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Hey guys, how’s, it going welcome back to my channel and in today’s video, I’m, going to be showing you how you or anybody that you know can make $ 500 every single week spending less than A dollar per day, yes, I said it spending less than a dollar per day.

You can actually make $ 500 per week online and I’m, going to show you how, in this video, so before we get into the main content of the video. I’m, going to put up the name of this week’s, winner of my course.

So congratulations. If your name just appeared on the screen, all you have to do is send me a DM or send me an email, and I’m going to give you access to the course. Congratulations once again, and if you want to be the person that we assess my course when I upload my next video.

All you have to do is like this video drop your comments below and make sure that you’re, subscribed to the channel and every single time I upload a video. I’m, going to pick one lucky person and give the person access to my premium.

Facebook Ads course. So if you haven’t already do make sure to subscribe. Hit that like button and let’s, go Sean bells. So you cannotify once I upload a new video, but in today’s. Video, I’m, going to show you how you can make $ 500 every single week and you don’t even have to spend a lot of money right with less than a dollar per day.

You can make this possible for yourself. So with all this being said, I’m going to jump into my computer and show you how to make 500 the last every single week without spending a lot of money and without running any kind of ads without doing very complicated stuff.

Alright, let’s. Go alright! So here my computer – and you can see – as I have here on my screen – how to make $ 500 per week using get response right, the service of which using is called get response and the metal or abusing is actually pretty simple and pretty straightforward right.

So only five with less than five dollars per day, which is about five cents per day, which a Nigerian currency is about the hundred sooner so that’s less than 200 now per day. You can make $ 500 per week, and here’s, how you’re, going to do it so to make $ 500 per week with five walking this.

That means you need to make $ 100 per day and then order to make $ 100 per day. You need to make about three sales on a sixty dollar product that has a future percent average Commission right. So what affiliate marketing in combination with email, marketing and essentially were promoting products and for any product that we get a successful sale it products is an average price of $ 60.

We’re, going to make a 30 % sorry 50 % Commission, which is a 30 dollar profit on that particular product. So using get response, I’m, going to show you how you can make this possible for yourself. So the first thing you want to do is sign up for a get response account using this link right here on your screen right.

You have to use this link that’s, shown here on the screen. I’m, going to leave the link in the description or in the comment section. So all you have to do is take this link and sign up for it gets response accounts.

The second thing you want to do is sign up for the basic plan on get response for $ 15 per month. That plan is going to give you access to 8,000 email subscribers right. So I’m going to copy this link right now and open it on a different tab.

So you can see what it actually looks like okay. So I just visited that link right now and you can see it here. This is get response and get response is an email autoresponder that we’re, going to be using to collect emails and send out emails to this prospects to get them to buy our products right.

So when you come to get response, this is the site. All you need to do is come up here where it says pricing, so click on pricing and I’ll, come here where it says the basic plan right so basic plan least size.

A thousand you simply click on choose plan and after I click on choose plan, you simply go ahead and make demands and you’re going to have it get response accounts for $ 15, but more, like I said, $ 15.

When you break it down is just about five cents per day, so that’s less than a dollar per day is less than 200 an app ID that’s. What we’re using to sign up for get response so, like I said this plan is going to give you access to a thousand email subscribers.

So you happen in a thousand email subscribers that you can use to carry out what I’m, going to show you in this video. The next we want to do is visit drip scripts, calm now drift screams, Oh calm, is a site that gives you customized email template sequences right.

Originally, this email template sequences for you and all you have to do – is simply take them and plug them into the guest response. This is the sides right here. As you can see, this is Dhruv scream comm.

I’m, also going to leave the link down somewhere in the description or comment section for you and essentially three scoops has a lot of email sequences right. The app image sequences for almost everything for lead generation for product launches, but the one we’re going to be using, is the product launch sequence right.

So I’m going to leave the link for you. All you want to do. Is come over here and grab the product launch sequence for free, so you can see you get these emails all written down for you already, six of them all you need to do is create an account.

Is the free account, so you create the accounts on drip scripts and you’re going to have access to this email sequence? The next thing you want to do is make sure they are signed up to an affiliate Network.

Now we need to sign up to an affiliate network, because that’s, where we are going to find the products that we are going to promote right on an affiliate network. You’re, going to have the ability to pick products that vendors have put online and then, when you promote those products, you’re, going to get a commission for each successful sale.

They are able to get for the product. So you can use any of the affiliate networks that I’ve listed down here. You can sign up for a Clickbank accounts. I have the Clickbank account you can sign up for Macs, bouncy or nyah village.

If you’re in Nigeria, or even a warrior plus account, so all the sites have digital products that you can promote and get a commission so make sure you sign up to one of these affiliate networks. And then the next thing to do is to pick a product to promote right.

So you’re, going to sign up to any of this athlete networks and you’re, going to pick a product that you are going to promote. So after picking up the product they are going to promote. The next thing that you’re, going to try to figure out is how to get traffic to that offer right and there’s, different free chart and traffic methods that you can use out there.

You can use Facebook groups, you can use Facebook pages, you can use Korea, you can use with your Nigeria, you can use forums like Maryland and the rest. You can use YouTube as well, creating other videos and posting on different YouTube channels, and you’re, going to use that to drive traffic and after driving traffic people are going to click on your link and what’s going to happen? They are going to buy the products and you’re, going to make a commission.

So let me break down how this is going to work for you right. This is its simple formula that I’ve, shown people and has actually worked for them, so in order to get 3 C in order to make hundred dollars per per day, like I said, you need to make about three sales per day right.

Three C’s. Buddy means you have to get about 800 options, but it does hundred email opt-ins per day now on average, in order to get a hundred email opt-ins for day. You need about 500 people clicking on your link per day and to get 500 people clicking on your link per day.

You can expect to be driving traffic to about 8,000 people per day, so using any of these free traffic methods, you can get 500 clicks on your link right. Your link, the link you’re, going to get from the affiliate network when you get those 500 clicks hundred of them are going to opt-in to the guest response accounts that you’ve created and then from there.

You already have your email setup and then these people are going to buy from you, so on average you can expect to get about three sales from 100 people entering your list paddy, but it doesn’t just stop there guys, because after you’ve built this list, you can use it for a lot of other things in future, less than you have another product that you like to promote in future.

Now you already have these emails, and all you simply do is change the email sequence right. So you have the sequence already: all you do is go in there and edit this email sequence, you’re, going to be able to use it to promote more products and make more sales.

So this is simply the broken and the abridged version of how you go about making 500. The last every single week and, like I said you, don’t, have to spend any money to do this right because you can make use of free traffic methods.

You’re. Making use of your three ciders drip scripts to get the email sequences. The only thing you’re going to be paying, for is that 15 dollars that you use to sign up for a get response account. So what are the next steps? The first, in our advice, is to do after watching this video is click that link below make sure you sign up for a get response, account and sign up for the basic plan.

Like I said it’s less than a dollar d right. You can do this and just have it for months. Use it to carry out what I’ve showed you in this video after that, the next site you want to go to these drip scripts or compo, go to juice, cubes or calm.

Creative free accounts and download these email templates after that sign up for an affiliate Network, any one that you choose. It’s. Fine. So far as you can sign up, you’re good to go and you get approved on the sides.

You’re good to go and then pick the products to promote the average product that you should pick should be about $ 60 or upwards. Most of those products have back in offers, so you’re going to mixels.

Even if someone doesn’t buy only one offer they buy more than one offer. You’re, still going to make sales, and then the next tip is to use free traffic methods to promote that products that you’ve put inside your get response accounts, so that is basically how you go about making five hundred dollars.

Every single week, if you want more details into how to actually do this, probably like a walk through or like a screen, step-by-step tutorial on how everything goes. Do let me know in the comments section and probably if I get enough requests, I can go out of my way to do that.

I’ll, show you everything step-by-step, but hopefully most of you got the gist out of this video and you can take this and put it into action. Remember if you don’t put it into action. You’re, not going to see any results right.

So thank you so much for watching my videos, if you like this kind of content, do make sure to LIKE the video make sure to subscribe. Let me know down in the comment section what you liked about this video, what you didn’t like just drop a comments for me.

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