, so go ahead and scroll down right here and you’ll, see manage installations, and you ‘

Ll, see your website right here now right here. Under the actions you’ll click on login to admin panel, so go ahead and click on this right here, all right, so it’ll. Take you to this page right here, and this is the wordpress starter.

Now you don’t need to have this and actually recommend to take this off, but for right here, scroll down and just click on exit, alright cool. Now this is your new website. Now your website right now is live on the internet, so right now, people can actually go to your website and they will see it now.

If you want to see your website on how it looks on the top left right here, you’ll click on visit sites, and this right here is your new website. So this is exactly how it looks it doesn’t. Look anything like I showed you all on the demo, but don’t worry.

We’re gonna make. It look amazing now, whenever you want to log back into your website right here on the top just type in WP dash admin like that and what its gonna do it’s, gonna prompt you to enter in your username and your password.

Now remember how I told you to write it down, so I’m gonna enter in my information right here, so we have better Divi Divi tutorial go to 3 and I’ll enter my information, and I remember this is what You’re going to or this is we’re, going to login every single time that you want to build your website, and there are some there’s.

A few things I want to show you and to talk about before we actually build your websites now right here: click on plugins and click on installed, plugins now right here we have a wordpress starter. I want you to deactivate this plugin.

We don’t need this plugin. It’s, basically just like a welcome party from psych round. But personally, we don’t need it and right here. If you go to dashboard and you click on dashboard, you’ll, now see that your interface has changed, and this is the actual default interface with WordPress.

So this is what everyone’s used to, etc. So there are some things I want to go over and show you before we jump into this so right here under users, you’ll, go to your profile. Now, whenever you want to change your information or your password for your website, you can do it all from right here so right here.

I want to go ahead and change. My my color to Midnight’s. You can go and change your colors. You’ll scroll down right here, and this is basically your email and – and this is very important because let’s say, for example, you forget your password.

It will go ahead, send it to this address and also right here whenever you want to enter in a new password. Just click right here on generate password, and this is the password and again you can go ahead and put any password.

You want, and once you’ve done, that you’ll click on update profile and that’s, how you change your password for your websites now one more thing I want to talk about before we download the actual builder Is to go ahead and change your permalinks so right here under these settings we have permalinks and right here we have different options, but I want you to put this post name and the reason why we do this is because you see these permalinks right here.

How this one’s very clean, so, for example, your website com about us contact us right, you don’t. You want that and you don’t want this. 0. 9. 11. That looks really bad, and this is the best for SEO it’ll help your site get ranked much higher.

So once you’ve done with that, you’ll click on Save Changes alright and go click on dashboard right here, alright! So next I want to make sure that your website shows secure right here, cuz right now and says that your site is not secure.

So I want to fix that and we’re gonna do that with a free plugin. So right here, click on plug-in and click on add new, and for those of you who have no idea what plugins are plugins are essentially like add-ons for your website.

So this one right here, you can turn your site into like a forum. This right here, you can have like a out of community etc. So, right here, click on popular, I’ll. Just give you a little crash course on what plugins are so right here, for example, this is a contact form.

This right here helps with SEO, helps your site get ranked better. This right here is the ability to sell on your website, which I ‘ Ll talk more about and another tutorial. In fact, I’ll, go ahead and link it in the description below once I have that toot already with this same theme, but right here just go ahead and type in really simple ssl, and this is the plugin that you ‘

Ll saw right here it has three million active installs with very high ratings, so right here, just click on install now and then click on activate all right. So right now the plug-in can actually find our SSL.

It’s on our website, but before we do this, I want to make sure that you have your password and your in your and your your email written down, because after we do this, it’s, going to kick us out of WordPress and I’ll show you how you can always log back into your website to make changes so right here, just click on, go ahead, activate, SSL and then go ahead and go up here and click on visit sites.

Now you’ll, see at the top left right here. Our connection, secure and people won’t, get a warning from Google. It’ll say that our website is secure, etc. So to log back in to your websites – and this is for future reference whenever you want to build your website – cuz people ask me the comments made rule.

I got kicked out my website. How do I log back in right right here? You’ll enter in WP dash admin, just like that, and you’ll press ENTER and you’ll, go ahead and put in the email, and you’ll, go ahead and put in the password that you Entered right here and once you’ve done with that, you’ll click on a rubber mean or whatever and click on login, and this is how you can always log back in to make changes to your WordPress website.

Alright. Next, I’m gonna go ahead and close all these notices because they get really annoying really fast, and the next thing that we’re going to do is we are going to download the Divi theme. Now there’s, also a link in the description of this video.

It’ll. Take you to a page that will give you a discount off the Divi theme. You can also get there by going to Darrell Wilson com, Divi discounts and press ENTER, and once you’re here, you’ll, get a discount for the Divi theme, so go ahead and scroll down right here and there’S two plans: now they have the yearly plan and they have the access plan.

Now we’re out the back guys I want to let you know that this company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for any reason whatsoever, and this right now is the most popular WordPress theme in the world.

In fact, you can go to a website right here called Bill with calm and simply type in Divi theme right here. Just to get you know just to get an idea of how good this theme is right here. Right here will click on TV.

You should statistics and right here it’s, basically telling us that this is the most popular on the entire internet for WordPress themes, top 1 million right here, the most popular in the United States, most popular Netherlands, most popular France in Canada, etc.

It is the number one most popular WordPress theme in the world, so I want to make sure that you guys are getting the best value and I have to do have a discount for you all as well. So we have two plans right here now.

I personally recommend the lifetime access and the reason why is because, once you get the lifetime access, you can solve this theme on any number of websites forever. You can solve on a thousand websites and they will give you lifetime updates and also lifetime support.

So they will always help you out with your websites. Now other companies do not offer lifetime because they feel that’s too aggressive. But this is a great plan and I highly recommend a lifetime access and personally I have the lifetime access.

For my account as well – and I’ll show you in just a bit, but you can also do the yearly, but remember the yearly you ‘ Ll have to pay this every single year, but for the lifetime you only pay it once and you’re done forever.

So go ahead and sign up with the plan that you choose. But again I highly recommend the lifetime because other companies do not offer a lifetime. So once you’ve actually purchased it. It’ll. Take you to your members area.

So, congratulations and you can see right here how it says I have already purchased a lifetime membership because I’ve already purchased it. So I’m, not just biessing you. I really do have this product so right here we have the Divi theme, Divi builder plug-in, and then you have these plugins as well.

These are all very nice plugins. In fact, I do have separate tutorials for all of these, but for most of us we just want the Divi theme damage just give us the Divi theme. Zero. Just give it to us right here.

You’ll click on download the Divi theme alright, and once you’ve done with that, I’m going to close this. You’ll, go back over here and the next thing we’ll. Do is we will upload the theme onto our websites so right here you’ll, go to appearance and themes, and right here we have add new.

Now these right here are default, free themes and quite honestly, they’re, not good. So I really can’t. I mean people out there use them, but it’s. It’s like when you have Divi you. How would you use these things? These are they’re? Really there really bland and boring, and you don’t want to go there.

You don’t want to go down that road trust me. I’ve, been there. I’ve licked. The pot clean it’s, no fun so right here, upload theme and we’ll, go ahead and choose the file, and then we’ll, go ahead and select the Divi theme all right.

So right now I uploaded Divi and right here I’ll click on install now. Ok, it’s installing the theme and it has successfully installed the theme. So right here click on activate and now we have activated the number one best theme in the world on your WordPress website.

So congratulations. If you want to see how your website looks right now right here, you click on visit sites. Ok – and this right here is your current website now you can see how things have slowly changed.

So we have some pages up here. We have the icon, we have this hello world and then we have the sidebar and all this ugly stuff right here now. The next thing that we’re gonna do is we’re gonna create some pages, and then we’re, going to create a menu right here, and then we’re, going to auto import.

Your new website automatically, so you’ll, have a fully functional website that is already created for you. So let’s, go ahead and make some pages. Now there’s, a few ways to make some pages right here.

You can click on plus new and go to page, or you can go to your dashboard right here and you can make some pages in the backend it’s. The same result so right here pages, add new, and then this would be your home page.

So here I’ll put in home, I’ll click on publish and publish, so essentially what we’re doing right now. Is we are just creating pages for our websites, so I’ll click on this W right here and go back and we’ll make a new page.

So we have our home page rights. Now let’s. Make our about Us page so here about us, click on publish and publish and we are working. We are making pages here. I’ll click on the W again to go back to view page and then right here I’ll click on add new again and I will make another page.

So this will be the contact us here. I’ll click on publish and publish all right cool. So let’s. Go back really quick right here and let’s delete some of these pages. So when you install WordPress by default, they give you some of these pages that you don’t need.

So whenever you see a page that you don’t need, you can just click on and that will just basically get rid of the page. So you don’t need it, no more all right. So now we have the home. The about and B contact us don’t worry about the other pages.

We’re, going to solve a free plugin that’s, going to give us the pages for us automatically. The next thing that we’ll do right here is go to appearance and we’ll go to menus. So now we’re going to assign a menu for our website because we have no menu.

So this will be the main menu right, the main menu of your websites and right here I’ll click on create a menu. Now here you can see pages and we have all the pages that we created. So here click on View all and I will go ahead and just select all and add them to the menu.

Now we have this home custom link. We don’t need this. This is actually a custom link. So right here you click on this little drop-down arrow and then click on remove so that’s, how you can remove stuff from your menu.

So all this the pages have the same settings now I want to rearrange this so right here I’ll drag this. I want the home first right and then the about Us and then the contact us, I’ll, make this a primary menu, and then here I’ll click on publish okay.

Now let’s. Take a look at our website so right here we’ll click on visit sites, and now you can see we have the home page. We have the about Us page and we have the Contact Us page. Okay, so you have your pages created, but we need to assign the home page as our home page.

So when someone comes to your website for the very first time, what page you want them to go to right, so let’s open up the theme customizer so right here, under my blog, you’ll, see theme customizer.

Now the theme customizer has a lot of different options in it and it basically designs. It controls your website, everything outside of the page builder. So, for example, right here I’ll click on homepage settings and we’re gonna go to a static page and choose the home page as home.

So basically, what I’m saying is: I want my home page to be the home page and that’s. It here I’ll click on publish, and now you can see that our home page now is our home page. So let’s go back over here now.

If you want to mess with some of these settings, you’re more than welcome to, but personally I think the only thing that you probably want to mess around with on your own time is something like the header navigation or you can kind of Change the like the the menu you can change the style of its you can do like vertical.

You can do like a different style of the menu, but I’m. Actually gonna give you a template that is actually created for us automatically. So we actually have a custom built menu instead of using the actual default one with WordPress and Divi.

So now that I’m finished, I’ll click on publish right here and close. So next let’s. Go to my website, Darrell Wilson, comm and I’ve, actually created a free template for all of you, so for purchasing Divi and following along, I’m gonna go ahead and give you guys this free layout that I made now.

This layout is designed to make this tutorial easy for you so right here. You click on a view. Layouts. Now you can use your own layout. You don’t have to use what I’m, giving you, but I have tons of free layouts for you in this video.

But right here I’ll click on number two and I’ll leave the link also in the description below – and this is the layout right here – it’s called the Divi theme online course layout for free. So here you can see that we have a home page style, one home, page style, two and home page style 3.

And then we have the about Us to contact us page and when then we also have the Divi theme builder layout and right here. You can actually click and actually view the website, so this is home. Page number one this right here on the next one is home, page number two, and then we also have home page number three and the site that’s designed differently for every page.

So you want to go ahead and pick one that fits for your specific niche because I realize maybe you don’t like number one, so I’ve created three to help. You kind of you know, diversify or whatever you want to do so.

Well, you do over here. Is you’ll click on Add to Cart, okay and you’ll, go to view the carts and you’ll just go ahead and purchase it and again it’s completely free it doesn’T cost you anything whatsoever so right here, you just click on proceed to checkout.

I also have tons of other layouts, so you guys can check those out. You know on your own time and then right here, your first name and then your email address and then click on a place order, alright cool, so the order has been received and now you can go ahead and download this free layout.

So right here you’ll click on divy online course: dot, zip and if you using Google Chrome it’ll, be on the bottom right. I’m. Sorry bottom left and Firefox it’ll, just prompt you to save the file all right, so you can see here how my file is being saved.

Now what you’re gonna do right here. This is really cool. So with this theme, we can actually just drag and drop everything. So what I want you to do right here is go back to your home page and enable the visual builder alright, and here it’s, just saying that they want to introduce you to Debbie and etc.

So here I’ll click on start building and they have three options, so we can clone a page use a premade layout and then we can also build from scratch. Now, on your own time, Divi actually has templates that they also offer upon purchasing TV.

There are tons of layouts. Personally, I don’t. Think a lot of them are that good, but that’s just my opinion. Maybe maybe I’m just competitive, I don’t know, but I don’t like a lot of the layouts. Half of them are good.

Half of them are a you know, but right here you ‘ Ll click on build from scratch. Now what you’re gonna do right now. Is you’re gonna minimize your window? Okay, go ahead and minimize it just like this right and you’re gonna see the file right here, divvy online course, so this is a file that you downloaded from my websites.

You’re, simply gonna open this file. Right here and find the home, so there’s, three home pages right. All you need to do now is just drag and drop it on the website and it’ll, auto import everything.

So, for example, right here let’s just say I want home page number one. I’m, just gonna drag and drop it like that, and then right here you see they have these options and I want to click on import. And then here we have the home page, one Jason.

We can replace existing content and also download backup before importing and also apply layouts default to this website, but I just want to go ahead and do replace existing content. So if I had content there before, I want to delete it and then simply click on import to Divi builder layouts.

So what this is doing is that it’s, going to basically import the entire design for us. So we don’t have to do any of the hard work like making everything from scratch. So this will give you something to work with and you can modify it and adjust it, etc.

Alright, cool! So let’s. Take a look at our website. I’m gonna make this a little bigger right here and I’m gonna go ahead and scroll down. As you can see, we have a fully functional, beautiful website now right here.

This is we’re, going to put our courses, and this requires a free plugin. So just ignore this part for right now we’re gonna actually come back to that and we’re, going to add our courses and, as you can see right here, everything was successfully imported.

So now you can see that you have a fully functional website where you can go ahead and start modifying stuff and changing stuff. Now let’s just say all right, so I have this template. How do I change them? How do I you know? How do I make changes? It’s.

So simple. You know right here, just double click, our new amazing courses and maybe right here you want to add more space. You can just go ahead and get this little blue little padding thing and just drag it up like that, and also right here.

You can have these little like you’ll, see these shadows. You can kind of move stuff around, so you can kind of understand now that this is a visual drag-and-drop builder. So here I can push this down.

I can change this image in the background, so let’s say for instance, do you want to add a new section right here so right here? I’ll. Click on this plus icon right here and I ‘ Ll collect a click on a regular row now here we have these different rows, so this is how Debbie works in a nutshell.

So, for example, I want a three column row right, so three columns – and here we have different modules, so here you can put stuff inside of those little modules. So what do you want to add? Well, maybe I want to add in let’s see here I’ll.

Put in I don’t know which we put in. I’ll, put in a I’ll, put in a call to action. A call to action. Guys is essentially just a button that you click on and it just goes somewhere. It’s, just a very fancy way to say link.

So here we have the title so right here. Your title goes here. So amazing contents, the button we can make that say, click here now to activate the button you’ll. You’ll have to put in a link so right here under the link you just put in you know, link for somewhere like Darrell, Wilson, comm and then click on check.

And if someone clicks on this, it ‘ Ll go to Darrell Wilson comm. Here, let’s, go and add in another one. So here I’ll put in an image now I find that the Divi theme is just the most suitable for beginners, because most beginners can just use this and within, like I want to say, maybe like three hours there like a pro you know.

So they’re, actually really good at this, because it’s. A very simple theme to understand so right here. I have this image, but I want to delete this image so here I’ll click on the trash can and I will add an image and here under media library I’ll, just select one of the images that I actually use.

So I’ll just say: alright, upload this image. Now, if you want to upload your own image – which most of you probably do right here – click on add an image, upload files and then click on select files and then simply go ahead and select the file that you want to upload.

So, for example, I’ll upload, let’s, see these are actually a little big. You want to have your images like under, I want to say, 500 kilobytes. So if your images are more than 500 kilobytes guys it’s, gonna slow your website down a lot so make sure you do Sal ittle bit, you know you don’t want them too big, but this is.

This is just an example here, so the image was uploaded, and here I’ll click on upload image and you’ll, see that the image is now appearing, so that’s, just a quick way on how you can Upload images to your websites, but maybe you want to go ahead and say you know what I don’t want this module.

So if you want to delete something right here, just click on this trash icon and now the module is gone. So that’s, pretty much it. If you want to add something else, you can click on the plus icon and then you can go ahead and have fun like adding a blurb and then over here check.

I’ll, go over here and I’ll put in a button. Maybe you can even drag the button under the blurb and have something that looks like that right there right. That makes a little bit more sense now. I do also have a Divi tutorial that will explain everything about the Divi theme in detail, so this right here is the video.

I will leave this in the description below, but this is a full tutorial. It’s a three hour tutorial on how to use this theme and all the special features step-by-step. So in this video I’m. Not really gonna cover every single thing about Divi, because that can be a very long.

Two toriel and I’ve, already created a tool for you. So if you having trouble with Divi or you’re, just not understanding it too much or you just want to become a professional on how to use the Divi theme.

You can watch this video and I’ll. Keep in mind, the Divi theme is the number one most popular WordPress theme in the world because by looking at this, it’s very easy to understand and everything’s very visual.

So let’s, go ahead now and click on save and again, if you want to change stuff, just double click and then make any changes you want. But for those of you who want to move on to the next section, let’s.

Do that so here I’ll click on save, and here I’ll click on exit, the visual builder, so we have our home page awesome here. I’ll click on the about Us page. Now let’s. Do the same thing for the about Us page, because I’m, so awesome and I’ve created all these pages for you so right here, I’ll flick on enable the visual builder, and I will minimize this window – Build from scratch close that and then here we have the about Us page.

So I’ll. Take this and drag it right there. We have no content, so it doesn’t really matter. So we’ll. Just you know, import built in pill builder, you know, and this should take somewhere like I, don’t, know 30 seconds something like that to import everything all right cool, so the page has been imported now right here we have this white section and We can just delete this.

We don’t need this so see this trash can just click on the trash can and it’s all gone and let’s, go ahead and scroll down and as you can see, this is a fully functional about Us page so now you have an about Us page that looks really nice and professional.

So right here, click on save and guess what we’re gonna do the same thing for the Contact Us page. So right here, exit visual builder, I won’t even need to make this bigger. I’ll, just drag it over a little bit more and here I’ll click on the contact us page and enable the visual builder and then again simply just drag and drop it, because this is an amazing theme.

It’s, so simple, so here build from scratch close this, take the contact us page and drag it right there and import to Divi builder layouts, alright, so the page has been loaded and again we have this white section right here, so I will Delete that and scroll down – and here we go – we have a contact form.

So when someone fills us out, it will go to your inbox, so this contact form right here. The emails from your website will go directly to your email inbox. So right here click on this gear icon. This is the settings and I’ll scroll down right here and go to email.

Now here I’ll put in my email. Now, whenever I receive an email or someone fills out, this form it’s, gonna go directly into that email. So here I click on save to make sure my changes are saved. Also, I want to let you know that this page builder will also it’ll, actually save the page automatically every 30 or 40 seconds to make sure that you don’t lose your progress, because sometimes people forget to save their page.

That happens all the time now right here, we’re gonna delete this, because you do need a Google API to have the maps now. I know Google sucks, because now they want you to pay for having Google Maps which really sucks.

So I’ll cover this in another video. As far as Google api’s and maps etc, but you have to pay for it and you might need a developer so right here, I’ll click on delete the section and then here click on save and I will scroll up And, as you can see, we have a beautiful Contact Us page ready to go so here exit the visual builder.

Now I want to remind you all that this is a live website. So as of right now I mean for someone that’s, just getting started out. You have a fully professional, beautiful online course website already so congratulations now.

There is one more thing that we need to do. We need to install the actual header and the footer because it is a little ugly right. So let’s. Do that so right here, under my block, we’ll, go to dashboard.

Here we have Divi and then we have the Divi theme builder, so click on theme builder. So this right here is the Divi theme builder. Now the theme builder allows you to have a custom menu and a footer on your website.

Now what you can also do is have different headers and footers on different pages. So, for example, right here we have this header and then maybe on another page. You want a different header. So the theme builder is a very powerful feature created by elegant themes, and I don’t want to cover the theme builder too much in this video, because I’ve actually already made another video for the theme builder.

It’s only about a 20 minute video, and you can see here how we just have a different header and footer for different pages. That’s all, but what we’re gonna do now. Is we’re gonna apply a custom, header and footer throughout your entire website to make it all look the same and make it look really professional don ‘

T worry if you’re overwhelmed right now. This right here is a new feature: they just added, but it’s very powerful and it’s really amazing. So right here you shoot these two arrows click on these two arrows, and here you’ll click on imports.

Now, what you’re gonna do, is you’re actually going to import the file that you actually have in the folder? So right here choose the file. We’re, going to select the actual template or the the file that you downloaded from my websites, and here we have Divi theme builder Jason.

This is the file that you’re, going to import. So right here, click on open and then here I will click on import. Divi theme builder, all right! So now you notice that we have these two little green things right here and don’t worry.

I’ll, explain what this is in just the bits, but right here. First click on Save Changes. Now, right here, I’ll click on it, visit the site and see what that’s done and voila. Now we have this home, the about the contact us and also you notice how these links work perfectly with the actual new header and footer, so that’s, really cool.

If we scroll to the bottom right here, you’ll, also notice that we have this beautiful footer. So this looks a lot more professional than what we had before right. So let’s scroll up right here now. Let me go ahead and talk to you a little bit about the theme builder to explain what just happened so right here.

I’ll, go to my dashboard and Divi and theme builder. So first I’ll. Just click on this global header and I’ll click on this pencil icon. So essentially, what the theme builder does is that we can design a header for our entire website.

So you see how it said global. So that means it’s, going to be throughout the entire website. So this right here is your current menu and we created this menu with the actual page builder itself. So right here we have the first row and then we have the second row.

Now you can see right here that this blue icon controls the entire section, and then we have this teal icon right here controlling this entire section of the row. Setting now let’s, say, for example, you want to change the color of your design.

So right here I’ll click on row settings and I’ll scroll down to background and then right here we have different colors. So you can actually just change the color of this to whatever you want. Maybe you want it to have to be black now, also right here we have these other icons.

Now, if you actually can’t click on it, because everything is too close. What you can do here is click on this little purple icon and then click on this little blocks right here and you can design everything that you want from here.

So, for example, click on this gear icon and let’s say you want to put in your phone number right there. So I’ll put in like call us at one. Eight hundred, you know. I hope that’s, not a real number and then follow us.

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