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What’s, going on make money online with CJ Affiliate?

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Go back to every single comment in the comment section whether that is related to this video or not link to this video. I will get back to you, so we’re talking about CJ Affiliate for those who don ‘

T actually know what that means, who what that is. Cj Affiliate was formerly Commission Junction. If that rings, a bell at all. I’m, not sure if it will, but if it’s a new opportunity for you, this actually be really cool.

So what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna go over? What CJ Affiliate is? How do you get signed up, how it really works, and we’re gonna go into the website, check it out? Really quick here guys in a second and then when I show you guys how you can actually use this to make some extra money and how you can actually take advantage of the opportunity using CJ Affiliate to make some money yourself.

So CJ. If you like. Really quick guys is an affiliate network. It’s, an affiliate marketing company, where it’s, going to help you find out where you can actually connect with companies and promote their products or services.

Now, if you have a product or service to offer – and you can actually sign up and have that product or service promoted on CJ affiliate, where other affiliates connected promote it for you and you can make your sales through there.

That is an option. But I’m sure most of you coming to this video, probably don’t, have your own product or service as of right now or they like you, like the aspect of affiliate marketing that CJ affiliates going to offer you, because when It comes to affiliate marketing, you only do product or service.

All you need to do is connect a customer with’s with that product or service. If you’re, the middleman, you can make money, and so people can do very, very well in affiliate. Marketing is one of the best ways to get started and making money online because it’s very, very simple: you don’t feed with any customer service enough to deal with any of that BS and a lot of other stuff.

That comes with having your own product or selling their own service online to other people who are going to, of course, there’s, always gonna be issues with with the product with the website. With that’s, always gonna be an issue somewhere.

Someone’s, gonna be happy. You don’t have to worry about any of that as an affiliate marketer. So let’s. Jump into my computer show you guys the website show you guys had and how it all works, alright guys.

So here we are on the CJ. Affiliate website is literally just CJ dot-com um it’s, actually pretty cool from what I can see here from my experience with affiliate marketing sites, some, like jvzoo click playing max bounty.

I really like the layout of here’s. How CJ Affiliate looks at least on the outside? Now we’re, not inside the platform just yet here. So this is just what it looks like on the outside. It looks really really appealing to me.

I, like the layout I like how it looks so dare to think big expect bigger results. So you know you can really really look at one of the will close most largest and most established affiliate marketing networks.

I’m gonna help. You guys make some more money. So, of course, there’s, advertiser tab, publisher, tab about us power of affiliate. We’re gonna go over to the power of affiliate tab here, because we’re talking about affiliate marketing.

Here in this video and that’s kind of the idea here, so I kind of like these layouts of these videos kind of playing. In the background on the website, I think it looks pretty cool and so guys, affiliate marketing, like I say here, is it’s, a really really really great great channel to make some money and it’s.

Gon na be really great for the customer right because they’re gonna be putting in front of crunch. They actually want or need, and it’s great for the person who is selling that product to the business owner or the company, because they’re, actually able to capitalize off of you, helping them get customers.

So what are you? Are you a publisher or an advertiser? Well, an advertiser is someone who actually sells that product or service or experience or whatever it is, and they’re gonna reward, the publishers for driving them the traffic for driving them the customer.

So if you’re an affiliate, you’re here, a publisher in this situation. Okay, so how do you do that? Well, of course, we’re gonna go into that in a little bit more detail. But of course you can use websites, blogs social media, all these different things, email, marketing, search optimization.

How do we do that? That’s, actually gonna be a key point later in the video, so make sure you stick around for that and I promise it won’t. Take too long, we’ll. Give you guys some actionable tips that you can go out and actually take advantage of.

So our really cool thing here about CJ Phil. Is I really like this aspect here? This is information that they have so the average order value, so so their affiliate marketing platform outperforms a lot of other ones very, very well, so their average order value right here, the clearly higher average quarters per customer and annual customer revenue, so they have higher numbers.

I’m, not sure exactly how that is tracked, but I’m sure they’re able to track that and I’m sure the is factual information as it’s on their website here. So I think it really is a really great opportunity if you’re, someone who doesn’t know anything about affiliate marketing.

Cj Affiliate is a great place to get started for sure, but let’s jump over to the publisher tab now. So take a look at this. Actually, there is 1.8 billion annual dollars in affiliate commissions through CJ affiliate.

I think that’s, absolutely crazy started. The site is kind of like going on and off here, but when it was probably before it was 1.8 billion dollars in annual affiliate commissions through CJ affiliates trusted by some of the world’s largest brands here, and so there’s.

A lot of you can guys can go and check out your own. The client successor is, I want don’t want to bore you too much information. I’m sure you guys can go. Do your own due diligence own research, but because of this program there’s potential to make a lot of money with affiliate marketing.

So here’s, a Crilley cool way to actually make money with affiliate marketing. I want to talk more in-depth here in a second, but of course, if you have any content on the Internet, you can monetize that content very very easily through CJ affiliate.

Well, how is that? Well, you can put your affiliate links to other companies that you are working with through your CJ affiliate account on your blog on your youtube channel, for example, guys jump down to my description right now and you can see.

I have a decent amount of affiliate links to things that may be of interest to you, because you’re watching this video. So what am i doing? I’m, able to also monetize this video through affiliate marketing, because I have those affiliate links and I’m working with brands companies that are actually going to pay me if I can actually refer them a customer.

So it makes that aspect of your life so much easier. If you’re trying, if you producing any type of content online, you can monetize that very very easily. Hopefully you guys like the layout of the site and be showing you how it works.

Well, you can do is literally just go in and type in CJ calm. Now I’ll, get you there or just like in CJ affiliate online, and you’ll get there, and you can sign up as a publisher right for CJ affiliate.

Okay, that’s, how it works, not the publisher! You’ll have to have your account approved, of course, when it comes to signing up for affiliate networks. Guys here’s, the problem many people have when it comes to signing up – and I want to talk about this really quick before we jump into how to promote these products.

How to promote your links, have this stuff. What I want to talk cuz a lot will have this trouble and they can’t get approved. For example, max clickbank is free, other affiliate networks. They have trouble getting approved.

So a couple things I want to go over really quick. I have a links down below for you to get your own website, your own domain, your own hosting, and before we get response. Okay, the only reason I’m saying I have links to that is because garish bother getting free for 30 days.

You can get a very, very cheap hosting plan and a very, very cheap domain name if you would like your Bluehost, which is what I use myself I used to use, I page now I use Bluehost and those links are down below the only reason I all Will say that because when you apply for these applications are applying these platforms next time, something to ask is for a website that you’re, going to promote your stuff on right, and so what I tend to do.

I have gotten approved no problem. Literally, just putting my youtube channel link to my homepage of my channel and explaining what I do, for example, what I do is, I say: hey, I make youtube videos. Many of my videos are optimized for search, which means people who come to my videos have high intent of actually finding out what this product or service is about, and they are highly likely to buy or to be interested in potentially buying a product.

And that is where I come along and I provide my affiliate links in the description box down below, and that is how I plan to promote your products. Now that’s, what I have done for many applications and I’ve gotten approved, or if you do, if you don’t have a lot free of that.

You can create your own, your dependent now or what you can do is create your own website right, which is not very, very expensive. People think, oh, my gosh. The cost is not that bad as I pay for my own website, I pay.

For my. You know the main hosting okay forget response there’s additional 30 bucks per month and you don’t have to pay 30 bucks per month. However, if you get the landing page feature of get response, what you could do is have your own website and then have these individual landing pages.

So maybe you want to buy your own website, but you can you just can’t, get response for 30 bucks per month and have email, marketing and landing page features, and what does that mean? You can provide you link to your landing page as your actual application link.

This way you can get approved cuz we’re gonna have to put some kind of link down there. When you apply and what you can say say, I run these campaigns where I have landing pages and I thrive traffic to a landing page, whether that’s from social media from paid advertising whatever it is.

I drive traffic from your land from landing page to then your product, and I have an email marketing software set up once they come to my landing page like I get their email and I can market them in the future simply by you providing that information to Them and show me and explaining what you’re going to do.

They’re, much more likely to actually approve you, because it sounds like you know what you’re, doing, whether you have done it or not. Of course I don’t like to lie. I wouldn’t, say lie, but if you want to stretch the truth and say hey, you know, I’ve made some sales here.

I’ll make themselves there. Even if you’re, just getting start with affiliate marketing, say hey, I made themselves on Clickbank, I’ve tried Mac’s bounty and I want to take the next step and get you know, access to more affiliate or More and more awful rush, more companies more services than I can promote for my potential audience and this companies like this.

We’re, going to love that answer, and so they’re going to approve you guys, trust me. They’re, going to approve you as long as there. No other flags that come up on your application. So now comes apart on how to promote this stuff.

How to actually do really well – and I’ve kind of hinted that this guy’s here, so you can use a ton of different things. What I recommend at least the fastest ways. Social media and YouTube can be really really great because you can create searchable content on keywords that are not super competitive, and what does that mean guys? I recommend checking out a software or a Chrome extension for free it’s called vid IQ, and all you have to do from there is literally just see they’ll, give you a competition score on the side, a search score.

How many people are searching there for that term? It’ll, give you a bar if it’s towards 100 %. That means it’s, really competitive. Where it’s really highly. You know search right if it’s towards zero.

I mean it’s, not how you start or it’s, not competitive, and so keeping things on the lower end of the competition range. But the higher end of the search rank is in really really good place to make videos and title your videos when you’re.

Looking at what videos, what kind of keywords a title? And if your title, your videos like that, you’re gonna get more views from search, especially when you’re starting out. Because when you’re starting out, you’re, not making YouTube money.

So what is YouTube? The new? They’re, not gonna, promote your videos and show it on the home page on suggested videos because they’re, not making money from that. But where are they gonna put your videos? They’re gonna? Have your videos in search so because they have to have content in the search engine around someone’s type, something in they need to provide the best possible experience for that person.

So when they come to the search term, they want them to be staying up laughing. They don’t want to get to a search term and see some video that makes no sense just cuz. They’re gonna make money, because that person’s gonna leave YouTube and then say: hey I’ll link, some more.

I want to leave when I get my answer, someone else. So there’s. Youtube is a great option right there. In addition, you can create Instagram accounts. You can create a blog so right there, you can use that.

You should use your website that I have linked down below or I use your website create. Your own blog, I don’t, have one myself, but you can use your domain name use your hosting, create a site, create a blog, and then from that blog you can create content around certain things around certain products that you’re.

Promoting with affiliate links around all these different things, top 10 lists product versus product, which is better pros, vs. cons, all those different things, and you can take advantage of literally all people who are searching for those answers and, of course a blog is going to take.

You a lot longer to grow then, for example, an Instagram page, a social media clay, a page or a YouTube channel, but it’s very, very valuable, because once you have those users builds up. They’re gonna keep coming back to block and maybe love and your block and rank higher in Google when it ranks high on Google.

That is going to be a goldmine for you when it comes to promoting these offers. So now, taking it a step further here, affiliate marketing through that say, Instagram you can create your own Instagram profile or you can have Instagram profiles.

For example, if you want to promote both things in the fitness niche right, health and fitness, you can create a fitness page and just kind of cure, its content right. You carry some of the best content and you give Prince where credit is due for different people, who you are huge in the fitness industry or give your own tips tricks and advice around.

The fitness industry and fitness topics, and what you can do is then have links in your bio write links in the bio of your challenge. So I recommend using link tree, so you can actually have your one main bio link.

That goes to like a bunch of different links, but you can have your links in your bio then go to all the different affiliate marketing products that you have promoting. They are promoting through rights through CJ affiliate.

So hopefully that makes sense guys hope you guys got some value out of this video. If you did make sure you jump down, subscribe posting videos every single day, any questions or comments leave them down below.

Also like this video guys, if it helped you guys out and with that being said guys, I got uh more videos and really to affiliate marketing on the channel so check those videos out and if not check these videos out right here and I’Ll see you in tomorrow’s; video peace,

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