How to Make Money With ClickBank FAST In 2021 (Step-By-Step Tutorial for Beginners)

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i want to show you how to make money online with clickbank in 2021. This is a very beginner-friendly approach that you can use if you watch behind my shoulder to start potentially making money today.

This is a method that i have been using myself to generate a full-time income working from home since 2017.. For those of you that are new to the channel welcome, my name is yvonne. As i mentioned, i have been doing online and affiliate marketing for the past.

Four years uh using my youtube channel, my blog and running paid ads for products, including clickbank. Normally i don’t like to reveal my personal income, but for the purpose of this video i think it’s, important to encourage and motivate you to show you what can be done.

Even if clickbank isn’t your primary income source, so what i’m gonna do over here before we get started, is show you my earnings, and then we’re gonna get into it, and we will start With a video of showing you exactly how you can make money in 2021 with clickbank as well before we get into it, guys make sure to hit like and subscribe and hit the notification bell icon.

So you get notified when i release more videos. Just like this. I have a lot of videos on my youtube channel, guys showing you valuable methods and strategies and tactics and tips to make money online.

Okay, so definitely stay updated. Now. That being said, i’m gonna head over into my account and, as you can see here, if i refresh the page and maybe refresh it one more time, uh you will see here are some of my earnings for the past few days.

In the past few weeks, so if you calculate for the month of december so far it’s about 7 000 us dollars. Now you do see that you know some of the income fluctuates and that’s. Okay, sometimes you see income when you first wake up in the morning.

Sometimes it it all kind of shows up at the end. But point is that you can get started with these guys as well, and this is something that you can see. Potentially, if you follow the training, if you do what i show you guys and you stay committed to the goal so now that i showed you this um, let’s, go through with the actual video and explain how you can do this as well.

So, to make money online on clickbank guys, there are two ways you can go about it. One is the free way which takes a longer time and one is a paid way using paid traffic, which is gives you much quicker results.

So the free approach is something like my youtube channel or my blog, where i have people, for example, click on the links in my descriptions or on my blog. They sign up to programs that i suggest, which is really my main income source, which is recurring income, but this approach takes longer, for example, for my youtube channel.

I just have over 20 000 subscribers now. This took me over four years to build up and it’s still growing right, but it takes some time i didn’t, get any clicks. I didn’t, get any sales. The first few months of creating my youtube channel and my blog, and so if you want to go this approach, it’s, excellent, it’s free, but it’s going to take some time now.

My favorite approach is the paid traffic approach which can get you results today. You can get your results instantly now. There are three paid ad networks that you can use or well there’s way more, but there are three biggest ones: really facebook ads.

Google ads and microsoft ads now facebook ads and google ads are a bit more strict when it comes to affiliates. So microsoft ads is really my go-to when it comes to affiliate marketing when you’re first starting out.

So what we’re going to do here is we’re, going to select the clickbank product? We’re, going to create a landing page so that we can direct traffic to our landing page and then from landing page. We can take people to the affiliate offer.

We’re, going to do all that together here in this video. So the first thing we’re going to do is let’s head over to our test. Clickbank account and we’re gonna head over into marketplace here at the top, and we’re gonna select a product.

So what i like to do is not select the section i like to click on this magnifying glass and look at the most popular products, because that usually means there’s. Lots of demand for them and then i like to pick products that pay out over 100 in commissions, so, for example, this one 118, this one 110 and so on now.

The first thing you do want to do after you decide on your product, and you see that okay, it pays well. Is you want to look at the affiliate terms, so you would open this in a new tab, for example, and you want to read through the terms now, i’m familiar with most of the terms for these products.

What you want to do is whichever product you want to promote is go through the terms and make sure that whatever you want to do is allowed, for example, in our case, if you follow my strategies, we mostly promote on microsoft, ads and google ads and what You’re.

Not allowed to do here is brand bids, so bid on keywords that have research. For example, we’ll, get into keywords when we get there, but you’re not allowed to bid on research, so we will have to bid on things like lose weight how to lose weight.

Things like that. Okay, so again take this upon yourself, guys it’s, your responsibility to go through the terms for whatever product you’re, promoting okay, but let’s. Suppose we’re good here and let’s.

Suppose we want to promote research, okay, which is this – you know the they call it the godzilla of offers. It is really popular, it is in the health niche. So you know that is going to get a lot of traction, a lot of demand, and so now what we have to do is create our affiliate link, which we can do if we head over to clickbank and click on promote over here, and we click on Generate hop link – and this is gonna – be our link okay.

So if someone clicks this link, we’re gonna be getting sales. Okay, we’ll, be getting commission, so we’re gonna keep that open. For now, what we’re going to do now is create a landing page. Now we need a landing page for several reasons.

One is it’s just easier to get your ads approved if you have control of the page? Some of these offers, like research, as you can see here, just one huge giant, video and then it says, sell buy me buy me.

Buy me that’s, going to be pretty dang hard to get approved on microsoft, ads pretty hard on google ads impossible. You’re, not going to get this approved on google ads. So, by creating a landing page, we’re, going to have more control.

We’re, going to be able to go by their terms, their you know, policies and just make a nicer looking page that at least has a headline telling people. What this is first before they click on it. Another benefit of a landing page is that we can create different headlines depending on the keywords that we select.

Okay, so just in general, we have way more control and then especially if we start collecting emails, which is a more advanced tactic, this will also come in handy, so definitely start with just the basic landing page and you know build it from there.

Okay, so we’re gonna take it one step at a time, so i’m using unbounce. As the landing page builder of my choice, i’ve, tried 10 plus different page builders. Guys unbounce is my favorite. If you use my affiliate link at go.

evonmana.combounce, i give you guys a 14 day free trial and 20 off on your first three months or a year. If you choose the yearly plan, which is an exclusive offer, you cannot get this by just going to unbounce.

com. Okay, so if you go to uh on bounce uh, you guys will come across a page that looks like this again take advantage of it guys you can’t get this by just going to and you can follow along with me here Now i already have an account.

Obviously i’ve, had it for a few years now i switched from clickfunnels, and once you sign up, you will see a page that you know a screen that looks like this. What you’re going to do is click on create new and we’re just going to build a new page from scratch.

Okay, so i’m, going to click on, create new here and well, not from scratch. We’re, going to use a template, but you get the idea now. You might only see one option if you’re just starting out, which is create a standard page.

This is for certain users. You know they have some beta stuff. Coming out so you’re, not gonna see that, but click on create new standard page, and now we’re. Just gonna select a template. We’re gonna change it up a little bit and we’re gonna use this okay, so we’re, not gonna go through the whole page, like i have videos showing you exactly how to do everything.

How to create a you know: 53 conversion rate landing page from scratch. I’ll, put the link in the description um, but what we’re going to do here is just select, template and kind of do something here.

So you can look around. You know there’s, a bunch of good-looking templates. I’m gonna go with this one. Maybe or this one looks pretty good too. So if you click on a template, you know you’ll, see what it looks like uh.

This has a video in the background. Yeah again, you can change it. I’m gonna go with this one for now called moda and let’s. Name this. Let’s, say research uh, let’s, say clickbank 2021, just for my reference, so that i know if i uh.

You know that this landing page is for this video. So i’m gonna click on next, and now we’re, just gonna go to the editor now. This is why i love unbalance for, for many reasons, the main one is that there’s, just so much control right.

So i can drag this element anywhere, as opposed to say click funnels or a few other page builders, where these things have to go in blocks like you have block block on the left block on the right that’s, it.

So what we’re going to do here is let’s. Just work on this top part and then what you guys are going to do is go through this and just fill in the rest of the blanks here at the bottom of the page. Okay, so, ideally, what we want to do is we want to make our page consistent with the offer that we’re, promoting people to we want to maintain that consistency.

So, as you can see, the background here is like lightish blue, slash blue. So we should probably have like a bluish background as well, so we’re going to go here and instead of this image, i’m, going to go over here and click on solid color and what i’m gon Na use is a chrome extension called colorzilla.

I’m gonna click on it and click on that part of the color that i want and then that copied my color okay. So i’m gonna go back here. I’m gonna paste. This color and i’m gonna click enter and now boom it’s.

It’s over there. You can also do a radiant or a gradient, which is going to go from light to dark color. We can do that as well and that’s going to be better, but i’m just going to leave it here as this.

So if you go to gradient, you can do that. You can choose the two colors that you want. Okay, but just first for simplicity, we’re gonna. Do it like this uh? What else do we have here? We have like a little.

You know clickbank trust badge. I have a video on that uh, but we can just skip that for now. So i’m gonna close that, and what we have to do here is let’s write a good title. Okay. So what we’re gonna do is we have to try to get people to click on the button so that they visit our sales page right and that they ultimately buy so on this button right that’s, the goal.

So what we do here is let’s, say free video reveals let’s say how to lose weight without giving up your favorite foods. So you always want to say what the goal is. Free video reveals what with what like, without this or with that, because otherwise it’s like okay, so free video reveals how to lose weight there’s, millions of videos that show how to lose weight right.

So you want to make something special, something different: that’s, going to help improve your conversions. So what we’re going to do is maybe drag it in the middle. We could also increase this headline.

You know the size like that. If we want to we don’t have to so, i think that looks fine, and then i’m going to click here to center it, and that should be it and then over here. What we can do is, we can say, click the button below to watch the free video okay, so see how we have more control of the page.

Now right. So we’re, not sending people here. We have more control over this page, so it’s, always a good generally, a much better practice to create your own landing page. So what we can do here is maybe make it size 20 and then we could maybe make it italic.

Okay, so something like this and then we’re, telling people to click the button and then that looks good. Okay, uh title looks good free video. Maybe we want to underline the free gonna, underline it and then let’s.

Make the button a different color as well? So if we go back here, let’s, see what color their buttons are. Well, it’s blue, but we can’t have it blue because it’s, blue and blue, so we can do yellow. We can do yellow, so we can select it here and it’s a gradient.

So let’s, select solid color. We’re going to go here and we can make it. You know light yellow. I guess okay, but is that yeah it’s about the same color? That’s? Fine, but we should make the text black, because otherwise we can’t see it.

So we’re, going to make it black there you go and then we’re going to change this up and we can say show me the free video now okay and we could add a little like a little um. What do you call it square triangle bracket? I guess, and then let’s, make the button a little bit bigger, maybe like this, and then we can increase the size here.

So maybe 24.. Okay, that looks good. So this is the idea guys again. I have videos showing you exactly how to do everything step by step, but this is the idea okay. So this is how you make money, you create a landing page with or without an opt-in, and you take people to the affiliate link.

This is how you make money the fastest way with paid traffic. This is my favorite way. This is what i use to generate my click clickbank commissions as well as other commissions, and this is, in my opinion, the best method, because it gives you the results right away.

So we have it here. This is our button and that looks okay. Okay, so again guys go down the page. Add all these things so maybe type in research review on google and just write things about it like it is, you know, lose weight without sacrificing your favorite food, no, no workout plan, whatever right over here, you can add testimonials over here.

Uh combined form uh. If you are really overwhelmed – and you feel like you – need more guidance in how to do all this guys, i’ll, put a link in the description to how you can create a 53 conversion rate page and unbounce from scratch.

So we even we do everything completely from scratch. We don’t even use a template. Okay, and i do the whole thing for you. So if you feel overwhelmed, take a look at that video, but this looks good now.

The one thing we have to do is let’s. Go to our right. This is our affiliate link. I’m, going to copy it and let’s. Click on this button and we want to add the link here. Okay, now, ideally, we also set up tracking, but again that’s, a story for another day, so this is good okay.

So, when someone clicks on this button, they’ll be taken to our affiliate link. So if we hit save and let’s, go back to overview and here’s, the name of our you know: product research, clickbank, um, yeah, let’s.

Suppose this is the name of our url. I’ll, put the link to my unbalanced playlist in the description. If you want to know how to add your own url like you, can do um, for example, okay, you can do that instead of the best diet.

fit, which was like a test domain, and you can also change this. If you want, i’ll, maybe say i’ll, maybe say research get started now, something like that. Okay, we’ll, say change url and then once that is done, we’re gonna publish the page, and this is pretty much our landing page and we’re good to promote this okay.

So we’re gonna click, publish again assuming you guys go in there, and you know you add that other stuff, like the testimonials all that stuff. But this is like the process right, so you create the landing page that’s.

What you need you need a landing page. So if you click on this now, this is going to be the headline right and if you click on the button, you will be taken to this page and then here see how it says: hoplink resolve fam.

That’s, our affiliate id right. So if someone buys, you will now get credit, okay and that’s. How that works? That’s, the idea! So now what we want to do is we want to take this link and paste it in what we said.

Microsoft, ads so head over to, to create your free, google ads account and just a little tip for you guys after you do that either get on a call with the reps or contact the reps via live chat, and they should give you like.

50 to 150 in ad spent credit, so when you spend 50 bucks, they’ll. Give you like 100 bucks for free, okay, so head over to, create an account very easy to do guys. You know click sign up now.

If you don’t have an account and you should get one set up. If you have any questions, call these guys and they will literally guide you through every step of the way or take a look at my courses or my other videos, where we do this together as well.

But i’m going to close out of that, and i already have an account here. Obviously, so what we want to do here is create a new campaign. So what i’m going to do is click on create campaign here. That’s.

The interface you should have ended up in. Let me just go back just to show you just in case you might see like an overview. So what you want to do is head over and click on campaigns. Okay, so on the left, hand, side and then click on create campaign, and then you’re, going to select visits to my website.

You’re, going to select search ads. We’re, going to click next and then what we’re going to do is simply enter the name of our campaign. So we’ll, say research again: 2021. I’ll. Put that you can put anything for the budget, the more you spend the more data you get.

The minimum, i believe, is like one dollar a day. I think that’s, the minimum, but it’s. Gon na. Take you a long time to get data, so if you’re just starting out and you have some money, you know i’d, say at least put in like ten dollars a day.

Okay, i’ll. Put in i’ll, put in 20 20s okay for the ads for the location. Again, you could put whatever location you want to target. What i like to do is target the top uh five tier one countries, so that’s, u.

s, that’s; canada, that’s; australia, that’s; new zealand and united kingdom. Sorry, united kingdom, if you’re last, i don’t. I don’t mean it to be lost, that’s, just how it ended up being so. I’m going to click united kingdom.

We’ll click target and we’re going to scroll down. There is a setting. You have to choose, make sure you select people in your targeted location, okay and then you’re, going to select english and save and go to next step, and now this is where we enter our website url.

Now it’s. Also important that you guys have a landing page assuming you’re, not using a tracking software, because you cannot just use this link. You can’t put this link in the url. You’re, not going to get credit for the sale.

Don’t bother trying you can try, but you’re, not going to get credit for the sale. Okay. Just using this thing, it has to be your affiliate link, which was um this link. It has to be this thing, but you cannot put this link because your ad is gonna be disapproved because it’s, not the final url.

This isn’t the url that people actually land on okay and either way it looks ugly. You know bing, sometimes it just flat out just disapproves it because it just it doesn’t. Look good bing, doesn’t want, you know bad looking stuff on their site.

Obviously, so what we want to do is let us copy this link address. We’re going to go over here and enter. This is the link url and now we’re going to enter some ad groups, so what i like to do is enter ad groups that are relevant to each other okay, so i’m going to make ad groups for, for example, How to lose weight lose weight, lose weight now things like that, and then another ad group for, for example, lose belly fat how to lose belly fat.

Okay, because i think research does all of that. So we can create separate ad groups again. I cover that in other videos, but for the purpose of this video we can do, for example, one ad group for lose weight and then we can type in the name of the product.

So let’s, say lose weight and see what suggestions we get. Normally, i’d, use the keyword planner. I go into tools and go to keyword planner, but you can use this for now. You know just to just to get something.

So, for example, best way to lose weight. Let’s. Take a look at these keywords. They look pretty good. So i’m, going to close that and what i’m going to do is click add okay and that’s, just going to add everything here.

So these are our lose weight head keywords. We can maybe add these as well. I’m, going to click plus and what i’m going to do here. Is it added them into a different ad group? So what i’m going to do is maybe i’m, going to cut all these up.

Let me control them, so i’m going to ctrl x and then i’m, going to select the side grip and i’m just going to paste it here. Okay, so, for example, right let’s! Suppose this is going to be our lose weight ad group, so things to do with lose weight, and then we can do another ad group.

We can say: let’s, remove that we can say let’s, see where was the lose belly fat? There was a loose belly fat one, so lose body fat, easy weight, loss plan, okay, how to lose weight quickly? Okay, so let’s just stick with this for now, just not to over complicate things, but what i normally like to do is create different ad groups for different um for different categories like lose weight and then another one like like you remember uh, You know lose belly fat and another one saying like weight loss plan um.

I would normally do keyword research for this again. I show you how to do this in other videos, but for the purpose of this video, let’s. Keep it simple. Hopefully you get the idea right for how this works, so we’re, gonna add keywords, and then we’re gonna create an ad okay.

So i’m gonna click on create ad and again we have to i’m gonna no, i don’t think we copied it. So let’s copy this url. Again, we’re, going to paste the url here and don’t, select, responsive search, select, expanded text ad okay.

So sorry we have to base the url again here and then what we’re going to do is write. Uh, you know the title, so we have to fill all these in so title. Part 1 and 2 are necessary. Title part, 3 and add text 2 are is optional.

Add text 1 is also necessary. What i like to do in the first title is add the headline. So in this case this is a weight loss like how to lose weight best way to lose weight ad groups. So i’m gonna say, for example, best way to lose weight, okay and then in title part two, i like to add a call to action.

So watch video. Now click here to watch video get started now any like things like that. So i’m, gonna say, watch free and then what did we say in on our page? Let’s. Let’s, actually open our page and see what we say.

Free video reveals, without giving up, watch free, sneaky uh video now watch yeah, let’s, get rid of sneaky doesn’t, look good! Let’s just say: watch free video now, okay, so that should be okay and we still have some space that’s.

Okay, you’re, given 30 characters max title part 3 is optional. You don’t have to add it, so we can just skip it here. Add text to is also optional, but at text one we do have to add. So what is this product about? So we could say if you want to lose weight.

Watch this free video that reveals the trick weight, loss, okay, and we can do that notice. How i’m title casing it. So i’m capitalizing. The first letter of every word, uh watch free video, now best way to lose weight, and that should be it.

Okay, so, like i said, add text two is optional title part: three: is it’s optional because it’s not always seen it’s only shown if there’s space. So if there’s, no space, it’s, not shown, so it doesn’t matter.

If you have it there anyway, in those cases or not. So what i’m going to do is click on save and create another, and we’re going to create one more variation of this ad okay. So we can know what works.

What doesn’t. So what i’m going to say here is i’ll, say um. What did we say in the description we said trick? Okay, watch video that reveals trigger. I like to use these quotation marks because it draws attention.

So what we can say instead is, we could say, free video reveals trick. Okay, so something like that and see how uh people respond here now in in this case, we don’t have a call to action. We don’t, have a click here watch now, but that’s.

What we’re testing and we’re testing if this trick and if the three is going to convert better than telling someone watch now. Okay, so let’s. Imagine we want to do that. We’re going to hit save leave extensions blank for now.

I cover this. I cover the whole thing in detail. If you want to know exactly why things are where they are, how these extensions work, how to create an account all that guys check out my courses at evonmana.

com all dash courses, i have microsoft, ads, google ads course all that i take you step by step. So if you want to know like all the details of all the things we missed and what this is, that video is going to explain it, but what we’re going to do here is we’re just going to click on Save and go to next step.

We’re, going to confirm our budget. We’re, going to put it on manual bid, okay and then here’s, where you set the bid. Now, if you’re just starting out – and you want to conserve your budget okay, if you leave these keywords as broad broad means, if anyone if anyone types in anything, closely related to the keywords you type in so, for example, if our keyword is Lose weight if someone types in how do i get rid of my excess belly fat? Your ad is going to show up okay, so that’s broad now, if you have this as a phrase, for example, or exact, if you’re more tight on budget, then only if someone types in those words, those search terms that Match your keyword only then your ads is going to show so, for example, let’s say the bid is let’s, say: 30 cents.

Okay, we’re gonna go with that, always start low by the way and notice how there’s, a lot of demand because it’s, weight loss always start low and then increases so don’t Start high start low and then, if you’re, not getting the clicks and impressions you want, then you can increase the bid.

Okay, i’ll. Show you how so let’s. Suppose we want to pay up to 30 cents per click, so yeah, you do have to invest a little bit of money, but you will see the results immediately. So you don’t have to wait for seo to take place.

Okay, which is why i like this method so much because i want to know you know i want to learn marketing right now. I don’t want to wait six months for it or, however long it’s. Gon na take for seo to catch up now i’m gonna hit save, and that is pretty much it guys.

Okay, so let me just show you some other settings that you can play around with so here’s. The budget under campaigns, okay, that’s where you change the budget. Now, if you go into keywords, this is where you can change the keyword match type.

So if you’re, saying yvonne, i only want the most relevant keywords. How do i do that? So what you’re going to do is select everything and then, if you have more keywords than you know, 200 in this case, i think it only shows 200 make sure you select all so so it’s going to give you The option to select all click on edit and click on change match types: okay, so right now it’s on broad, so you want to change it from broad to either phrase or exact.

These guys are going to give you more bang for your buck. It’s, going to be a bit more expensive per click, but you’re, going to get more relevant search terms. Okay, so click save, and now we just made everything free.

So if someone you know for this, one lose weight show. So someone has to type in lose weight and shows exactly in that order for our ads to show up. So one thing, of course you want to go through, is see like.

Are these things relevant to our ad copy? Like? Can you lose weight sauna that’s, probably irrelevant? So if you want to remove keywords, you know you, you can do that you, like lose weight, hoe, lose weight.

Quora. I don’t know. If that’s relevant lose lose weight. Wheat like these, are you know, these are okay, lose weight, causes that could work, but, for example, we want to delete that you go ahead and delete it, and then, if you want to increase the bid or you you know, you think you’re.

Paying too much or too little, you can go into ad groups and you can change the bid here or if you go into the individual keywords, you can change the bid for each specific keyword and that’s, pretty much it guys.

This is the idea for paid traffic. You create a landing page. You run your ads on in this case microsoft ads and you profit. You make money online. Now there is more that goes into it. You can add an opt-in page, you would add tracking, you would do more keyword, research to add more ad groups.

There is more that goes into it to master this, so what i suggest you guys do is in youtube type in yvonne, mano. Okay, so i guess i already typed it in type in evon, mana click enter and go to my youtube channel guys.

I have so many videos here that walk you through step by step from the very beginning, guys like literally way longer videos than this. So here’s, a case study, for example, and then for microsoft ads.

I have a video here uh without a website. If you want to do it without a website, i show you how as well, if you want to do with a website. For example, if you look at this google ads video, so this one is also no email.

If you follow what i show here in this google ads video, it’s, the exact same thing: there’s, no opt-in, but i show you how to set up tracking. We do the whole landing page together. Okay, so definitely guys take a look at these videos.

Um. I show you so much there’s, so much valuable content that you can benefit to make money online, and hopefully you will also be making seven thousand dollars or more uh for your next month with clickbank, so that is it uh.

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