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Although technology is changing rapidly, and social media platforms evolve each passing day, Snapchat remains a dominant platform. A current study by Statista indicated that as of the second quarter of 2020, Snapchat enjoyed a daily active user base of around 238 million users. This is a clear indication that the platform is quite popular and widely used around the globe.

But did you know that it’s possible to make money through this social platform? Well, you heard me, right! 

With millions of people using Snapchat daily to connect with friends and family through shared photos and videos, the platform offers incredible money-making opportunities. This is something that not many people realize, and those that do, a significant percentage don’t know how to go about it.

So, today we explore every possible way to make money through Snapchat, just for you.

Best Ways to Make Money on Snapchat

ways to make money on SnapChat

The whole money-making-thing through Snapchat starts by attaining a massive number of followers. This ensures that anything you post receives considerable viewership.  

With a substantial following, you can now easily use the app to post content promoting your business, or even become a brand ambassador for others.

Here is a step-by-step guide of how you can do this:

1. Build a Following

Just like earning through any other social media platform, having followers is essential. You need an audience for whatever you wish to post. But how do you create a strong and devoted following?

Start with Family and Friends

This is the first group of people you should add to your Snapchat before you can start exploring any other options. Request as many friends and family members as possible to follow you on Snapchat. This is done by sending each one of them a follow request.

You can also have this group share your info with their friends and everyone they know. This helps to create your first primary audience.

Expand Your Connections

After you’re through with your close friends and family, try to extend your reach to your friends’ friends, workmates, etc. You can also start following local celebrities, entertainers, and other influential figures. If you do it right, you’ll probably get yourself several follows in return. 

You should also share your Snapcode publicly to give access to people who wish to follow you. This is usually a unique code, which interested people can use to follow you. 

Networking on social media will also play a significant role in growing your following.

Advertise Through other Social Media Platforms

How to earn money on SnapChat

In this time and age, almost everyone has several accounts with multiple other social media platforms. These include Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. 

Using these platforms, you can easily advertise your Snapchat stories and get your friends and followers to follow you on Snapchat. Displaying your Snapcode here is one effective way of getting people to follow you.

2) Promote and Establish Yourself

How do you establish yourself in Snapchat?

 Be Unique and Creative

Instead of just posting the usual things that everyone is posting, like your lunch photos and irrelevant selfies, try to be novel and exciting. People want content they can relate with, as well as unique stories that create lasting impressions. This way, you can attract people to follow you as they are curious about what story you’ll be posting next.

Even the simplest moments can be turned into amazing stories that people want to follow. For instance, create catchy and thrilling stories that keep people longing for more.

Get Shout-outs from Top Influencers

Although this might not be easy, it can be a big plus to your credibility if you can make it happen. Getting shout-outs from famous influencers in your niche will help you get noticed and even get more followers.

However, plain shout-outs are not enough. Make sure that these influencers can include your Snapcode in those shout-outs. This way, people and can easily follow you.

 Make Use of User-Generated Content

This is just like using referrals and testimonials to promote your business. It includes getting your followers, who are using your products, to send you some photos of them using the products. 

Then repost these images in your Snapchat. This increases your credibility and builds trust among your other followers. It’s also an excellent way to increase engagement with your followers and create brand awareness and possibly get sales.

Be Consistent

If you want to make it big out here, you must be ready to work. You can’t post one story and expect to get followers. Make sure you post stories as often as possible.

Through this, people can identify and get attached to your stories, turning them into staunch followers. Always keep your followers engaged and interested.

how to make money on snapchat easy and fast

3) Monetizing your Account

How do you make money from the massive following you have?

Link Your Website to Your Snapchat Account

This is an effective way of promoting your business. For instance, if you are a blogger or have an online store, including a link to your website will quickly give your followers access to your offering or products.

The current technology makes this possible through apps like Emoticode, which allow users to embed URLs to their Snapchat posts. If your followers like your stories, they might as well love your offerings

Selling Directly from Your Account

Besides sending people to your business website, it’s possible to sell directly from your Snapchat account. This means that you can use your posts for advertising your services, products, or offerings, and make sales.

Apps like Emoticode and Snapcash(payment-processing software) makes it possible to conduct business and get paid on Snapchat.

 Making a Custom Snapchat Filter

Having your own Snapchat filter is not only good for promoting your brand but can also help you make some money. While other people use your filter on their accounts, they’re subsequently promoting you, which leads to even more followers.

You can also create filters for other businesses and companies and get paid when they use these Snapchat filters.

 Promote other Brands on Your Snapchat Account

This is a popular way through which influencers and people with huge followings are making money on Snapchat.

Big companies and brands are in a constant search for an audience for their products. This means that if you can offer enough audience that can translate to sales for their products, they are willing to spend money on you.

However, you should note that the first ingredient here is a considerable following. Then, you can look for brands and companies in your niche that might require your platform for advertising.  

Sell Your Shout-outs to other Users:

Everyone wants to make it fast and with minimal efforts. If you have an enormous following, it means that your opinion matters. And for this reason, new accounts will be willing to pay to get your endorsement (shout-out).

The larger your following is, the more confident people will be with your shout-outs. You will earn for just mentioning your client’s Snapcode on your Snapchat.

Parting Shot

Snapchat is not only a place to have fun and network but it also a great place to earn. There are many incredible ways to monetize your account, and these are just a few of them. With tons of followers, you can make tons of cash on Snapchat.

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