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In today’s, video, i’m, going to show you step by step, how to earn 700 per month with vpn affiliate program, and this method it’s free to start it provides you a recurring revenue stream. So that means you have to put in the work up front and then the money is going to be coming in no matter.

If you’re working or not, and this method is also very easy to start. It only requires that you have a computer and internet connection, but before we jump into it, make sure to hit like button below and subscribe if you haven’t already also make sure that you watch this video all the way till the end.

If you’re really committed to make money with this method and now without further ado, let’s, get right into the video. Now. First, we’re gonna go to the website called Now pure vpn is a paid vpn service and if you don’t know what vpn is.

It basically changes your device’s ip, so that websites can track your location. It also protects you from threats like hackers and therefore keeps your privacy when you’re online and they have 4.8 out of 5 rating on trustpilot.

So i’m sure that they provide a good service and the way that we’re going to make money with pure vpn is by promoting it to other people. Now i’m, going to explain how a bit later, but for now just scroll all the way down and here under partners.

You can see vpn affiliate program and you want to click on it. And if you scroll a bit down, you can see that here they have an earnings calculator, so that can show you how much you can potentially earn with their affiliate program.

So first you got ta choose which plan you’re gonna promote, so they have yearly plan, seasonal deal and monthly plan. Now i recommend you that you choose to promote yearly plan, because when you make a sale, you’re, going to be receiving commissions all year long now you want to select which traffic type we’re going to use.

Now we won’t use any of these here, but you want to select display. Although we won’t use it. The reason is that it has four percent conversion rate, which is the lowest among these here, and it can give us the most conservative estimate on how much we can earn so select display.

Now we need to select how many clicks per month we’re gonna receive now. My estimate for this is somewhere around 800. now. This may seem too unrealistic to you, but trust me. It’s. All gonna be clear.

After a few minutes just make sure to pay close attention – and here you can see that pure vpn pays us a fat 40 recurring commission every month for one year now that’s, a very ample commission and in comparison amazon, affiliate program pays you Only from one to five percent commission, so, as you can see, purevpn pays us a very generous commission.

Now aov means average order, value, which is the average price paid by customers on purevpn and with these metrics your earning potential is approximately seven hundred dollars a month or eight thousand four hundred and forty eight dollars a year.

So, as you can see, their affiliate program is one of the most paying in the whole vpn industry, but that’s. Not all there are more good things to come. If you scroll almost to the bottom of the page and under the, how do i get paid question, you can see that they pay you either through paypal or direct deposit to your bank account, and they pay out your earnings on 15th of every month.

For previous respective month, so that means, for example, for your earnings. In january, you’re gonna be paid in february, and here we can also see that joining their affiliate program is completely free.

So you just fill out this short application. So you type in your personal and contact information and how you’re planning to promote purevpn, which i’m gonna show you how to do it in just a second, and you must also comply with their privacy policy and affiliate Terms of service, and after they approve your application, you can start promoting pure vpn and making money, and if you’re enjoying so far make sure to hit that like button and leave a comment down below now, i’m gonna Show you how to promote pure vpn for free, so you can start earning commissions as fast as possible.

Now vpn can also be used for watching netflix from other countries. For example, if you’re located in europe, and you want to watch a netflix movie or series that’s available only in usa, you can use vpn to change your ip to an american ip, and then you can watch that series Or movie that’s only available in the usa and to promote pure vpn, you can create a short tutorial in which you show how to change your ip with pure vpn and watch american movies on netflix from other countries.

So you just record your screen and simultaneously explain what you’re doing. You can also play some upbeat music in the background, but it’s, not a necessity, and that doesn’t have to be a long tutorial.

It can be just a couple of minutes long, so you’re, just recording your screen and explaining how you’re, changing the ip and everything you do and you can record your voice and screen with a program called obs studio.

So you can just go to the obs project, dot, com and download it here for free and it’s available for windows, mac os and linux. And after you record your short tutorial, you’re gonna upload it to youtube and rank it on youtube search engine which i’m.

Gon na show you in just a second and because people are currently searching a lot for how to watch american netflix from europe. You’re gonna get a lot of views, and then you can paste your affiliate link into the description of your tutorial.

Video and a percentage of these viewers will click on your affiliate link and buy a pure vpn subscription plan and from every person that’s. Gon na buy pure vpn yearly plan. You’re gonna receive commissions all year long.

Okay, now i’m gonna show you how to actually rank your tutorial video on youtube search, but before i do that make sure to hit that like button, if you haven’t already, so you can rank your tutorial video on Youtube search engine with the help of a chrome extension which is called tubebuddy.

You can add it to your chrome browser for free from the chrome store, and when you do this, you want to first sign up to tubebuddy for youtube with your google account and what tubebuddy does is basically gives you a score of any keyword based on the Search volume and competition of that specific keyword.

So if we type into the youtube search query, for example vpn for netflix, we see that this keyword has an overall score of 26 out of 100. Also, the keyword is very competitive, so your tutorial video, probably can’t rank on this keyword.

And now we’re gonna just be adding additional words to our main keyword, which is vpn for netflix and try to find a keyword with a good overall score. So let’s. Add in 2020, for example, and this keyword has a better score than the last one, but it still isn’t good enough.

Let’s, add android at the end, and you can see that this keyword has a quite good overall score of 55 and your tutorial video can rank for this search term. If you include this exact keyword in the title description and in the text of your video, when you’re uploading it to youtube, and by doing this, you can rank in the top results of this keyword and start getting views.

And when a percentage of these viewers are gonna buy pure vpn plan for your affiliate link that you’re gonna place in the description of your video, you’re gonna start generating money, and if you want to learn How to make money with tick tock without showing your face, make sure to watch this video on the left and if you found this video valuable make sure to hit the like button.

And i see you in the next one.

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