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#1 – Have a system in place to write blog content faster

When you are creating new content it makes it so much easier and less time-consuming when you have a process or system to follow.

It allows you to follow the same workflow so you aren’t wasting time figuring out what you need to do next or the steps to follow to create the content.

What I like to do is create a template in Asana and then I just copy the template each time I am creating a new piece of content. That way, I can follow the same tasks each time.

For example, my template includes things like

  • Draft the content + research

  • Creating a draft in Google Docs

  • Editing the draft

  • Creating images for the post

  • Adding in links

  • Scheduling the content

  • Social Shares

Having this system lets me see what I need to do in steps so that creating the content doesn’t feel as overwhelming.

I also like to have a system for the layout of my content.

  • Headline

  • First sentence

  • Introduction 

  • Subheadings

  • Body

  • Summary

  • CTA

This makes creating content so much faster because I can plug and play what I wrote right into the layout to have the post up and live on my website. 

#2 – Outline Your content + Batch Tasks to Create Blog Content Faster

This sounds so simple but it makes a really big difference.

Before you write your content, take the time to outline what you want it to include. Trust me, it makes the entire process so much smoother.

What I like to do is outline it one day and then write it next. When you can break it up into several days it takes the pressure off from sitting down and having to write an entire post all at once. 

The same goes for other types of content like podcasting or videos. Take the time to outline what you want it to include, record it another day and edit it another day.

Doing it this way will also give you the opportunity to batch your content. This means to outline a few posts at once or editing a few pieces of content so that you are doing the same tasks at the same time.

#3 – Keep a Spreadsheet to Write Blog Content Faster

Having a place to house all of my content ideas helps me to plan faster and essentials write content faster.

It makes it so much easier to pull ideas from a list that you’ve been curating. This means spending less time brainstorming and researching because you already have a list ready.

I also like to have this in one place so I can easily add new content suggestions when I come up with ideas.

I plan in my calendar to add to this list at the beginning of every month. It allows me to see the big picture of the content I will be creating and it makes sure I stay on track.

#4 – Use a Content Calendar to Create Content Faster

I used to just post content whenever I felt like it. I struggled with consistency because I didn’t have a plan to follow.

Having a content calendar helps you to be prepared and will guide you so you know what to write and when you plan on it going live. 

This is one of the things that has really led me to be consistent with my business. 

To start, figure out how many pieces of content you will do a month or week. Then, take out your calendar and mark off those days. 

What I like to do is plan around any kind of promotion or launch I am doing. 

I keep my content on track with those things so when I am deciding which blog posts to write, I will pull topics from my list that correspond with what I have on my calendar. 

#5 – Write The Intro Last to Create Blog Content Faster

Writing the intro to my blog posts last has helped me exponentially speed up the entire process.

I used to sit at my computer and watch the cursor because I had no idea how to start the post. 

I found it so much easier to get it all out of my head and onto paper (in my case Google Doc) and then go back and write the introduction.

Most of the time the intro is so much easier once I have the main content because it gives me more ideas of what to put at the beginning. 

Doing this helps to prevent procrastination or me just giving up because I can’t get started. 

#6 – Tech Hacks for Creating Content Faster

The last part of creating content faster includes a couple of different types of tech.

I have found that I often procrastinate with content because I just don’t feel like typing, so what I do is will dictate my posts or transcribe them.

Here are some of my tech hacks for creating content faster:

  • Dictate your posts  – In Google Docs you can turn on “voice typing” in the tools menu and speak through your post. It isn’t always perfect, but it gives a great starting point. You can also try the notes app on your iPhone. You just have to go slow and speak clearly

  • Hemingway App – This makes it easier to edit and even write your content. It will highlight mistakes, detect complex phrases and even identify unnecessarily long sentences. It will give you a readability score and tell you edits to make to your content. 

  • CoSchedule Headline Analyzer – Not only is it free to use, but it will give you a report highlighting the pros and cons of your headline. It will also help you come up with headline ideas to use. 

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