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So I saw a post in a Facebook er recently from someone asking how they can create a simple private page for multiple users to be able to access content on without using a full-blown membership plugin and without it being like one password protected page that everybody shares A password to so you can control the access about who gets it without changing their password for everybody, and I’m, going to show you a simple way to do that with just two plugins that are freely available in the WordPress repository.

So, first of all what the page is gonna look like it would be something like this now. This is just my sandbox site. It’ll, look like whatever it’s. Gon na look like on your theme, but basically there’s, the title of the page and then I’ve created this.

That says you must be logged in to read this content and a link to the login page. I did this, like, I said, with two simple free plugins: there’s, members by Justin, Todd Locke, and that is freely available in the repository it’s, going to have this little icon next to it.

When you search for it and then there’s, this one – that’s – Peters login, redirect also freely available in the repository super easy to find so both of them. You can just get you by going to plugins and add new and you would go to members.

I’m going to search for members over here and you have to scroll down a little bit, but members is right there and then we have Peters again redirect and it’s this one right here. Okay, so I have installed both of them and they’re, both active on my site.

The first thing we’re going to do is go to users and we’re, going to create a new user role for to be able to access this private page. So we’re, going to go to add new role and you’re, going to put in a role name and you’re, going to make sure you give it.

You’re, going to go to the pages section over here, go to pages and you’re, going to say, read private pages and then, if you think you might have private blog posts as well, you can also go to posts and To read private posts and then add the role so now we’re, going to go to pages and you’re, going to create a page for the private content.

So this could be for board meeting minutes or anything like that. But I have my page here: we’re, going to take a look at the settings for it in the content box. Up here is where you’re, going to put whatever content.

It would be so PDF links, webinar information. You know whatever that’s going to be, and then you scroll down and your the content. Permissions meta box is what we need. So you want to select which roles have access to this information.

I’ve, selected administrator and then the private users role that we just created under error message. This is what they’re, going to see when they’re, not logged in so this page. Here. This content is what I set as the error message here.

Sorry, you must be allowed to injury. This content and I just made a quick link to the login page, which I did by making a link to WP dash login dot PHP. This is the same page. You login to as well so and then we’re going to save that page.

Now I’ve already done. All of that. I’m, not going to save the changes here and then. The last thing we want to do is set up the redirect so that, when somebody from that private users role, log Z – and it automatically sends them back to this page instead of logging them into the backend of WordPress, where they can’t really Do anything except change our password, so I’m going to copy the URL for that page.

I’m gonna go down here to settings and go to login logout redirects again I’ve already saved that page. So I’m. Leaving I don’t need to save the content on this page for the manage redirect rules. You want to go down to where it says specific roles, so you can make it for specific users.

But since we’re using multiple users, I don’t want to do that. So we’re just going to do a specific role. I’m gonna select that role that I had my private users role, which I’ve already selected here, so it won’t.

Let me do it again and put in that page that I want them to redirect you right and then I’m gonna go down and I’m gonna hit update. So this is what I’ve done. This is the demo that I’ve done that I’m, showing you in an incognito window, but basically this is the page, the private content page.

It says I have to log in so I’m, going to go ahead and log in and I’ve made my user with that role, and there’s. This temporary password. I’m, going to go ahead and log in and it’s gonna redirect me to this private content page so now that person that user would be able to see whatever is on that page.

So I hope that answers your question and helps you out and if you have any questions, feel free to leave me a comment below. Oh one thing that I didn ‘ T show you. Yes, when you’re, making a user role, you’re, just gonna make your user role for whoever needs it.

Your new user account for whoever needs it and, of course you have to put in a username and an email address, and then you can add the automatically generated password or set your own. But down here and user roles is where you want to select what user role they have, so this person, then, would be in the private user roles that we just created using the members plug-in.

So that should be all the steps. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and I will try to help you take care thanks for watching

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