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So for you guys out there who don’t know much about Taboola, Taboola is a native discovery app platform that allows you basically to be able to put display ads next to relevant content.

It’s very amazing. Taboola is reaching 95% of the people in the United States that are online and also it’s getting over a billion clicks globally and reaching over a billion people as well. So it’s a huge platform, you can do a lot of stuff on here.

And it’s more of an offense approach than using Google AdWords or any of those search engine ad words, anything like Bing ads, anything like that. It’s more a discovery platform. So basically I wanna talk to you guys about the top five features that you guys just aren’t using right now.

And these features are problems that I see pop up in emails I get from you guys and comments, and it’s the reason why your campaign sometimes aren’t performing as well as it should be. 01:05 XK: So the first one is gonna be audiences.

Basically, audiences are basically… You wanna be everything you go from deciding on what audience you’re actually targeting and you’re gonna go more in detail into the ads for specific people.

And so, Taboola has done some interesting cool things lately. They basically have made it so that you can almost do what you do on YouTube, when you’re doing advertisements. So you can actually pick people out in a certain industry or looking for over a certain genre ’cause next time the genre.

.. Basically just group together the actual content, and a couple of those same places that I really… One of the… Actually a couple features that inside the audience that I really like and think you should be using or at least testing, is the market place audiences.

Taboola has put together a list of… Basically you can go through it of more of your geographics from your males to female to what percentage of actually income they make to exactly… In to what actually they might do and what content they might care about.

So you can do that now inside the platform, which is amazing. So you’ll be able to segment more. 02:07 XK: So if you are advertising something that is specifically for men or for women, or something that is more pricey and more luxury items that are meant to be for people who have more money then, that’s literally the best way to go by doing it right there.

Another one, too, as well, if you haven’t… If you already have run some ads and you got some people click and those people have created… Done some action or read the article you’ve seen, you can actually get those people to come back and you can show ads specifically just for those people.

This is called campaign clickers. You choose what campaigns you had and then it will go through and advertise to those clickers. So the good thing is we have a huge awareness campaign that you running on Taboola so people can know more about you, if they wanna do something more target to the people who actually engaged in your actually business and actually.

.. Or your content or whatever you were putting out, then that is the perfect way to go back through there. 02:55 XK: I wouldn’t run specifically, both of these campaigns market audiences and campaign clickers at the same time.

But I would run ’em separately and see how they help you improve whatever campaign you’re running now. So basically I would take my campaign, I would duplicate it, and then I would add in one of these two features to see exactly how did it compare to my regular campaign.

Number two, we gonna dive way deeper into campaign click. I know I talked a little bit about all this, I’m gonna pull this out even more for you guys. So if you guys have used Google AdWords retargeting or retargeting at all, basically, campaign clickers is a very.

.. Exactly the same as that right there. Only thing is you don’t have to do much from that. Basically, you’re not having to pixel anything on the page and Taboola has all that for you already set up.

Basically, you choose what campaigns you want, as I said before in the last section, make sure these are… These should be really good if we’re choosing from awareness campaigns and you do more direct sales on these right here.

That’s the best way to do it. 03:50 XK: So if you have a… Basically you have your brand and your brand sales order, it’ll say that right here. And you wrote a video over how precious water is or something like that.

You would use that in your awareness campaign to push up people and the people who click on that ad will actually be put into that group right there, and then you have another campaign running that allows you to be able to target those specific people who click that and actually went through and read a lot or read that content.

And then from there you can go in and show them specific content that’s more detailed. And you can see your funnelling your way down to actually getting those people to actually purchase something.

Very interesting, it’s very well do something you couldn’t really do on Taboola for a long period of time and now you can do that you can add the pixel on there. And you can be able to track your convergence and you can really, really, really be able to see exactly how everything is working and target down.

04:34 XK: Which a long time ago, that was the issue with Taboola or Outbrand, but now they’re really working on getting these… The targeting down so you are able to actually go through and make more sales, make more targeted approaches like that and do a lot more similar to how YouTube does on their discovery platform as well.

Three, platforms. And I really wanna express this right here, there’s only a small amount of ads you should run across every single platform. And those… All those ads should be probably awareness campaign in the awareness stage of creating your campaign.

So make sure you guys don’t run across all of ’em, but let’s go through the three. So they have desktops, we have mobile phones and we have tablets. And so each one of these are very specific, and I would use for certain things.

05:25 XK: So if I am marketing or trying to get downloads from my free mobile app or my paid mobile app, I would do it only on mobile phones. I would not be spending time sending people from their desktop to a mobile application that they can’t open or actually download.

And if you realize that once… If you do that, you don’t lose long conversions. So if any of you guys who are using mobile applications at all and trying to to market them, if you run it on desktop or you’re running on tablet and then that app can’t be downloaded on a tablet or so then it won’t work for you.

Basically, you’re gonna waste all that traffic that you going through and doing. 06:00 XK: The next one, tablets. So if you are making an application specifically for tablets or you’re making content.

.. Or you’re creating content that people can view pretty nicely on a tablet and you have a nice layout and everything like that for a mobile friendly lay out, then tablets… That’s a good portion to work on right there and you can do that.

And maybe you trying to get people who are using… Casually reading. A lot of people read a lot of stuff on their tablets, that’s a good way to go by. The last one is desktop. So basically if you are selling software that is supposed to be installed on basically a MAC or Windows or any of the platforms out there like Linux, then you need to be selling.

.. You need to be only marketing people who are going through and using desktops. Because if they’re not on a desktop, they’re not gonna be able to download the software. And so basically you just get a wasted click.

Similar to the mobile app portion or if the person is going through and you’re marketing the mobile app and they’re on a desktop, they’re not gonna be able to download it. So you waste money, waste clicks and that happens a lot of time with people especially for people who actually have already downloaded something.

07:00 XK: So if you even had a guide or something like that to… Any of that stuff right there that’s software or anything that needs to be downloaded and it’s specifically the platform, make sure that what you’re sending them to is very, very set up for each platform.

And if I was you, I would separate my platforms. If I was doing awareness campaign, I would do one more for something different for mobile, it would have a different viewing experience, it would look different.

My stuff for tablets could be similar to my mobile experience, but I would have it scaled up. And then for my actual desktop, it would be a different experience. So you can still run your campaigns, but separate ’em by your actual platforms as well.

Number four, when are you campaigns running? Make sure you set your campaign schedule to the right time. This is huge. If you are running… If you are doing something and you selling straight to B2B business and this is mid to smaller midsize businesses and people like that, then you really [chuckle] don’t need to have your ads running all over the weekends except maybe you have some type of data that shows that it works well and it actually runs in those.

.. On that time. 08:00 XK: ‘Cause then you might have where people won’t be able to be clicking it or the wrong people be clicking it. And what times do your people actually get online. Now if you do or are do something entrepreneurs, they might have more time on the weekend and they might actually be able to enjoy that content more on the weekends.

They might do it on the afternoon after they’re at work and stuff like that. So those are really, really big things you need to really look into when you actually deciding on a campaign schedule. Basically, what time do they work? When are they online? And then when are they most likely to click your ads? Basically, what I would try to do is that I would really go through and then I would tag every single campaign on my.

.. That I put out there just with a little tag and just with the parameters at the end of it. I would tag each one, so when I go back to my Google Analytics, I can see exactly what time people were clicking on these ads, ’cause then the more clicks and based on your conversions, you’re gonna decide on if you need to open it up 24 hours, you need to open just during work time, do you need to do from noon to midnight? You can figure out better times so you’re not wasting clicks and you’re not getting people clicking who are not gonna take action because they’re not your targeted users.

And that’s the biggest thing that hurts people is that if they have ads running at the wrong times and really targeting the wrong people. 09:11 XK: Five, not using the operating system targeting. So if you are a software developer or you who are anything along that lines that you might.

.. Person might need to download something that’s more specific. Then if you are advertising Windows software to someone who’s on a mobile Android phone, then it’s not gonna work. You basically are just throwing away money and stuff like.

.. People might say, “Oh, that’s an interesting ideal,” but when they get to the page and they realize that they can’t download anything, it this didn’t work out. So one thing I would really look in to doing is going through and making sure if I’m doing anything software-related, if I’m doing a mobile app, or if I have something that’s more specifically to actually that platform.

If I’m a Windows 10 tips, I’m not gonna be giving it to people who are on an Android or trying to give it to people who are using Mac OS. I’m gonna only specifically target and track those people who are actually a Windows operating system who have that.

So you really need to use that right there. 10:09 XK: This right here will help you kinda avoid sending your content out to people who actually won’t be able to use Ir, it or really care about it ’cause they not using the same systems that you are using or that you’re targeting.

That’s really a big component right there especially for app developers, software developers, more tech content and stuff like that that’ll over certain browsers. You’re basically pushing stuff out, but you wasting clicks because these people are going to that.

.. Going to your actual article and realizing… Or clicking your article and then realizing then Ike, like, “Oh, this is not what I wanted.” So you want people to be able to clearly understand what you’re trying to push out and then you want to be able to detour any clicks that you do not want from your text and your actual image.

And then just to make it a lot easier on yourself so that you spend less money and too you get more targeted and you get more convergence. 10:54 XK: So, so much for watching this video. If you like this video, please give me a thumbs up and all that.

And also, too, comment down below on if these tips are helpful and also what ways are you guys going out and using Taboola ads? I would love to know, just to know… Just to understand exactly how you guys are using and so I can make other videos that are more related to what you guys are doing.

And maybe we might do some Taboola actual… I might go through your accounts and actually help you organize it and do some reviews that way, too as well. So if you want that please comment down below just say, “Review,” and then I’ll send you basically a message and we’ll set something up and maybe I’ll review you on the channel for one of the videos.

So you can be able to create better ad campaigns. And also, too, guys I wanna say to you guys again, thank you guys for stopping by and watching. 11:40 XK: I really appreciate you guys. Basically took a little break right there, hurting my shoulder a little bit, but that’s all fixed up right now.

Now we gonna get back and do a lot more content and I’m basically gonna choose the content based off what you guys have been watching the most on and what you actually engage in the most. So, one thing I do wanna say, guys, is that If you guys are using Taboola, make sure you drop a comment down below, and and let me know if you like this video on top of that, so I can be able to create more content like this.

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