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Shopify Partner Profit list

They also have program called the Shopify affiliate program and I believe they’re the same program. I will link them both down below, so you guys can check them out. But basically I wanted to tell you guys about this awesome opportunity, because I’ve been using it for a couple years now and it’s made me some money and it’s a great way to monetize any type Of audience that you have so here on my youtube channel, I have been able to really speak about my business.

My online store that I open years ago and I’ve, been able to kind of show people how to do the same thing, and I discovered the Shopify partners program probably about two years ago and, like I said, I’ve, made Some money off of it.

I would like to share it with you guys it’s, a great way for you, guys to monetize a blog monetize, your YouTube channel, and one of the great things that I love about. It is that they accept any value from any like audience, size, language, geographic location, you literally just apply, and then, if you get accepted, you are able to use your link to refer people, and then you ‘

Ll earn money off of that. So let’s, talk about it because they’re interested keep on watching, okay, guys, the first things. First, I want to let you know this: the Shopify Partnership Program it’s, absolutely free! You don’t have to pay anything to become an affiliate or a partner.

You just sign up and then, if you get approved, you’re an affiliate and you ‘ Ll get your link. Now the link is a personal link that tracked through a 30 day cookie, which means that I click your link, even if I don’t sign up that day.

If I sign up within that 30 day period, you will still get the credit, because I click that link so that’s, amazing, because sometimes people, you know especially people who are trying to build a business.

They’re very busy. They might click here just to check it out, but they might not want to like commit to it right away. Also, that link will lead the referral to a 14-day trial of Shopify. So you don’t have to commit right away.

You can try out the trial version, see how you like it and then, when you’re ready to commit, you can pay to have a membership, and that’s. When you will get paid as a partner, you’ll. Get paid once that person signs up as a member.

Now let’s. Talk about pay, because a lot of people obviously are wondering how much do you get paid? When do you get paid? How often so I will tell you all of those answers. Basically, the average is $ 58 per user.

So if I have a friend who signs up using my link, I’ll, get $ 58 for them, and sometimes they break it up into two payments. So, like you get $ 29 what a month and the next month, you get another $ 29.

It all just depends on when they signed up pay period and it’s. Stuff like that, you can get up to $ 2,000. If you have somebody sign up for the Shopify Plus membership $ 2,000, you guys so that’s, amazing! If you can get a Shopify plus referral like like that’s amazing.

I would love to get that right now, but yeah. So whenever you guys seen my Shopify link in my description bar just realize that I am getting some payment tour if you do end up signing up, but it’s totally free for you to try out the free trial and I don’t even think that Shopify makes you put in your credit card information.

You’re. Just putting your information, you get to. Try it out you don’t, have to put your credit card until you’re ready to actually go on with the membership. So, as I mentioned before, guys, what I love about this Shopify partners program is that any applicant, no matter how big the audience size can do this so, like you know, I don’t have that many subscribers on YouTube.

I have about 397 right now, I think, and it ‘ S worked for me and it’s, a great affiliate program because it paid more than the average affiliate program that I’m, a part of so this is a great way for you to really monetize your audience and really be able To speak to those people who are actually going to do it and actually gonna try it out, and I like to be able to offer you guys something whether it’s, a free trial.

Even though I don’t get paid for you just signing up for the free trial, it’s nice. To give you guys something that you guys can try out and really test the waters with, because I know when I was first starting out my online store.

I did the free trial and it really helped me decide if I wanted to go with Shopify or not so loved being able to give you guys that and help you guys. Also, if you guys ever do use my link and you do end up signing up for Shopify, I’m more than happy to help you guys, if anything that you need help with.

I always have my email down below so feel free to email. Me you guys have any questions if you guys do use my link, so I truly appreciate it pretty much it you guys it’s very simple um. So basically, I’m free to join this program.

I don’t, get any money for you, guys signing up as partners, but I will have my Shopify free trial down below. This is just a great way to earn some extra money at first. The reason that I signed up for it was because I wanted to help people with like business.

Consulting so like there was a lot of people that I knew that had brick-and-mortar businesses that they didn’t have an online presence, and I kind of wanted to help them kind of transition into that. So they signed up with my Shopify referral code and they got the free trial and then they set up their store and then for an extra fee.

I helped them set up some of their stores too. So definitely check it out. You guys, like it’s, an amazing it’s, an amazing thing to be able to earn money off of just giving people information so definitely test it out.

You guys probably have friends or family or people that you meet, that are interested in doing something like this make little cards. Have your link on there give it to them to hit it’s a free trial? If they really do end up liking it, they’ll sign up, and then you’ll, get paid for it and earn some extra money as an entrepreneur.

I know I’m, always trying to look for other ways to make money, and this is a great way. I also started this because I had started my blog and I was looking for ways to monetize it, and this was perfect because I’m, already very familiar with the shop with my platform that’s.

Another thing I want you guys to be rest assured that I would never put my anything on my channel that I didn’t use personally and that I didn’t agree with or stand by. I’ve, been using Shopify for years.

I’ve been a paid customer for years and they’re amazing, and that brings me to my last point. There support you guys is amazing link literally every time I’ve written into support, because I usually just do their little chat option.

They’ve, helped me so much and actually just the other day. I was talking to a young lady through the chat. I was asking her about the program and she was asking me a bunch of crunch questions as well like she actually seemed interested in my what I was doing.

She shared with me some stuff that she’s doing and it’s, just a great customer service that they have, because they’re able to actually interact with the customer. It ka me and really get to know who I am what I’m doing and then she kind of told me about herself and she also helped answer any questions that I have also Shopify has amazing resources.

If you click partner, they actually give you access to different things. They give you access to courses that can help you kind of strengthen your brand and kind of show you how to market Shopify for your business, and then you also get access to certain apps that you can add to your own Shopify store there’S so much that you can do there’s also a whole other side to this partners program where, if you’re into app development, you can do that and if you sell an app, obviously you’ll.

Get you’ll, get more than just referring somebody, so many different things that you can do with this Shopify partners program, because I’m, pretty sure all of you guys know at least one person that is in your life.

That wants to open their own store. They just don’t know how to get started pass along your your free link. Once you become an affiliate with Shopify, so I hope this helps you guys, and I really hope you guys, like learning some stuff from this video, I’m, still happy to be back.

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