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The world has gone absolutely crazy, so many things are at a standstill. I know a lot of you that follow me: sell-on Macari, you do things such as going to thrift stores to source for that or you even maybe do drop shipping and the suppliers have put a hold on shipping things.

There’s, delay and shipments. All kinds of crazy stuff happening right now, so the best place to focus your energy for making money from home right now currently is on digital products. Right digital products are something that is information that you can transfer to somebody digitally over the Internet, and there is basically an unlimited supply.

You don’t have to worry about shipping anything in the mail, and this can be 100 % automated, depending on which platform that you choose to sell your digital products on so in today’s. Video, I’m gonna share with you, where you can get already created, ebooks that are already done.

So you don’t have to take the time to make the ebooks yourself where you can actually sell these books. How to get affiliates to sell them on your behalf right there’s. A lot of people out here that have email lists that have social media following that would definitely be willing to sell your ebooks for a commission right when they make a sale and they take 50 % and you take 50 %.

So you get an army of affiliates to go out there and sell the ebooks for you, and you will take the profits. Okay in today’s. Video, I’m, also going to show you how to create a membership site with a free platform platform so that you can house all of your ebooks in one location.

And then you can charge people a monthly recurring fee in order to access all of your books. Okay, so when you create a membership site, this is something that you personally own and you can create a base of clients that are paying you every single month.

On a residual basis, so let’s, go ahead and dive into today’s, video on how you can start making up to $ 100 per day or more selling, ebooks online, hey guys, Angie here from Wi-Fi wealth and on this channel.

I make videos about super, simple and fun ways to make money from home so be sure to smash that subscribe button right now, so you never miss a video that I release on how to make money alright, so you are ready to start up your e-book business And I’m gonna show you exactly where you can purchase these ebooks for 5 dollars all the way down to zero dollars.

Ok, so if you have a zero budget, then you’re gonna be very happy because I’m, going to show you where you can get an entire library of ebooks completely for free that you can resell as soon as today And start making profits on, I personally sell ebooks on Fiverr and on ebay and on fire.

You can charge top dollar for the amount of e-books that you want to sell. I’m gonna go over here and pop over to my Fiverr accounts and, as you can see, I have been on Fiverr since 2015 and my most recent delivery was two days ago.

This is an e-book that I personally wrote on 19 different ways that I make money online okay, so I personally wrote this and it is a ton of valuable great information, and you can pick this up for five bucks right.

It’ll, be priceless for you to actually go through and read the book yourself and you also get resell rights, so that means you can go out and sell this on Fiverr as well for five dollars ten dollars.

However, much that you would like – and this as you can see, is a best-seller. This sells really really well. For me, people love it. I have tons of five-star reviews from selling this eBook a lot of people that have purchased this from really love reselling.

This as well – and I definitely think it’s worth the five bucks and I’m sure. If you go out there and put in a little bit of footwork to get this out there, you too can start selling it for $ 5 as well.

We have eBay and if you type in ebooks resell rights, you’re gonna be able to pull up a ton of ebooks that you can get for like $ 0.99. And what I like about eBay is that you can see kind of how popular they are.

So this one called affiliate marketing and success systems PDF with resell rights. They have sold four hundred and twelve of these ebooks okay. So, as you can see, that is $ 0.99, so they have made four hundred and twelve dollars by selling this one ebook.

Now you can look at this one. This is new social media online marketing ebook with resell rights that one they have sold. Five hundred and thirty copies so, as you can see, they have made five hundred and thirty dollars just about from selling this one ebook here’s, another one two hundred and sixty-nine amazing sex games.

Interesting, sixty of those have been sold here’s, one for herbal cures. They’ve sold one hundred and thirty four of these at $ 0.99. Okay, here’s, one selling for a dollar. Ninety five on Amazon affiliate profits.

They’ve sold forty seven of those, so, as you can see, if you buy one of these with resell rights, you could realistic on eBay yourself or you could go over and list it on Fiverr for more, like five bucks and fiber has a Nice, a built in platform of buyers and so does eBay.

Alright, and here is my little gem for you. This is like the holy grail of the e-book vault. If you want to be selling ebooks online, you can have access to tons and tons of ebooks. Like you will have so many here that you won’t even know what to do with them.

Alright, because it will take you forever to list these on Fiverr and eBay and anywhere else that you want to sell these um. So here’s, one called Affiliate commissions landslide. If you want to make your own sales page, you can do that.

They include a sales page and you can download the e-book here and then, when you go to lists it on Fiverr, you can use this image and then, when somebody purchases, you have the file on your desktop and you just upload that to Fiverr and deliver it To them, so you will have unlimited amounts of resources here.

So once you create a free membership here on resell rights weekly, then you can just go to free member downloads. So if you click on free member downloads, they have months and months and months of downloads.

So if you click on March 20, 20, that’s this month, you can see that there are several different things here, one on acai berries. This is an instant mobile video site. You can view the sales page here and you can click here to download the site that’s, not quite an e-book.

So let’s, keep moving along, become a fitter and better you. There’s, a sales page here. So you can take some of the bullet points from the sales page and include that in your Fiverr or your eBay listing they have the headline here.

Then you download it there and you are able to use use that image there here’s, one which is pretty awesome: the law of attraction in action. So this one is a video upgrade which you can always do, a video upgrade on Fiverr or eBay, and here is the actual ebook and look at the sales page and you can download the product right there.

So these are instant digital products that you can access. 100 % free download them to your desktop and list them all over the internet for sale, for whatever price that you want, you can promote it on social media or you can just leave it up there to do its thing on these platforms that have built in Buyers, so those are the three places that you can buy: ebooks from five dollars down to 99 cents down to free.

So there is no excuses whatsoever to not make money with this method, because you do not have to pay anything out of pocket to get started with this. So now, where do you sell them? I covered a little bit of that already.

You can sell it on Fiverr, as I showed you, my Fiverr gig. You can sell it on eBay, as I just showed you the ones on eBay. You can also sell it on Etsy. I know a lot of people do not realize that you can sell digital products on Etsy, but you can, and Etsy is probably one of the easiest platforms to sell digital products on, because you can upload the products so that they automatically deliver it to the customer.

As soon as they buy so like with Fiverr or eBay, you have to personally deliver it to the customer every time that they buy on the platform, but on Etsy you just upload it and it’s automatically sent to them.

So it’s completely hands-off. You could set up your store and forget about it and make sales passively on Etsy with this. They absolutely love that now, last but not least, you can spell on warrior +.

So I don’t know. If you know about this site, I think you’ve, been following me for a while. You probably do because Ben and I have sold a lot of products on here. So this is a free website and it says your profit is our business, best-in-class sales, automation, affiliate network and education for digital business owners and online marketers.

So on this platform, you can upload your digital products and they can go in their marketplace where they have tons of buyers that are actively looking for digital products and courses on how to make money online.

You have sales automation here. They provide you all of the tools that you need to sell and deliver your product to your customers and get paid. This is also super cool, and what I love about this platform is that they have thousands affiliates on this platform that are ready to promote your products.

Ok, see here, it says, jumpstart your success by utilizing our army of affiliates and partners to generate sales to your own digital products and services without headaches. You can come over here. Read all about this set up your free account and get affiliates to sell your products for you, as I mentioned in the beginning, there’s, a lot of people out here on the internet that have email lists.

They have social-media followings and they are looking for products to promote to their email lists to their followers every day they’re looking for new products, so you can come on here and tap into those affiliates and they can put your products in front Of their lists, okay, they can put your e-book in front of their followers and you can take 50 % of the profits and you have tracking and all kinds of fun tools and stats right here on warrior plus I love this platform.

It’s. Super easy to use – and they do have step-by-step tutorials – on how to use this inside so utilize. This platform get your ebooks out there list them anywhere that you can right take advantage of all of those sites.

You want to take the time list it on Fiverr, eBay, Etsy, warrior plus I would recommend getting a hundred up on each platform as quick as you can – and you know this is literally copy-paste simple. They give you all of the details when you purchase the e-book right.

They give me the headline. They give you the description, they give you the photos and they give you the product to deliver to the customer copy paste copy paste copy paste, put them on all the sites.

You were gonna spread yourself out all over the Internet and if you want to pump it up to the next level, then you can create your own membership site house all of the e-books in there keep adding to it every single month and charge people a Monthly subscription to access your ebook database – this is a free website, called pay hip com, a hundred percent free to use this.

It’s, the easiest way to sell digital downloads and membership, so you can come over here, set up a completely free website. You can create your own membership site and you can stack all of your ebooks in there.

You can charge people $ 10, a month $ 20, a month $ 50 a month, the hundred dollars a month. Whatever you want and you can house everything in one place – and you can continue like I said – adding to it every single month to give your clients that extra value that they need in order to stick around.

So this is a really cool site. They have a hundred and thirty thousand sellers on this site and it is very, very simple to set up and, like I said, you can get started with that – a hundred percent free.

So these are some priceless resources for you today on how you can get set up, making up to a hundred dollars or more every single day, with these digital products right these ebooks that you can get from free all the way up to five dollars.

So I hope you enjoyed today’s, video and that you got a ton of value out of this. If you put this to work, for you definitely comment below, let me know, or if you have more questions, maybe you’re, not sure how to use the pain hip site.

Definitely let me know I’m happy to make additional videos going into more detail on whatever you have questions about. I love seeing people succeed and I’m happy to share my wealth of knowledge with you, so that we can continue to.

You know, support everyone, and these crazy, crazy times right feel free to pass this video along to others. That you think might need it. I know this will be very, very helpful for a lot of people so be sure to smash that subscribe.

Button give this video a like, and now I’m, going to share with you my all-time favorite way to make a full time income from home with an automated marketing system. One of my favorite ways to generate income is by utilizing and automated marketing system now directly below.

In the description. The very first link that you’re, going to see Wi-Fi wealth, Co. Slash automation is my number one favorite income stream. When I do utilize it in addition to YouTube here – and this is a business in a box with all the tools that literally everybody needs to succeed online, so through the power of automated marketing systems, I was able to pay off thirty thousand dollars and credit cards At and travel through, the Caribbean, so I am over here on my Instagram right and how you can visit me over here.

Scroll through my journey, see all the cool things that I had actually have gotten to do over a five-year span of time through working. A hundred percent on the internet, so the things that I share with you on this channel have allowed me to create that lifestyle right.

I went from really struggling with maxed out credit cards, no clue how. I was gonna pay that credit card debt off to live in a lifestyle that most people really dream of, and this isn’t to brag or boast about what I’ve accomplished.

But to show you what is possible when you plug into the knowledge that I’m sharing with you here on this channel right, I originally came across somebody else’s, video on YouTube, just like this one, and it sparked something in Me to you know: go from struggling lack mentality to a mentality of abundance, taking massive action and just creating the lifestyle that I dream of right.

There is so much abundance out here and, if you’re willing to take action and step outside of your comfort zone, you know this is really possible for anybody that’s, willing to be consistent and put out great content like this.

On YouTube, combined with an automated marketing system, okay, so in addition to traveling through the Caribbean for five whole years, we were also able to purchase our dream home in Ohio on six acres.

Just this past year I have literally marked off every single thing on my goal and vision board that I set out to do when I first started online making money back in 2009. Okay, so many of you have followed my journey over the years that I am so so grateful, and I am just thrilled that I get a chance to light the path for more people like you, okay, so go ahead, make sure you hit that subscribe button.

So you never miss a video that I release on how to make money be sure to drop me. A comment below if you got value from this video or if there are any other types of videos that you would like to see on this channel.

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