How to Make a High Converting Squeeze Page to Build a Massive List of Email Subscribers

Squeeze Page

Hey it’s, Andy from Chuck and Andy calm, and in this video you discover exactly how to build high converting squeeze pages so that you can build an email list fast, while making money at the same time.

In fact, by the end of this video, you’ll, be able to build your own high, converting squeeze page in under 5 minutes. Ok, so before I actually dive in to show you exactly how you can actually start building a high converting squeeze page, you are required one tool now, if you’re, not making the use of any kind of tools to actually help you with your Marketing campaigns, then, let me tell you that you’re really behind in the ages.

There are so many tools out there that assist. You actually speed up the whole process, and this is exactly the tool actually want to show you and one that I highly recommend. Now this tool is an actual plugin for WordPress, so you are required to have your own web press website to actually get started with building your own squeeze page now the actual plug-in is called thrive.

Content builder now I’ve, actually tested many different tools before and I found by far that the thrive content builder is easily by far one of the easiest tool to use, and it also creates awesome, looking squeeze pages in a matter of minutes.

So I do highly recommend you actually check it out and I’ll, leave a link below this video for you to actually check out now. If you don’t know how to actually set up your own WordPress website no worries.

I actually help you out with another video tutorial which can actually be found right over here in that video actually walk you through a step-by-step process on exactly how that you setup your WordPress website and so that you can actually just install the plug-in and get started With the thrive content builder now before, I show you how it actually works, I want to show you a few examples.

First, so here’s, one website that you can actually build with the Frye’s content builder. Now this squeeze page over here is what we like to call a simple background: squeeze page as you can see, it speaks for itself.

So all it is it’s just a headline, so you want to make sure that you have a very appealing headline that does grab the users attention and then under the headline you ‘ Ve got a bit of text explaining a bit about what exactly they’re, actually going to get themselves into and telling them exactly what they need to do in order to actually receive what you have to offer.

So how you actually gonna be building this? Is it’s, actually filling their name and the email address? Can click on the start download these two details actually going to be sent to your autoresponder and that’s? How you’re gonna be building your list, so this is just one type of squeeze page.

You can actually field put icons. If you’re another I want to show. You is more focused on a branding side, as well as promoting an e-book okay, so over here is again it’s, a very simple squeeze page that you can actually create in just a couple of minutes.

You can actually add your own logo over here. So if you have your own blog, if you have your own website, you have your own company. This is a perfect fit for your branding. If you have an e-book that you are giving away for free and then you can actually have it on display right over here and then on the right side here, you can see that you can actually collect more than just a name in the email.

You can also click the websites too, if you really want to and again in order to actually build your list. I just need to fill out these details and then click on this button over here now. This next quiz page is slightly different to the two.

I just showed you this one is actually more focused on a video, and so in this particular squeeze page. It’s, a lot of a form twist page, mainly that actually has a lot more details about what you’re offering before they actually decide to opt-in to your list.

So again, you have the opportunity to put your logo up here. If you wanted to, you can easily take out this section, so you don’t have to put your logo there. You have a headline to ensure that you grab your users attention, because that’s very important.

You also have a video that you can actually shoot in place here. Explain it exactly what they’re, actually getting for free in exchange for their email details and then right at the bottom. Here you can actually break it down even further and have a very clear detail on exactly what they actually about to get.

So, as you see this squeeze page here has a lot more detail than your other two pages. Now another thing that’s, a core difference between the last two squeeze pages. Is that as you notice, there is no opt-in form okay or you can actually say it’s just a button over here now, this type of squeeze page is called a two-step opt-in.

Now how this works is, if the user actually likes what you actually have to offer, and they really wanted to get a hold of it, then what they have to do is just click on this button and you’ll, see a little window will Actually pop up, hence the two-step, opt-in, okay, so they actually require to do two different steps before they can actually receive whatever you actually have to offer.

And so again you have another little headline in this box here and they’re just thing. They fill in the details, click on this button here and then they actually take them to a Thank You page. So this is a two-step object.

Now you’re, probably thinking two-step opt-in, wouldn’t actually decrease conversion, because I have to do an extra step. Well, if you really think about it, because they’re actually clicking the button, what happens? Is they actually could slowly committing themselves to that offer? Okay? So this little technique here is actually called micro commitment and it ‘

S actually been used in marketing strategies for a very long time now. So if you can actually get your visitor to take up little little chunks of commitment, it’s, gonna actually get a lot easier when it comes to taking the bigger commitment.

Okay, because I’ve, already taken those little steps, you’re warming them up to that bigger commitment, and so all right. The fact that you’re actually getting the user to click on this actual button here, for them to actually opt-in, it actually helps increase conversions and that’s.

What we’ve, actually found in our testing now. Lastly, here’s, an actual squeeze page that we’re using currently for our own business right now. So, as you can see, the free offer that we’re actually giving away is an e-book okay.

So it’s, an actual ebook on how to actually get started on online business in a step-by-step manner. It is completely 100 % free and we actually use the private content builder to actually build this very page over here now, if you actually wanted to download this ebook, all you have to do is just click on the click here to download your free guide and As you can see, a window will pop up.

So again, this is a two-step opt-in form where they actually require to make two commitments before they actually get to receive the free offer. So all you need to do now is just fill in your email details right here, pick up and get instant access and that ebook will be sent to your email address.

So, as you can say, you know these are pretty cool squeeze pages that you can actually build with again you don’t, know any kind of technical knowledge whatsoever. All you really need to know is how to actually drag and drop and then just copy and paste it and once actually understand how to do that.

You’ll, be out, actually build high, converting squeeze pages in no time so again. The tool that I’m actually using is actually from Pride themes, and this crew is an absolutely awesome company. I highly recommend it.

They also have an amazing amazing support team, and once you’re actually inside and actually check out the forum’s, you’ll, see exactly why you know there’s, some of the stuff that they actually Do is amazing.

Okay, I’ve, actually never had any problems at all with this tool and and every time that I did, I just jumped on the fire – arms open up the threat and it was answered in within couple of hours. So, honestly, when it comes to customer service, these guys absolutely nail it so once he actually inside.

All you have to do is just download the plugin cord thrive content builder. So over here you’ll, see your thrive content builder. Just click on the download button and it’ll, actually download that plug-in for you and all you need to do next is just head back to your actual WordPress website head over to plugins and click on, add new and upload that very plug-in that You just download once you’ve done that act.

I actually headed over to settings, click on thrive concept, Bureau and I actually walk you through on how to actually activate your account. But once you’ve actually activated account. You’re, pretty much ready to go to start building some awesome squeeze pages so that you can start building your business as Rob now so to get started just head over to your pages.

Click on add new and it’ll bring you over to this page over here now. As you can see, you can actually edit this very page with the thrive content builder, and this is exactly what we’re going to be doing.

But before that you want to make sure that you do name your page and publish it first. So I’m just going to quickly write in squeeze page demo, something very easy, and I’m just going to click on publish now.

This page is just ready to go so at the moment this page is completely blank. So what we would actually need to do to customize this page is actually head over edit with thrive content. Builder now, like I said to actually create squeeze pages, is incredibly simple and you can actually create it in just a couple of minutes.

If you know exactly what you’re going to be doing so by the end of this video, if you carefully, you know, follow the step-by-step instruction, you’ll, be able to actually build yourself squeeze pages in just a matter of minutes.

Okay, so once you’ve, actually inside the actual content build up. This is what it looks like on the right side. Here you see that these are the all the actual options that you can actually choose from.

If you actually scroll down there’s, plenty of different things that you can actually play around with, but what I do recommend you actually get started with. Is a template so over here what you say, thrive landing pages? If you actually click on the drop down arrow, you pH actually choose a template, so choose landing page template and they actually have many different templates that you can actually play around with, and the reason why I actually want you to start off with the template is Because it’s, a lot easier actually get started with a foundation.

Okay. So once you actually pick a template, you can pretty much customize it in any way that you please, and instead of actually starting off with a blank canvas, you actually have something set there.

So all you have to do is just you know, delete or add anything that you like and – and you’re – pretty much ready to go so over here. They actually have a filter section as well. So what we’re actually after is to actually build a squeeze page.

Of course, the actual thrive content builder actually allows you to build many different pages. Like your home page, you can actually create your own download page sales, page webinar review, you name it.

There are many different templates, but for now we’re only focusing on a squeeze page. So I’ll, just tick this one. This one, this one and that’s it so once you have those two: they’re, going to filter out all the squeeze pages that are under those two categories.

Okay, so now only focus on squeeze pages and, as you can see, there are many different templates that you can actually play with. So, as I scroll down, you might actually notice that some of the actual templates in here was the ones that actually show you as an example.

So I here, for example, this one was a video course lead generation squeeze page, so it’s. This one exactly one here, so if you actually wants to play with this very squeeze page over here, then all you have to do is just click on it and then scroll down and just load landing page, but for now actually want to build a lot simpler.

Squeeze page so that you have a better idea on how to actually use it. Okay, so I’m, just gonna look for one quickly, so this one looks like a pretty easy one to actually play with the lion blade generation page.

I just have that ticked and that’s, actually load the landing page and that’s it once it’s actually loaded. It’s very simple to actually customize okay. So, as you see there’s, gonna be a lot of lines in between each of these and how they actually work is boxes.

Okay, so what you’re, actually starting off with, is a massive container alright, and in each of these containers you can actually add multiple mini containers. Okay, you can actually split this containers up in any way that you like and add any elements.

So these are different elements and you can actually add it in to each of these containments. Okay. So let’s, say, for example, I wanted to actually change this little section here and actually have my own logo.

So all I need to do is just click on this um little box over here, and it’ll, come up with image options: okay, because this actual box over here started off as an image element. Now every element actually have a little option: tab that looks something like this.

Okay, it’s. Gon na vary between the different elements, but most cases they’re very straightforward so over here. If I actually want to increase the image size, I just need to drag this over here and that will automatically increase.

So I’ll just drag this down here, so that you can actually see exactly what’s going on. As you can see, the image has grown a lot bigger now, because the image that we actually started off with was a probably a lot smaller image.

You can see that’s, why it’s actually blurry. So I’ll, just pull that back a bit again, so that’s, that’s playing around image size. If you wanted to change the image altogether, then over here you’ll, see a button called change image.

Let’s! Just click on that now, as it’s, actually using WordPress. What you want to do, is you wan na upload, an image to your media for WordPress? Okay? So if I actually wanted to upload an image, I just look an upload files.

I’ll, just select the file that I want and, and I’ll, actually get cited. So I’m just gonna do that quickly. So I just finished uploading our logo and, as you can see it’s ticked over here, then all I need to do is just click on insert into post and you’ll, be able to see an update right here now again, If I actually wanted to make it a lot bigger, I just need to click on the actual box here and just change.

The size here just drag this along here, so see that that’s massive here. You know I just really can just really play around with it and customize, however, that you like, if you wanted to actually add more spacing around the image then over here you’ll, see margins and padding’s.

Okay, so if I actually click on this little drop box here – and you see that there’s, a margin of 50, which makes it a big gap over here and a bottom margin of 50 here, so that’s. Each of these 50 pixels from top to bottom padding is inside the actual box.

So if you actually wanted to make the inside the box, why not? I could actually add let’s say you know 20 padding over here, and you see that there’s 20 pixels that have been added between inside the box.

Okay, so that’s. The difference between margin and padding margin is outside the box. Padding is inside the box. Now you’ve, actually, click on clear margin. You say that you actually have a default of 20 and these two areas between spaces.

I’ve, gotten a lot smaller, so you could actually customize it any way you like you can move it around. If I actually want it to be centered, I can actually click on Center and it’ll, actually Center.

The image, if I want on the right, then obviously you just change an alignment on the right side and you see that over there, but I like it in the middle that looks nice. Maybe I can actually customize it to make it a little smaller.

You know. I actually wanted to add a border. You can actually do dotted borders. If you really like, you can actually change solid groove so wide, but I’ll, just keep it as none for now, so that’s. All there really is now.

What if I actually wanted to link that logo back to my actual website, again very simple over here, say quick link if I actually pasted, Chuck and Annie calm over here, whoever actually clicks on this little image here, it’s, going to take them To our blog, so that’s, how easy it is to actually customize an image.

Now let’s say we want to actually change the headline now changing the headline again, very simple, always click on the actual box inside first. So if I actually click on this headline text over here, you can see that it’s, just a very simple text bot.

So if I just highlight this bit of text here and press delete now, I can actually type in any headline that I like so done so once actually typed in your text, you can see that’s. What I actually look like now, if you actually wanted to play around with let’s, say the size, the actual font itself, then again it’s.

All within this actual text element options here. So let’s. I actually want it to make it a bit smaller. I can actually change the font to 26 and that will actually make a headline small. Let’s. I actually want to a censor the whole text, then again just click on Center alignment and you see that it’s, all centered.

You can actually change the line height, so the actual spacing between each of these texts. You can bold the text if you like, so if I actually click on bold, you can see bolds. If I want it underlined you can do underline.

If you want to change your color, you can change your color by clicking the actual paint palette and let’s, make it red alright, and that will change the whole thing. If you want to highlights, then this is the actual background highlight I’ll just show you exactly what it looks like, so that would make it a blue highlight of it there and, of course, if you want to change the actual padding margins of Padding you do that again as well, so at the moment you can see that default there’s, a top margin of 10 pixels, so that’s above the box over here bottom pixels.

So that’s again there. What’s outside the box is 25 pixels between here and and no padding’s added whatsoever, so that’s, pretty much how you actually edit the text element again, nothing special, very simple to do, and, and it’s pretty much! What you see here is what you actually get.

So I’m happy with that. I’ll, close that little option there down here. Again it’s, just another text element, so I’m, not going to show you exactly how to do that over. Here is a massive image element.

So if I should want to cook a lit click on this image here and actually change the image there very simple, so just click on the image and this little box will appear. If I actually wanted to change the image, then knock it again.

I can do so and then just need to upload my ebook cover and it will just be displayed over here now. The other important thing I wanted to show you on when it comes to building a high converting squeeze page is, of course, the opt-in form.

Okay, you can’t have a squeeze page where they had an opt-in form. So down here below here is the actual call to action. So the court action is just a bit of text and you actually want to add more text to this.

Then over here you’ll, see a text element if you actually click on it and then drag it to where you want it. So, as you can see, there’s little boxes in between each of these elements. So if you drag it and actually drop into one of these boxes, you create another element and then again, text element, just click on it and then type in what you need to be typed here, so yeah yeah yeah, and you could do that with anything okay.

So any of these elements on the side here, so if you actually want to add an image under the UM, the actual headline then just drag the image drop it there and you can add the element there. If you hadn’t wanted to add in a button any kind of CSS.

If you know a bit about CSS, you actually want to customize it, then you can actually add that in the content container is the actual box itself. You can actually break up the containers by adding column layouts, so I’ve actually dropped down this arrow.

You can see that I can actually split the container up into half. I’ve got in 1/3, 1/4 and so on. Okay, so very very customizable. You can pretty much build any type of website that you, like any page that you like you could definitely derive replicator just using this actual content builder itself, so that’s.

How you actually want to play around with it again there’s. Many different features, as you can see. If you wanted lines, if you actually wanted to add a quote, testimonial call to action button, a guaranteed box, you can actually add widgets.

You know there’s, many different elements that you can actually choose from and the list pretty much goes on, but for now what I want to show you is how to actually set up your opt-in form. Ok, so I’m down here.

As you can see, this page here is a 2-step opt-in form. How I know is because there’s, no opt-in form appearing ok, because what you actually see here is what you actually get. So if I should click on this box here it’s, most likely a button okay.

So this is a button element, so you can see this. It’s. This element over here now how you actually set up these 2-step opt-in boxes. It’s very, very simple, and every button or image element you’ll notice that there’s, an event manager.

Okay. So if you actually click on event manager, you actually notice there’s, different triggers and different actions. Okay, so if your user actually clicks on the button itself, the action for the actual page would to be open a thrive, lightbox.

Okay. So now that’s, the actual box that appears for them to actually opt-in to actually be in your list. Okay, so if you actually wanted to edit the lightbox and just click on this lightbox edit and will actually bring you to a different builder.

So now, here’s, how we actually customize our little box. So, as you can see over here, what we actually do this, if you actually clicking on button. This is the actual action. Okay, so the trigger is the click and the action is to open up a lightbox, and this is the little lightbox that I’m, actually building right now, okay, so to actually build that lightbox, it’s exactly the same as it Was to actually build a normal page, so let’s say this is the actual text element again just clicking the actual element and customize? However, you place okay, very, very simple.

Now this is just an image. If you actually click on the image, you can actually resize it, and you can actually play around with any way that you like. You, can actually um change your margins change, the padding’s, and so on now below here is the actual opt-in element.

So if I actually click on this element here, you see that it’s, just a lead generation option. So on the right side. Here you’ll, see lead generation, lead generation and it’s. This element right here again with these lead generation options.

It’s very, very simple, okay, so you can actually customize it any way that you like so again with the your margit’s and your padding, so you can play around with that. You can actually change the color of your actual button, so you can actually change the button and if you actually want to add a gradient, if you actually want to change the hover button as well.

So, as you can see, if actually hover my mouse over the button, it changes to a darker shade of green, and all of this can actually be customizable. Now the important thing about this actual element is connecting up with your autoresponder okay, because you need the actual data to be stored in an autoresponder in order for you to actually build a list.

So to actually do that. Just click on the connect with service, and now you’ve, actually got two different options. You can actually integrate it through API or web form. So I’m just gonna click on create new connection, so the five content builder actually integrates with a lot of the many popular autoresponders.

So you also have like get response. Aweber MailChimp Infusionsoft, all of the big autoresponders they’re. Most like that, you can actually integrate it through API. Otherwise, if there is no API connection with that particular autoresponder that you’re using, you could always use a raw HTML form code.

So let’s just use the form code and they see what actually happens in the next step. So I’m, just gonna click on that button here, and you can see that it actually has a box where you need to actually paste in your form code.

Your HTML form code. Now, if you don’t know actually where to find this form code for the actual autoresponder of your choice, the one you’re actually using. This is just a little out of scope for this particular video right here but, like I said earlier, the five guys have awesome training and they have awesome customer service and most likely, you actually be able to find all that information than you’re.

After inside the knowledgebase, if not, you may actually be able to head over to forum. Ask your questions and I should get back to you within just a matter of hours. But once you’ve, actually inserted the card, click on generate fields and that’s.

All you need to do then, once you’ve, actually connected it to the actual servers. Your lightbox is pretty much ready to go now. Of course, you can customize the button text if you like – and I tell here – you can actually say edit components, and this is what you can actually change any area of the actual opt-in form.

Okay, so this whole element here is the opt-in form. If I wanted to change the button, the button text I’ll, just click on submit button, and now you can change the button text over here so get instant access now boom.

That will automatically change. I just need to close that and with all the things that you always do, you want to make sure that you always click on Save Changes. Okay, if you don’t, if you forget to click on Save Changes and close the window, everything that you’ve done would actually be a waste okay, so get into the habit of always looking Save Changes.

If you do make any mistakes, you can always just click on undo it, and I’ll, actually take you back to the last action, but once I chase you down with that, once you’re done with lightbox click on Save Changes.

You guys should close that lightbox and continue with your actual blending page that you have over here, okay, so again back to actually finishing off our landing page, if you actually click on event manager.

If you don’t have any existing events, then all you have to do is just create one very, very simple, selected trigger so your different options. So you actually have a click action. You can ask a mouse over or actually comes into view, but for now what we’re actually focusing on is the click trigger.

You want to select your action, so open thrive, lightbox and over here you can actually select the lightbox that you just created so over here. You can see that it’s. A squeeze page demo. I’m just gonna click on that you can actually choose the type of animation for their actual lightbox.

So I’m. You’ve, got different little animations over here. Just to show you an example, so just to show you again the animation this, the one we’re using at the moment, is a zoom in so that’s out there there’s, the other sample.

One is a slide down, so if I actually click on the button, you’ll notice that it was actually slide down from the top and that’s. What I actually mean by the animation, so you actually play around with what you like you – can do: zoom zoom out rotational slide in from top bottom and lateral, and you can also show the animation preview over here as well.

So if I actually click on rotation, you can see that that that’s. What will happen for your lightbox? Okay? So so, as soon as that user actually picks on the button, it will actually start rotating into front and infront of their screen, but once you actually happy with that, just click on save event and your landing page is pretty much ready to go there’s nothing more to actually customize.

If you did want to add anything extra, then again, you got all these different elements that you can actually choose from, but in Anor it’s, actually customized the squeeze page. That’s. What all there really is and then just click the Save Changes, and once you actually ready to see the work of art that you just created, let’s, actually click on preview and it will show you exactly what your squeeze page will look like.

So, as you can see it’s, probably not the best-looking squeeze page that I actually created right now. But this whole point of this tutorial is to show you how to actually use a content builder and how easy it is to actually customize it.

In your liking, so that you can actually build a high converting squeeze page that’s catered to you. Okay, you want to make sure that the squeeze pages you’re building is branded to you and that it’s.

Actually relatable to the actual target audience. So if you truly want to have a high converting squeeze page, then you want to make sure that it looks professional. Make sure that your free offer is tailored to your target audience so something that they actually want and then.

Thirdly, it’s, just a matter of split testing, so you might look at this page here and you might think man. This is a really ugly page and it’s going to convert horribly. But you never know if you actually split test it against another squeeze page, for example this one over here that’s.

The only way you’ll ever know, which of these two squeeze pages will actually convert a lot higher. So again, I highly recommend this tool. Now you do definitely need tools if you want to fast-track your online business.

The two of my choice when it comes to building squeeze pages is most definitely the Thrive guys they’ve, actually come a long way and they’re, constantly improving the actual tool they’re, making it more user-friendly.

They’re, adding a lot of new features and they actually marketers themself. Okay, so the guys, the cofounders behind the actual thrive tools, actual market is since themselves, and so they know exactly what us marketers need.

So again, I highly recommend thrive, content builder and you better actually check it out by clicking on the link below this video right here. Not only are you able actually build squeeze pages, they look completely awesome.

It’s, really easy to use and it’s. We budget-friendly so again, just click on the link below and I’ll just check it out. Thanks for watching for more awesome. Videos like this one, be sure to click that big red button, where it says subscribe, also give us a thumbs up and comment below if you have any questions or feedback still trying to figure out how to build an online business or even just to make your First time on mine no worries, let me help you out click the link below to download our guide on the formula to building a six-figure automated system.

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